Phil Yacuboski of WBAL Baltimore, formerly of WBRE, about the shooting at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland, with Frank Andrews

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Friday, June 29th
Phil Yacuboski of WBAL Baltimore, formerly of WBRE, talks about the shooting at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland; with Frank Andrews

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Well many of you know silly on a bus he was a reporter here at WB are you seeing them on the air many many many many times she is a reporter now for WBA Allen Baltimore and he is on the line with us right now Philip power you'll. Different everywhere here thank you. My first question is what what is the very latest at the scene there. The chair Ramos who was suspect in this case apparently barricaded the back door yesterday when he walked into the our newspaper. Our offices in Annapolis and then went around the front door and sort of fire. He barricaded a blog backdoor because he didn't want anyone to get him out. One he's started shooting investigators sensitive they wanted. Thought that he wanted to kill as many people as possible it's an industry congestion or because we didn't know how. He got past security we do know a lot of those questions or answers to a question bush its site so it's that cleared some things up today in a court. Cheering this morning Indianapolis he sent stoic he didn't say anything of course bill being denied he is now charged with five counts of first degree murder. Now I you know we Mark Davis tonight we're here yesterday and it and of course the shooting itself is disturbing boat. We know we we kind of got hit hard because it's journalists and and Tripoli hard for you to your right there. I mean what what are what are the feelings out there mud must be just overwhelming you got to report to us about fifty times and it didn't. And a lot of oh water stations all over the country and thought I mean you know how this business do we know we're all close and when you probably know if somebody that works at every station in the country if you don't know them. Are you know somebody that worked there are so. We nobody's newspaper folks we feed him at City Council meeting them. Apple is of course the capital Merrill and so not only you have to stay out there about. A few yards from where you have the Naval Academy you know terminal waters literature because it was a beautiful location. I haven't directly through a couple of couple are probably better like a little local community newspaper. They cover you know council meetings and high schools or certain you do got a problem with your water bill will do a story about it that's sort of central. I know that's the kind of burn it and we all grieve because. We hauled in a situation where people call the newsroom because they don't like. Loose Cabrera and pitcher giving somebody a little like the angle that you're taking and a guy apparently had a lot of these what civil orders there are over a story that would publish a number of years ago involving a domestic situation. And then he called defamation suit against C I'm Hector the way through and how to judge did. And they you know you've been unfairly going after them for quite some time. A little better leave back in 2000 trio the police didn't make some sort of contact with him. Are a bunch of folks in the newspaper decided not to file charges there was a report filed in. He one editors from the newspaper who had traditionally required and today. That he start he was capable of doing something like this so you know now we have five good journalists are now under in the newsroom that. No doubt a lot of people are going to be digging some are concerned precaution I would imagine and. Once you know I think it was all amazing. The that they publish a paper today. You know it was just up you know an unbelievable do you expression of we will not be stopped by the sky what when you do and have a shooting like this at the school people people have an outpouring they come in put flowers what what's what's happening there with the with the community. Lot of why are there from below without your boat tour I think the biggest tribute to go there was the fact of the newspaper. God published the fact that they took a page of their editorial page you'd call the names of the victims and air if you read stories it was like. You know and these people have died in this is why they were great in this is you know their tribute earn their living tribute. Actually not the president published the paper today I kind of saw them that would happen armed. Because you know journalists are tough people underwent on the first responders were often they're reporting soaring it's still. Today now where you have social media that is so active it would have happened yesterday afternoon when I know that it was a newspaper we need to be addressed swings that repeat. I'm newspaper would get mad building but we didn't know because it shares Alderson as well as other professionals like doctors like lawyers and I'm good exact. So you know we got our helicopters near the helicopter's able to bear on what's going on and then. The people in the newsroom began tweeting and misinformation out on social media but there were high underneath a desk that he listens to really good and it. Oh you know stop shoot and then reloaded begins firing again you know it's showing the we got a firsthand account from these folks who are normally dedicated. But they're very courageous to keep doing their part as this room is under attack. Yeah yeah it really bring those those tweets yesterday you're right I mean that's just brought us right to the scene it was just scary but they do I understand correctly that they are good they are pushing for the death penalty now if convicted. Alternate because you're Maryland has does not have to definitely law to corrupt folks here. But several years ago so others are gritty of this sloppy industrial occasional or something. I'm unless something happens in the legislature within the next year or so where are but I doubt that whatever out. Tell Doral and then you know you're right they're so you can clear up some of the stuff we've heard we've heard that he mutilated his finger so he couldn't be identified. That question was asked today are happy news conference of these states attorney they're going to turn the art in each county here in Maryland this sort of liked. The district attorney present is in Pennsylvania so the State's attorney used partially lending group handling the case. You would ask that question so I'm and that. He would not say whether or not that happened so that are still. Well unclear. And and there was also reported dead this guy brought in smoke grenades was at disaster and verified. He tell you what they're not not only small grenades but he blew out these front doors with a shotgun. Our and then walked in your new German began firing Barkley the journal assuming you haven't turned deep twist in this case. I'd what's not working there. He just randomly be skimmed firing everybody and so you did appear he didn't care who usually shot. Well he just was getting revenge is beckoned to folks simply the capital gazette by the way that ordeal oldest newspaper in the country go to December that's been around since he's seventeen hundreds of published. A copy of the declaration of independence. Go like I said you know they published him you are a story today and I heard from the publication today doesn't really surprised. Well when we when we mentioned that we're gonna talk to you you know after the 4 o'clock news we got a bunch of text here saying I miss some how's he doing as some people wanna know how aria. Just talk and I've been working here or not W their own Baltimore for a number of years now. Are we have on a television station and radio station combos so I was different and operation were owned by the Hearst Corp. which is fantastic to work short on Aniston were really committed to journalists and so I like to get darker counselors here from have a lot of family and friends there. Oh minutes it's so big interest under. Detect it kind of feels like a little bit of pride that you're there in the midst of it Mark Davis is here and wants to say hello to my. Till I got to thank you know how busy against when you're covering a major story now the let the folks at home no realized. They're still without with twenty different ABC stations across the country today. Also was for an extended period of time with MSNBC. So I contacted him earlier I said I completely understand that you too busy did not sure how about the 4 o'clock hour. Yeah that's the way you are really appreciate the time yes we do know. Well mark thank you very much appreciate it pencil thank you very much for talk to us be safe. No problem have a good afternoon and so yup Kozlowski.