PSP Sunny Day Camp

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Thursday, August 31st

PA State Police Invite you to Sunny Day Camp on September 16 10am-3pm at LCCC. Troopers Mark Keyes and Deanna Pikanski join Webster and Nancy


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Talk about something really needs is coming up and let people know about it in case they want to know and get their kids or grandkids involved. So we have caused some special people in the studio with us today. We have state trooper mark ties in trooper. Can't ski outlets that are right there yes he did idea verdict Ari and that basically this is a joint troop. Sunny day camp that's coming up so in two guys tells a little bit about it. It is here first of all relate to thank you and John for letting us popping here NW while K for helping us to promote this great event and most people get scared as they please just miles to the door so I. I realize you wanna scare Alex I'll tell you guilty around police officers and priests. I just maybe we'll look after our right here. Yes so we have a great event coming up it's Saturday September 16 at 10 AM to 3 PM. At the loser in county Community Colleges public safety training institute in and a Coke. And most people are familiar with the state police camp cadet program. And although that's a wonderful program for kids. Because of the physical. Background of that the physical. Because exercise and actually I think it did it limits people with special needs from from coming and attending the camp so the state police wanted to. A critic camp especially for those kids so they can come in and interact with police in cedar equipment and resources they work with. First hand and ask questions and he gets it to me police officers as people so. You know as it does started down in Chester county. With you know the corporal Raymond Clark. From a new chief. Her brother must physically and mentally. Handicapped and has some challenges and so is felt bad which is preparing for camp camp because he always wanted to golf. And she'd you know couldn't take him at his camp cadet is a weeklong program and they say overnight in. On dorm rooms and cabins so she developed this program so he was able to attend and she made it named an. Honor her brother I think excellent so mark your you're from go to troop are writing done more erect Indiana you're from troop. Well we have a major that is in charge of true. And it's unfair because he has it helps us on our end with resources and financially being able to support another program on top of camp cadet. So that's Oka started we all started having meetings and decided that that was in all of our best interest we wanted to do it that way. And you know hopefully we get a good turnout put. Does he have to let people know exactly what they can expect Deanna tells a little bit about what's going to be their for the kids who take up part in this we're gonna have obviously the state police are going to be there they'll be some local police departments local fire departments. We're gonna have some of our dogs are going to be there we've invited the wilkes-barre with their canine. RK nine member will be there Bergen how some horses from down at the academy. The recent fire trucks and stat X com displays that the kids can block two and talkative questions didn't want them look at things hadn't. There's going to be with water and snacks for the kids other there. And they're gonna how we're gonna have a medal for them when they get done in the get a scientific and it's nice and some giveaways also the items throughout the day. Now and it as you mentioned camp cadet of this is is a one day thing goes from like 10 o'clock in the morning until three yes and but this is not if you don't have to be there at 930 and stay until 330 this is you can come indoors please correct. Yes they can come for the whole day if they want they can come for half hour and they can register. When they get there yet so let's let's find out who did OK so let's do the invite who's it invited to common obviously at the kids have to be with a grown operate them in an adult or someone. Yeah exactly children must be accompanied by a parent to again this is for a special needs kids so if you have a child with a special need. We need a parent to a company that person there is no age limit for that. And again like Guinness and its. An event between ten to a 3 PM come and go as you pleasing to stay for half hour in the 21 or two displays or he could spend the whole day there. Kids will get to the certificate of attendance at the end and we have some giveaways throughout the day. And parents can learn Maurer at some needy camp dot org and www. Sunny day camp that. Org and get have a FaceBook page as well if you look for a sunny day camp troop POR page a kids get registering at the event so which again we're talking about in case you missed it to us Saturday September the sixteenth. From ten to three so they can just neo come to the events rate in registered gossiping after the you don't have to register register the day when they get there. These are you guys expecting a minute how many years have you done this this is the first year the inaugural year. This is actually the the third sunny. True Ben has done this in now Olympian or don't disabuse her camp for the state into. This month also Hertzberg is during the same safe camera sunny day camp out of the academy's work I think of the. Great and you guys you know are you guys are kind of set the pace here being you know that you that early out of the box and third guys that are in the third third troops to do it. And again it's happening at loser county Community Colleges the public safety training institute ranked correct and that's some prospect in middle wrote in the yesterday. Heard about that we were doing camp and they wanted to jump on board and get involved and they offered you know the use of the facilities and they're gonna have people involved up there as well that is such a nice idea to help bring to get a lot of people out to suit us spread the word here that's which you guys are guilt or spreading awareness. Spread the word we're very excited about it on in these are some some wonderful kids that you know. Don't really get to interact with the police too much and answer goal we want them to. I know that if they need help out in public anytime come in come and see us you'll find a police officer asked for help. And to get into assist people. Right right I think it's an awesome idea so get an offer parents caregivers like grandparents a special needs kids this is a program specially for them. On this Saturday September 16 it's it's couple Saturdays from now. Two weeks out from the Saturday 10 AM to 3 PM we just like giving a heads up market on your calendar because again you get to shop there but there's more information it's sunny day camp dot org. Because you on FaceBook page at sunny day camp of PR is excellent very good. Troopers a mark ties Indiana can't keep things combined to appreciate that I haven't they haven't speculation about who are learning a whole bunch of people out of the kids and be so thrilled to be there.