Preston Clark & Sondra Solovay of Everfi on sexual harassment training, with Frank Andrews

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Wednesday, November 15th

Preston Clark, corporate compliance president, and Sondra Solovay, vice-president of content, of Everfi discuss sexual harassment training with Frank Andrews.


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There is a company called ever find it easy to remember EV ERF five and I have a couple of the officers from ever find that are on the line with us right now Sandra solemn day is on the line as she is the vice president of contents and Preston Clark is the officer infants involved with corporate compliance. Sandra I'm gonna ask you first tell us what ever fight is. Thanks so much for having us. I can't jump in with that and then all I should send you more about their training in how we approach things. All right president BJ just give us an overview of what the company as I know saw largest in the world. Can't share price and I had appreciate if they ever byword digital education companies leave you focus on very intractable issues and certainly there are more intractable issues that are armed agent used to never looked or retrain. About ten million. And east it is faculty staff. Annually are and so on topics like Iraq small and diversity inclusion structure. Now in addition to the other things that you train one of the things that we talked about the reason I called you is this whole training for. I'd I'd rather Colin sexual sensitivity in the workplace and I imagine. Who whichever of you wants answered that did that that holds demand for training has just exploded in the last couple weeks. Yeah hey insert I'll try again in its spinach and there I think time did you leave our busiest tend to peak and valley is in these issues unfortunately become headline and then went the Weinstein are down and the need to campaign we've seen. I don't during these ringing off the hook. Sandra is your million the vice president of contents so you do you are you involved in putting these training programs together. Absolutely and it can't repeat this huge cultural shift happening right now where people are really. Wedding to acknowledge the issue craftsmen can do something about it that just riding high don't. And acceptability. And so I really feel they're. I don't have any chance. Four organizations in individual to learn more about the issue it's and it it it's so important to do not well. And you can't just expect someone who learned them throughout the legal doctrines. And think about gonna make a different spin it to really about creating a training about working speaks for the person who I think it's you know it it can be really subtle. I am and are you are you finding me the different organizations asking for this kind of training I mean I have had its debt as an adjunct professor I have had it in different companies but are you finding new organizations out on typical organizations that are saying we need to know now to. I would say so word you know. If you look at the history Californians just one example of California without a large place indeed she 25 per. Over a decade and you have a lot of organizations that are mandated to do harassment training whether I've already or not. I can bet what we've seen just in the past few weeks is that there's a lot of dropped. For media company street and you can appreciate. Higher Ed institutions we serve almost 2000 with harassment sexual violence education so I think we've seen some trends certainly in the last two weeks also obtain the last eighteen months. There are indicative of the cultural shift that its armaments. Sandra how how. How has the curriculum changed in the last say five years because I mentioned you know ten years ago at a program might not even mention the word transgender or same sex marriage how has the curriculum change. I love that question has brilliant and don't mention the humane and that one of the way it could be mentioned this web content just covered. I'm in California had a patent law going into effect for example that mandate that about actual grant that training. Includes certain coverage topic especially gender identity and gender. I expression that among other. I'm but it also changed. Completely in terms of what's the fact yes I think for example. Talking about bystander intervention. And what are the things that happens a lot of people take the training you may think you know there. You know she will I'm not someone who is going to be harassed and I yield another person he's going to harass someone so what does it really matter to me. And not have changed a lot because now we know warmer during training. Now that person potentially by the enduring influence or our workplace culture. And that there is a role for them to really important and that they have a lot to learn from training and can contribute to work but it. Because that's the way that training camp chant. You know what one of the people who had been sent us a tax when I was such talk in my you folks coming on said this just goes to show how. Politicians live in their own little world I had sexual harassment training years ago and now they're saying the people on the hill needed an asset and you know that that's an interesting point aren't their organizations that you think should be doing miss that aren't. And I can get by industry and we've we've seen crede. The board or and insurgents send these types of programs and so I don't I'm not gonna hurt I don't think soccer. I would go about each day you group of social sure you know diligently not. Training on this topic in shouldn't be but I would say that. I think the approach since then what did you just do this for supervisor or let's just do this for a small population of our work force and so I think. And so honored shellac because there's. World war now seeing a lot of interest from boards and CEO's saying. It's not enough prestigious training a certain code word population overall workforce it's more about. Thank you because the bystander intervention because and other elements of a conclusion that this really need to be something that region globally across an organ they. I notice on your website it in mentions that you're you're up are your audience includes Kate and twelve now are you doing programs for students or teachers teaching dated twelfth. We s.'s so maybe a big question right so we actually don't yet train on her options actual round education in K through twelve so we eat. Another of our business is focused on financial literacy and other key topics so clearly not yet there but we are very much an entire. You don't you know I in higher is so high school higher energies college. Just college university and our you do are you doing faculty are you doing students as well. Oh both so under title nine in the Cleary act is actually a mandate requires. I'm annual training for student populations are potential violence and then. And substance abuse so we're the largest writer about the debt also extends to faculty staff and so. I don't got into an area were in. Most of their college university. In Pennsylvania and California 94. In New York so we this is an area that it then. A large part of of this search and provide a country. Sandra let me ask you a question and and forgive me if I ask in an awkward way but it. Are are there are situations that people might not be aware. Are are sexually insensitive. Absolutely not happen all the time and not let the training is so important. Because it's not just behind I think we kind of have the idea of late got. I really bad guy who doesn't sound and it really overt sexual harassment to someone and we all know that's wrong. Not what the training as a ballot it's about understanding that Maher. Subtle issues thinking come up understanding. That not every when these things the same way for example. And Philly it's really. That kind of sensitivity and subtle hint that you need to get into the training staff quite so important. It'll be an individual training camp talk about. Issues like micro aggression. And for example something that's maybe not everyone knows what that is. Training can help with apps. She and the good thing that I really think it's really important not just to do actual Bratton mention training. I can support it with the diversity and inclusion training camps that come about legal liability but it is about understanding respect and how different people see things differently. Indeed now you we have a large audience Preston is there some way that people tend can find out more about ever find. Yeah I didn't I need this way important. It never quite dark continent and the demo button on the right hand side of the screen that folks can in fact as I remember also to a two. 65 year Euro 11 happy to answer any questions you Dini in resources that can be helpful. Well thank you both for taking time out of your busy day and I'm grateful for all the information messed Preston Clark and somber solemn day from ever five.