Rev. Young Kim, pastor Korean church in Scranton, about North Korea, with Frank Andrews

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Thursday, November 30th

Rev. Young Kim, pastor of Korean Church in Scranton, talks to Frank Andrews about how South Koreans feel abou the situation with North Korea.


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I found pastor Young Kim who is the pastor of the Korean churches random pastor thank you for being with us today. Thank you didn't Meeks now I'm just curious you you do it in our conversation that we had yesterday you mentioned that you have a sister in South Korea and I know you are a Korean or Asian what are what are your thoughts and everything that's happening over there. You know clearly differentiated. And that sort of Bradley is approaching. Glossy. Yeah that they can Russia does so many types Manhattan doping United States so that kind of a seaside. So so Korean during the Korean people aren't are not like walking on eggshells thinking that anymore Morgan have a nuclear war. The most important people did. Farewell rural adopted soon most we're just glad to. Or what do you think is gonna happen. We looked okay abrupt and you play on today's conditions they'll pour it into part of Poland. And they hormone that was shaped to repay the United States. Now they tried. Get the that a petition. That was sitting. Now when you talk to your sister in South Korea it is is there fear there are are they are they like you know building bomb shelters or what's happening actually in South Korea. Toward noble laureates. They'd be able cause some about the state and keeping. Them to come under threat threat from my most Koreans. So what do you think life is like for the people who North Korea with the sanctions strangling them and that regime being so tough that there must be you must feel like guys just just don't the worst possible conditions. Yeah let's play that is surely they have. But. What they did you may be able molestation under Greg Cote caught always applied to it's Korea from China. They took direct individual dissolution. But that would pastor I'm thinking to myself and I know other people have said that if they cut off the oil China cuts off the oil and the and the the leaving entire world community you know really gets aggressive with these sanctions. It won't hurt the regime won't hurt the people. They're surely didn't. They took all we have met so it could majors to keep feel good book that a nuclear program. It's now or are appropriate. You know preemptively strike. But the dates of birth a bad thing to have fun girl. Well put young people. Stop I'm in a patent. Knowing that your pastor you must have people that would come to you for counseling for advice for comfort. Do you have people inured congregation that are worried about loved ones back home. Just from looking not much. Not much when this is a this is true this is from always Wear over here thing to let you know any moment there's going to be nuclear war and you're saying he's bluffing and it's no big deal how many how many Korean Americans what we have in our area what do we have dozens hundreds thousands. I used it to our roots it's already on May go around the rest of hundred people. Less than a hundred people and where is your church pastor. Our news. Are hazy through magistrates. In Scranton. Roots well Merry Christmas to you thank you for talking to us and I'm glad you kind of put things that he's. Okay good deal for.