Shame Nation author Sue Scheff

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Thursday, October 5th

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We are going to welcome sue shaft tour showed she is. An Internet safety expert and advocate and the author of a brand new book called she nation. The global epidemic of online hate seems so much how are you. I'm fine thank you for having me. It is our distinct pleasure because we work in a medium called. Talk radio which often gets people very very very wound up. Yes I had any anybody in the and the public right to hit. Is that target for some some good online and Cheney and. Pressure and now let's just about your own story first and not. How you came to this point where you decided to write this book after your own experience on the Internet which led to a very large. Judgment that a wing your way based upon behavior of other people so start there. But I act in 2003. When I discovered that I was that target the smear campaign and started with one disgruntled. And you really look at decline OSHA wasn't a decline at client but its best such a convoluted case in which. That was actually document in my second book called Google bomb could it it is that very twisted case can. So what did win a landmark case in 2006 for that. And took it upon herself to use the Internet has a legal lethal weapon which a lot of people do today they'd just like it wasn't 2003 it still is today in 2017. People don't understand the boundaries of free speech online. And little used to it I think weapons to destroy people. I'm talking 2003 to 2006. We didn't have what's called all of our am online reputation management. No one even knew it to really maintain your online reputation. People don't take it time to decide birds cyber facts from but perfection so. If your radio hosts that care and educational consultant as I am a lawyer landscape or whatever you are. They've read that much about you online they're not gonna you issued that it wanted an actual player landscaper educational consultant who want to dedicate his time due to determine. If accepted to a call. You know Google has god. It's not it's a machine it but it's run by human behavior. So so things that are said about you online and and may be unflattering. And who can pop up right way. What when people are searching is that does that the crux of the issue and did they say is it just seems to me that because people are behind a keyboard enough face to face. They often take the opportunity. Two really dig in here. Yes for the keyboard has made people bigger and older that once meat case. Meet in small person has become. Bold and graver behind the keyboard. And and the fact that there's Latin lack of consequence I mean I was fortunate to be able to file a civil lots you which is not only. Extreme makes says it's it's an emotional hole it takes from a lot of people. That are able to do that then you also have to have. The the conditions to do it I mean I had an up close to my office Celek financially damaged. And she the right words she called me at cook. And which is a legal term. That was able to her for. So I was able to take her to court not as we wanted that I hate to use that word that's fortunate. That when their perpetrators go out there they use online hate which. Believe it or not online she is the loud and you know that is freedom of speech that in their First Amendment. And cruelty it's our lack of empathy in our culture today. You know that people just feel that they can they have. This right to go out there and slander. It's it's just unbelievable. And means look at the last political election and it was just. Her real effect I mean how many about out there and friend bidder on followed. Not only friend that family members because of the hate that just ran down our our news feed. Yeah and then in cases like that we would often end in tow the mark between. Free speech and responsible speech and I think that the the line is sometimes a very hard to distinguish me about some of the individuals who may have. Had contact with you after they saw what happened Qiyue. Sod the 51 very large judgment and and said sue arm is applicable to me can you give us any examples of people who approach to. Oh yeah it would but after a one night case I mean I was inundated with emails. You had schoolteachers. At school TJ you had I had a lady that actually owned. She voted to I doggie grooming and actually one person that should let completed the way her dog was ground in and almost shut down this Debbie Clemens. Tax on this one teacher. Who of course the child. But it chant of the teachers. Like the there let another CE get the ugly divorce issues there one parent is bashing the other hand on what a bad they are. And that's of course we have that it's become a good thing recent because of the dealing going on back then but not as prevalent. They've reinvented porn that started tapping me and the web sites like. Bombs don't date him girl dot com and revenge poor and I mean then are my stock Condit dirty and I had so many people that work email me like. My ex boyfriend put meat here my ex girlfriend pot meet Barack. And how to like get it down this is personal about mandate that say that there that I don't wanna name be in those says most of those sites are gone out but. There's other sites out there that are still exist. That companies get posted on an error like I can't believe I've had clients that posted the unmet I had vacuum cleaner company. They said that they had a couple of disgruntled client that almost to ten down. And the thing is you have to remember if you business for any length of time you're all gonna have a few. The few people out there that are not going to be happy with your product or service as. And then lies so important today that we work on how to manage our online reputation. All the time so that when you're shut down with a few separate bullets here and there it's gonna be okay because you're constantly building up I tell people all the time. Only cast your client to go on there we need them online and reviewed all of not even that good ones so that when you struck down with one or Q. It's gonna be okay because everybody can understand why do you people are not gonna liking it seems that. You know back to reality. But when you have the no online. No online profile and no online presence and all of a sudden you get that. Got ugly cruel person can say exist out there. Yeah and it's gonna damage you could summit gonna go you and that's what they're gonna see that they see that. There's like I'd gotten great reviews and then you have that one person that didn't like giving up well you you know let's face it everybody has. One person that's not like you wanna kill. You understand and singers CN yeah I think getting do you actually some vacuums their ability doggie rumors it was. Teachers was that it was a principal on the week he cannot. That was being removed from his position because of well I think teachers were claiming he swore up and down. I mean who who had a doctor out in LA I mean people all over from what the Internet was doing to them. OK now if if people do find himself in the position like that soon it seems like they saw you offer advice what kind of movie you gave the advice of how some people who do you know your business notes reputable whatever or you. As a reputable person but what are what other consequences. Can there be. If somebody. Has never used to product or service that you do sound and they they falsely malign you watch it without ever having to do it just because their malicious. Another way that they Lamprea a fake. Think it's very solid statistics show one in five people will leave policy views about you without using your product and service so what happens every single debt. And it could be important. Keeping up with you on line he used. Is there anything you can really do I don't know what there's not a lawyer and this is like put all these people where like emailing me constantly back and now today. They did you know back in 2006 and 2007. I would have to remind them and Julie O'Neill meat and remind them I'm not a lawyer the first thing I would say I'm not a lawyer at. And that I would say you have to work on your online reputation and a few needle like I'll give them some advice that. Different lawyers that I know work with Internet law you have to get a free consultations. You know many of these guys guarding me giving free consultations anymore seat effective. Yeah lucky you know try to go byword it out into IL we try to get a free consultation. But by the sea of what's been posted about you would slander at. But at the end of the day is you have to be proactive not reactive. Because if you try to react to somebody's back comment on line. Sometimes these people into it they're going to check her back and even be more Malaysia so it's best to like. Let it die down leaded paint let it sink down to the second page. Don't don't react to that but if you do you see a negative comment. Take it off slide you know that your customer and they were happy with you try to take it offline it is possible to make it right. That's at that data people all the time. That's that's a very very good way to look at it is to just address it head on and say I was not aware of this but I like to. To greatness I know what you're. Customer do you get ethnic so I think you are but if you know which a customer absolutely had to make it right. You get to get the product away to make it right income tax. Yeah now because that online content can really ache can it can achieve this prefer you know several months. Could get it's stayed up it stayed up on Google. You know don't kid yourself that the influence of the Internet is very powerful. But online shaming is a huge topic today huge. Some other ways that besides. Trying not to react to things that you don't like to. The newspaper industry a couple days ago on May the newspapers are just filled with comments RA and that this person suggested to me. That if a moderator. Appears in the fray people have a tendency to behave Margie find that to be true. Can he not be hit my civil us. Yeah well the other thing that they've they've also found that when people are using their real name age they become more simple. Because that there they know that. That's a reflection of their character. You know using your real full name and a lot of these. Newspaper columns to a lot of them heavy industry moved comments altogether but the ones that are keeping comments are mandating that you are subscriber. Are we had not mandating that requiring that you are subscriber and you have to use your real. I think I I always tell people is you know to limit your contact is not let me what you're sharing you know we member. Fifteen minutes of humor at copper and it is just you know fifteen minutes of humor is not work you know a lifetime of humiliation you really wanna be cautious that what you're sharing that that's one thing I always hated people. And I'm not telling people not to comment because I've really believed in commenting you did you have to be constructive not combative. Because I hear comments can really showcase who you are. So I don't I don't believe in light chilling the First Amendment I want people to go out there. And express yourself but express yourself constructively there's nothing wrong with that and there's nothing wrong with having a strong debate. But doing it and it constructive well okay. Many people just have absolutely no. Constraint over their keyboard. And that's their word that's so we're having the problem and it specially and I did when you hit that light button on on a mean mean Laura. Foray at full post back endorsement yet you remember that every time you hit a light alike is a sure endorsement. And people are seen that. Perpetrate hate hate perpetrate K. Did this become a criminal when people. Our. Vicious on the Internet war where the parameters they've seen in the past where it goes from. A moment of just insensitivity. To a moment of breaking the law would be seen. Well I'm not a lawyer yeah. I think when they start threatening you know that stocks seeing an excise threatening to come into your house exposing your personal information and but their phone numbers and addresses. That's been your constitutional line this extortion extorting you. The public scene you know personal known make it pitchers that you. That's our invasion of privacy that's when near your red flag could only happen you need to contact the authorities. Absolutely interpret that when approaching your private information and that what part of my case jail. Wedge when she started posting the private information. OK so labs private information on what led yet what does that color on your home your home address I'll cut and share with you it's your home matte finish your home phone number and you know it's correct. First we may tell you to do they do not react do not validate it. But contact via toward. Record your address your phone number or not. Eight could be but it shouldn't be out of public forum. I mean you have to go through some not and Allstate you know not all states have public record that year I got I mean I know hearing where I am hit it. But I'm not Pakistan but I look up but I'm. Not in all states is not now and phone numbers not how we keep hiding him a couple of cell phone camera angles so. You know you got a point and that but I just termer at the phone look at all the phone numbers and it and that was probably aren't so that's what I was yeah I think about the down who reads the phone book anymore aren't. Yeah yeah viewed on California police officer. Our endgame nation and then he'll give you the parameters iMac and I can contact the police stopped at the police department. And what evidence you have to bring discreetly screen shot everything. Could you want to screen shot and don't forget to document the evidence and don't forget to include the handle on who's doing that. And then you bring an interior police department that they import and. Compact and I'm bay in terms of Nam. The future. Are people saying she used to. I want any part of this anymore Christy see people that are so disgusted. That they take down everything that they own and they just damn thing in a day will come when a lot of people just say. How with that and get the Internet I never want to be back and I'm just gone back to my private life. And knocking out you know lot now I think it's about finding that that really nice balance the balance and I think what's happened is. People got the energetic specially FaceBook and they they they've got to a point where they're all over sharing and the over Shang is but getting people in chat box. There was a UCLA study that came out I'm here that sent people over share. Are finding that. Others didn't do not have empathy for them X especially if they start getting harassed online they'd start getting hateful comments that those humble bracket out there people don't like that. So what's happening people are starting to backtrack a little bit they're starting to mind. There is a little bit so to speak duking it pink book offers a really nice feature called. Less I mean you can create messages your family your friends your diaper clean vicious cyber friends. You can share all those photos with every single person and your friends. I mean and that will help you to find your right balance you. You remember one thing all the if you're if you're 4050 years old and you lose your job out there hypothetically have a friend. That roster Java like 52 years old. The suit with the same company for twenty errors issues one of those people that we into climate doesn't actions FaceBook doesn't trader at this and nothing. English Patient could not get another job for over nine months and it was because she was not my do you realize the percent of companies out there. Will not hire you that they cannot find you online. The reason why they wonder do you have an LES what do you have to hide maybe you're not that tech savvy. We builders says that they'd rather see a little bit of a body. Online press contribute that no president Fred I'll see you just disappear. And something. What are the you know that mediocre Y Su I did not know that that's amazing to me the companies may dismiss you because you don't have an on night that's amazing. Yes yes that's what I go to about that might blow up going off the grid is not an option. And then again these people have 4050 years old you are you gonna struggle that you competing with the young people. And then came my girlfriend was. Excellent at what she does and could not get a job I told I think. You at least have a Linkedin profile she wouldn't do wish and then eventually she did. And within thirty days she got a job. RA does and this just yeah amazing and it's so great to talk today about it she mediation and the global epidemic of online hates the ship was our guests thank you so much. Thank you have a great debt to.