RAGE opens at Forty Fort's Hatchet Factory, Owner Denise Ogurkis on the Jason Barsky Show

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Friday, December 4th
In 2019, the Hatchet Factory opened for business in Forty Fort.  In 2020, most of the world shut down (for at least part of the year).  People are scared, on edge, nervous, and angry.  If you can relate the Hatchet Factory has a new attraction called "Rage".  When you pay to enter the rage room, you'll have an opportunity to unleash your inner rage by smashing, breaking, and destroying inanimate objects. You won't get arrested. It's all legal.  It's Rage at the Hatchet Factory in Forty Fort.

I talked about the grand opening of Rage during my show and a friend told a friend leading to the call you can hear on this page.  Denise Ogurkis, one of the owners of the Hatchet Factory, called into the show to explain the concept and answer questions.