Shari Jacobson, volunteer leader with Moms Demand Action PA local chapter, about preventing gun violence

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Wednesday, February 21st

Shari Jacobson, volunteer leader with Moms Demand Action Susquehanna Valley PA chapter, talks to Frank Andrews about supporting legislation to prevent gun violence.


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And align with us right now is Sherry Jacobson she is a volunteer leader of the chapter in Pennsylvania. Susquehanna valley moms demand action Sherri thanks for joining us. And now Susquehanna valley so where are you. So we verified account they instantly Erik Snider northumberland. Colombia on tour and unions okay that there aren't they yeah. Okay now who are you why are you invited either the first thing that strikes me is volunteer leader which region I didn't pay for this year just doing it because she wants some Dunst who are you and why are you involved. I have an ordinary that it can who really. I have served my country at the keep our volunteers and I do kill very patriotic and committed here. I'm making America shines and his how did I get involved I was actually listening to one of the sandy hook Paris on the radio. And I kid has been overwhelming feeling that it was not okay. Somebody who had already lost a child to gun violence. Are you working to keep my kids safe when I wasn't really doing candy thank. And I need to stock that's. Morally wrong and IE are booked around on the web and I was looking trek outreach organization Rite Aid. Yeah I think contributing money is important but I knew that as a citizen I really wanted to keep a much. Well that's I don't. Our statement yeah meant that sense out yeah I've so. Like what oh what it will in Pennsylvania like what are you asking for a what are you doing what are some practical steps. I do a lot of great legislation out of there Q help prevent gun violence it's a complicated public health issue. There's a lot of different people into the pipe all. How we have some great legislation in Pennsylvania right now it senate bill 5011. Issue where the help guitar domestic abuse very. And it is currently in the judiciary committee of the senate and we're working really hard. You get that go out of the Judiciary Committee and out onto a boat it is. Five and then on carried on by both side the B I L did the Africa you initiated it was republic into Republican senators on senator Tom Kelly and so that the bill with bipartisan support say it the bill that is supported by law enforcement by the Pennsylvania district attorney's association. IR Pennsylvania coalition for domestic violence is Scott. Plug the quarry it's holding really well. The vast majority of likely voters in Pennsylvania about 82% of bombs I including 88% of gun owning how told the court. What the legislation would do which I can tell you about a moment. But if have been great piece of legislation and we are really looking current senators on the Judiciary Committee committee can be content or promote. And get a good it on the path and now. I can tell me about what what and the now. Yeah tell me and then I wanna I wanna ask you about about schools and you're talking about domestic violence and I'm interest is not going to explain it. How well you know I think dead gun violence is a complicated issue and a lot of p.'s feet to the ball. They're good legislation where's the party because it has been proven to save lives. It's been effective legislation. That had been enacted in a number of other states. And the big income for the legislation is that it would do a few different things. It leg prohibit domestic abusers. From having their guns out there could already. The case if you are. Convicted of misdemeanor domestic abuse you how to relinquish your guns within sixty days. And after relinquish her gun you have sixty days to get back but the I know it seems like an inordinately long amount of time per somebody who had already been convicted of violence to hold onto weapons. What the legislation would do would be to shorten tactics they've areas. Oh. Again it's and then it could hit a lot of coaching it's not the same people have to give up country didn't have to give them a book or. We're proud about convicted. Domestic abusers. Who already have to relinquish their guns it's just not getting sixty days to do. Took the quote I website that sounds like common sense. Should have a sixty days is a long time especially in an emotionally charged situation like domestic violence. Absolutely and you know how many people are. Our shot shot at killed in the and it's not just family it is all along towards the official it's the very danger. Situation are on board the Q and you use the word common sense and I can tell you I've been talking about it in Pennsylvania now for over a year. And I can't tell you how much support there is horrid people. Can't believe that it's not already blocks. Now I wondered yeah. I have to say as moms demand action and Susquehanna valley. Based on what happened in Parkland what would you like to see happen in Pennsylvania and in the country were right now what what we need so it was like common sense steps we need to take. Yeah well. I've been working really hard to get SP 501 pocket veto that senate now to. To keep guns out of the hands of domestic computers if there are other states about the legislation's. Before them there's not one if I can't turn you know it felt like there is why it's you know therapy and it attracted every single kind of count error. There that they're the patchwork of legislation and a number of different faiths it's patchwork of legislation for the federal government. We really here in Pennsylvania I'm in Pennsylvania and to contact their state senators. And hopefully eventually they're state representative. To work on their domestic violence. Legislation. All it it they pattern for about a year it's good to go into a broad bipartisan support. And it didn't really popping up all pennsylvanians could appreciate it. Keep our law enforcement they occur and it's something that's ready to go and we are really looking overeat you art our senators leading the color. OK now people want to get involved in now mom's. Yeah and moms demanding action and Susquehanna valley what do they do weren't they don't. I in the central Susquehanna valley we have a group the third by county but Madison so once again that union Snyder northumberland mom or. At Columbia. It there elsewhere in the state I know there's been a tremendous amount of interest up where you are in northeast Pennsylvania I've got a lot of emails lately. But quite a way to get involved. Is the tax act ATP. Do you think our port street train. That would. Q where. Beat the new greens that are going to be forming up there pretty thinly Patrick. The amount of insurance which is exciting although I have to tie I look forward to the day when our personal attention and obsolete so I turned out we have a lot of work to do. It's all hands on deck I know Americans are tired of the gun violence I know they are eager interest deletions. We have great legislation to go in Pennsylvania calling it state senator. After state senators support at B 501. Dick or no on board potential Dupree a Pennsylvania family treat kids. And who could end up in the Euro area that I think it is a tactic or or treat street or visit our web page you can enter your information on our web site and we look at it actually gives. Sherry Jacobson thank you so much for joining us I'm grateful for the information. Yeah I am so great commentary and intrigue pagan and I'm due to span and it's really important. Life saving this year as I agent. It's great that you guys arguing that public. Barbara thank you don't ever have a good afternoon I appreciate that.