Professor Allan Carlson, Family in America, about the breakdown of the family

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Thursday, March 1st

Professor Allan Carlson, International Organization for the family and Family in America, talks to Frank Andrews about the breakdown of the family.


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So I tracked down professor Allan Carlson who is spent in Rockford Illinois and Essen to join us on the program how are a professor. I'm just fine are you could not trying to give you a heads up here we we are an emergency broadcast station and there is a major storm coming our way we're gonna get clobbered in the next 24 hours so if you hear the emergency beats during our interview here should just hang on it'll pass in about ten seconds specimens the National Weather Service tells us that you know just be content should now I know that that that opened their network am. Well we'll see heat after. Now to tell tell me about your organization. Family in America. The Howard center for family religion and society you know what are these groups and where you. Club historian ministers started a student of Kremlin policy and population policy should split Simon graduate school there and that's like got into this business of looking at and we change and how governments responded then what government can do to make primitive better. Well may be different for most other modern scholars as I actually have that nobody framework I thought there's an ideal family system. And it's to put it simply a question of the Judeo Christian family system that's been inherited from the baloney. Lester millennium. And themselves what we do it by Howard center actually we we've we've taken on a new name now called international organization for the family. Major projects used to run the world congress of families. We've held up twelve major international gatherings in the last. Or fifteen years. Dealing with the ways in which pro family pro life people can work together. Our most recent meeting with the Budapest Hungary this past done this past may. And in fact the government of hungry was a major sponsor and got a strong program with pro life Christian government their should have. And that's one of the projects we also published the pump these journal Stanley in America. And also now the natural family and international journal. A researcher and and public policy. Hard and I wanna I wanna ask you a very simple questions. What what happened to the American family in the past forty years. I went wrong this. To just about every effect. From for the for me it's probably way the economy a director for the family to public policy to. Probably the most serious thing was there were a series of intellectual social. On on the eve of the family system that. And existed in the 19191960s. And support pretty well with the baby boom. American room. Most children group of both parents it was actually pretty good time in retrospect very good time to be a child in America. Well what's wrong room so group started attacking them wallow empathy revive feminist group that but he quit then spoke 1960 street markets return to our media about illusions the ones who argued that the world was about to become overpopulated Demi don't be starving and a few years. They attacked. Families appropriated Chambliss of wanted to get rid of the poor child family the preacher out family that is suppose they wanted one child per family and they redo and sure about that it may have. You also had this sexual revolution coming off. But he should SpaceX broke out of the back alleys. Through magazines like Playboy. And pretty soon this drive to separate. Sexuality from having children was quite successful in the US Supreme Court jumped on board through the search of court decisions of the 1960s and 1970s. And whatever that the ideal level. So so is there any hope for the future. Second second easy question that I got up to five. Eight grand generalizations here but yet get serious. What are they I guess it's civic good the good news or the not so bad there's. Is that in America in particular we've been through times like this before. Where there were or are fairly system. After having enjoying two or three generations of success began to unravel came under attack. Faced tough problems. Economic problems social problems. American and remember the weld of American. Renewal I think are pretty strong and I think they're still out there. The emergence of well I think vigorous pro life and pro family movement should be. Emergence of communities some low margins of American life which are still deeply committed to children and two family formation. You don't think the bottom so much but they're fast growing. Ambien the most prominent group I think you're probably reveal cluttered they essential orbits. Chrome a marriage and family are vital central keep the actual its key parts of their theology distinctive theology. And growing very rapidly both in the United States and around the world. But other groups as well that you don't pay much attention to out of your neck of the woods at Pennsylvania the old rural Amish there were 5000 of them in 19100 today it's about 350000. Natural growth they're colonizing when rural areas across the country. Are there again they're strong. Vital family system we don't think of them as much more than automakers but says they're changing things on the ground are fundamentally. I was number number of other groups like that is well one good point jokes. That's probably where renewals gonna come from and we may be a very different country. And in the future as a result. Still. Let me let me ask your question then I I didn't tell you I was gonna ask you this but yet and I'm just asking opinions based on your your your work your studies based on who you are Germany -- sun on this whole situation in Florida the shooting this young man missing eighteen year old. It you know in relation to the family in the breakdown of. If you look at almost double play all that I'm sure the great majority. Of shooters and school shooters attempt to come from from a we used to call don't know quickly broken homes. Afraid throughout bloodier and more. Single. Parent families or something like that but that you generally tend to be young man. Who suffer from 2001 when an absence spoke of a stable father figure. And are also entering an economy. Which is setting them very open economy and society which is setting them kind of weird signals about the gender identity about about feminism big the most important thing and that. Not quite sure where they're supposed to go or what they're supposed to do. I think if Bob if we had an a decent strong family system in this country today as we get straight 5060 years ago. It would mean to school shootings going on just as there weren't school shooting going on back down. Professor Carlson thank you so much for joining us I'm grateful for your work and I'm grateful for giving us the time to talk to your. I have introduced don't prepare you to.