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Thursday, September 28th

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So we invited the co-founder of paint picked tenth pink. Q&A Murphy at Lehman to do our show today sent cannot look to our show. Hear me on I see in your biography the you are an avid baseball fan and I feel compelled to ask who you root for. Well I would be and that's huge New York Yankees thing is over let's get back. But that's accurate that in today's spotlight reveal our I had not been dancing while part of that so they were my home team at the time. RAM I'm gonna offer you professional courtesy here because I love the Red Sox and everybody knows it but I'm gonna. That we're gonna continue the interview anyway because picks Pittston pink is bigger than baseball. It is and I think that I'm here I'm not black pearl river getting into cramped seat in action right now the plants are really happening right here in any PA were thinking and change. About ten days a band that's our night. September the when he with our bachelor bachelorette auction. How much is being done by the it's from chamber of commerce epic meal bar gets spent. And it ran all the way through to Saturday. October the seventh where we do our. Pink collar around her return every pink color are over the runners. We have thank Stanley unlock on the same page and that gentleman bash where we have. Met running high heeled and aren't you raise money for cancer vaccine that will. Help our cancer treatment. Now how did you react in involved in this with Barbara Chandra how did you should come together in the sense say this is the idea we want. And how to torque up all this crazy. That's well how we got started what department cancer survivor and she I wanted to get back to smear helped her when she was diagnosed. And so when that happened she came over to my house for their part because duke and being going on my back porch he had this idea lurks. But putting up flags in downtown to the media having a race and it just grew into this. Committee lied citywide. Wonderful group other than that really brings the team together to make memories trip can act with each other and in the meantime raising money for. And excellent excellent can't Wear on you're going to be sent. All the money goes that our proceeds go 100% to the clinical research at the University of Pennsylvania and the Muppets and her corner. And they were there giving that money right to a cancer vaccine which have been the recipient of. Man what is static near injured I didn't realize right now via an I would hope that it you know as time goes on will will get to more and more optimistic about. You know what what can be done for those who who get a diagnosis that's that's very jarring and what are you seeing. It in terms of the progress on us than in on the cancer vaccination. I think there's a lot of big ongoing research write down your hearing a lot of them and you do not you know therapy. And this vaccine is is that it's been going on current let her twelve years they've been doing the vaccine and it has great outstanding results. Over 99%. Not the current rate people are being cured of cancer and I have gotten this vaccine and prevent that cancer primary occurring each bottle levels are actually. As a person who would never had cancer. Inking a bilateral three import stage cancer. So it's a really in a meeting vaccine I think the whole forefront of the effort. This area is going to be using the person's own immune system to fight cancer Wheldon poisoning somebody with chemotherapy and do we know if circuiting the future of this type of out of a vaccine is going to be using your own any attempt to kill the cancer which is what you mentioned assistant should do anyway. You know your immune system has eat the cancer and most people we don't get camp about. When your means that it doesn't do that you're immune to them doesn't then you you get cancer into the I think in the forefront of where we're gonna see cancer treatment going. Terry got I'm hopeful like you are Islam because it's a devastating. Two families and individuals but on the bright side I would say is. This event should we should combine so many different things and I know you have a FaceBook page are people balance. And look at the schedule but what year are really looking for here is participants. For this then on October 7 straight. That's our final event blue of the week and that's kind of our biggest event in the race. And by the night which is tomorrow night we have Atlanta are on the river aren't expected. You know he appeared on TV where they like a lantern may not go up what we do that and could stand on the riverfront it's absolutely gorgeous and very moving. Am experience we do with the sound music and you can get the Lan can can preserve their stopper that aren't ready to rock star dot com which is. Let Hillary you are ticketing on that RE CE RO FT ER dot com and you can buy your tickets and come to the river front tomorrow night. For the Atlanta lunch. A few apartments are sold out for next week they include dinner iPod though there's still tickets are the but Hollywood night at pod on predicting them to expand stepped on Monday October respect yet. Only has our. Annual event is our celebrity bar tending on Friday October it scheck's. Which is that the let Millen pick them and then we will follow up with a really great community day with the current leaking five K I'm not on Saturday which is October 7. And the talent bash for you get to see. Gentlemen brought up I mean at 500 meter dash in American high heels that absolutely there are both so much fun for the needy Muncie. I'm a solid runner hang around promote racism really great arm. The engine they continue to Wear the heels of their hanging around. Of course there are many photo op. I think I don't wanna Wear those peeled but once they enter amount. I know you began when had been training Dayton grouping based book pro star you know trying to get their stamina up on the heels are they couldn't keep in mind keeping their act. I loved it the week for people like us Barrett we're just. Unstoppable. So I feel good about that I know what this means something she did so wants me to ask you about your little dog if the little dog does mr. I do have a robot is the little dog's name by any chance bogey. Online now my bogey cat and ray. Scarier I I love somebody one isn't it yeah yeah recently got a new diagonal actively about right when you're you're wrapped. Yes somebody sent me a message and as such in a sweet little York key but I guess that that's. That the news we didn't wanna hear was that the dog to weigh the good news we do wanna hear is they got another one. I wish you got out of working prompt man you don't have a titans do you I love that now. And rent you about earlier again you know we love it and and you know it's been just dead group dude it's been great to have you on the show Q&A if you want to throw out. The FaceBook page again for the people or any other kind of tour alien. Thanks Phil. You can look at up on FaceBook and he picked the pink but it can expect for your FaceBook. And then also our registration for all of our ticket event that I mention and a listing of all of the event are great roster dot com. The eagle wonder retracting its search Pitt's been and I'll come up with all of our ticketed event. If you have any question in that it just aren't they spoke would be to get back give back to really want I think you were. But his time and let everybody hear about our band and given us some. I'm publicity that we can reach as many people and I need that much to say that many like that we can't. I'll tell you why you also have slept fabulous fabulous weather coming up and now you'll feed in the in the number of people who come out and Pittston. I was there a couple weeks ago that I got hooked up with you guys if you wanna know the truth means I ran into somebody and they said can you do business and but it's so beautiful and it was coming out of the library that I and then. Though the skyline and now I know it's not Manhattan but it does include many churches in buildings and is beautiful site help people. We'll take the opportunity to be with you. Yeah disintegrates and I know they feel like the overnight successes and the small group of people of the market for twenty year that's try to get to count. Revitalize didn't rich doing a great job in the town looks great people are enthusiastic lived here enthusiastic kid. And involve themselves in the communities that the great to become advocates spent. Are ticked you know Lehman thank you for doing the show we certainly appreciate it. Thank you take our pleasure.