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Wednesday, August 2nd

Mike Lombardo committee member with the Pittston Tomato Festival with WILK's Cathy Donnelly


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Is it too funny seventeen Pittston tomato festival this happens August 17 eighteenth and nineteenth and twentieth. So it's not. This weekend not next weekend but the wonay after the weekend after that. And it opens on Thursday August 17 and it closes with. One of the really big name bands in the area flexing Morgan on Sunday August 20. And one of the people that's in charge this is Michael Lombardo. And he'd call and 'cause he wanted to talk about the Princeton tomato festival I don't like. More time just peachy keen. So tell us about. The now let me ask you this before we go any further. There isn't some other town in you know Utah as a tomato festival that suing new is there her. Not that we don't look yet but I'm he tells us that the we have found Boehner Hagerty on retainer just been. Yeah I think I'd get I'd go head to do because he will he did he knows how to do. He knows yet generally out and so on this starts on Thursday August 17 but I'm sure the planning begins in the depths of January. You have to actually eat. About two or three weeks after the best political year real quick Republicans creeping meetings and retreat down and thought you know what went right. What they need to work on Wrigley wanna change. What kind of things can we. There are listening to people coming up and asking what do you think about that cell. That's start the man really want to be correct need immediate January. Start to get around to really. I'm more serious schedule what you got this community is currently off some of only been together so long it's early EP. And pits and tomato festival that come and see the members of the committee I just wanna tell the people that. And I'm sure that's somebody you know him. Immediate and all start ready. I'm actually believed capable of bitumen. They then it just went through. Anyway and so it starts on Thursday give us an idea of some of the more salient events that will be happening Trent since the fight. You could you could tell us about. The the big tomato funny that happens urine. You don't create music as you referenced as stand back and be you know on the schedule up one of the highlights is on you know on Saturday after the parade in the race. Actually McRae incorrect order. We have the middle by which you can't go budget years is really equate problems on event it's equally comparable all local. We've been keeping track of that buried eight but it shown up I think and I think we're up somewhere around maybe 2627. But the state in the union. People come to the fight and get on them a couple of years ago we got a little bit of national publicity on that I'm not a great part of the fight it in the the date that on its side arm. You know the pollen of the music card abated that we're able to erase the money that goes Q I'm really important. You know charities in our community that the release you're around I'm boot like food pantry that that that eat paint John. Industries. We've we've also done some work with and it looks very. You know the soup kitchens. It's incorporated bent on both at the end of the day you know the most important thing out of it is that the ways that you we break the money really Kuwait. I will have the site is popular every year old is not edible tomatoes. I would double kick out of my house one because you're so rotten. I'm like you need are your clothes so do not put them in the house oh sure on your oats is significant other. Finally get. And sorry. It caused a ripple in your and you add I was I was leaking out the car. I I kind of destroyed or double date and its wholly on the wash your arm like children in light for picking me don't eat from their quote. That's really cool there's also known. A tomato contest. Where you can get and ribbon in any of four categories the largest to smallest and deadliest. And most perfect teammate down. I am I have any mind not a minor radiant but a you know I'd I start line from seed so they're always behind everybody else's. Plus I live up up in the mountains where were we behind everybody anyway. But. You know it that it's that and the great thing about that is there's no charged and or it happens on Saturday night. I had to at 7 o'clock. And I think that's that's pretty cool. That's a lot of on and you know beat this year. Governor will destroy us incorporated. And we actually have that the other honorary. Chairperson of the action the other. I'm a great person integrated into that well who is. Former. City written and it's an area app we had Big Apple have been played couple years professional all of my adult but it's. We're excited to have Jimmy up to a thumb and again. It graciously. Except that our employee costs them so we're looking at is always score eight but. Incident the pageantry you know little minute mr. men and made a queen and got them really really talented. I'm really amazing young people in the northeast but it but I spoke with great opportunity to show it. Dunhill cup I don't covers a parade which channel with a parade Dion. That will be and it would probably used to cover tight box. And then the other media outlet in there and did what we don't want. All of you guys yeah. Yeah I mean we. We really good now about that level we stood. We're it without religious or are needed saw him I'm grateful I am saying he you know. All of the partner PP. A pure communications network. Certainly curry took orders aren't well thank you for about a problem. It's it's such a northeast PA thing. You know I didn't go. And they loved when I first moved here is where I lived having a garden was kind of aberrant and strange. Which is odd because I lived in New Jersey is supposed to be the damned garden state when I moved here. Everybody only has a couple of tomato plants in the backyard may be a pepper may be some basal. You know some parsley growing up everybody has a little slot where something is coming up in generally tomatoes are coming up though. And I think you know at bat that's a great point because you know that really atmosphere out yet and Peru. I'm you know week week or so the quality lead all the world not ones that in order option being neutral impartial look you know without. But I can tell you bet. There are literally hundreds of Barton and back yard side yards adds them could be straight up and you know a couple years ago on it to Mary in conjunction with Auburn aegs. And I and I believe court now actually it's the only solution and now where I can explain what actual it's been made their one and made out. But there's one called the patriot. On the red and I can't remember the last name almost caught the final. So if it really is Quaid and it's a lot of on and we find that every year you know people used that they helped escalate the market on their calendar. And what I love most about it is the other the interaction conclusions of people arm that we haven't seen in a long time and a lot of you know graduating class to use that it's sort of by another thing to do in short of the schedule of their reunion. And if you did add another thing to do and get over their family reunion we've been very mindful of the event. I'm trying to make it a family friendly and or don't entrance EU because Horry and we really. Stress to our vendors that you know you need to be cognizant of what you crisis ourselves. You know what they can come and enjoy that good or it's expand that. Decode what is it something else about seventeen. Well I wouldn't tell you that the Kathy Donnelly and perform I'm kidding I'm only kidding my weakness we've we're always open. I will still sizzling and he's one of my neck and we will now. At that it's just a minor oversight but everybody should go because it's close it's nearby there's plenty of parking. There's live entertainment a parade games rides and bingo. And of course the tomato fight Saturday at 130 deaths so I. And after dot com unit period actually community out there it's that it contemplating Adams doing well so their own scale at all I'm. We will pop I'm calling there at thirty I'm. What we didn't they had suggested that will let the tool anybody. In the spirit of air and are. On in a tomato fight. That out well our latest assault with the Limbaugh. And be ready for beat. I Lou why it's beautiful bunch about becoming with rotten tomatoes. Correct. Mike thanks a lot good luck with the festival this year up thank Deutsche Bank in support.