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Wednesday, August 15th
Rick Temarantz President "Valley With A Heart" with WILK's Nikki Stone about an upcoming fundraiser on September 2.

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Q frank. I wanted to talk to Rick she's a valley with a heart how are you today rank. Bet you came or you had a very busy day today. It is quite a busy day today and there's so much going on in the area. I know I don't want to thank you for taken a timeout so we can discuss maybe something good for China the. And and making a difference in other people's lives. Well we try it. Without it would our benefits and what we do is we do benefits are seriously ill children. Now so you know I mentioned this yesterday on the earn the moment I am here before Monday OK and you see you give money to let's say a huge organization because they they help one cause. And then you don't know where the money goes because then you get your bill in the mail in your like. How much do well. It's ridiculous it's it's scary set and then you know that there CEOs army gene I you announced the six figures. In salary. And you have to wonder and then the resurgence containing anywhere they're not moving anywhere this I think it's far better off. To help individual families as they need it and that's what you were organization does. Say any act eighteen years ago we first started this we have united and some of the big organizations that to be here they do well they meanwhile inheriting counts. So and I always use EO that it jazz. Bob our eye chart is all one color of Tom where as we give out too. Everything we take in his return there is no nobody knows CEO's there is no board of directors or anything else were just local people. Trying to do good and taken a difference in our community. Until you do this bike run on. And this Sunday Labor Day weekend which is September 1 this year correct. No I believe it is the second yet we do it's every Labor Day on. Our daughter's birthday is the first on teller. Around that team that hopefully should not listening since no sense easily things that we did OK yeah. We this is probably the biggest one in or at least a deterrent and I noble game it's it's a nice day how will get over 400 bikes how we run. I skiing and we as a matter fact we built our home and shallow one times so wind warnings and stops. Another one starts there's no delay in coverage whatsoever. You have some of the area's best bands all of forty pound had our lives highway to hell who covers AC DC. Yeah. Some of them are men with sister around a day 118 years ago in doing. Yep I cowboys guy he's he's very instrumental in putting all of them dance together force and earnings sound system and there is now. Cover rock and country in that oh yeah. It first career and some pretty good food to you list serve up there with your list he and her road season. Oh yes especially had a lot to do what like we did last year are there right smokes brisket and ribs and everything out so it's not just your basic. You know welfare food. And we have asked that we used. Yeah yeah. We have a huge basket wrap all we have. Net attic of our department or have a beer tents set up there are so we can't forget about the refreshments in case we need to. To be out. Let's talk about the family they're helping this year. Part three of what we do basically is you know we will pick 33 or fourth throughout the year and put it took to put a face in front of everything. Through the year we helped more than three families has apparently is probably the I can't even begin Italian eighteen years coming family we have helped. We're over probably after nine dollars with a new eighteen years. This period we picked this year range anywhere from we have one tapestry and the other to a one years old. And likely at discuss it here you know when you think you got a bad decency some of these families that they go through with a sick child I cannot imagine I'm so grateful. You know when you're doing these shares in honor of a girl who battled. Yes. He Amanda was our second poster child and she was at all and she beat cancer several times and and you know it got to that point where this year where she died on 32. Then that unit that she had a tough life but she and the first child that they were you want to keep us motivated. You know. So easy to do we eat as much as I wanna give up sometimes you know there is ignored about it with a cart dot com. There is a diary written our first child what that Dayton and so much to her. Not only monitor early our money for the family but all these bikers they didn't know her. That came out to try to help her get just do it and culture Parton put everybody gets depressed about doing this for so long we go and I try to read that. And now he doesn't got to motivate everybody back against Niagara core group of about 1518 people and they just will not stop there are some. You know what any other children gone through you know what their specific diseases are here the three that you have picked but I do know that in addition as a family. Is in need of something travelling expenses or whatever they can come to your organization. And I don't try to get them gas cards or whatever you can do to help. Yeah that's what we did I guess we held many families serve out the years. To rat the year on the go about it the harder as the Dallas section for application of assistance. We can't get in today you know I could even pronounce some of the error. Ailments or whatever it would that hit tactic not this other stuff he's got to really watch about their permission. And we did like to sit down gas cards coming out we probably get a two to 3000 dollars worth of gas cards through their trips and hospital. In a month. Is that even if you have insurance that stuff put it adds up there and in families come. It is there and there and go on and hospitals and they might have dead hit album take off work that there aren't a lot of money available. Whereas a lot of the a lot of a parents have to quit work just do you care of their child and of course that's throws and try to turn gets the gas pedals in electric bills and all the utility bills. Yes you know it's so good it's good the organization has decided to either how did you first decide to do this was it somebody that you knew they mean it. Yeah well bunch of us just happened to be pageant sitting in a bar having a beer and we wrote and one of our members can say listen my knees needs. Some help what do you think we can do some nice idea that China could get a motorcycle right. Or is here with with the least person and we probably at a 150 dikes and then it just get drawn from there. Grown and grown and grown in the ER eighteen years later we. Announced feeble Lee anybody from the valley who wants to go online. And fill out the application and tell your story. On the what you're going through with your child. I am and he may be able to get some help as will serve people that you don't know really for Bryant. Well so he's just written doctor's signature alone and don't get something. You know I mean look at that game. And they'll get money put in an account for them. We pay bills we don't give anybody cash we don't write anybody personal checks so we do have a system that checks and balances. So you know the parents are going down spending in. On. Other it. Not that help yeah. That would it with its gonna help the child you're going to be there to help. Medical your making a difference in northeast PA and I appreciate that thank you so much her checking in on that. Umbrage and hope to see you on September 2. AdAware SC thought Tina's growth. But this girl in shape Jake town again you go on the web site there's strong numbers here you have any questions I have posters out everything else be. I'm more happy to answer any questions that they may have and you are making a difference. Aren't operate you know thank you I appreciate that you have a wonderful day to thank you take your dialect.