Robert Kunigel, Republican candidate for Congress 8th district, talks to Frank Andrews

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Monday, May 14th

Robert Kunigel, Republican candidate for Congress 8th Congressional District, talks to Frank Andrews


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So is Robert common goal is on the phone with us right now Robert thanks for joining us aria. Thought thank you very much of strength forgive me the opportunity to us speak with some voters. I've been on the campaign trail figure with hundreds of people actually hang out of gas station bark a lot from wherever I can't and I. I its interest in because you can boil down what's important to when you talk with a lot of people. And what are what are you hit my mind before I get into that will once hometown for you tell us a little bit about your personal life. Well I born and raised in spring brook township five live their my entire life but I made a decision that say oh vocal. And that's where I've made my home. All I wanna counties are right now I'm when I when I when when we talked earlier you say you were gonna do make sure that you were in your car for the phone interview which means that your own knocking on doors so what are you hear from people what are people saying are the issues. Well I curiously enough there to vote state issue that is the big issue but there are so concerned about is it both. Property tax issue but does that they've issued a slow play issue. I can remember the big issue. But. I I approach things from a different perspective I think than the other candidates. Because. I'm a working class guy did has. Earned an hourly wage my entire life like I can identify with the problems of the working class and does she really is about GOP conservative ventures sure. I'm not sure that he's even a conservative. Plus. I think what's important. The Democrats want to take over the House of Representatives. And we need to defeat met cartwright to protect our president. There aren't the only guy who can really defeat that cars right in November. Because I can identify with the working class people. And mister cartwright would love to run against John chagrin because it'll be an easy win for cart right running against the Wall Street banker from New Jersey. Should now who are you a supporter president trump. I yes I am I PR campaign for president trump both. Vigorously. OK look let's say let's say you when you go to Washington what are you wanna accomplish. Well when you go to Washington the bureaucrats you're gonna tap you on the shoulder and say you have the vote for a whole bunch of things that you may not like other way you're not gonna get anything. To take back your constituency that's the main thing I wanna fight. And I do have a way to fight set process. That that is the swamped right there because the matter what we've seen this send to. Washington. The result is always the thing we get for policy out of Washington. Two years ago I worked in pro campaign. And we developed an electronic town hall idea it was well the twelve trot out. We had fifty people. Working on weekends and how does how to do it. So if the weight to give the people are real boy through informed opinion polls after they look at issues and figure out what is common sense so. When the people are organized like that they can tell me. What they want in them when the party bond tapped me on the shoulder I don't have to be a path to. I can say I have a whole bunch of people that is what they want it used to be lists in the pit them and me. Scout just a couple of of a couple of national stories that have hit one is a Supreme Court opening the door for sports betting Pennsylvania jumped right on it what do you think about sports betting in Pennsylvania and just because it's all over the place via the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem. I'm recognizing that as the capital of misery any thoughts on both those stories. Well I I don't think that you should be afraid of always I think that's the worst thing you can do in a lot of people were afraid of letting Israel choose where their capital is so I think. President trump grade made the right decision there. It's sports bet that the new issue for Barry. Did it. Read into that at all. And that's the beauty of my electronic tar ball that I I want to get because the people. They have a tremendous amount of common sense. And if they can look at issues and talk about issues and then look at both sides of the issue we can do informed opinion polls. We can figure out what it's common sense that what the people want. I I can't be expert on all of these issues and I wouldn't wouldn't try to be but I I would wanna listen to the people in three. What C it's so bad part about it is what the good parts of our of this and depth but it could make good decisions. All right Robert thank you for taking time to join us good luck tomorrow and we'll talk to you again. Thank you break my pleasure Robert carnival he is one of three candidates seeking the Republican nomination and in the eighth congressional district.