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Monday, May 14th

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And we have an event coming up that we want you to become. And won't talk about all leave particulars. The events were very happy to have though the coordinator of this event with us today Pauline Murkowski. On WLK event coordinator of breathed it deep get any PA. Five K in an Kirby park coming up on Sunday June the twenty forests. And this is to raise awareness and funding. For of people impacted by lung cancer polling comes. Thank you good morning sue it's good to happier side I start Alex the obviously basic question about your own experience were you affected by. Lung cancer. Yes and this is why I chose to begin a lot globally in northeastern Pennsylvania. My husband. Died of for stage four lung cancer in June of 2009. And sorry for your loss because it is just absolutely. It's it's a terrible disease and it's. Is Som just absolutely devastating to go through also like them for free is family because it did it it does not always have a good ending finale doesn't my husband was treated to lift schema therapy for sixteen months from the time he was diagnosed. To his passing. And it's very it's very debilitating disease and as you know chemotherapy is just very debilitating as well. But he he thought. Mary. Hairy heart. And unfortunately with stage four lung cancer. In there is usually not a good outcome. Man and we found that doubt till when we lost her own LH around here. His battle was probably very similar to your husband's to do was say these the onset the diagnosis. You know it's one of these things where you that you express a lot of optimism and hope but then things. Sometimes happen where you just think to yourself wow this is still getting grimmer and grimmer and grimmer so. I guess what we want to do in the future is choose spare other people of the pain of of going through this and that can be done obviously. Through our collective work to number one and talked to people about. Possibly screening because we screening does actually pay off sometimes are absolutely. But unfortunately with lung cancer right now. Our early detection screening and tests up and that's what part of being research is being done to find a test for early detection. Of the early stages of lung cancer there really aren't any symptoms. And most people that are diagnosed with stage one or stage tube. It was by accident that they re diagnosed. And it's usually stage four. Is where you start getting symptoms of something being wrong so longevity he's goal of course is too with their research is to find. Early detection test and of course. Immune therapy and new therapies for lung cancer and I have been hearing not about immune therapy can talk to us about what it is for people have no idea. Well there are a few new drugs out there and you didn't immunotherapy. And they are showing she again there. Pinpointed to a particular type of lung cancer there are different types so. Right now it's only one particular type of lung cancer that's being treated. With the immunotherapy. But it's certainly in the right direction. And that's they are going to find continue to fine to other other. Therapies for it longevity has. 118. Research projects. In 68. Institutions in 23 states across the country. So you are certainly one of the people who might be in in the know about the as we know there are a lot of fatten drug trials that are going on and in certain areas or their drug trounced four lung cancer. That I'm not sure math. I'm not sure about but it's you know into lung cancer is just. It kills more people yearly event all to eat three other top cancers. It's just two very very. Scary actually and only 6% of government funding for colon cancer research so we need. A foundation like longevity. To be out there doing research to try and finding answers. And certainly is as you know through your own experience when you. Aren't the the family member who is. The support system the encourage her that the person who has to stage. I even won when times are earth task I know that your foundation also helps people. Who are in that particular predicament because it's a very difficult road to wakin. I know from our experience here. We have a lot of questions about everything and analytic concerns about everything. And sometimes see in I just ignored return then I I think it's good deal also provide some support for individuals who have to beat. The backbone of the Stanley. Tell absolutely. They have the largest. Online support. Group in the country for lung cancer. A lender be a caregiver and me. Patients. Are any other family members there's help out there for them. There's a peer to peer where. Longevity will team up eight. Patients with another. I'm cancer survivor. So you know they could talk to people daily if they need to and that's sometimes you just you just need somebody to listen you just need somebody to talk to. I appreciate that kind of support the do offer also. And mr. peace eight I think a couple of years ago and I I interviewed a woman who was diagnosed with lung cancer and is back. The question that everybody asks about lung cancer early times smoking. Well did you spokeswomen said I did not smoke and I still got lung cancer so can you talk and enlighten the people about how. That also is. Something that can't happen this does not only happened to smokers tell absolutely not cash and the sad part is is that there's a stigma that. Is out there a balance. You know lung cancer being a smoker's disease and we've got to. Dispel mad because 65%. Of being diagnosed. People. Cool never smoked or quit smoking 65%. That's. So it's it's not a smoker's disease and legacy and we really need to remind people that. Add the same time we do know that smokers get lung cancer is a some of the focus of your organization to. Encourage people not to smoke in the first place. Well they don't I don't believe lung longevity. A point a finger makes anyone feel guilty about it. And they don't they don't really eat. I don't see them going in that direction with their message aspect. But it didn't just and CEO and let people now if you don't smoke ever I don't start don't start this. Not a time to start and we've we agree on how the so so about the event itself filed in Kirby park on Sunday. June the 24 that you see there's a a couple of ways you can get involved in this event. He can be in the the five K you can be in the fund around you can probably just tell rock you just don't aorta whatever. Whatever makes you. And the most comfortable or it I'll absolutely. And our registration. And check in begins at 9 AM we have a 10 AM program and block fund run begins at 1030. And it's a really very scenic. I'll walk. Egos across San market street bridge and they walked down along the river locked. And then back over and walk along and he let me in Kirby park. And it is a true five K walk fund run. So it is somewhat competitive. Well beyond the runners go out first and we encourage people that in now it's five K is too far if you walk you can stop and turn around any time it's it's set. I know pressure type of the events it's in a pet friendly you can take your pet. Sponge clean up the stroller friendly in Allen it's it's a family it's kind of an event really. The engineer throwing great about events like this is the you do get to meet people who share a similar experience and some people. Do it they don't reach out. And totally go to something like this and then they find somebody who shares come balance them and I know that's part of why you're there is too. Let people know you're not alone and that's and and some people feel as though they have to be closed up and they can't reach out and won now that this is a nice event for them. To actually come on speak. To people while they're going to Europe absolutely every one can say every one marriage has a contact with someone. Had lung cancer whether it be family member friends. Relatives whatever it's out there and it's. With this block in northeastern Pennsylvania. And it's not just the fact that it's in Kirby park I mean. Scranton people like wanna count me haseltine and we cannot get involved this is a northeastern Pennsylvania dance. Arie and today is the day when we begin hectoring people get on our team that. Team turn around. And you said that you listened. To LA turnaround and as a listener in the uniform in Kenya and then he was a very knowledgeable guy irate I'll absolutely. And then we want to do something special just to remind our audience Cendant this weekend that this event will be held June 24. That is almost to the days the anniversary of trust passing. He asked if he passed away on the 25. So that is almost. The you know he died on that Sunday. You know the lock. Says you know I just look at it that way so I don't tell us. It's it's a ways to take some merit you know pain and sadness no way inland they hand to an event. Where there will be encouragement and hope for the future. Yes and celebrate his life we sure are well and weaned apparently I have to Hector you harder to get onto teams around. Tell people how they can do it maybe I'm not telling them the right thing from. All right where we have our web site. It's. Www. Longevity. LE UN GE V I TY. Back slash. NE PK I excuse me longevity dot board. Backlash. Any PA and that's our local website and you can register for the block. Right there. RA and I want you to do in some way share perform a little tribute short term. I'm reaching out to you and asking you because when he was when he was sick a lot of peoples of what we do. And a lot of people did a lot of things and they were graded and they you know they kept his spirits up but here's ways that we can perpetuate his legacy. Even further when you go to. LO UN GE EV I TY dot org. Slash any PA and sign up for teams around. Because I want you to an end anyway you can help you can run you can marquis can show up you can donate you don't even have to be there you can do it every wanna do. And we will be. Very appreciative and everything you do right that's the way we're gonna frame this up and now you told me today I now have increased duties so I. I taking advantage of the fact that might duties have been increase today. How can so I take it to these airwaves as often as I have to do. And until the event is here in June the 24 and we are going to make it a very good event I know you have a lot of other people come out. And I know it's important to them but it's important to us and I just want you reiterated the. Message that we want people to help peel off thank you and took and we are looking to. Bill this block and for the future this is our eight year. And each year we'd like to growing a little bit and get more people from northeastern Pennsylvania involved. Well it's going to be asked him are going to be there and I appreciate the fact he came in today to. You know encourage the people and then start this media tour. On a way that's a proactive and positive. End. I'm I'm hoping that they're taken my message seriously today we just want you to come in as early as possible and you'll come back great I'll absolutely. If if they're not listening to my message that they're listened to your message. And then it's a done together pollen counts it's great to see you. And it's great to talk about this upcoming event for. Three and TE. PA five K it's fun walk and run. To stop lung cancer and now eight. This memory an alum McCaskey your wonderful husband yes a little bit about it before and they go because I feel like we should talk about them. He was found. I could I consider him Renaissance man he hunts city faced. Very Colleen. Involved with the community each. Plane painted played music played the trumpet. He Alicia sent all around Family Guy just a really really good man. Well I hope pinch runner talking about the famous trumpet players often have. Do you think they are because I do. I did tune and I hope their both listening to this an area today and they want you to come out because I do choose Sunday June the 24. Register access. Lung. GMT let me spell out LU and the GE B I TY dot org slash any PA so we have team's turnaround. We need to build this team is as greatly as we can. And we'll see you again I'm glad you came in an engineer involved and more immediate cure in the building so that's cool. Paulina was a pleasure to have you on the airwaves to talk about this and we hope police got some interest for a thank you.