Robert Castellani, Democrat candidate for PA State Representative 112th district, talks to Frank Andrews

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Tuesday, May 8th

Robert Castellani, Democrat candidate for PA State Representative 112th Legislative District, talks to Frank Andrews.


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One of the democratic candidates who is running is Robert castle money and he is on the phone with us right now Robert thank you for joining us. Greg thank your Arab OK so as I master every one don't tell us a little about who you are what you do so they can get to know you. Who break first up I was the youngest have scored there ever elected enough like the Borough 127 years old from my helmet for three terms. The master and I always lose basically you know in a sale those relating volume I would media. Director and become more financial systems three years nearly 2000. I don't know attached workers at the time I was just finishing up from there are wagering more Flanagan and I managed. The larger firms are so I don't own you know just because you are now. And currently I am I love automobiles and I love working or people also currently am at a time that certain sales. OK now you pay you pay obviously you've been successful what you wanna do why would you jump into the circus why they wanna run for state representative. To me it means that if circuit lobby house it's I'm. I was very desire he thought I was patchwork heritage. I would go around you know true true true senior citizens that couldn't you know Peter those could make it matters you know I would I would provide service to end up. I I I. Think and that. A terrible messed or lack one count. You know with the current your current representation that we have. The way things went out here. You know I think if we get into the voting issue charge you that you know what they are. Armitage. Because it kept passionate might get something I I wholeheartedly believe and and you really really well this year. I loved the people they're really wanna make a difference here. So now obviously I'm sure you along with the other candidates are going door to door what are people telling you what issues are coming to the surface. Well try their main issue and I know he popular candidates about it I mean the biggest issue is environment as well adopt you know there's cause property tax. I mean are similar period say Gary discuss it you know what went to adjust up with the power plant to cheer now from and I unfortunately have to live with. Well again I would you know with the expansion of our ability to have talking about that's you know with the expansion of a deal. So do you of the way so they you know they're they're so against that and Craig need we need a good hired we really really good. Well it didn't care it was becoming a source so many over other alternatives like solar energy wind also makes it we need to take a better look at everything which. Which we don't do which we don't do. But property tax house would be. We have to be number one senior citizens out there we can't afford this anymore. The losing their homes and try to patch collector I saw it firsthand for twelve years. I would submit a form every year don't compact swing bureaucracy or why did you. People that they knew that losing their homes. There's you know there's there's nothing I can do it seemed all the dinosaur of a bill. Any any any really really means centuries people and and it's it's devastating for the tunnel is devastated. Quote well Robert there there's a couple of of options that are being toyed around in in Harrisburg one is of course to raise the sales tax raise the personal income tax one is get rid of property tax is completely one is get rid of property taxes for everybody but property owner's house bill 76 that the the build that Mario us cabello introduced a do you have one that you like and how would you vote on the. Try as possible so these extra need it they didn't cut and go win win. If I get a lot of research on it and I can't think of it can't be complacent with desk. What are senator always very complacent that's OK you can go back and forth and it's a little letter later why you didn't vote for. Okay we need this tax implemented into account what. I. Did it the senior citizens can no longer. Keeps suffering like this and that's what affects the most I mean very young people going out there buying homes and those haven't struck Paramount. But these people retire for a parent should think comes. I mean they can be no they can afford this I mean at the end of their lives and actually should be able to enjoy their homes they should be able enjoy traveling. They should be who use the money for a deal for you think they they wanted to not not be so concerned about achieving the you know I think it was a bill. I'm in a Kentucky rotation also. I mean it's what I can't even justify that's what they did it for twelve years. I saw what is happening just political impact so that a tax corporate side bit a lot of residents here. It's it's it's devastating over the state logistics. You know Robert one of the issues that has come up and we were just talking to a candidates for governor but campaign finance reform I mean how the smooth the way you raise money how you have to raise money how much you have to raise any thoughts on that. Yeah frank I have a lot of thought I don't cute show go to take that break the thing of it is he lets face it your lobbyists in your packets. I'm here you're gonna try to sort of elections there is no there's no question about it I don't care where you're getting your money trump. Who knows it could do your election she found it really should really be know that there should be a cap number one but there should be. There should be legislation passed uncool with a loud. To get involved in election and who is not a lot of good about what I mean by that is some would really big big money. That it hasn't you know it includes over an area or specially Cooley a public opt. Many ways cheaper for. It shouldn't be allowed to ensure the camera can I know I've strongly against it aren't they give me kind of an article saying that it can hit an unfair playing field. But again adapting we get away from aggressor as conscious way by doing what could everything revolved around money. And and we don't want it and see the people we can show. You don't do distorted or flip the door to door campaign the hardest campaign in the world. Because first about where do you go early morning abstain if he thinks it's so hard to catch people if you leave the flyer there it doesn't impact and could even get to meet you so it's hard. It's really hard bring in my campaign is based on that Dolly did. It's very very very difficult if you are currently onsite indicates if you're not I hope they're doing now they have been out there. You shouldn't be running through this week. Robert to admit the question has come up a couple of times about shrinking the size of the legislature. What do you think. In my bathroom at francoeur to put it straight I mean I know there throw numbers out there that they wanted to would go down to term and it's probably congress that permit. Gears here. Weighted value we have to have a lot of legislators there here's my issue. If I break it down and get rid assisted what you that a good number OK can't we just staying that the area. OK okay and how many more articulate my gonna have to put up its net new district. How much more salaries. Are we don't have to implement into that theory. Can we justify it by doing. It never goes true. I think it's sort shrinking but it's the idea and I understand where they're coming from within. It would how do you really look at like that but if it's something they didn't seem doable and it's gonna save the current oil money and help. I would be Ford and heartbeats but if I have to put up. But I want to do my legislative session it's redistrict. And I got a could I got to put four more oxygen supper cherry Mora to give up and I expect any hurricane out salary and building rental and so on and so forth. It's that they in the gusty wind costing the taxpayers more more money they're absolutely not. Shop our Robert I'm gonna ask you don't hold on we're gonna take a break when we come back I have a couple more questions and some questions that have been I texted in from some of the listeners how we're gonna take a break Robert castle any democratic candidate in the primary for the 112 legislative districts okay were talking on the line with Robert castle money he is a democratic candidate for the 112 legislative districts Robert you talked a little bit about campaign finance you talked a little bit about adoption you know the big money that you were you would be concerned about so where'd your donations come from. Playing a few donations you don't ever given to me right trends. They're not and basically my I don't know myself you know what they weren't provides. You know from my job that we know what I can implement that into you know into the group's purchasing a sign. You know I'm flyers in the end you know a few rallies that I you know they're having. You know having one not this surgeon at the content targeted more and such are going to be their church for election nights but it sounds pretty it's not about the money. She had a rookie reliever and I know people there there's people out there that are gonna agree or disagree with pianists yeah I know money can close election but. You go to work and you'd shoot and a worse solution to. You've got to be out there. You don't be up there with the people you know and if you're not like you said he you don't even belong in the street corner I would tax collector. They're 25 years old I ran against a gentleman that was endorsed by the Blakely Burleigh backed and nobody ran against endorsed candidate Blake intact so that rob. Don't even try don't waste your time. That's right let that every door facto. Every door Blakely and I beat this guy almost 301 in the primary Kennedy. And happy again to the general idea. He's a good friend of mine you know you know later on or of course you know where you would rather older Betty but there was no I have the cash interests. Some and I think if you don't have that. You're not gonna go door to door you're gonna rely on other alternatives you trying to you don't win. And then everything changed frank because if that doesn't change government will never change. Rob bit Ali let's let's say all the candidates are lined up here what is the one question you think every one is the candidates including new should be asks. What separates. You from every one else in this race. What separates me from everyone treachery against a nine the only one of strength that gaining 20% back. Oh my salary to 212. In the region for that is step outside and take a look at our district. Take a look at the condition of our dishes take a look at that'd be the drug awareness programs they need some money. Take a look at this they take a look at the other fundraisers programs that struggle every year here. We need you know a short run donations are shorter than that and all aspects of their of what they're trying to get accomplished and trying to do. If I can give a local little slip back. I mean you know ten or 111000 dollars may have seemed like a lot. But if I can spread out besides we get back in Harrisburg. The Hokies organization without its mind me saying thank you for your support on election bitch in my weight saying thank you. Conditions for what you've done for me. Robert thank you for taking time thank you for all although the questions you've answered and good luck to you next Tuesday. You go right have a great afternoon established publishers to Robert castle money he is a democratic candidate for the 112 legislative district he.