PEMA Director Rick Flinn, about the tornado aftermath, with Frank Andrews

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Thursday, June 14th
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency Director Rick Flinn, about the tornado aftermath, with Frank Andrews

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And on the line with us right now is Rick Flinn Pennsylvania emergency management agency director mr. Flint thank you so much for your work and thank you for calling us what's the situation there Cirque. I think is the governor ICI I would do it this morning and then went ahead and ended the tour of the area and cabinet presided as soon as you know don't tell a true story did the devastation occurred and the city businesses such as. There are so right now we know there were 23 businesses is preliminary the country businesses affected. And destroyed nine had major damage and create minimum damaged we're looking with a carrying Tom armored management coordinator. And Lou Morgan and she's dead now we're will. Could I got to team up there were continuing doing the debt disaster assessment. But I can tell you it was horrible commuter response. To first understand the tremendous job wheat when we got the word we went ahead and activated our com offers bunch are farmer's operations center. And went ahead and armed alerted to continue task force one which is a current urban search and rescue came out of Chile. I just in case they were needed as well as are stated command your team thank goodness they weren't needed timing was everything. Only six injuries of minor could. Out of the whole Lotta bad and was basically because they timing of this. This tornados are mature and AJ you have true reporting. Have to her room from the National Weather Service about a 130 miles an hour. Affected. Today came in and hit an eight and get a great time meaning that. Very few people were actually missed or you dinosaurs were close. Mr. Flynn. That's my emergency management now as people or bring people need help or information kind of putting their lives back together after this devastation that you just kind of spelled out is that your office that will be coordinating that. I know we will be supporting. The Lucerne county. Must demand and so if they haven't asked any issues and concerns and like I said the good news it is. Very few residents. Object businesses and and obviously they are employed they employees that are associated with that. But we will we working with the cap any to provide any state support that they need. But an answer that question certainly be at your best bet is for them to reach out to again the county Mercer management office have the Indian who has earned. Now and knowing that you know volley all the paperwork that goes on here would wouldn't be likely that we would expect any kind of federal data and I know that would be the governor who would ask for a but is this kind of situation were Washington might get involved dealt. Well. I am very it because there's. If anything it would probably be the opportunity for an economic alone for businesses who may be out. Off for a long period time and they lose they gave portion of there in com. And we certainly will work with that. I'm it is started in actual you know other type of disaster. Decorations or or. Help from pima probably not just manage people's expectations but everything has to meet a threshold. Are they eighteen million dollars in desert got damages and are uninsured costs and you know the majority of the businesses are obviously were. Stores are major international companies and typically there they've they've they've got insurance to cover those things but. Where were to continue the assessment and I work with the economy and different factors any opportunity approach to. Seek out our federal assistance we certainly will swell. But let's try just wash you know if there's any information you need to get out WLK is here and we're glad to go to work with you thank you for your health sir. You're welcome sir I appreciate your conduct here listeners. My pleasure that's a Pennsylvania emergency management agency director that is Rick Flynn.