Rich Kutz, Weinberg Food Bank Director, with Frank Andrews

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Monday, November 20th

Rich Kutz, Weinberg Food Bank Director, talks to Frank Andrews about helping to provide Thanksgiving meals to those who are less fortunate and those who are alone.


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French cause is on the line with us right now he is a director of the Weinberg food bank rich this is a busy busy time for you and I thank you for taking time out of your day should tell us about some of the events that you still have coming up to help. Well I'm Thanksgiving Day we will have volunteers that will be preparing. Me most in the bombing tally those meals will be. Delivered to individuals sir how mound. But in our greater Angel can area now we have volunteers. Philly we working with are able to not go to. And building a home delivered meals but they also have the ability to do they. Sit down dinner so individuals who. Seems to want to go in share camaraderie with other individuals. Can go there and sit and have with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I was out on Thanksgiving Day itself than where it is on Thanksgiving Day itself his looks we have the volunteers are very sound. Come to the first presbyterian church on not Franklin street. Both corner Franklin in Northampton. Least I would volunteers at that location is about 8 o'clock in the morning. They're tasks include the F cry every Gupta Turkey's. Preparing to vegetables in containers and all the ingredients that we go into the mail we have other volunteers who would be cutting up I agent. Putting together our bags worth roles and celery and carrot sticks. And then there's no also. Milken juicy. And all of Beckett put into bay street each individual household it's gonna get a meal to deliver two of its. Gracious honest or is it primarily. People who who are are financially distressed or the people who are low late show and and has the number increased over the years. It's I understand bud so they Thanksgiving hum delivered mail it is heavily combination of both broke three world that we get come through the area agency on aging. And there are individuals who problem our income eligible for programs. But at the same time most of them are are many of Omar how mountain. And so. Without the federal program they mean that even be getting anything first Thanksgiving dinner so. And they've got rewards that are volunteers get around for making those deliveries. It is probably. Just as important as the meal itself because there are so grateful oh when some comes in the door. And if you're if you're an apartment by yourself and and it's the holidays if it doesn't mean anything if you're an apartment prior result. So you know some of the take time out of their day. To make it will be a greater freedoms that is smooth and he has really rewarding. And I Appleton area where we have to sit down bitter. I think the opportunity through those of who may not you know be have the the ability to prepare meals for themselves or may not have the facilities where they're living to prepare the meal. And it also gives an opportunity to bring the community together. Just sit down and and Jeremy you know on Thanksgiving which is really what it's all about. Now since the since this happens on Thanksgiving deep do you do you have a shortage of volunteers and yet people that justice is part of their tradition and they they would do for themselves up for the needy. We have filed volunteers. Who have been doing this nonsense are we started the home delivered mail program. There which is probably about 1215 years ago. Big example I can give is one volunteer who went away to college. She was out this statement. She surprised her parents by coming home the night before Thanksgiving because she wanted to be. At the plate and deliver the mail while some don't so that's that's the dedication of evolves is that we have. Now how can people help how can they volunteers they wander or go to the major financial donations something that I I don't imagine you need foodstuffs and disappoint but what what what are we do to help. Well our. Anybody who wants to make a monetary donation. They can be sent to CEO. PO box 1127. Wilkes bare PA. 18703. Daschle 11 point seven. Anyone interested in volunteering yet even the location. Could contact the C office and walks there. It wooed the echoed fighters have been zero. 8260510. Extension two run to do and that's surgeon Felix and she would get good information for the volunteers. Rich thank you so much for what you do is thank you so much for calling us and you have a blessed Thanksgiving here so thank you thank you rich could songs from the Weinberg food bank.