Segment 1: Rafael Alvarez Febo, Executive Director, PA Commission on LGBTQ Affairs. July 23, 2020

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Thursday, July 23rd
A few days removed from a "dunk tank" controversy which was called "transphobic" by LGBTQ advocates, officials from the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds addressed the news media to offer both an explanation and an apology.

The Bloomsburg Fair apology received mixed reviews.  In a letter, sent to Bloomsburg Fair President Randy Karschner, more than fifty Pennsylvania LGBTQ organizations called the "apology" an excuse. Click here to read the full letter, which includes six demands made by the LGBTQ groups.

In another statement, Rafael Alvarez Febo, executive driector of the PA Commission on LGBTQ Affairs said: “The leadership of the Bloomsburg Fair knew they were catering to transphobic sentiments when they chose to impersonate Dr. Levine. Marginalized communities know when we are being targeted and will not be gaslit into thinking this was just about Dr. Levine’s position as secretary of health.”

Febo called into the Jason Barsky Show, on WILK News Radio to talk about why he believed the Bloomsburg Fair's statement wasn't enough. Unlike the letter from the LGBTQ organizations, the conversation wasn't about demands. Instead, the conversation was about trying to help people understand why incidents like the "dunk tank" story aren't funny to people in the LGBTQ community.