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Sharing Recovery
Sunday, December 10th

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From the double BY a case to be using Pittston Pennsylvania. Welcome to sharing recovery. Firsthand stories of addiction and recovery or recovery is possible. Sharing the recovery is sponsored by clear broke treatment center. Are still in recovery. And attorney Dave Dinkins. We welcome your calls with questions or comments or call 570830098. Or 1804370098. You were your hosts. Suzanne Kelly and Jack problem. Hello and welcome to share in recovery. I'm Susie and Kellie Ann I'm joined by co hosted Jack crop who recently celebrated nineteen years our recovery. Does Sharon recovery is about health and health and healing. And we do believe that recovery is possible we also know that too often silence equals death. Now today's topic is a little bit different we're going to be talking about yelled in recovery. The leading rehabilitation programs are recommending younger as part of the recovery process. We're gonna take a closer look at why and how old yoga helps. Our guests are Kelly Evans who was a yoga instructor and founder of yoga west LLC in Scranton. And Gina cousin teeny who was a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker. We're also joined by Carolina crew includes yoga as part of her recovery welcome everyone and thank you so much for being here. I'm so happy and this is this is great and and before the show we're actually talking about. You know what happens when you leave upon your treatment program what do you need to Dylan and the things that we need to do or are part of building a tool box. What do you do in every day life thank can help feeling your recovery journey and yelled and now is becoming quite an important tool and that tool box so. Why don't we get started an end let's talk about actually how it came to be. Good start and then the program as far as yeah I think Leo can recover. Great content and being used in treating terrorists for quite awhile there's. Video live twelve stab. And recovery program. Feel like an outpatient and inpatient. It's a community centers and they're just a little break for people who can I know my body in the Green Day. General turn into wait handout. We've narrowed. Don't know whether that's heat in the air. The program only good health issues program is really enhances camaraderie. Helping them do you mean I. Myself and. It's not just after him personally he's a recovered for a our treatment centers all over the country right and I'm incorporating yoga into the daily routine there's an inpatient. And there are trees inpatient treatment right. Because you know there is an emphasis on creating just what you said and daily. Routine freight Sarah there's just conscious awareness that gets developed and what you're doing throughout the day what is my lifestyle you know we don't lose that a little bit senior through through addiction or just everyday stuff. You know living life to 2017 where preoccupied he spent a lot of kind. In our head or just. Kind of going through motions with so many attachments he had just do me being the same way we've we've always done none and we lose sight of how to take care of ourselves we don't think about after health care is not. A a primary is seen. For the secondary thing it's a when we have time to do it type of thing. And self care which the recovery. If passed will call on a daily basis to do is not something we can do once in awhile when I have a half hour for free or when they don't feel out. It's right and every day patent. So we start to develop some resiliency. To when life happens. Straight you know wait necessary relief for. When we feel sick or when we should be emotionally but when we feel sick physically eight to decide oh my god what LA. I take care myself when they do you know 'cause I can and he's gonna start to emerge straight. OK Kelly booted out those who are listening maybe you're thinking you know I feel so lousy that myself it is and yoga is very intimidating and I can't do that poses and I'm gonna look foolish and I'm gonna feel foolish or if I'm gonna hurt myself. How would you help someone get over. Those hurdles. Yeah I'm really glad you asked that question because. I think that's a huge problem is people feeling intimidated her not flexible I hear so much and a flexible I can't do yoga. And it's never the flexibility that is their relative. Birth relevant part of I yoga practice and there's so many different styles. I'm yoga. So you know maybe if someone's morenge fitness he may be so I was really looking for more spirituality. I mean these aren't looking for something release slowing gentle. Arms are so many different classes that it's people can get into you. Content to just like in recovery where there are so many different types of people that you find in their recovery community. There's just as many different types of yoga. And you could always find one that is for you that your comfortable yes and I mean any good yoga teacher is telling us you know push. A student. To any degree that they don't want to push themselves so. I'm once you start practicing yoga it's an internal practices with yourself you have a teacher to teacher postures or to guide you through meditations are breathing. But you're really do what you can do for yourself food so there's it's not competitive right around and it's it's losing the ego. And you know I'm just dealing with yourself and what you're capable of a okay now Carly. You are using yoga as part of your recovery process at all. Yeah I am and I think what's important to mention is exaggerate just talked about so I had a very. Distorted ways of thinking about yoga where it was like. Is intense work out. He had to be super go to proposes that if you're not you look kind of foolish and it is like I'm not interested in doing Macs I've never done yoga before. And it and it it was until I went to a program that. Forced us to do it is so it was suggested that we do and you had to Europe once a week. And that I was very close minded about it but I had to do it so I started doing it and then I started learning that there are a lot of different types of classes I did go to and it wasn't just. That's audio that you hear about what you're sweating in this room that's 200 degrees and you can't even breathe and like I don't want anything you do in that. But then I. Obama and my until it and learn more about it Larry and that there's so many different practices and now I find that the slower pace classes that. Focus a lot on meditation and spirituality. I'm more or less fit what I need in my recovery in the in the class I go until and I find that. It just helps my emotional healing so much. Recoveries and just say stop using I stop drinking. It's I have to healed from whatever was the main reason what I was using a cover up anyway so it's been very effective you bring up and so I got. Agenda as we start just don't. Our listeners who have cancer. I want answers a question for our listeners feels. Our guest they're females. But that doesn't mean you know he isn't for. Men women and children who can anybody can participate in yoga and all fat guy like me are young skinny girl Kelly frank jobs. Anybody and mean and there are hurt classes with in the community specifically for kids. On June I know that as my studio we have I'm gonna say 50% of the class sometimes it is male. So. And yes I I just don't want listeners to tune out thinking this is an all gal show today. And now there's nothing here for our young man or an older man and recovery you know there's a lot of guys recovered right now that are. No sixty years old and up than a memory card real long time maybe this is something they can open their minds to mean anybody at this point. You know in life you know I'm 61 years old and convincing him out there so. Just wanted to learn as we go here's justice Ruth. It's interesting yes you've got a really good interesting point Jack because. I'm for a while I did take yoga. And I did hot yummy and it worked out very well for me I'm that was something that I that I found very. I'm very good for me spirituality and physically etc. And they wish I remember one time on the yoga instructor. Said that she was out taking classes in Arizona. And this just stuck with me and the class she was in there. The average age was seventy years old and it was male and female and that blew me away because again that misconception of you know it's almost like I'm gonna be in shape for go to the gym no that's not the case with yoga. Or I have to are ready be spiritual are gonna be okay in my head the dust on the case and Eugene. Why she was drinking why she was using C got to work on that point when you're in recovery and do you suggest you use GOP you want. Your patients to use yoga as part of their overall recovery process even if it's not specifically drug or alcohol related. Absolutely. You know because it's our. Think the ultimate checking out process it's great that's that's the way to check out and this is a way to check in I'm this is a way to check in with our selves and recognize that we can be in the moment we can be uncomfortable. And be okay Lou we have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and that's good faith. Do you have classes or are their classes specifically. For individuals in recovery or is it just kind of somebody who just kind of comes in and you know. You had so it's so. Right now home there is a class specifically for recovery. I'm on the schedule every Sunday night. But. I also have a crew of people in recovery and I don't partake in that class but they'll they'll calm throughout the week Justin and regular classes even though whatever direction you are comfortable so if you have a class that is set as individuals in recovery. Is that different from another class or or do you do anything. I'm differently than you would in a in a standard yoga classes since there aren't. I'm. Yoga for Africa. Recovery for people who are coming to come together and experience yoga so whether that be giving us a class or half the class server storage class it's just people coming together and developing a relationship. Which are gotten training out and feeling comfortable knowing my car this is for. On our community to feel a little bit more comfortable walk into the door and they are very specific programs that aren't in Bala it. I'm. To bring in a language. You know on the twelve steps of recovery. I'm in and to the specific pastors. Tell line with that great to get the purpose there's up with the curriculum. With that compared. They only want a sack you mean there's a big I'm in recovery are all steps yes there are yoga. Situations for each one of these twelve steps. Yeah so you would I mean to. You know for a year your first three steps which is the root you know developing your route to recovery. Where you're going to do more routine postures for AT and your green beans and you're meditating are gonna be. To encourage that stability straight to address the and manageability. A slice great show. When you hygiene all of that into. To your practice. People start developing. A release ever and personal relationship with that you know say your brief me I didn't. You inhale leaned. It uranium leaning your act tales are aligned with affirmations that go along with those steps and that's that's just a different way than just disgusting so it's not just the cognitive piece that you're gonna get. From a median rate now. This other programming and content and is more than dramatic piece. Here I am now doing the physical work Carly you're shaking your head you. Wanted to add something yeah I think what's important to point out is that in a program of recovery it's like a heart upon you need some had her relationship with a higher palette. Which I think we can discuss we get back from break okay we're gonna take a quick break and we'll be right back. Since 1972. Clear that treatment center has been providing successful treatment for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. From a licensed and specialized medical team. They're bricks approach to addiction is largely based on the proven practices other alcoholics anonymous and pastoral service. Is are available to patients seeking spiritual guidance. Call Claybrook today at 5702602600. M. Or are you or family member in need of a lawyer has summoning now been charged with a crime injured in an accident our troops for medical care going through a divorce her child custody dispute you need a lawyer with experience and credentials school aggressively protect your rights you need attorney dean Akins. I know in my feeling and I needed legal help we turn to days so should you call 5707144001. Arched stone recovery center of the palm beaches provides addiction treatment senator within a small personal community kind. For nearly two decades arch tone this helps thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency is. Recover and regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical and support staff. Provide the highest level of professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery sooner. 8558992292. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk on today's struggles of addiction and triumphs of recovery and recovery is possible we welcome your polls were questioned your car. Call 570. Eating 30098. Or 18043700. And I an Angel. You were euros as Suzanne Kelly in general rob. And welcome back to sharing recovery and we are on talking today about yelled in recovery. And before the break Carly you were talking about your your personal experiences as having yoga part of your recovery process. Great so highly just I'm gonna sunshine and that in a pro wherever covering. It's really really important to have some type of relationship with a higher powered. Whatever you may shoes to call your higher power is is what you choose it can be university can be to god he could be you know whatever you choose but. What what's the difference is engines weren't here programmer recovering Willy he's recovery meetings and then it. Adding O'Neal the piece is where I get connected in spirituality so. I goes to meetings let's talk about what's going on and I hear you need to be connected to a higher power well how do I do that. You know I have a concept of a higher power about how do I get closer to a higher power. And then I go attendee older class nine. I do opposes and then maybe a short meditation at the end and then my show us tonight and then I feel a lot closer to my higher power so for me that's how I really connect spiritually and that's a huge piece or Harriet I mean a lot of blows you won't recover if you don't have a connection with a higher power where some. Have a spiritual basis and and that's a good point because I move when you see higher power a lot of and at times I would here is. I'm not doing the god thing you know I mean and ready really that's what they wouldn't say to me is you know doing and I think and I do and god thing where do women got dinged. And it doesn't have to be. God per say it came right spirituality like you said he could be the universe but the whole thing isn't recovery understanding that there's something more out there. Can you play at a bigger picture and we all fit into this bigger picture. Great and it's actually interesting because. I think there's a misconception that still doing your spiritual as if you intend may be a church Charest whatever. Listen I Don here's a link that. It's funny because the person you owned and ray and the recovery home island debt referred to going to yoga class is going to church. So. You can that basin however you feel if you feel like you're getting closer your spiritual. After this and you're going yoga that's your church and that's okay it's very personalized an individualized and I sent me sometimes a change my mind senator rounded the ones I did is that this whole meal. The world. Connection to my higher power old games and I couldn't be more grateful for that. Kelly how long have you been doing programs for those in recovery. Their recovery program at the studio actually just started about two months ago. OK did you get the word out I mean this is this is something that's that's pretty newest outlet in our area. I'm not having specific programs for those in recovery in new. So is this something that you just kind of put Anthony on your FaceBook Kanye West paying her head and face and then it's. A teacher for that class actually works with Tina OK and there are great centers so. There are helping promote their classes while. I'm so yeah and it went over really really well we threw it on just as a serious disease can fit in when pick up and everyone loved it I can. So we just for the remaining on the schedule now is a regular scheduled classes awesome and then. Jamie isn't possible you can give us an example I'm a little finesse of float my. The second step in or how how old can use an example of how that works yoga in the second step. Think the first and second stops you you have to admit making powerless over this over alcohol in your life is unmanageable your second asking me to believe I did. Can empower agreed in your house he can restore restore out of your sanity and then there's step three which is this decision to turn our well in our lives over. The chairman guide as we understand and break so when you take that you know I manageability piece and you start. Now without a routine practice desk straight. And you think about what. Kind of in that that space. Of the routine in New York, New York though. We practiced grounding yourself. You know instead of being kind of often. Inning indict any world breaks where everything's unmanageable your home. Your health. Health is unmanageable. Your relationships. Crate and start thinking about what unmanageable and we start thinking about. Are asked an edgy flown in our body opening ourselves up to really received from the messages from recovery and be open to receive that. That's real that kind of comes in meditation and opening ourselves up to be seen those messages so we can deal with. What is unmanageable in her life and then we start coming in with postures that are. Grounding in. You know our warrior past years he knew where real grounding in stability. And where we're seeded pastures where our hands are on the floor he had an eighty flows coming in. And people are openly using a language throughout though the practice peep really eat. Can I keenly staff and applicable to what's going on in the airline I'm afraid so all that matters to me at that moment is what's when I'm my mask. I really don't how this awareness as to what's going on with the person here and confront in your group and then we aren't idea that the teacher ambassadors guiding died in a street after. When we're talking about connecting our breakfast are moving you know we aren't in he'll meet our. Intel. We apparel sales are. And that's to me very personal for me I'm vs what it. Kim Kelly might get on the map or Carly might get on I'm the national. But I mean it all together because we talk about it and talk about and talk about it as a therapist and a lot of talking. But he complained to maximize his benefit. For the person whose city there is to have the awareness now Nellie knew at that awareness from high get a you know but what's next. You make a point there but that I won't hunt encounter are in the rooms of eighth I'm you know part of recovery. I'm people pray and pray and pray you know usual to contact others thought a higher power your votes are really alert our people say all the time for me. Oh well I'm freedom and I'm not getting any answers I prayed and in the ninth getting what I thought I was going to get. And I often help people who eat how to stop praying sometimes mean you have to stop and listen. Do I have to be able to open your mind to hear the answer because I truly believe my higher power answers every prayer. Sometimes. Ignoring a prayer is the answer sometimes the answer is no and I don't wanna hear it. Sometimes the answer will come in it in a timeframe different than what I want. But I have to open. Kelly how do you get me open my mind like. Yes so I think part of the the process of going through a yoga practice is. Finding these pieces within your practice that you're not really comparable owned and you are avoiding. Aunt and forcing yourself. To sit. In them so we're talking under a physical yoga practice then you know we're in comedians are grounding posture lady geno was talking about and you don't feel grounded theory very comparable Blair. The process and each sitting with and learning how to breezed through it. I feel is where that opening starts and now you're beginning to really listening. And internalized. And not try to buoy didn't. I'm moving into a different speeds mother being your mind or your physical body. And we comeback tour who were my first questions. And this can beat anyone can do your suit you know there are people listen great honor anyone can do what are they talking so far out of reach for me yeah they'll play your 22 years old and have gone from a spiritual world you don't understand this it is you can help anyone. Jet from where they're at two a moral enlightened position. Good like hey it's your not focus being on when every when officers in demeanor and that ruined your. We'd like learning how to focus and what's going on with you right expect conscious awareness pieced. So it's toward anybody any shape and you find any age. Mountain and doesn't matter. We need to the world were so worried about what somebody else is doing what kind of car right and we also want to. You're OK okay does that girls are absolutely and a little under any underground Vanessa and we we have to get our mind to go not go there and go somewhere else crack and I think we have to take another quick breaks thank our sponsors we'll be right back. Art stone recovery center of the each is provides addiction treatment senator within the small personal. Community types. For nearly two decades arch tone this helps thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency is. Recover and regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical and support staff. Provide the highest level. A professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery center 8558992292. Since 1972. Clear that treatment center has been providing successful treatment for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. From a licensed and specialized medical team. They're bricks approach to addiction is largely based on the proven practices other alcoholics anonymous has store services are available to patients seeking spiritual guide. Called clear that today at 5702602600. Alert if you or someone you know needs a lawyer what did you look for excellence experience integrity attorney David Aiken has all of those qualities whether it's a criminal case a personal injury matter medical negligence or divorce stable fight for you I know from personal experience 5707144001. This is double BYUK. Powered by Sherwood Chevrolet Buick GM CE online venture would Chevrolet dot com. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk on today's struggles on addiction and triumphs of recovery and recovery is possible we welcome your calls for questions or come. All 570830098. Or 18043700. And I mean when you were euros as Suzanne Kelly and Jack problem. And welcome back to sharing recovery we're talking today about yelled at in recovery. And Kelly 0122. Askew an Austin Gina if you could tiny anonymous is well. That this is not a replacement for a recovery program this is again and tool for the toolbox. That's something that's important to emphasize cracked. So so windy you're using this as part of your toolbox. Is there anything else that. You see that individuals those who recovery are getting from the class I mean. Are you getting the feedback that you anticipated to some of the feedback surprise you what what some of the comments that you would get from individuals. In recovery Cote who are taking yoga as part of their their program. In the awareness and Kiki that staff in you know where they've never happen. Thought about themselves and how quaint you know there was. I don't know how to take care of myself and it's a practical and I can do this I can do it anywhere to require anything. And then feeling like that kind of spins off into healthier choices in other areas of their life and he started. Wake up in the morning meaning you get someone to just kind of buy into the IDS it mean for two minutes and seen my trap positive affirmation and her eighth. And then all of a sudden that turns into what was the what was it about this until you patient that's. Surely they do that and and had a dream and that and that's turning into panel had an and that aligned Erin de. Nothing you know I didn't we company at a bed and he didn't ask start thinking about how my day was gonna go wrong and I didn't think about everything that is around in my life. I stopped created space I Kelly yes said. Kathleen and tin and it just sort of traveled with me for the rest of the day. And I felt different felt later he started me keen. Better choices from sauces and mindlessly going throughout the day to show I mean whenever in my face I. And eat real food throw once and recognize that I would eat real food you know an eight and done that before. I'm at Sydney's all these small shifts and changes that ultimately add up to people connecting more with themselves. I'm being in the moment instead of trying to escape that all of the time getting stuck in your head. And being able to be truthful with themselves and and that you know does a lion with a lot lease with the twelve sep second rigorous eight I need. To be truthful with myself how can be truthful to yourself if you're not in the moment and paying attention to what's going on election night was when I'm rain. You using to be read my mind at this point because that was the next question I had a story in the twelve stuff from recovery I've seen hundreds and hundreds of people. Trail at recovery because they come to the forced out. What we have to do a self examination. And they're so afraid. Of doing that how is how Obama. How does yoga help me do that forced back. Until I think that content. Force that is probably one of the hardest. Steps you come to because it's really time sir dig deep down and kind of find all the demons inside and fight the mosques and heal from number right. So I come to this death and I'm like afraid out of my mind facing because I don't know how to deal of the motions without using drugs and alcohol and that's I'm trying to do now. So the real question of how to do that. And part of what I gained from practicing yellow was to. That one is OK to feel my feelings whether their negative positive very different it's okay to feel them. It's important to feel them a nice of them away and then beyond that how do I deal is done especially due negative feelings well now that I have a practice of yoga. I know I can breezy uncontrolled feelings I know how I can. Except in a feeling and goalie did again mother is positive or negative and still the patches are younger offend me doesn't just have been eating glass it happens all day every day. It it can happen network when I'm feeling stressed out these tiny take a minute and greens. On the kind of put on a meditative song and did their first two minutes and take a break. And these are all things I've learned from Gilda. It's about eliminating you know and that being human you're human. It's about how mean steely and even if it's uncomfortable feeling not immersing our sound and and I'm drowning in it can't feel any concern with that I can breathe through it. But I it's not coming to define what my life is who I am what happens next something he's going to be like county feels physically how they relate to others. That's when we start immersing ourselves in the ceilings and not see you know a way out of it. Says this is a way to create a little bit of space doesn't need to be a blockage tying it at an hour two hours just practical for Pete Cohen light you know let's not. It could be just that moment and taking a breath and breathing and in and these two minutes in transition from one activity to the next just stopping and checking in with yourself. Kelly as far as your classes now winning your classes held for yoga in recovery if if individuals wanna come together as a class are on Sunday nights up by thirty and Sunday nights at 530 in is that weekly yeah. Okay and then you see that continuing on after a 2018 so I assume something. Yes it is going to continue what in the things that that I think about. Is people may be put off or they don't understand it he says the financial cost. Other yoga class. And are there any other circumstances and I don't know the answer tennis I'm drawing it out there is. Is Kenny young could be covered by any type of insurance or is that not yet recognized as as something that falls under. Ponting covered by insurance. So when when you're running like fourth studio based. Program I don't know and any insurance companies I cover that mean we're just getting to like where insurance companies to correlate. Massage and stuff played and things you know I am. As far as people who are in behavioral health app Renny and groups is in great way to incorporate. A lot of the stuff Cassini have part of it is that that discussion is the piece of you know the tracking indication. I cheery in the and then there's the practice which is very important and that's where you can kind of integrate that. And insurance companies will cover that you know as far is running a group cornyn and a counseling group but for individuals who are looking for. Some financial support to help get them to classes for a lot of these programs. Our donation based she's confined them in the community. I am. The outlook so when we first ran the recovery series at the studio. On. We charged and what we went to charge and he's. General series but and we put an added to view it you can't option can calm for people that this could not afford because they can get an expense then yes. Come so there were other options for people that couldn't handle pain. This series DE. On and will continue for their recovery class to run it that way OK so if there are individuals listening now who are interested in coming. To your studio and you're located where in Scranton Wes and you're so you're located in west Scranton and what is your website. Our website is you go west PA dot com Yahoo! last PA dot com and then you're also on FaceBook yes that's correct. And what is your user ID com and you'll the last yelled go west her thanks so. So you can have those who are interested in coming to your studio and taking the younger recovering classes. We've gone they don't have to let their lack of financial ability did you. All from Barnes and now and I mean another really great thing about yoga is even if you were succumbed to you a few classes just to get NI a general idea of some of the postures. Even myself in so many other teachers and and other. On students in the community have home practice at this. So we don't. Necessarily even have to go to a class I mean it's nice to calm and of course I want everyone coming in my studio. Com and diet you know in the event that it wasn't feasible whether it be due to finances or just life I mean we have to. You know kids in Stanley then jobs and you can always practice a home practice. When you have time for free. Kelly when we started out you you said this euros. Eat your yogurt. Classes for recoveries where mill. But yoga is not new and recovery isn't down and tell us that the readers I mean outside this area. I'm sure do as much a larger and much more recognize that. You tell us about that. Yeah so I don't Allen when I was first bomb even thinking of wanting to do is something I personally have a family member in recovery. And she. Actually we had to music area tomb stay in recovery she it was just not working for her every time she came back. So. She ended up moving to Florida and I would go down a few times a year to visit with her and I got married and bonding yoga and she was like oh my god they're doing this in my rehabilitation center animal like this used to happen everywhere this'll be so beneficial I mean outside of that experience com. I don't know a lot about. The recovery programs outside of this area and my. I didn't mean that way just man I want to know the listeners to realize that this isn't something you just thought outlast a weight off you know it makes you said one day you woke up on days and I'm gonna try invest money yogi is it integral part of recovery all over the world. None thousands of years year old practice and it even had been considered they aim. Almost like I have a medal and you know for people and an alternative way to heal so whether that killing your years emotionally. Physically. For whatever it might mean still eat this isn't a new concept at all. You know I think we're given I didn't mean now and it's become mean I didn't. Where. You know western psychology in western African medicine is incorporating not an easy at eastern practices because if it helps that support good health. I don't get anything new I think he area here you know is for star anymore comfortable talking about it now and making it accessible. To run molecule. Morning in the northeast is some things that that they haven't seen around fourth and and the zoo it's actually in its infancy your team then and this is. It's going to be a major tool to help people will recover. What an imminent and grew really eat happy about us you know collaboration this isn't some theme that. You know we want to. Say it's it's our layer of history courses where anything you know we're gonna be collaborating with other. Studios like you know an agent and chop the that you go fix and go right center is at a clinical. And can eat too. Allow people to. To be able to participate in casino gonna bring you got to force sobriety if that's specific program content for addiction and I can be area and Adam. They eat pastors in the sequence scene with a tough stats and using a language so until more comfortable for. People who want to really use it content. And that and that way could she shares more than step. Sino we went one through four. And I Carly was. Liz I'm very open and honest about saying you be glad that you know step four is really looking at yourself and taking a hard look at yourself in the mirror and whatever feelings are coming up. Those are your feelings and you should be she's you ain't gonna get comfortable financially much less those feelings are so what is the rest of the steps soon. You know it is we break it down into I'm. You all of the steps are covered and they and aligned them in the yoga for sobriety this particular align them with our. Tennis it's subtle energies in our in our system which is that they yoga. I contacted the soccer as soon they say steps one through three would be out of it. You are first your route chalker and that's how we would. You know develop the sequence developed the affirmation stealth at the medications off support staff so you can just two runs through the the stats to eat and have a practice that goes along with it and whether that be done. And a class are you stuck it can be do you lean at home. I'm. And I think it's important that you can we talk about step eleven analysts. Plainly says very there's some do prayer meditation to improve our conscious contact with god as we understood him paying only for knowledge of his will for us. And I already carry that out. So that the real issue is saying. I would and we president aware he had none scheduled but how'd I do that so. I used to have to make like a weekly goal at the silver facility or live debt. And I I actually made my weekly goal to expand myelin and step and a lot of people into. Which opens theory hey yeah right that's what you're doing and that's just a cop out for your goal or whatever it. I'm like no I'm actually doing that and then we'll what are you doing they tell us what you're doing then. And I and I often went to. This place I lived in Portland Maine called back bay and that I would go in the evening time because is all lit up with all the blaze and everything. And the water was there and it was real nice and calm out and I sit and meditate and give myself and my high powered and that's 'cause expanding my island instead. Finally learn how to sit and beer myself and my higher power by going sealed and practicing. Mindless and meditation and I think as an addict especially you know just speaking for me myself I'd like to live in the past and future it's very hard for real in the president. And this practice is the only way I I live in the present. Moments really yeah that's how I learned how they're really. And Q this week we spend too much time in our pastors tend to be warned Preston if we. Fully immersed ourselves in the future where we're anxious to know that the president isn't where we can really explore all of those concepts and we want to really be open to what the twelve fantastic offer these messages rate and how how can you reach even them. Home and rest your practicing this isn't very compassionate. Cramped studio not just about. Physically delete anything physical I mean if that could be it Acker acrobatics from it all that matter it's a let's dial. The movie and it is that's very nice features its screening it's meditating it's how we treat ourselves is how we treat others we're gonna talk more about the compassion aspect to a field. I'm right after this break we'll be right back. Or attorney deep Akins has been practicing law for 23 years he successfully represented thousands of clients in cases ranging from multimillion dollar personal injury and medical malpractice claims to criminal cases to divorces when I needed legal guidance I called gay deacon ocean you 5707144001. Art stone recovery center of the palm beaches provides addiction treatment senator within a small personal community college. For nearly two decades arch tone this helps thousands suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency. Recover. And regain control of their lives are stones medical. Clinical and support staff. Provide the highest level. A professional treatment and individualized care color storm recovery center 8558992292. Since 1972. Clear that treatment center has been providing successful treatment for those suffering from substance abuse clear Brooks medical program provides round the clock care and treatment. From a licensed and specialized medical team. They're bricks approach to addiction is largely based on the proven practices. Other alcoholics anonymous and has store services are available to patients seeking spiritual guide. Call Claybrook today at 5702602600. Christmas isn't just for. Why do. Listen for your chance to win a grand prize isn't hers Victoria Knox watching this truly do. Were you wilkes-barre untrained sent from Walters hardware or. Or Carolina senate gift certificates for movie of murdering Dixon city a monster security and sprains and listen at 745. Mornings for RC. This endless Santo. Scholarly inducing proceeds. We don't know why a pain. Welcome back to sharing recovery straight talk. Today's struggles on addiction and triumphs of recovery and a recovery is possible we welcome your calls for. All 570830098. Or 180437009. And Angel. You're euros this Suzanne Kelly in general and. Rob. Yeah and welcome back come we're closing in on the hour it's incredible how how quickly the show went. Before the break we were talking just briefly we mentioned on compassion. And I think compassion in recovery is something. That we need to extend more to those in recovery. But also I think those. In recovery has to have self compassion. And they have to have on the piece that that there were ready. And that's their much more than their disease so Regina. I know that you are are you we're very big time on the compassion and self compassion so she'd like to. Expand on that a little place. Absolutely you know we don't realize the and and it does come and come back to my infamous and and yelled at because it's such a compassionate practiced. How to. Ads as a whole is the fact we're not very compassionate to ourselves board you know two and airports and others. But that is part of a light I don't he'll look back and even when we we are compassionate we're very stingy with that we're compassionate to. To be able to make it easy for us to be that great so that's where we get stock had. Happens in emotion I don't service Purves you know. I'm in the city the art of being able to keep your good day even though sometimes that in a bad day in your life and not get stuck there. And around there and it's determine. Yeah how you feel about yourself and and the world around you so there's that kind of peace that comes and you know I had this experience and I had a feeling that I had this behavior and I. And I got stuck there now I feel uncomfortable so now I'm going to handle it with whenever I noted do which is used freight hauler or whatever my feet. So self compassion and is what we think that's oxy think the first thing we get up in the morning. It's what we see ourselves. Throughout the day and and a lot of people flat out say like I would never talk to somebody in LA I talked to myself and how I treat my side never do it and you could imagine doing that. I am. Still you know due to mental teeny creating a little bit of space for yourself to check in with yourself you're really. Eighteen a compassionate. Practice do you go. It is really hard to stay terrible things yourself when you do we send you money and kinda. Free your mind in your body. And you can't during the break I brought her to Kelly because Kelly is sitting here because comics any human being. My life. And I am a 180 degrees opposite my mind is greasing my thoughts heard all of the board. And I'm quite envious of the fact that she's sitting here is so commune and never been that calm ever. And I just Kelly how you do business. So it it's definitely my yoga practice some I think that when I was younger I mean not had done quite so calm calm things and make me very anxious just Slade can. Every human. So an idea I practiced multiple times today the cell and literally in constantly checking and I mean on your studio and then teaching you practice your -- we need your own life and I'm doing and practicing yes. Physically I know early before my classes to practice on sometimes daily after my classes to practice and students. On the but even outside of that just slaves. Isn't this experience. I mean you guys are making errors that old if you were her I wouldn't be just focusing on my breast and that's you wishing me. So I think that that's an important thing for people to realize me be a physical yoga practice is not you know. Accessible are an option for people but there's there's the meditative part and there's the breast and it. It's enough to keep you calm and to eliminate that anxiety or you know. The racing thoughts in a million different directions we can she do we can train our minds to not. Due up. I know one more question before we run out of time doo using to dark leopard print leotard and you have on big enough for me tired. I really out of there on my side and ministry there's not. I doubt myself and series beyond that no doubts if I wanna come yoga I don't have to have a special perils leotard that I don't. They're special sneakers he's got a cool man now. Now you are ignoring you and your feet generally and so you wanna be calmed her home. But ideally we'll compare and absolutely ensure you don't have to there's no special gear so I don't skiing and I do well my skis and boots I don't makes its. Now if there's no special here on the generally want a yoga mammals studios and we'll have masks there aren't that you can use or rent some of them around the mouth. Or you can buy for five bucks I mean it's not my. I don't Jerry oh I don't need a map don't know. Any chair yeah. Okay well that's. Are you I guess on your mind here yeah just one less thing I want to mention as recovering her sin and coming into recovery going to the recovery process. I didn't have a lot of self respects. I had done a lot of things in my diction that. I bet I would never do which I'm sure a lot of people can relate to who I had eggs are in recovery. And he didn't raise huge our own. So far down that it did it appears as though there's no late. And slowly but surely you started seeing the late but then it's label how I even. Further that processing a closer so lay and comes from me it was pressing know that it was. Allowing myself to forgive myself aligned myself to move forward. And two. Recognize that I'm human and I made mistakes and that's okay and it's okay that's the biggest thing I love that. It's okay you don't have to numb. Right OK when you're feeling good or not so good in red okay exactly and I don't have to live in fear that is not OK I can just beat. In the moment and accepted for what it is and that's a huge part of my recovery because. When I'm actually using them not okay and I'm not okay sitting with uncomfortable feelings I covered up every which way they can't. And as drug that and it Harris highest possible. Now recovery IE I take more time in Houston breathing as much as I can and that helps Seymour. What does that mean OK so so the breathing heart. For those listening who are not familiar what is the breathing and how quick they begin by doing everything Amy here it was we eat don't breathe properly. You know as a whole it and we actually bring wrong. We do we're shallow breeders'. Are sometimes your. Mean really I have ever been reading any email and it's it's something that just is agitating journalists honey trying to hold a labor fallen daily this is that's just what we've learned to do we don't take. Full breaths and you know if indeed in health and act tales to start to regulate the stress hormones and put our bodies into. Space where we're relaxed so we're always panic in early in that fight flight. Trees space and that affects her body I don't Yani is intrinsically connected so. You know just to start is it's sad you know into the California breeding interior no listen visual I think going from here I'll forget your cast your upper adamant he'll lower and an end and then still believes that count before allowing it to come out. And that right there. Is where you're gonna start to notice. Things start to calm down you your heart rate and into your adrenaline and cortisol can content tier system the I mean Chile's ground you are not to carry act Norwood and more into a place for you can be more response. And creating can be as or more attractive and pocketing a xanax. Yes well it's similar I mean this is star of bringing your awareness to your breasts. Thumb is checking you in your pulling yourself into right now on because your ears listening to your own breast. I am but in our direct our breast is directly connected to our motion these so. Then again our breath is directly connected to our emotions so if you change your breath you can change the emotions they're feeling. I'm especially if you're talking die any. There's different breathing techniques throughout yoga practice it's like a whole other division of yoga that's outside of a physical. Yoga practice that is just about breast. On and I know my for myself to calm my youngest son has severe severe anxiety and I don't did not wanna managing it and like it took me years and years and years and tribe under doctor's. But one of the things that I would do with him he's young. As we have one breast called when Jack you breath that we practice which went in our show is legal practice. I'm and I would polls really tight and I would start doing gauging not Preston is a constriction of the back of your throat so. We doing naturally sometimes if we're like and Matt my guess on polls on prime viewing your liking your breath starts getting heavy. And you. Tight you know in the back of your throw on if you can train yourself to do that naturally under king anxiety circumstances. Only did you even with my child's. Until listens to my breast. And then I'll start screening with me and also and he's coming down. So it's it's amazing to it's fascinating to me I mean it obviously works for me I wouldn't be able to beat out there are trying to help other people utilizing if it didn't. Worked for me personally myself. Carly green practice you go to his studio do you practice at home where you practice your. Yeah I mean not die in thing going to lose three of recovery Gil that I feel molest and I found that it's been great I've done. I went into it a little nervous because I hadn't been practicing for awhile but. It's like just get into it and use CD I'm benefits so I've been doing that weekly. I recently he went to restored village centenary of into a talent to ideal the last and that was amazing experience and Kenny and then put into words. Com there's like nothing else and then had that. I had home Orlando where I sent advice I'm feeling anxiety. I know is starting to take five minutes and just focus on my breasts loyalists into a meditative song a lawyer. He just closed my eyes and be in the moment and still it happens everywhere from me not just in the studio and everywhere it's. Grade we are at a time this hour went so quickly now want to thank you all. No we don't want this to be over. I'm only going to be doing is posting more information. About recovery I. Incorporating guilty in recovery it's going to be on our FaceBook site. And we just wanted to thank our guests thank you so much the zoo is was awesome and so we look forward to having you back so we can talk more about the Omega. Cover process thank you so much I Suzanne Kelly and we will be back next week live here have a great week.