Robert Castellani for State Rep 112th

Newsmaker Interviews
Friday, April 13th

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Robert. Thank you good morning here are gonna perish my gosh I had the birds are singing this morning so that was. Jennifer and I love that who so I'd tell me a little bit about. I your progress in this election around as we said day you're one of the candidates who is that running. In the 112. That race the seat that is held right now by air representative Kevin Hagerty who will not seek reelection so tell me about. What you're hearing from the constituents as your on the trail out there. Well and so I mean everything he's you know there's a lot of people totally disgusted. I don't know what really went down with Kevin Hagerty and you know large large pool of supporters in the virtual restrict. I mean no group from the absentees include the super you know who actually oppose certain delighted that activity. A pair of what I do then who don't canvassing door to door you know with the you know would likely be quick and quite. There there's a stronger true change who really believe in and we need that we got this picture we can't afford it. You know every piece of that yeah it can't Paris yeah there's no way to bishop Joseph. Narratives that you brought up this that the situation and Kevin Hagerty not able to who make votes in Harrisburg and so on and so forth out do you have the kind of focus strong. Determination and work ethic that you think it takes to hold the seat and then tell me a little bit about say your your work history I mean are you somebody who goes to work and stays there. We'll see who I am I want to treat term tax collector was young tackle Alex what's an improvement. In the politically where when I was 22 years so. My hope that for three terms. I've been involved in politics and who shares for the degree to some of which is so. So they seem rather. You know upswing in this certainly feel our demise. In this in the picture I'm very dedicates dedicated citizen. Very very hard working I knew I don't want to work. For the people and if you wanted to get my platform out before asking here it will I know there's there's certain things that separates me truck. From my opponents in this first stop. 20% of my gross salary after taxes going back to Fisher people asking well why don't you give your money back. We need we really need it we're lucky we get what we get precursor. You know what can we get series. There is slowly being. Organization. Out there that need money there's many many other organizations. Is drug reorganization. To eat some fun. Anything that I could prove god. Actually represented beside my voting beside my presence in the future I will do so I felt absolutely heard very. Good thing to do I felt good or for myself. And I know it would definitely benefit the Fisher. A packed in terms of the at the property tax issue which is certainly in a key issue although Harrisburg has been. Unwilling to address citizen issue rob. Are you a part of the the mindset that to property tax reform is a very important job for a state representative. I assume that's that's like a number one priority but I mean. Thousands and thousands seems consumed in their homes every year. As a result of this outlandish ridiculous cracks that the dinosaur it's their own it's gonna princes. You have to change and number one. The symbols of the six figure out incorrectly recorded directly report this. Compromises on the bill compromise on this bill literally delay we have a house speaker that is totally insist. Instead it would only passover and their bodies well I report. I've got my vote is actually content simply. For the built we we indeed we need to change do we need a solution. We don't compromise is we don't eat we're gonna go back and forth and Kurt Birkins Iraq that really really doesn't mean. We're borrowing money we're borrowing hundreds into power if we're here to balance the budget couldn't issues. In saying I mean who really really we didn't go to Negroponte and I have I have already. I he had another solution with dad and uncle would it unfortunately the opposition candidate is talking medical approved. Into the pencils. So you're looking at till the recreational Canada us. Yes correct and I guess speakers do on the 22. The only Democrat speaking at the 22. At ten and accessible when speaking apparently 1230. Northerners are estimating 1000 people there that the people of Korean relatives in. If you look at the stats with you wanted to say especially Colorado. Has half the population POK. A 120 million billion dollar grip. Two billion dollar in sales. And people are looking at it I wouldn't. Gone and then 181000. Dollar jobs and they think it's incredible. There are more than thirteen thousand went from 7000. People purely epidemic in opulence since that happened I dropped 24%. I mean this it's fax you this. This revenue is based on Iraq. Then I got a call from the shop from Sharon Murphy. Who use our staff members. Mr. won't. General last night he cut it more important here he say he says. You don't hear you're happy with your cube who put out this he's hurt or made you watch highlights fees. I don't believe in knows about it but. I would I would true that your office I was I was very humbled by winning is something I truly believe that we needed a source of revenue. And Republicans and there's a lot of it seriously and really really. We need people educated on how to be regulated number one because it tablet out there for me it's gotten regulated like everything else but. From a fiscal pulling its huge it really huge that would benefit in the post. Do you see any drawbacks about the Iraq because they and in some places they experienced some unfortunate does social problems of these be more. Homelessness and have people who in the future. May require some kind of by drug treatment. What do we have to put daddy had to issue an alcoholism. These issues with the with the other but you know with other drugs. Your and it actually didn't really look at touch screen it's not it's not something that you haven't heard. Here are the things that you do use prescription medication you can reach me. If you drink you can legally. Yeah anything can happen. The people who are positive with this with the open to a drop number one quick if you are looking at a legacy in their. Here painkillers are dropping deal due to copy that defense. If you're getting a fiscal you can morning who have only a school districts that need help our roads are terrible so. I doubt I'll believe it up look at that Don their furious with Harrisburg die because of the they the highest gas tax in in the tree and we have the worst road southern when something needs to be done about that. Still we have beautiful homes correct there forever and you read in the it's a beautiful area I was born and raised here I look here the people here. It isn't something we don't need outside source we can't keep teaching Tiki Tiki the property tax have to be addressed to the senate doesn't fit. Before perhaps you've pushed the past but we need alternate revenue for the school district. Horror wrote we need that we cannot keep our we can keep putting her citizens. More and more and more. Aaron ten or we gotta yeah we honestly have to go but will we'll talk again in the future this is that Robert castle Lonnie running in the 112. For a seat in the House of Representatives thanks for joining us today and we appreciate it prudently so much our gross out.