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Sharing Recovery
Sunday, January 7th

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From the double BY a place to be used in Pittston Pennsylvania. Welcome to sharing a recovery. Firsthand stories of addiction and recovery or recovery is possible. Sharing the recovery is sponsored by clear broke treatment center. Are still in recovery. And attorney DV in this. We welcome your calls with questions or comments or call 570. BD 30098. Or 180437009. Innings we were euros yeah. Suzanne Kelly and Jack cry. And hello and welcome to sharing recovery. We spread messages of hope and help and healing. Sherri recovery is a phenomenal show because we take guests who have been pretty much through the worst in their lives on some of whom. Aren't exists some who are going through recovery and others who have lost loved one's going to recovery. So thank you so much for spending time with us this afternoon I'm Suzanne Kelly I'm joined by co host Jack crop who recently celebrated over nineteen years I've recover. Two very special guests with us today we have Marty I'm seeing and we also have Valerie Fiore and they're both in the Philadelphia area. There's stories are equally remarkable because both have suffered tremendous loss and heartbreak in their lives. But what they did is they used that pain. And that suffering and that extreme heartache to do good and they they actually use this to. 2000. To find these save a life foundation which is is Marty Murray is an advocate and founder of Carl's block. In honor and memory of her son. And Valerie is an advocate and driver of Anthony's act. So we're gonna hear their stories and we welcome you to call us at five cents 0830098. You can also send this aid and question or a text you can go on to add Sherry sharing recovery radio on FaceBook. Or sharing recovery radio on Twitter hello and welcome to you Marty in Valerie how are you. For good REM words I can be doing very well first a look how cold is it done in Philly wearing negative digits up here. Stand terror at its early cold and it's really really hope ultra man. So let me go to Florida. Yeah and in Florida it's you know that they've got their own challenge is gone on down there as well it's definitely an Al bottom yeah fifty degrees is cold floor. Well I'll say yeah. Marty so if we could you please start with you. You know we have we have information of course on. On Carl's line we have information on on this in the light foundation. But would you please start with telling us a little bit about your son. Would love to hear about him but here in the background and his background. Thank you out. Well my banking contain and 2000 pick them telling me that he was educated. And I was I'm Carole and I and I would add. And I had about one years that the time and I thought well this could really save her uncle goes to meaningful Fannie. And and you can kind of go get help and everything's going to be a look at. How that would suffocate. He left a woman hot well I won't call him heal up some bad enough because to me they're not actually to have an envelope on. Apple followers who watch the men and let ever created and to a direction and. How old you are Arnie when he came TU instant that he was he was an act. Part or are you guys the group later Astrid speaking trainer. Bob. So. Flip battle he and couldn't not a scuffle fact. And on. Let let pinging is here probably can't hit that is since bags are packed when he called me on Tuesday. Or thirty chair crying and mother Donna when he died at the but it is good but I think I'm a better guy. Clinton enough how we're gonna get through there. And rule on this. Exactly right and from my chore bad. But not a day off somebody that portray him. And he wished trying to think how can help. And mom up and I think again. I walked into the apartment I count you marvel. On the expansion and phone. My leg. Stopped there. And I content earnings I remember. I just try to control. And I'm sure and I can now function economic and then I went quiet wanted to die. I probably inside look at them and turn that. China under my son's birthday was coming up and I wanted shoe arms. And come and are trying to bring. Show me gathered up my money and then my grandfather is so wide right that would penalize a bad title in the month go to my on diet and other than money and we learn accounting change you scholarship. Once a year for my trials and then the rest of the car. Contact they've lived in grand and they like on book it's. And what mainly gave them money and they called me an and we had occasion like Khalid and you'll be countries there could help or harm at all. Ali and help mom and bring the child to crack. Carol I had done that stands as I looked up my first and then trade plan I was really angry. And I and act as. Well I connect inland Trout and wireless control wanna push out and I cried the whole trial. And I hope I would bring me on top of my mom. A little child I can not. Need to scratch you. Believe that this name didn't hardly moved. A little nonchalantly and then mark can I think a little and I'll expect you to understand that. Barrel. I want you know and I and it just explain. All right in my head that song and the ability and that. I heard. No more cauldron you're okay calm and lo and behold people started calling me. And have been a good eye to eye on 2000 got banned. Until 2000 intriguingly cup over 5000 people. And a transplant their addiction disorder. And I believe. I'm an OK. Okay and how are police cut that Annie goes he'll try anything can help others. Entry there could go attract gun greenhouse. Help others. She had a good race. Appeared thing helped me. In for in my own life. My eighth baby please ask you. Yeah your son how did he get addicted wasn't wasn't an injury wasn't recreational use how did that start. And it wasn't carnac the name but now aren't I yeah it'll be a look back. I think that Karl. They get that gene has me and has fathered. And that and so. I wanna believe that it was seen that you enactment that he had sent and the longer. I investigate. And healthy soft I don't know. I don't know anymore. I believe that he had he gotten a part of it he's got their truck accident. And the track well don't have. And again you can look at that. Just learned that he had that I'm not going to lie on your show now that is in eleven years that my country have. And the remarkable thing. And none. That's the power that the whole thing most of the urgent sorry. But when I'm out here. And I'm on the street could turn off your cash and how important committee chaired a my hope compromise. Client go to I just think I'm. I got plenty to do that but I do it because they get another day. So they're gonna get a number they'll life. And I don't understand that. Got to look at the old kitty is a week. And Heather and company the battle it out you know there has to titillate contrary. Understand yes sir I never won a good dollar on there because. And everything and then came upon children. It's not. Treatment flash a flash money for their patience their trip and then all of our children. And in fact we've just started another group and then all a padded with a light. Okay by general things are parent who has walked the child there you go on gay folks who can come and help. And be able to talk about those. Got the Walt mention feeling. I heard them being a lawyer. And that turns around and I want to without speaking of I think the fact they're Finland actors' current technology current tally university. My blueprint. Basically. Want to help can go to tonight. Yes I look on the vehicle silver lining and Phil at all. Did you saving lives humor saving thousands of lives you're helping those people who so desperately want help. I wanna talk in a little bit about Carl's block. But I also like to hear from Valerie palm I know that Valerie is an advocate and she's also driver of Cantonese act. Hi Valerie. I carrier I'm doing very well we would you please share a little bit of background about your son and and kind of tell us his story. Sure I'm. Hits Anthony are colliding crying I'm brother grandson nephew continent and try and push he he always. Start up to the underdog. I'm. If they passed away I head a few different young man called me and tell me story. I'll blame. For example one was in middle school and they were doing a project that no one wanted to be this point partner and input in one afternoon and they didn't have a tool Marat he doesn't have a partner in the boys that now she's. And I think there with a more about it starter coaching and they were friends evershed. He was always always rooting for the underdog and always try to make friends with the person that is half friend earlier. We shy. A good solid. Yet get a good golf and what was what was Anthony's ex. Anthony prediction started out of fox cotton started bit out. Recreational writing. I'm aiming at a party. And he thought a picture battle for their here he was fighting not seek normally if you he switched her on because term it's cheaper. On the OxyContin folk became thirty dollars to tell. He's such harrowing that you could get a for fiber can dollars in back. And their readers are due to an accidental heroin over there. Polls lazy when he just. GM plants and he was trying to score. It can't delay in our basement and I found his body and I'm sure reiterate what Marty says it is the most cup. Wrenching awful high. Awful feeling. When your child dies and I'll never forget that day that I that I found him it's it's just something I can't Rachel my mind. Did you have a support system. And this is actually directed to me both salary and Marty. When your son's diet. Was this something where you had a support system or where the community came together and really tried to help you through this. Or was it something like a you know what we're not gonna talk about this you know length of the whole stigma thing. That that is is just as deadly because people don't wanna talk about this and they don't see that individuals are much much more than their addiction. Did you guys have a support system. I didn't I I found mark you feel another friend of our Jacqui also lost his son and I started without it life. Pretty much right if my son died so I did on the board for over three years now come. And Marty how to it'll light and it might my strength in life support systems. And Marty hello you didn't didn't family and friends come together and and bill are now. Not as fact in 2000 that flag op it gonna push Jeff. Started off well I'll believe from apple at the barn Friday off for self. Because I was going I was working closely with the FBI and stand for a I actually for the fight against Hamas is King Pharmaceuticals. So you Laden's. Won't forget how I was just don't print are being carried out so now I pulled on my own. And I went to a couple great shares that calvary chapel but. Since both Timothy cane and a academic and I eight. Only found this group called health and America's bridges method and that and I became. The bag curtain and that and that is the national press and me became big and quick. I know where you are national group. We were child playing I was continue to follow up is once a week the Washington the house bill asked for a flood Arlen Specter was so why. Often I work with. Architecture and a formula all on board on change and a wave we look at addiction. Okay we're gonna talk more about that we have to take a quick break to thank our sponsors hang on we'll be right back. Since 1972. Clear pick treatment center has been providing successful treatment for those suffering from substance abuse clear Rex medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. From a licensed and specialized medical team there breaks approach to addiction is largely based on the proven practices and other alcoholics anonymous and has store services are available to patients. Seeking spiritual guidance. Called clear that today at 5702602600. Below or are you or family member in need of a lawyer because so many now been charged with a crime injured in an accident or through core medical care going through a divorce or child custody dispute you need a lawyer with experience and credentials school aggressively protect your rights you need attorney Dana Akins. I know in my feeling and I needed legal help we turn to days so should you call 5707144001. Arch don't recovery center of the palm beaches provides addiction treatment senator looks in the small personal community types. For nearly two decades arch tone this helps thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency. Recover. And regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical in support staff. Provide the highest level of professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery center. 8558992292. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk once and he struggles of addiction and triumphs of recovery and the recovery is possible. We welcome your calls for questions or come. Call 570830098. Or 180437009. And Angel you're euros as Suzanne Kelly and Jack problem. And look the next sharing recovery. Our guests today are Marty Hutton seeing the advocate she is also the founder of Carl's life. She's also the founder of the save a life foundation and this was. Her saving grace actually after the sun. After the death of her son Carl. We also have Valerie you are with us Valerie is an advocate driver a Anthony's act. They are both from Philadelphia this story is absolutely. Gripping. Jack Carl and I here are just kind of looking at each other because you know the thought of losing. A child's. It it it it's chess is something that I can't wrap my money my hand around in my heart around. End up what you've both done is to take your grief and your heart break and turning into something that is is truly saving the lives of other addicts don't. Thank you so much and god bless you. So Marty back in 2006 when this happens keep a lot of talk about it today. They want to ignore it. I'm able and in buicks are and I remember the first time I want that can't repeat that they had their current public nick. And I went and I carried our term. And I said the wind can't it get Manny and then now and outrageous. And went require. A bed bath and Eric who is this woman. And then all your grandmother. You can slow or we. Actually want their child. And the gunman on. I just heard in my life. They're helping others and the criminal acts that go about trying. Like people. Ask your card brand of other people can't then. I'm working I'm content right now I can't talk about. I I. There's a lot going on now. And tell us I know a lot of different things that were flying but it people on treatment. Sheppard who worked on working with the homeland but what are part act walls and ask. Anthony your bank or the beta form right now. And and I wanted to announce today on the show out. As for the card stock and now where I finally. Got. Our resource center and pass route where people can come and can get the help and hope that they bigger stage or third. Beautiful earth. Is that information that you can make available that we can put on FaceBook page please. I would Jack and I can't. Marty that's pretty amazing because. Sharing a recovery is doing the exact same thing here in the war experience when we haven't told anybody this yet. But where signing a lease hopefully the next week or so. And we will be doing the exact same sense so I I apply June them and we can work together. Take this message to industry. How why tells aluminum up Carl's block. A lot of that. Came to have learned how diet and then turn fun they have. I can't trust and that one is in July 8 2000 that this. I went the other predators tonight and we need to study methadone and the ugly ugly utilization a bit. Very cheap and modality or rather that's armed adoption. And we had a bunch of amateurs get together and I would go not chancellor of the one who got that was an Arab green light hey I'm back. And then in the meant so that the study and that I am that when my turn now I get on there. First that I'm under the carpet of the chair he was old enough to answer my spot. And and that kind code book. It then I'll you now it. Not reference when these downtrodden there's not directly or I can't follow me ask you don't have our own we like you know your snack. Though and that that I you cheer and they like it's paid so drugs like I'm not the ranch and then continued it start after my Summers that I don't think that. I don't think so I knew that I'm not. Let them. Yes the press split. I UK Haley got then I started this study that. And I started it started just studying the crimes than code spirit could be cop. I was and my. Graduate school I was in my undergrad as I'm. A pre launch. I got my hand for a book out Paris and now are not reckless when someone does drop your eliminate guy you can't charge that. Because this canal. And Iraq. Or burning Ernie else. From one insert change up what are directly without people earn in Pennsylvania if you can't and the and they die. You can get a gap for forty years. How much authority. They guy is sold drugs to your son did he or generous Americans. Yeah it out around that first contributor and continue on their alma banana but not my sons actually but listen Jack. You know by the and then I and it I have to forgive him. Because I can't forget him I was gonna live a wasteful hate. And I would eventually change and got it. Wish that I actually gotten. I the next camp. An asked the judge pretend as some kind of treatment when he without it. Where's that where's that dealer today is in recovery. I get down on him. Well I know I firmly believe that that menu actually seven already that doctor Bob loves. Broke a prescription. Hormone and Kim the second line and that prescriptions trust god. Now that's easy to say. It's simple to say trust god it's it's a lot harder to live that. But when you lose song and it's coming the first word that comes your mind has to be why am. But I was totally ashamed to recovery that I had a takeaway out of my vocabulary. How are murdered right now well so now yeah how Conroy trust god. In a situation like this film what is the message your sending me god what is that you want me to do. Because my life has to be based on what god wants me to do for others it's not about me anymore. I I I had this tragedy but I can't live my life in that tragedy I've got to go forward. Now the next line them up prescription is help others. And then that is the basis I hope of recovery for me is trusting god helping others and that's what you're doing. And for me. Called guy won't dare treat you like she can't do three or bounced it up comics and the big ball which is cooperation. Yes and the promises come true. If you know what have been very near what she cared geared for your doctor if you learn a triangle inner circle iron. Into the Corning. Unity chart RI. You're in the circle and that make sure the whole one complete no matter what goes down I will get you to anything. And that is the promises. And I I. Strengths. Salary that one month back for a book I won't be there to carry out. I'm a valid tell us your story you know what's going. Okay. So a similar for three years ago crest my ex husband started a contention or move on dot award which won't be after Anthony. Anthony back attention called on congress to enact federal legislation. To provide a minimum of ninety day inpatient. Struggle alcohol per our treatment now more of that seven to 28 anon that's. Research how much that affected inpatient frequently co while terms sobriety and pure relapse this. And a ninety day residential drug rehab it suggests that as the minimum length of time for effective treatments. I'm Abbott and has suggested that long term treatment of the drug rehab facility can increase the risk of drug addiction relapse. I have to and we 3%. And up to everything percent factional the difference between addiction and recovery or even life. And that. So. So far as of today we have over a nice passes people still have signed a petition. And the potential can be found by do going Anthony back. And clicking on the menu on dot org Blake I'm on the right now it's it's very good page dairy goods. Sank yet thank you know I think wanted to say broken out commodity cost the United States the cut economy between 300. And 500 billion annually depending on him number she used and what else. But effective treatment can dramatically reduce these caught. We can paper treatment and we will give ninety day impatient. The tour is now if you protest so actually paper fell or we can just continue to pay more for increased crime. And health care continue to pay more to put people in jail instead of treatment. And live with more people dying don't have to die. And that choice is ours can make. You know it's it's been when you say that though I'm people dying people going to prison. Is it that. Is it still something that we don't wanna talk about because Jack and I eaten pretty much in our discussions on sale will known addict you know what do we know what you're not a women one who admitted or not. But just so we embed. That if we're not. If we're not in recovery. We know someone who needs to be in recovery but is it still something that is that dirty little secret that. You don't want to talk about it because for some reason it makes you with less than. Shape and me personally it has never been a dirty little secret. Like I that I had the portion how to save a life but my family and my friend or Berry burst supported it may. And me personally I never was put down upon or I never should actually. To go through. I think it was tied. There aren't dole. There are still like among FaceBook and without impolite and stoked in my child's name in my hand page as well she and sometimes you'll still get that first met and what do we have to pay for the air. What do we have to pay for their rehab for Derek chunky they're the ones made the choice. Yeah we didn't get here you know we hear that and we also hear what you guys doing having a show glorifying addicts. Well that's not what we're doing well this is not what we're doing and all these are individuals who want to be better and they want to work hard. In recovery and anybody who makes that choice every single day when they wake up should be applauded and they should be encouraged. And so they caught it and nobody nobody ever pedal I Graf I wanna be an attic nobody ever and that. It's a big movie in the can I think the content declared a disease it's not a moral failure for Diddy. Absolutely we're gonna talk more we have to take another outbreak to thank our sponsors will be right back. Arch don't get a recent of the palm beaches provides addiction treatment senator within the small personal. Community types. For nearly two decades arch tone this helps thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency. Recover. And regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical in support staff. Provide the highest level professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery center. 8558992292. Since 1972. Clear that treatment center has been providing successful treatment for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. From a licensed and specialized medical team. There bricks approach to addiction is largely based upon the proven practices other alcoholics anonymous and pass store services are available to patients seeking spiritual guidance. I called clear that today at 5702602600. Well alert if you or someone you know needs a lawyer what did you look for excellence experience integrity attorney Dave bacon has all of those qualities whether it's a criminal case a personal injury matter medical negligence or divorce stable fight for you I know from personal experience 5707144001. This is double BYU game powered by Sherwood Chevrolet Buick GM CE online it sure would Chevrolet dot com. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk on today's struggles of addiction and triumphs of recovery. Recovery is possible. We welcome your calls for questions or come. Call 570830098. Or 180437009. And Angel. You were euros as Suzanne Kelly in general problem. I'm Jack Kemp. Welcome back Carew and Marty what what are some of the things that you have planned for the near future. Found an eighteen. Every person senator as she is just my dream. Come. Tell us that indeed tell I wanna hear about your resource center once again until. A bailout is going to be on our main street ship have. And and it's going to do to jail bird it's gone this year that we are out here. So why not going away song can't selling to see the Irish for a parent for the person since the earth from weren't going to be. And I'll be able to walk in the door are. With no charge who have these self important your crunch bishop and yet it's a five and three season. At the plate glass panel I'd been for eleven. Years now she looks you walk in the senate Jack I kinda learning. Elliott picture you walk in the center. And how one tie in the wall will be a memorial walk on the other side of the wall would be or how grave. And I want there and I mentioned because. I have and then joined the green and psychology I introduced along without site will be able you intervention. And I played that face. Well be able to guys somebody who doesn't know how to go. Should this fast but get in the game and get treatment if my child it's our. We'll have some family meeting. So they're unmarked can change and an LP and and I. Where people can go I understand this is me is for a lot had six or people. If they're being when treated. People can try. And a cheaper how great. Right so you're a parent I just very go right to the streets and open the doors and say c'mon ends. That or if you're in recovery money in and chat if you're not in recovery coming in and learn from our recovery if your family member. Come in and sit down won't talk to you. If he may help. We're gonna find to a spot because that's what I do on a daily basis I don't if you have insurance you don't have insurance. You know you wanna go to triple a normal way you wanna go up and how patient I will find your program that works for you. Because some what you have to start somewhere. You have to you have to surrender and start somewhere. Yes and all we want to be there are. When they colonel we want a bigger ones to guide them follow the link there. And let them know. Says they're not doing that walk alone so clergy. Think you know wolves. Is there anything or a benediction for an ally. And I remember when I got to look back in nineteen and then I can't allow. I was clearly on my account I want murdered by her ability murderers or shall I thought I had. And I was the lump my parents don't want anything that you are playing. Unless. It was Gary and I went OK okay. And they became my family edition my teacher became a mentor. Think he meant what we've heard my cheerleaders. And that's when I went on sir Eric curry harmful and they addiction Godard. Folks you know her passion for recovery because I know. That there's a better way of life. So Garland so what happened the bank. So what you like I was tanker trunk after car diet door after I got my pace picked up by airport. It would just make good players know what people don't know is that they need to learn under Coke connector that goes rather than the current spectrum income. And I will be glad we need to teach people that. You know Mario I hear people talk about why they relapsed or as you do all the time. And you know they say oh this happened to all that happened. Let them go and I've been through a few things since I stopped drinking. You know I'm going to prison twice my grandson diary that I've been bankrupt three times. Also broke. But I didn't have to drink I mean there was no way. It's. That they're drinking was gonna make it any better I mean in that mess. If you wanna drink you're gonna drink if you are recovering your recover and how we do that. By following the simple program that set out for us and by following the examples of people like you and I and other people that have. It's continuous long term some parties that are strong and recover. And that's that's a message we have to take. The message we have to think it is it is possible. Don't I mean every life happens life is going to continue to happen. But he doesn't mean you have to drink or use. And that alcohol synonymous with tot least I would be caught that. That was the not unfair isn't Gergen thanks. So that ought. Taught by. The wonderful people that that was painful 3 AM in the morning. I went and will trade everything I mystery here. Cable supply group chat with singing and they'll they'll lay and 3 AM in the morning and so far as close. Well learn how to bank a peanut butter and gently challenge for my child. Can't learn. On the same hand I haven't learned every and have a war on terror off. So Brett 21 years old not match and well I just want more info I was drinking fighting China its sixteen how adequate health. And that's it too we don't have life skills through word addiction. Her and and that's part of what we can teach through a recovery center. People can come in talked about that people come on Tuesday. I've been sober six months I don't know how to get on the bus and another balanced Cheryl I don't know Larry yeah I don't know bottom I don't know how to apply for a job. People that there are no recovery. Don't have any life skills and may need that help and they're not getting them you know 28 day treatment programs are not getting those skills. They're gentle and walked in the front door they're getting treatments offered and then it's time to home and then all no idea how I find an apartment. Totally fine that a sober place to live that's safe that's a good place yeah what do you throw Biden doesn't start on the wall and hoping you'll boring place. That's what a program that's on the street was its doors open and community can offer those for those services. Yes Jack I I really. And I do wanting to do that's her long time. And I just got or punish. I've been praying a lot. And up when I'm gonna become a luncheonette. So. I want to thank my husband her move sir I never change because I sung died three weeks after I was married. But he is behind me her allowing me to move basically liquidate everything to do their flag and. You IE ultimate safe though it's going to be chaos. I don't wanna off. It's gonna win it late it's gonna pay a face saving lives brands don't pay thousand dollars is gonna pay often in how you help so many people with their recovery. I wouldn't attend LA LA. Care plan and only get corny or should be put air but. I. At an in my life and I lay next to my son and her mean. I wanna know that I think they often as every talent. And that they can't current. And the name of god that my children. And show them they don't have to be good signs. Violates. Then god will carry you know. So when your we can count walk. Well and god provides people just. Could do just that god has people everywhere. To carry his message and that again I don't I always come back to doctor about prescription. Chad I'm trusting god to take care of me. That I can help somebody else and and that's the dichotomy of that message I don't worry about me because somebody else's worry about me while I'm Lori somebody else. And create and it's a circle of recovery. It's a circle assess somebody's always got your back and that's what people need to learn the depth that that is the case that. Send him right recovery sooner you open those doors that's what happens you start to tell people look we were here we're a resource for you ask your questions. So off. And that you'll have value. No matter what you're going through your life no matter what if you're if you're newly infected if you've been addicted for a decade if you knew entering cover whenever you have value as a person. And not allowing your addiction and to determine EP OR. Yeah and don't want to learn they don't have to suffer alone nobody's alone in this world is big if they want to step up as any help. Are you don't raise your hand you say and sound so simple but as an added it's not simple. But you just gotta get that one moment of the courage Suzanne I need help they need help and then you're surrounded by help. Funny now how late in the big book we have the bears are awake and then and a striking change. And warrants through an anchor a cold eyes. You know way flights begin. And I wanna fooled them then thing I've ever seen in the church I understand the layer plan. I can tell I'm. What has been birth and and then I see them and encourage. Anna Nicole who is beautiful spirit and H I'm the true authentic self. That's good diction and not have for years. Locally years and they become just beautiful person and friend that. At a night Aaron and groups server sort ink and I came along. You can't. Where we and the dark. You have to live in the last thing you can't do their thing that I want to see be a good chance if it is getting low fat or feed Derek curry. And that so people need to lunch so. You Chuck Todd is clean how can you help others Susan laugh our senator. We need to take one last break for the show please hang on we'll be right back. Trade data Aiken has been practicing law for 23 years he successfully represented thousands of clients in cases ranging from multimillion dollar personal injury and medical malpractice claims to criminal cases to divorces when I needed legal guidance I called Dade agents so should you 5707144001. Arch don't recovery center of the palm beaches provides addiction treatment senator within a small personal community kind. For nearly two decades arch tone this helps thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency is. Recover and regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical and support staff. Provide the highest level of professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery sooner. 8558992292. Since 1970 to clear that treatment center has been providing successful treatment for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. From a licensed and specialized medical team. They're bricks approach to addiction is largely based on the proven practices of alcoholics anonymous and has store services are available to patients seeking spiritual guidance. Call Claybrook today at 5702602600. Barry Scranton. Wounds are back on the ice in northeast Pennsylvania listened to all the action on the penguins flagship station WYOG. News radio arts artist. James would have been before Beckham tickets all season long. Brought to you by ram trucks from telling to calling worker played ramble power you through it. See Iran dealer a walk on to ram trucks dot com dust and glory Graham cancer every goal save and bone crunching hit on WYOK. News radio. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk once and he struggles of addiction and triumphs of recovery and recovery is possible we welcome your calls for questions or come. All 570. Leading 30098. Or 180437009. Innings and you're euros as Suzanne Kelly in general problem. And welcome back we're in our final segment of sharing recovery for this week I don't know what is taught you a little bit more about Anthony. He died following a six year battle okay it was blood appeared in an heroin addiction. But he had three unsuccessful short term treatment programs now on each classes let less than thirty days. And they were in less than thirty days because that's all the insurance would pay far. Is that correct. They are currently liberties per the phone and said. Hello Valerie. Yet Al hi Eric how we were talking about to I'm asking if you could tell us a little bit more about Anthony. His treatments he had three unsuccessful short term treatment programs and that was because insurance insurance basically dictated what you're gonna get better within this time or an asset is that correct. Okay. You can do his first one non virtually everything started I was 21 days. The fact someone was in Pennsylvania and that would only seven days and Don and they think he caught them and we didn't have any insurance debate. So literally and the third 120 days off on Pennsylvania are. I mean I don't diagnosis by this time he was diagnosed with a passion and I saved some the last fight to keep it longer at that he is a dual diagnosis. That means he qualified for longer than twenty feet and made but to me that that's all that's all I tried the safe course. So he's usually unsuccessful short term treatment programs. And I'm I feel it is day. And the thing that we've actually been in place and he had a good solid ninety day for the patient treatment but he would be a lot of that early could have. Yeah and each each time that he went to treatment short term treatment basically less than 28 days twenty days or less and then it's okay they don't. Go ahead you're cleared out and and what what with the resource as what other resources available to Anthony or or or to correlate to anyone else. Cousy early. When they came out when he has an equal amount they put my three days a week I have payback uninformed about patient but of the three day that we call late so. You think the person there on the other court date for the weight falcon. So it was a bit ninety day you will could be. I'm increasing and then and then I OK and then. Informed about patience and follow up I mean even though. Put them in the 28 they grow and send them out of the three day I have faith defend themselves the other 48 and me could be. More are. There may be more. So what you're looking toward anything more than you have to have. That's more unsure of us are just not just yeah are out there I'm gonna bring some anonymity here com. My daughter who I'm operation or anonymity she's on the show was a guest. She wanted to short term treatment programs. And as she completed the cycle one the treatment center came to us from her mother and nine cents. She needs a longer term program she has any chance of recovering. And we sent her to a program remainder. And she spent eight months a map program in Maine. I'm problems are crying because. The couple we shall be two years clean. So hurry so I fully agree with you did that and I fully understand that. By the grace of god we ran a position to do that we didn't need the insurance to send her remains that that's us not everybody's in that position. But because it and Daniel when they told me that I didn't faze her daughter when their treatment centers and to me. She needs an auto maintenance he needs to spend some time there. And they suggested a minimum of ninety days. If all I do this every day of the week I do this for a living. I worked in this field my first reaction was no my engine doesn't need that. And I felt I had to step back and say look I can't treat my own child. And I had a follow somebody else suggestion. And by the grace of god she went there. I didn't like a woman ran the program I didn't like the facility and I drove away with tears in my eyes. Because I said god must have a plan in this must be at my daughter. Or weren't and my daughter is thriving today and and is doing exceptionally well so I don't agree with you that. He can't do this. Treating it and had type a young person that has an opiate addiction isn't the same misread a sixty year old man it's an alcoholic they're different. Now we know that and we have their different modalities. For terrorists for different situations. Oh yeah I applaud what you're trying to accomplish I really do. Thank you. I'm Anthony bass is more than just it's official it's actually that the movement that sentence it's the movement seeking to make long term change the reality. Every person suffered what that you gave me that. And how to save a life and I are watching for passage of state federal legislation. To require health insurance cards to pay for middle of ninety days. And I just pray that is so pure analog uses. Well so yeah. Well don't Harrisburg next month. A lot of which Indy trauma for got to work with. Jeanne be drama out and about as much as I can say at this point. Fire and I'm what do you besides Harrisburg what else is up on your plate dollars for the upcoming 2018. Wow. We are having a fun race that we do have fundraisers throughout the year. On to try to raise money for how to they were like we're having a big Ing go on later on February 16. On our self image to music singles order. A bingo. On grade school. Yeah PI NG or. Not. I mean. So I'm we get it can be an every other Saturday with how to stabilize it's being close to home what I'm a big part of that. You start to felt in my child's life. They'll send my child means a face a page. And ironically share with another mom Jackie. We give that the first in our money than the month and that's for those that lost anyone and he loved ones to addiction and fun to be a common share their story and share their. There their loved one. Yes I ask you questions I've been I see you guys with a month in pictures or other care bags that you give away. Mario you had. Yeah I think Oregon massacre comical or die and turn move slower. I Kirk so we can't really get hot route. Cox four walks. Sometimes. Like Laurie Garrett park dummy that show me out of the glacier at Philly get hot Charlie out only cares me since stuff. My son here at hand and hand me at all. On holidays we've given up church or trauma broken Weinrich and interest RP they've got to make them current and imminent in the hands. How crowded that. Broken my own and children happy. Hour. Care one of our head tractors for the third. You get all the day's journey especially when I get hot wheels stopped on the winter. And we do the same thing as the recovery center when you opened its. Error occur and I love being. And here tree and believe has. Apparently asked the pantry. As evoking come luckily. And loving me then you know being confirmed. I heard warnings. Now I'll be able to Lou could do turn been pulled in out of the cadets and I pass my credentials. But we will in fact. An and they need and Connecticut they're the Patriot Act and that's really important because. Cheney and there's not enough support though that kinda cheapen my ballot and those people. And I count education. Because I do work and a methadone clinic. Days a week. Ball to go and get a look very support network and what happened. Didn't want walked in while they are Sharon and went on yeah they're all quality chains and all they are taking. And let me try to attack. On the body that. All that's being offered rate now. On paper that they came message is. Medication or third entry ramp because carbonneau lower. For money out and no one can dedicated chip plant and that approaching medicated as potentially at none of that while Kerr app simply. You know by reason. Of me very into the government. Feel like they're doing and change and government rules and regulations. And the walls. Show these people go and they are all they can get is say no accident that the child not then. And I day on an II and when ice score I know all this. I was turned somewhat because I didn't know better but we can't charmed people because people are Donny and be on. The epidemic proportion. A guy gonna need that and we can't turn people away from. I'm not know it was also another isolation kills let me needing to hold their isolation. And Mardy how we gonna get the word out how people than you know on the streets or or where ever they are about you or your resource center. Well I'm afraid I don't think I mean gosh in 2007. But they get at. How I'm not. Who I can only help them but I felt that people and I love that much it are advertised both. I don't know more out. You know call a bad all my warm are you thought I was high value for all that you won't hang thing. Much money in gallery here's what I. Sons and Jenny from the rates sooner than we are guessing you know all have a great week thank you for listening.