Red Cross Day of Service


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You arcades Martin Luther King Jr. day as a Red Cross day of service and checking in this morning the executive director of the Red Cross in northeast PA go over the hi bill. We don't think about it pretty good tells about Red Cross day of service. Well actually it's obviously you know it's okay days service and the red prospered at thirty here in a row we will be out installing free smoke alarms. Helping stabilize and took different communities and our entire region we're going to be in Carbondale. And then looks very pretty today. Oh that's excellent so people worry it is is like you think your pre registered for this or how does that work. Oh well estate volunteer we got our our our Red Cross volunteers we have continue volunteers right now we have about forty people. Signed up at each location. But it pretty loud they're lifting and want to get involved. They do need at the Carbondale fire station or the look very fire station on all of back avenue at 9 AM. And the fire station I guess are they providing the it like the addresses who end up soon ends up getting the of smoke alarms. Yes we part of what the fire department and those fired fire department's side analyze their communities. And examine the most weird but here is that most need where they feel. We should threats are or you know and install I EU and they pick these areas and so far over the past three years we have been stalled. Over 101000. Free smoke alarms. That's outstanding bill that's amazing usually during I mean is that certainly obviously a necessity if word of whether it's a house or apartment certainly is smoke alarm because obviously mean the benefits of an hour. Plain and simple to say to you guys do great work in 101000 of them is an amazing number. That's amazing number for us we have great volunteers and a lot of good community partners you know we have a lot of businesses that come out as we could help both sudden and volunteer to help and of course financial support Sully need to. Ultimately create smoke alarms somebody at the bit. Well guess app itself is somebody wants to help out in that regard a donation and access etc. what's the best way to do it. Our best way to do that is send it to your local Democrats office here and looks very good at 256 not chairman street. And I consent or discuss profits of by Jefferson avenue. We have it open office and we also have an office sub in Wyoming county. I exit thanks so much bill for the spread the word along and good luck hope we get a lot of people to help well. Thank you very much can now we're just trying to keep everybody safe you know we have a lot of house fires around here but his time a year we want everybody to be safe and that's the best way to do it thanks to say that. Thanks your time guys and have a great that he's UT.