Rep Steven Bloom (R-199th) Cumberland County

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Tuesday, September 19th

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Representative Stephen bloom is here with us he is in the 109 need ninth legislative district now. In Pennsylvanian in the house representatives that he would like to. Take shatter replacing Lou Bartlett in the eleventh congressional district SA US congressional seat. It's so good of you to commend their you do represented that 199. For legislative district right now. In Pennsylvania but you have decided that perhaps your aspirations like elsewhere and I'd I'd like to talk first of all welcome and thanks for coming in thank you we appreciate debt personal visits by individuals who are running for office and your running. In the eleventh congressional districts because Libre let it has decided he'd like to run for senate so it's a game of. Musical chairs it really is it really is and it on I'm happy doing what I'm doing right now I feel like I'm making a positive difference in Harrisburg fighting for the taxpayers have been doing it for about seven years now. And it's been a great honor I it's it's been and it's humbling experience in my life the most challenging experience violet but I feel like I had made a difference. But when I heard that Liu is gonna run for for higher office to run for senate in a near the congressional district was about to open up. Poet and I talked we prayed we. Talked to other trusted that's in our lives and end. We decided yes I essentially act like I have a duty to it to charge for this because we need someone who is willing to stand up and that's a track record of being a conservative. He's willing to stand up against the pressure. To actually. Vote for in advance our conservative values we have this this once in A lifetime opportunity we have a Republican president. Republican house Republican senate. Yet we had this cowardly congress that won't do anything and I'm afraid we're gonna wasted so I wanna I'm asking folks for for their consideration because I feel it. That's something I've got a track record of dealing for the last seven years is state rep. Is working hard to get the conservative agenda enacted. OK so Louis Steve level. Steve bloom I am a dead. I am also ordered and I look so I have three grandchildren and three little grandsons. I'm 55 years old turning. Now now normally judges look young so is. A B 56 and October and by trade I'm I'm an attorney or went to law school I practiced on the on what I call the constructive side of law. Not suing people not making life miserable for people but working with small businesses with farmers. But that's trying to plan how they can make a positive difference and that's really what would Giroux of me to becoming a very conservative Republican. Seeing how government was instead of being. Helpful or even neutral government was actually in the way of people who are trying to start a business grow a business group. Investments and and create jobs and I saw that I'm thinking oh my goodness what what's wrong with this country and realize that. We need smaller government not not bigger not more not more government in so that push me I also in my twenties became a Christian believer. And that really turned my thinking on some of the issues like that the issue of life in the womb and I became very strongly pro life which I still plan. This time later I just strongly believe in into the right of innocent unborn children to live in so desert kind of the core. Conservative values that they came up in the a relief for observation in society and seeing how the world really works on solid Democrat policies. Tend to hurt in key people trapped in dependency. And that that conservative policies Republican policies. Are are beneficial there's a free society to to allow free enterprise to do it it doesn't create jobs. In with people permanently. From poverty to prosperity and a large scale. That's been a success story of our country over the over the centuries and wanna continue that because I'm so fearful that releasing that now. When you decided to run forced to grapple what was your concern why did you go to Harrisburg in and think here's your biggest accomplishments have been so far it's it's funny the reason that I decided to get on the field and get off the sideline in terms of politics was. I can tell you that the name of the gentlemen Barack Obama. I just couldn't stand who is exasperated with. The fact that that that he had been elected because of his agenda his radical. Liberal agenda has radical socialist agenda. It was a very troubled by what he was trying to do the health care system with went on on rolling up our undoing the Obama care legislation at that time and pushing for that takeover of the health system. Analysts fearful of what that would do to two people who needed help and and I was correct in my fears I mean we've seen people can afford the premiums they can't afford the deductibles is killing people. And it's it's crushing them financially. I I am so I said you know I've got to do something installer ran for state house who is that don't connect could you at that point and I got elected it was a seven way primary against some very entrenched politicians. People who had professional help analysts and I had a couple of college kids in a bunch of volunteers that are in my campaign and we we managed to win that thing. And as as a rep. Again it's been battling to win every battle and and that I've been fighting hard I think my biggest victories were I had a bill that. Ended the Pennsylvania death tax on family farms that were being passed on to members of the same family Brothers sisters children. That's sort of thing and that that got enacted into law. Then the next session I had a similar bill for mom and pop shops small businesses to prevent them from being put out of business the next generation by the death tax. I had the the PA preferred program was my very first bill. And that's a statewide program that helps us. I identifier. People look for that PA preferred label that was a bill like I. Introduced and got passed in back in 2011 the very first bill. So I feeling the other big successes I've had have been. Often fighting against. In particular higher taxes higher spending. There is a hard victories to quantify. Because Pennsylvania is still the fifteenth highest taxed state. So when your fighting against taxes you don't wanna make it worse than you win it's still frustrating because we need to make our tax is lower but at least have had some. Ability to really effective that the stopping of some of these crazy ideas. Promoted by. In particular right now governor will open his team their constantly pushing to raise taxes even under our governor Corbett too is a fellow Republican he had that. Massive gasoline tax increase that. A lot of Republicans went along with but I thought that thing to Kenya we almost stopped that we started on the first who have but then they called for a second two days later and they got a pass barely. But you know I I fought with everything I had to stop that because our people cannot afford more taxes. You know a bona contention with Meehan and some of the people who live in our region Steve is. And now be in as impact follower you come from that is where we lived the burden of a property taxes to fund schools where do you stand on the. A Maginnis yet it's it's a problem throughout the entire eleven district from it and we don't Carmen count NATO at Wyoming county it's it's an issue. Especially affecting the senior citizens people on on fixed incomes who. Bought a house they thought they were being frugal they thought they had a place to live for the rest of their lives. And then they find they can't pay the ever increasing tax bill on their incomes are going up but the bill is. The big driving factor that is is the the cost of public education in this state we have. We've. Very generously contributed to that on the state level it's just too literally one of the two biggest pieces of our budget every year. It's funny public education and rightfully so they did they ought to be funny we need good schools. But the benefits the pension costs and so forth out of the teachers and the administrative staff. We have we have 500 separate school district in Pennsylvania most states have countywide school districts so we have all these extra superintendents and assistant superintendents and business officers and people making a lot of money. So the cost of public education in the way we're handling it. Has driven. That that that the need for these property tax increases and and the fact that. We don't have a the standard state process to prevent some school districts from from drastically raising their taxes and others from not. One school districts in some of the areas of the state that aren't growing how this hold harmless where they get. The same amount of money from the state no matter what even if they're losing student population while growing areas art and says the growing areas get penalized. A bad stuff I've supported the property tax independence act out so proper tax independence act a habit of port when he came up back in. I think it was last session it actually came up for a vote but it didn't make it through the house. Danica defeated in the session in the senate the next session but and certainly we need we need to shift that. Our burden from the property tax senators to to a more broad sense. Of taxpayers across state not just people happen. On property won't go back to Harrisburg and tell everybody defects that because we're better with send hair analysis pit that we're gonna pivot to federal issues obviously and do you you want to go to Washington and and be part of that and you don't think that the congress is doing nearly enough of what I mean look get to do. Look at sued the mean that congress didn't. Isn't even able to repeal obamacare which everybody ran on the president ran on it and all the congressmen and senators who were elected on the Republican side. Almost without exception ran on that and then they can't do we need new border security all these problems getting the border security done that that the president talked about. On strengthening our military making sure we have a strong ready military with the ample resources to to fight to protect our country. Did the unfair trade deals whether it be actual trade treaties or just the fact that their countries like China. That subsidize their steel industry for example. Huge government subsidies they don't have the same or environmental and safety protections are steel makers have to have and then they bring their Stew over here and sell it for dirt cheap. Crushing the ability of our American steelmakers to it to even compete on in the marketplace for the price in killing American jobs we've got to stop that. We need to make sure were were not using taxpayer funding to to promote abortion and and and and fund organizations that are that are. All about I doing in getting in and promoting more abortions and of course you've got to protect our Second Amendment Rights. Also this the immigration issues is when obviously that that we associate with eleventh because of Lou Bartlett and shore who are you in agreement would. Yeah and who live I've I've endorsed Lou in his hand is raised her Pennsylvania senate. And in his stance and immigration and mine are very similar. I absolutely believe in legal immigration. All my answers to ancestors came to this country. Either one or two generations ago or two or three generations ago through that legal immigration process that's great that's the strength of our country. But we've got to follow the law we can't allow foreign reward. Illegal immigration. That's that's if we're if we're giving people who get here illegally advantages. Over those who go through the proper channels and we're giving people who get here illegally advantages over American citizens something is off and I'm gonna fight that. Any thing so far in the administration. Of president trump. The U think is going in the right direction I mean a lot of the things we see they do need desperate. Oh is on the president himself has been able to take action was executive orders to undo so many of president Obama's terrible executive orders. I we have for example. In ended in terms of of regulations the EPA. They were they were knew before this thing called waters of the United States that would literally regulate the puddles on the farmers pond. And make it a crime for a former two it to drive his tractor through a puddle and make mud so. We worked. In 2000 and we worked on I worked on a worked on with our our other US senator senator Toomey. He came in my district we talked a lot of farmers and we couldn't get anything done when when President Obama was in the presidential undid that what is the United States rule. He's done some other things in terms of regulatory reform. Where the President Obama acted. I'd just teasing his executive historian and Cerro. Now president trump is being an undo a lot of that but not everything can be done through executive order we do need congressional action. On the big things like obamacare. And if we can't get congressional action when we have this historic. Unprecedented chance to make a difference and something's wrong and I've got to cowardly congress. It because it's just so frustrating they won't do what they said they would do. In terms of there's some that the pressing world issues obviously that president is that the United Nations today speaking about. North Korea for instance and and obviously if you move up into the that the federal level that will be something that's a little bit more pressing than being in. Asked the state house who how do you use to see what's happening there and and how far should we go because I think city. You haven't owned a leader who is dangerous in North Korea but you have a country. This is very wary of of war I mean you're in just a tough spot. As it's it's it's really tough and you know it's it affects you personally because I have a daughter. 27 year old daughter who lives in salt and she's been living their the last three and a half years. She winner they're teaching English and in the schools and so now she's working and in the publishing industry there. And it worries me because she's right there and ever went says if if there's military intervention the first thing that happens is North Korea or rains fire and hell down on the city of Seoul. Which is only you know thirty minutes thirty miles away from from North Korea. And so its very worst enemy just as a dead. And then looking at it out for that I've been to Korea I visited my daughter we went to the DNC we saw where you can stand and look into North Korea. And the hostility that still exist between these two countries and how close they are to each other. And in their great allies and in the Korean people of the South Korean people who love Americans we were treated so kind the of there. And they respect us and they love us and they try to learn English because they want to do and emulate us and yet. Around you how does this crazy. Dictator over there who we don't know what he's capable of and we don't we can't allow him to send nuclear. Missiles to the United States United States territories or other allies. That's a very very troubling situation. Well what do you think I mean. What is going to be the point where you think will if it will be go time for that I'm what do you think I'll have to happen I mean it could be. And I'm not a military strategists. And I would I would obviously leave that power in addition to two teed generals and national strategists you know of the deal but. I mean his his. His nuclear sites may need to be taken on some fashion. I mean I don't know how else eat it if you can't get the Chinese and others other allies to put the pressure on them economically. Is some drastic action eventually gonna be required it may be I hate to see it come to that. But he we can't we can't let him terrorize the world and we certainly can't let him be firing nuclear missiles at us here in the homeland. Sent Simon and wanna give you an opportunity to address something that we haven't addressed the thing is important. Of the topics we talked about so far. Really that that the spirit of you what's what direction is our society headed. I talked a lot of folks I've had about fifty town halls in my in my seven years is a state rep. I was just over mcdonalds here here grid across the street from the station talking to some folks and hear the same thing. I'm past the one gentleman. Is it was frank passed last image if he thought things were he'd he'd come to America from another country for Italy in fact. In 1960 or thereabouts. Passing thought things were were better or worse now and he said the difference now is that. He don't the doesn't he he could've ever started the business he started back in the sixties and been successful like he was. Today as he came over here to this country because the opportunities just aren't what they used to being a lot of that is because too much government regulation bureaucrats he called it. And and I think that's that's one of the most troubling things to me. Because we don't have there's opportunities for kids or grandkids that we had we don't have the opportunities that are that are parents grandparents had. In and that's not the direction we need and we need to get the opposite way. Representative Stephen bloom is here with us he is in the 109 need ninth legislative district now. In Pennsylvanian in the house representatives that he would like to. Take shatter replacing the Bartlett in the eleventh congressional district that's a US congressional seat. And that we appreciate you coming in I'm sure we'll talk more in the future as this thing and we'll thank you. Transpire and and if I can say I have a website act now congress stock or. Act now congress dot org and that you can connect with my campaign and find out more information about it and if I can ask if there's anywhere in the area I don't know this area appear in in the news or Kenny area too well yet I'm going to be trying to be after as much as I possibly can but. Danny listeners to wanna meet us outside the station. I have a white Ford F 150 pick up in obviously not their for the next half hour 45 minutes or seven wants a combined to show us around. A little bit about your hometown I would love to find out more about the area out here. That's a good way to find out from the people who live or anything that's a wise idea thanks to Africa thank you every.