Scott Wagner, Republican candidate for governor, talks to Frank Andrews about property taxes

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Thursday, August 9th
Scott Wagner, Republican candidate for governor, talks to Frank Andrews about property taxes and more.

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Senator Wagner how are you sir. Frank I am doing great where are you today by the way and you're crisscross the state I'm in Philadelphia and then I'll cash so I got this mailer and and in our area and probably everywhere in Pennsylvania when you mentioned pop property taxes school property taxes you know flashing lights go on and your car got a lot of attention a lot of reaction here my questions user is. How how can you had to deal with the problem what is your plan. Well frank I guess I appreciate your question but I I guess one of the art I want this differentiate myself from from what governor Tim and his running mate. The lieutenant governor candidate I'm I'm defining my soul it's useful property tax elimination candidates. And because it's a very important area everywhere I go. Frank I hear about property taxes every perk and especially and you know I was just up and Scranton area and I read it the Scranton. Scranton times I think might have been the other day that display at school district at stake here run deficit and city residents to see that school tax bill increase by as much at certain. Point 7% that's colonels. So you know you're asking me you know my plan I would a cosponsor of senate also wouldn't church which has provisions to pay fork. School property actual creation by raising income and sales personal income facts and I'll tell you right now that. But I'm elect the governor at that bill we get my desk. I'm gonna sign the bill I'm also a financial guy IE I operate as losers and I need it I believe that our sport needs to titans well. And we need to get patrol part of our checkbook him and we need to do Europe based budgeting. We need to balance your checkbook which has an imbalance and probably 3035 years and I believe that when we do to cure of its budget we balance your checkbook. Where are probably find one to four billion dollars just the first year. That you think about all the other money relations billion dollars a mistake by previous system and software upgraded labored in the street. Thirty money and and I are sort of the center for all over four years. I've seen first hand and it's time that it's time for the balance your checkbook so I really believe. Trying to bet if we future of baseball actually we might not need to happen have to attack ships. Instance 76 to be as severe. As is its people but but but. I'm it's my job it's my job to get this starting. And that does senator you you've you've been you know you've been in India in the legislature and a and I do I just want you to try and explain. How important. The leverage of a governor is because people say it was SP 76 is going nowhere because it doesn't have the votes and people are jumping ship and the lobbyists are getting tell them how important is is the impact of a governor to get the senate rallying behind a bill. I think they're it's gonna take. A governor who understands the complexity and the governor who has the leadership skills to get this far. The fifth day they beat absolute beauty about what I am doing it I've been in the senate for four or or or your. And I sort build relationships. The only in the senate of course with the Republican caucus have some Democrats in the senate that. So I have relationships where and then you know people or the house relationships it's it's all about leadership. In the future upper house senate trying. You know yet 5050 shatter to get 203 house members. To get 203 people that are not on the same page to a running in different directions without a leader. He'll never get this started so it's it's it is the cover its key. Right now and the other problem you have with people need to know it's it was. When governor won't plant forty years ago you Randall providing property tax reliefs. Back in 2004 he had to deliver at all and now his running mate John Sutter chipped the mouth the other weeks that he and the governor will no longer be pursuing any sort of property tax reform. Amid more content to let cheers continued police force from her home while they do not so this work I'm different problem from government war. But you can't tell you that that mailer got a lot of attention I'm Scott I'm gonna ask you don't hold on a second we got to take a break to get caught up by not a couple of things here Republican candidate for governor Scott Wagner is campaigning in Philadelphia. But was kind enough to call us to answer some questions now. I've got your your website says that your mission overall is to protect patient I'd I'd get the impression by looking at that you think the economy is booming Pennsylvania's not necessarily getting our fair share. That's very accurate. Very accurate. Are you what's happening. Frank or unemployment rate patch many years. You know fifteen to 20% greater than the national average we have 200 to 400000. Skilled labor positions open the Pennsylvania. You know what I'm visiting trying to visit a truck becoming western PA about a month ago. The owner had forty trucks. Some trucks some trailer shooting in his yard. And they're not out generating revenue on those speech on high in the trucking company and I'm just gonna be understood you tobacco napkin and I got pretty accurate. The fact the border raids. Could generate about an F a million rapids. And so you have. Shorting 4040 trucks sitting there and they're not generating revenue watch twenty million rapid. That we heard that that company owner to be generated if he had drivers. Well number one we've got to. But we've got to have people that you can't structure gossip got to have clean driving records and they have to have some experience. I believe that because of this storm labor crisis companies can't find what I don't care whether construction. The machine shops trucking companies or whoever is. And if you go into restaurants they can't find people. Because with this skilled labor crisis and has a role as a result I believe that we have started hitting the the the economic growth order abstained. We have got to. Focus horn one on the labor for each opposition. And you get up well versed back I was up and Walter Perry we call about six weeks ago to me grief and I met a young man who's an instructor when the Community Colleges. And he he is up PT teachers well what. Five I guess this gentleman you don't know what's what's so well over what what kind of compensation he's flawlessly when they leave. Or Bailey's poise and our graduate or start and like six she knows it and 7585000. Dollars. And if that you'll get a few if your height and skill while over this experience. And you're you're certified pipe well Herbert you look at one of the gas lines you can Warfield pharmaceutical company. You know it's special and walking the beat make him well over a 100000 ball. So absolutely we would we have got do you focus on the stoop labor crisis. But then it all starts back in the education system so we've got to retort to reinvent our tax. Education system. Doesn't not every not every student out there it is it's college bound or politic term. False not a lady that they're told someone my campaign he can't say that touched up politically correct. You know I'm not trying to be politically correct leaders. I'm not doing this to be politically correct and that help people with the truth and I was apology and Terrell I didn't go to college. And a lot of other people that that the federal that are that are going into the trade you're doing something else that I go to college. And they're doing they're actually doing so in some situations much better than the people with college education. I'd leave your resonance is school of hard knocks. Paul Paul Applewhite who might wish you were Irish president at the end. They're out there I now I bring up this desist the subject and people will go bonkers but do we were talking about a one day and I I I kind of put our calls that I'd like to talk to the candidates about this Pennsylvania roads. Man outside a very bad shapes. Trying to essentially we have we have more potholes in Pennsylvania. Then then then we'd ever have I've never seen so many in the last three and a half years there's more rational on our waste guide rails are. You know stand up and broken grass hasn't been mode. It's it's all about the leadership to make it happen or somebody at the top who's paying attention. People think Ailes. And I get tired do you know I learned that you worked I could be. Driving from Baltimore Maryland and I 83 and I have a blindfold and a bank there were like it. Can't stand this I can say exactly when we crossed actually the line because that's always been broached. And spend and there are a lot of I Theres lot of ideas that I have that good that. It would it would help us have better roads. A little bit like in my life I'd like to hear I'd like to hear one year is that well well I think I think frank you know we have achieved some of the black top suspects in Pennsylvania. You know about this trip that she looked up at a newly paved road okay. And your Ryan your writing down the road and you have a incredible downpour and it's a newly April. DC water seek more topical plot properties he border beating absorbed by the black in many instances watery as he absorbed by the black op. Which means that the rain water for more sure which point go through the black top. And over time. Moisture trapped underneath or what we're all a certain level which cold temperatures like we had this year. Back their horses free to get a call it ultimate policy is black topped the pop. I get to put up oh so we need to change the black top spec you know depend on choosing. It it you know it may be some very sweet eat more concrete the black top. But I can carry don't reproduce adapt to road contractors a lot of growth contractors have had great idea. Are we got we got about four minutes left I want fraud true subjects here and I really wanna I wanna get your comments on the number one and that is as yet yesterday the governor said that Pennsylvania is not ready for the legalization of marijuana I'd love to know your thoughts about that. I am so I am actually. 5000%. Opposed to legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes I have type 250 truck. Absorbed I'm I'm actually 5000%. Close. I did support note B the legalization of medical marijuana. I've learned of it you know I've I've done a lot of research Obama. We'll let you know the last four years or so I joins us to show that they don't understand. The all the different caviar and aspects. So I think support no. A medical marijuana. The medical marijuana initiative but I actually polished or she's a recreation programs. I I thought I've covered just candidates for about a forty years and one of the things that people are very intrusive and as I always ask you about the tough issues can you just tell us a little bit about you who you are family background because people like to know a little bit more about the candidate. Frank thank you for the opportunity I'm sixty cheer people up 63 next year. I agree on the farm pin in York county York Pennsylvania. My whose small or my mother gave force attack Friday that's for over fifty years so there we have short or platform every single day of the animals to feature Juanita 25 horses. In different animals. I worked on neighboring farms over the summer. We Gail I don't neighboring farms in July I wish I I I Schobel book shop all the a horse for your clean stalls probably story when I was eight or nine years old but at eight to do it. So a white school graduate with two wins for community college for a year its audits and I didn't. That's not what I wanted to do came back Bjork at age eighteen I started doing my first step business enterprise all working. And I started probably about eight or nine businesses over the years. And today I don't. Of several companies employ probably a little over 600 people. They have not feel I would I would classify vice officer watcher to dork I love CD. I love seeing people be successful or not she people start businesses. I look she does she grow up mark my companies have grown from scratch I started. A wage coming in 1985 but don't battle over twelve you're just over a company and then I started. I car company are to believe almost eighteen years ago with just with two traps which reported today we have over 400 employees. I'm just I like working. And and I tell people I would for the state senate back in 2014. A letter writing campaign. Because I understand upper parish work but I try to get off the bench should do something about what sort of ran the first ever writing campaign and want. We're stupid the first writing campaign that that that was successful. And I served in the state senate for a little over forty years I shall dysfunction and Harrisburg. And I just decide you know what I'm not assert himself that it gets more reporters and and then you know. Give us a shot in on doing this to win a mutt we wanna tip your command second. They're travel all over Pennsylvania. Frank I'd be veterans I meet seeing years you know I mean students are meat farmers. So I thought that. You know just how each and thousands of great pennsylvanians but those people are concerned or they're concerned about there. They're they're they're paycheck your job there's security the safety of their children when they go to school sport taxes. If they're 10 QE crisis. All these all these issues eating leadership that you need someone to who understands the issues I believe I understand the issues your insights now so that's what. I think it's gonna make me. Feels very qualified for public loves us step. Got to have kept our attention to break running make salute and a couple. Scott I want to thank you for calling in thank your staff because I drive them crazy sometimes trying to tracked it down to get answers but you always seem to make yourself available have a safe trip while you're in Philadelphia will talk to against her. Frank thank you my pleasure Scott went Republican candidate for governor.