Save Scranton's Gary St. Fleur about lawsuit against Scranton talks to L.A. Tarone

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Thursday, March 30th
Gary St. Fleur of Save Scarnton who is running for mayor talks to L.A. Tarone about the lawsuit that was filed against Scranton for collecting taxes above the legal limit in Pennsylvania.

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Gary good afternoon thanks for being here. What's what's the latest. They decided that we'd probably suit in March 2 already got the response from the republic killing in January we. Went to class to its got the most so he brought to gut response squad car and took our. Don't live McCain and dismissed at the without prejudice so effect. Well complete restraint is that we were correct what are we leading we've got all the proper. Look at the problem most of that there are demanding an opposition that can feel the same thing we should parliament Jamison that we did you bother Mandy. There. OK on. It has this city responded to now. Good question because he had responded to exclude you responded with my putting their objection that objection that's simply don't hold charter. Who do not. How can move older act I've eleven taken great actor and I I they want to. Do you know how well if they haven't charted their ride no longer are subject to. The other laws related debt into those words create cities do you know if it sure has hired and that final line and tapped. Try to roll into our problem than they would go stay that there are any exception within any. Municipality. Or government subdivision in Pennsylvania. And all the argument that the street actually some received on the charter so. And that we are going to go to court an open hand on that argument whether it. Can you get shorter to a halt them any precedent to any of purity of coordinate to. Soon. She's having and then you bothered to look. Some concern or your mother sue I'd take a look at and see what it says. I have I absolutely true we charter a group also targeted but for the first time that they control their rate would not arguing about race. Arguing about is capped and Charlie it silent on that and we also provided it precedent where other occasions where. I go. And I. Eleven was referred to act and patiently to get the capital and the fact that you're home charted not bulky so we really just go oh. I'll put out for the first period so now we're gonna make the case and we believe that. Are opposite version or Jerry hey dad didn't use the GUN. I'm through our commercial brigade a lot of things do we any afternoon that I do have an idea he went on. It giant power on the end user in July went to dairy seems flora Gary of course is the ad must be as grand an army is Vienna Miette. Groups say Scranton and the group and they were talking about the assumes. That's he is found against the city contending this city has collected. Too much tax money on your taxes that were created. By act out 511 year and a rush stepped down last now last Parsons a leg or then again. You have looked at the city's charter any of these silence. On a cap is that correct. I want to protect correct so we are argued that. Almost every single portion where the charter crap whether it actually sat and I'll grab and there is nothing that says that. Because you have a charter you have no cap. And again we go to other court cases that the site act by the letter to show that there would be kaput. Regardless so expect to assure not so to give Barry because we believe that. We're very strong opposition and we look forward to the drug ruling. What this. I as a has begin according yet. Right so cold and wind objection that procedure that we are given answer and then don't give a little court date which happened a couple of days Biden actually we should get that. Right the and the answer from the city is this. This thing meant to you sandy city of Scranton objects to be excessive taxation lawsuit. Brought against him by by Arab candidate Gary same for a group made the lawsuit contends in the government is Brandon has been collecting taxes. In excess of the legal limit is at deanza that they found in court. Well all. I'm out in the press release what I actually put eight. I didn't see before deliberately I gave Ito actual objection that they didn't they love you so you can actually always look at you now OK I didn't see that's. There so on in and then you have to answer that objection your your your group currency manager what are our. That's and then we went to court I will rule would create. Home expected it would be nice to beat admitted that they did break the law and they've been illegally collecting and all the time in the mail live blog here but again if they wanna record we were very much when you do that. Is it that you want this city to do. Kazan the famous action that means you want this city to do something so what will what does he want to city you don't. I want them and who observed the capital. So clearly quit their current budget. Sure that they haven't overreach. Based on book that he act far eleven the captain based on. Property value to the totality. Crime by tall built some little what is one of 1000 you know it's what we need a million dollars and indulge with a capital. But they have to observe when they're saying their rate. Now. That they can you here's a compact ideas and truly yet. Over just about ten million dollar so I won't have to deal is that they could not go that this year. This year subsidy program to lower. Tax rates by the equivalent of ten million dollars for this coming year. At a local level. Okay say it out looking. Media don't expect to see your refund any money made his campaign in the past or any because apparently there would be very unlikely. For a young court's order a city in need financial condition and it's grand and visit to refund any tank. Mark my position is that they. Video municipality. Don't collect and actually you legally. Because we expect to be an illegal collection. I'm not sure how this granting government would have a right to the practice. So you the the least Wallace sat. And how well I I was the law to be observed. And while we're seeing right now at this moment and then don't Obey the law the law doesn't believe in relation and implication. That they had been. Clinton actually legally. And we allocate Bryant got a situation in the past five years you've been collecting taxes illegally won't struggle we're charging people would be illegally put their feet they had food for our make make mediation that Fiat a record by about their four. Football like what the government can not obeying the law. So just doesn't need it viewer to witness so you would file another suit demanding this city repay what has been collected. I don't know if they're the people wounded days because maybe they had to create unjustly. Stern test pretty interesting with the charter that the charter silent on identity becomes a pretty good question as to what. I takes over next what would be the name exactly Ryan Malone announced I. Exactly our point into very good question and we did cite other catered so we're during their court trial first time. Site. Any other than going to the court case is a victory and you now. And you did did you have desk he got dragged. That's and so I again that anyone who knows about myself carry controllers say a contender also might learn from there I believe Clinton about bankruptcy that threaten fiscal situation or grant that the dire or doing it to an end around the world we understand that bankruptcy had been happened overnight and how long procession. Good that's rescissions. Happening without thinking realities. Of how happy Detroit the tree can happen overnight because it dealt with the situation in Detroit won't come to go. But I do so torn between hope Google can be so huge debt that would. Let an insult the that would Scranton tends go to conclude situation where run got to cash. Rod BM mayor says says Sammy is actually increase it's a bad day and that in San financial picture is actually brightened. Allred the Al last couple years. Preliminary says that can never mentioned number rightly says that would that mean my vote to talk to some extent a little bit that your condition. Are the numbers when number in particular. I got married. Though there are so independent. Financial position and think you know economic and has a right not say how I got to know. I'm atop my and I would mean to take a stab. And what DS city's overall Danny's I don't know what it is I dear I'm sure. Argue the numbers from the audience he gets on the thirteenth. Thought they would go to fifteen grand old and total liabilities are under eighteen million dollars and that this disorders. Have unfunded pension liability a 195. Million dollar well I have led in every. Cities got an unfunded pension lie Germany and actually the tension. Is in according to auditor general Eugene. He says the city is in this city's pension is actually a little bit better shape now than it was when he first looked at and about a year and a half ago. Okay yes. But Christians in better shape than that means that we have the proper resources to paper the current retirees and the future retirees. You know now always and probably no city in this league dies. All right that's fine but I imagine that Clinton also borrowed so Gretchen Opel I'd interest payments. The bond that is issued what it doesn't pay off the principles. No interest or principal to come to them refinance that they don't make many people wanna make any inept or bought into outlook for gold bond are coming to make sheer number fourteen million dollars and there's another barn at the issue Beckham to make sure that can't be beat by nets but I guarantee that they will get them re trying to act and that's excluding ballots. In blue note common in the next year bank impossibly. Not to refinance and happy paid from the cash reserves all the anti government. Danica situation and bill would grant. And I couldn't and I died kind of doubt that this city has thirty million dollars laying around and ups exactly right now they're not paying attention attention should be paid for the general fine. The dark country run our operations for the year. Ending the current tension here in the general fight. And your employees salaries. That should be doing a good and I I disagree I don't know if there's any bad Dante's intentions out of the general funnier Mimi general operating fund. That uses operates a city every today. Correct I say I'm saying using the operating fund to pay off pension. Is current should be. It should not because at age I became OK okay out yeah okay now I'm an agreement I misunderstood well yeah yeah yeah. But the good to sit behind. Look at the content -- I'm not a very you have written are gonna catch up that they indication that you use your current camcorders. And OK we're we figure obligation. But your future obligations are never being paid for at least hold all the public accepts the the billion dollar question will be OK okay liabilities current population. And 38% fixed income. Okay. Income payment. America speaking out now this diplomatic. So I can't think negative for. But he could not gonna be here in twenty years. So now you have the population already completed two decreased by an opponent and I doubt. The population array of poverty throughout the biggest demographic and is between it is. Eighteen year old and under an 85 year old and over trying to eighteen and bilateral range is not coming to this city. You have to have been here or to pay back its debt sold okay good indicators that you never gonna pay back your debt and I'm gonna catch up gonna going to salt. That's your future now my question to the mayor is clean so the numbers please Schoenberg go to church every soldier or not. Going on the special tomorrow and got attached to the Democrat up there. So the revenue kind of conduct air attack base is not there and did debt or increasing to twenty and on the road and nick and trying to refinance them to make them so I can't do or do would come. Sooner than later. I assume that this that you filed. Listen I know is there's other things you want the city did do an addition to. Lower the taxes by ten million dollars. Oh well this current that we formed first woman to look at and step owned and turned it would just dipping with the fact that we are currently over. The cap and Latin America that they over the cap and at WW of the cap now what he meant that we can proceed further. We asked is something I mean visitor that this is a pretty intricate sued. You've really got to know your way around a state law municipal law and I did I know and a little but that's right now what you're talking about when you're saying act by Milan and act to a five and things like bad. This is a lot of legal time. Where is your group getting the money to pay a lawyer to do all this I mean do you charge due loser is there. Some other revenue source that you laugh. And we all individually all of the group of eight page career directly. And got back to case such as they get a little bill's lawyer for team Graham and all aid you've champions sports. Whatever we don't know what is actually talking about an hour. Nine because that is that is correct we Rampage occurred I didn't represent our individual. Individually not as a group I mean he's not every week since we our group we are paid at a group we all pay individually. I alas when I say he gets dealt a lawyer and then everybody should sick. We got direct it's. Slides well lol I'll we'll watch this as soon when he filed the answer. And positioned it bother paying all the good you can do now is a week or the list of court speaks at the accord did and we both agree on and we proceed from there. All right so you already did answer this city. I was on a particular lawyers so my lawyer and luckily Tony gets he was going to a I actually true deep but she's usually very quick about these things aren't so in that track you don't you're not just two days ago some soul and you read it to about exactly object. Ride out there while bad mamet doesn't he didn't do it he will do it today or tomorrow or whenever you're surely looking at a list of possible court dates. In your future. Yeah. It would make this an impossible nobody wanted to try to sorts. All right well I'll let us know when you were when he gets the possible court dates and when a court date is already picked our rights. Brutal tried to appreciate has any alas Tony menaces I want as I appreciated thanks Derek no problem I appreciate you have meteoric tonight Gary saint floor from the group save Scranton and.