Pocono 400.

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Friday, June 1st
The Monster Energy Pocono 400 NASCAR race kicks off the season at Pocono Raceway this weekend. The track in Long Pond will be crowded with race fans of all ages. There will be special traffic patterns in place on Sunday when the race will be held and drivers in the area can expect heavier than usual traffic on roads throughout the area.

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Friday the morning news Webster Nancy W out gave big weekend at pocono raceway the pocono 400. Believe. Let's in his studio has done Rand campaign it might gang. To see. Nice to see you could collapse at this time of the year and I can in today's you guys talk about racing it's it's going to be great time it's merely awesome as it is actually looking into whether we're joking it's like clouds clouds clause but actually sunny looks like I've been pretty. And the front is actually in the forecast map complete sunshine clouds and societal well here's the thing they still have the analytic guarantees of he buy your tickets on on line or from the track yes then you don't have to worry about that unfortunately might not its seat race and you wanted to you but he would get Germany back so that's kind of the parent but I don't think it's gonna I don't think it's kind of exhilarating gets an aggregate we have to edit the forecast here and says where today tonight tomorrow but not Sunday went down mentioned and also it's a little or maybe a shower here and -- that sent the idea so things get under way today yes they do actually today if you and they have extra needed practice and they have cup practice and if you bring an empty can of monster and it featuring keep get to see offer free. And of course kids twelve and under are always ran Friday and Saturday cell comes could be great taken a kick off their race weekend with them. And I stay up at the track like I said I don't think there's going to be too much bad weather cents a because should be good should be good to Mari elements as well before the degrees on Sunday and actually if everybody wants to look online and there's a lot of drive her parents is happening all weekend long. So you can go to the pocono race they website and check that out a lot of free appearances and happenings so mom. He now you know I am never and I am I get to see your favorite driver. And senate that agrees obviously and again it looks like it's going to be a pretty decent weather for Sunday so that that's is good news is that. And everything kicks up like ten gates open on Sunday. A sick early and had early as you're leery of the airing the latter earlier that I can remember he. I'll give any tips for taking pictures of race cars gone by because every time I'm there at pictures I just get a lot of empty track because the scores are audio. I get the muscle and I guess I didn't get off line. Easier unless you have a professional you know pancreatic way like it. Asia and leery because you know realize how fast they irons that's going to be Ariza that time I know Jake was like those tickets are great fun. And Jake he's huge fan he'll be well looking forward to seeing everybody out there Ariza Don gran does so from a pocono we're so happy for you just think he's a million.