Scott Wagner, Republican candidate for governor of PA, talks to Frank Andrews

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Thursday, June 21st
Scott Wagner, Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, talks to Frank Andrews about various issues.

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Scott Wagner Republican candidate for governor of the come wants Pennsylvania on the line with us how are you Scott. Frank I'm doing great barrier today I'm good thanks for calling what what's gone on what's happening on the campaign trail. Well I went over to these diner. Over in plain township. This afternoon. And what attracting needed these diner are Celine has Ito wrote a book called the great revolt. And the second chapter talks about an interview this shall we had the diner where there are gentleman by the name of Ed Harry. And yet the sheep Selena won around. The country and interviewed a lot of people after the trump trump victory and sort what was happening out there are so. I know up to these horror about an hour in camp and come over here at the these state police are having made an event. This would veto if troop. Ballgame but it's you know. You'll find just about going around country and talking about you know the issue is what the real people on the ground so that's what it's that's all up today and I'll be up there tomorrow probably to about. A lot of ground to 2 or 3 o'clock so be a busy day. Now I you know I know I talk about the media are a couple weeks ago was like well the polls the polls the polls and and you can do you came on said you don't trust the polls right. Well frank you know what when you went to the diners and you go to the truck stop you visit the plants. And and you you need the people that are you know making America run. That's where the action news and less so my kid. I can dual fairway anywhere. Kamal but my own my own skewed numbers and found again it if you look back in my history of one or writing campaign. First ever in the state of Pennsylvania 2014. And I was involved in several senate races around the state. Erie Erie county will be one senator deadlocked and we won that race there are still barred a lot of raced out of Washington are carried in southwest BA. The the bottom line issue at all the people we actions not of the country clubs or shouldn't you know on the twelfth Ford or Roethlisberger you gotta get out meet people. And dark there ought to ask a lot of people a lot about these issues then you know. I hear a lot about school taxes is like your blog about jobs in the economy. Com the people are getting more money in their paychecks. And you know from their from the federal tax cuts and you're my job. As the next governor should protect everybody's paychecks to make sure they don't keep that money that's come through this in the tax cuts. But there there are a lot of issues and you know I tried I just one I just wanna get to the governor sobs she gets start because you know there are. A lot of issues but these issues are solved Obama take charge guy I I know how to get things done and not you know it some. We have we have five more months of this but. Again it's it's all about meeting the real genuine solid here of people. A Pennsylvania morning you know the issues I tell you that I eight. I was up is I was indeed starter had a general walk or work. And shake my hand a sellout economic issue and I looked at his caddie had on there are veterans and I thought it said Vietnam veteran and he had a solid glances Gulfport miss outsourced to block that. You know you have to worry up on top and that any special what years did you serve in Vietnam he said no although I was in world war two and the Korean War. Any others I'm ninety years old while I look at this guys. His name was Pete and it's like there's no way I would have guessed there's got to be over 7579. But again I got the media another great American. You know who served our country and protected your own freedoms we have today and so. For me most of that's pretty humbling when you get to meet these people and people come up to me you know. Arch where it's all about it's well I enjoyed. I'm I'm glad you came through our area and I'm really really happy that when you came through our area anywhere yardage you called WLK good luck to discuss thank you very much for Sharon thank you have a great evening you have to Cuba by Scott why the Republican candidates for governor.