Ron Boltz of the Pennsylvania Liberty Alliance, about property tax relief, with Frank Andrews

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Tuesday, August 21st
Ron Boltz of the Pennsylvania Liberty Alliance, about property tax relief and a meeting which was held on August 20, 2018, with Frank Andrews

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And run bolts from the Pennsylvania liberty alliance was in the meeting yesterday and is on the phone does right now are Iran. Okay frank how you doing today. I'm doing good I'm sure I have a bunch of questions but first can you give it just give me an idea of what went on yesterday what's your impression was send and what you thought the outcome was. Well pretty much as you said you know the house democratic policy committee had eight a public hearing which which it was advertised it was ever try to pay property tax to. Public hearing in that leadership to do we tax fairness. Public hearing but. And in general it was mostly geared at least the most of the testimony was. It was come around the property tax and need the fairness or rather unfairness and we'd like to say others. And the other taxes involved like the PR team sales tax and so that's pretty much for the discussion was shattered yesterday. Since trust. It was because of the the person who testified before us. In my life I wouldn't even say in my opinion I would second certainly proved that his factual wrong. It what is he. Keystone research center I believe they're I believe a division of the Pennsylvania budget and policy center door. Extremely approach to property tax elimination. Why wire they opposed to it. Well they're talking point I think. Differ from their real racing my their posts they try to save that they're that's a limiting the school property tax will be more harmful to lower. And middle income residents of Pennsylvania we have the data to prove exactly the opposite and I gave it yesterday in the testimony. I believe they're real motivation is to protect school lobby fiscal lobby groups who want to maintain that ability testing continued access SATA problems. Now all week we interviewed Obama we regularly talked to Dave aren't always talk to Jim Contra we've talked to Mario's Cavallo who introduced an alternative bill we talked to a bunch of people on this subject and we keep getting this this response that people who were supporting house bill 76 and SP 76 have bailed out that there's just not the mood of the votes do you get the impression that there is an attempt to try and he rails these bills. Oh absolutely there's there are many attempts keynote at the foot dragging the trying to run out the clock. These are obvious with big big time influence in deep pockets. And lobbying power they go in and and they start twisting arms to. And so we're going up against. Up against that machine so to speak so it's it's the taxpayers' expense may delivery alliance. The PP CCN and some other grassroots groups. They are going up against these very well funded with I'm very powerful lobby group opposition so it's an uphill battle but. It's a fight the world in the states and we see this stinker of. We were told that that a lot of the other original supporters of the senate bill have been heavily lobbied by the school board association. Who. Now at best. Any fish and ski I'm reading an article here from the citizens' voice at any day additions ski said you know we've been talking about this for fifteen years and it's true when I was in the house or representatives. But everybody said all of us we just allow casino gambling it'll be billion although there and let's let everything will be saved here I remember voting for the casino because I thought it was gonna eliminate property taxes shall we have been sold on the river so like is there any real hope Brian. Well the only hope is complete elimination because of the reasons you just mentioned Q what we're doing here frank if we're constantly trying to treat. This samples of the problem. And we skirt around the root cause which is the property tax itself is so I gave ample evidence the property tax system cannot be fixed. It cannot be made to be fair. And all of these attempts at reduction. Only end up in failure just like the casino rebel revenue act one gambling stuff. As we reduce the property tax it's going to be temporary at bat still continue to climb. And now you're gonna have these other taxes on top of that to pay and we're back to square one only when it's extra taxes on top so that's why we abdicate. For the complete elimination. Period. Now do you can you give us an idea of where these bills are is leadership preventing them from coming up for a vote should you know what's happening in Harrisburg. Leadership is preventing them from coming up for a vote in fact I sound a little bit make an attempt to force a vote at our request. I come back in the spring break for the last session and it. And he was met with a lot of opposition for many reasons is met with opposition from leadership he was met with opposition from his colleagues because. It's election year frank and nobody wants to go on the record on these stock issues. Before November. Yeah you know. In our area a lot of people we get into these discussions I'm not on property tax elimination they bring up the unbelievable overwhelming debt of places like the Scranton school district and say well. But you but you're gonna let them keep some property tax and so were screwed ultimately anyway. I would SP 76 what do dodge it if it does allow a retain property tax just to pay off that debt but what it also does it free to that debt. Does not let the school district take out more if they cannot refinance for a longer term. And once that gets paid off stay in the remaining portion of the property tax would go away BI have followed it look at this and on average across the state. There would only be a 17%. Retained. Property tax so you would have an 83% reduction. Then you would pay that's 17%. And as the bonds were paid off even that would be reduced. Until it's gone completely. Don on your website and you have one point that says petitions. Are you asking people to sign petitions in favor of these bills. Yes we are so how do that. Well they can go online at the web site and and signed on there. We are also doing a lot of door to door activity so we knock on the door and asked to sign a petition we ask that you please do so. And okay so we're gonna do our plan is due. Deliver tens of thousands of these two governor Walter and also the rest so legislators and then mostly in the leadership positions. Now we bring up a good point governor wolf is not really really a big supporter of these bills losing. Well he had been publicly I can tell you myself and Jim rod you have met with the governor on two separate occasions for an hour each meaning. And we did make some progress with the governor unfortunately. He you know he can deliver any votes he's not talking about a publicly is running mate amphetamine. It up their publicly speaking for the both of them saying that they are opposed to school property tax elimination. So I guess that's the work governor also is is not supportive friend and Scott Wagner risks. OK last question what do you what do you want the the listener should do what do you want me to do as as I'm a media source I mean what what possibly could we do I I have Charles urban who is was locally are very involved in this you know duke and then basically with all kinds of information and I I I keep thinking like what what can I do I mean is there's some of them as I mean he represented him that I can do and something that our voters can do. While that may be done to keep in contact with us periodically that we may be some updates and spread the word. We do you have some town calls coming up up in that area you just mentioned earlier when he's got one set for. King's College settings at 2627. To September. And we have three others after that so if maybe if we get down tree UN on those maybe if you could advertise those states and help Astride well folks that will be spent vast. If I make that commitment to you please I keep my number handy and any time you wanna come on and give us an update or challenge people please do so. Thank you very much right I appreciate and I know I drove you crazy make sure you call today but I'm grateful thank ya got a lot of opportunities are paid by by Ron balls on that is so Pennsylvania liberty alliance.