Scott Wagner Paul Mango Debate

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Wednesday, March 7th

A debate question about property tax elimination in Pennsylvania between two of the candidates for the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf brought up their appearances on The Sue Henry Show on WILK.  State Senator Scott Wagner took issue with what Paul Mango, a former health care systems consultant had said about property tax reform when he was on with Sue.  Audio Courtesy Senator Scott Wagner Campaign


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Hang on hasn't changed in NASCAR Wagner called anonymous so let's go to the tape. Think people mind oh yeah. Yeah senator's correct I didn't state I was for the complete elimination of school property taxes when I spoke to sue Henry type questions about SP 76. I was concerned about all that money around and through. Harrisburg and whether it was ever gonna get back. To the school districts you know and again I talked to senator Argo. The author of that bill I talked to others who had input into that bill and they gave me comfort. That would be the case and once they gave me comfort I acknowledged that SP 76 would be just to find wait to do that. But there are 101000 pennsylvanians. Being evicted from their homes. Every year because they cannot hate school property taxes the biggest real estate base you see here in Pennsylvania. Her right here in Philadelphia. Not for profit health system's not for profit universities not for profit government buildings. The real estate bases eroding residents are paying more and more work we need to modernize it that's what SP 76 is about and I support now does.