Paul Tucker, Publisher of the Union News, about Supreme Court decision that public sector employees don't have to pay fees to unions representing them, with Frank Andrews

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Wednesday, June 27th
Paul Tucker, Publisher of the Union News, talks to Frank Andrews about the Supreme Court decision that non union government employees don't have to pay "agency fees" to unions representing them in collective bargaining

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And he is the publisher of the union news how are your palm. Right after there aren't so first question your your reaction as the guy with your finger on the pulse you use your reaction to the Supreme Court ruling. Well the food are going to this is garnered public sector big time result question nobody told them I hit a bomb Serb. Occurs that we all have a question about fact happens overnight they'll be some time which. A field that members are current members of the people who are members of both public sector unions are gonna have to do. The only evaluate for themselves whether or not they wanna continue participating with the unions. Okay now this this doesn't affect steelworkers carpenters and so this affects our government employee unions right. Yeah that's what little you can do represented public sector union members which some of them do I mean the majority of all I can share. Are they union that we're talking about would be teachers unions. Would be asked me to misrepresent. A lot of bonds stayed employees. The FTI you. Each one a low. Like to see you for instance they have to be approximately two million active members. There one million album back Papelbon. Well I think the public sector if Dave were present but for instance there is. Welcome to assist our fifth the other possibility is a private health hospital wolf this is back fact that. If they represented government workers that are working at a government today. It will affect gulf. OK so I suppose you have a government entity and you know about the 100 employees there are. Let's say ask me or SE IU okay and now you got does you know 51 of them decide they don't wanna be in the union just because they don't wanna pay into the dues does that also take away the ability to negotiate with the management. They get down below 50%. Of the first to post the first thing that's what happened first this please basically C you know. That's what this is really a this year we love Bowden stepped people who don't really wanna be a member of the union. Are they union kind of dark and found her behalf. And say hey some type of C. Dude the union has told rat dead union and then bargain under beat out. And that the numbers move around depending on the union's. But at approximately wolf say 75%. That the nonunion members now paying a no way to make 5% of rugby union member it's so good pay. Then returned against everything. That he union member gets. And that's been asked to take effect immediately that the good people vote HTTP. Workers Wheldon. We now live from paying any thanks is gonna be an initial hit the basically from big run because this ruling will take effective. And would. Person well Dan no under happen any time you don't see subtracted from their paychecks step help pay for the union. Bad represented there are fellow workers but do you so complex it is possible probably step. Now there what you just said was kind of the argument of abide by the unions in the Supreme Court they said wait a minute where we're negotiating a contract. And the people who are not in the union are still gonna benefit from the wages a smoke breaks whatever and so they should at least pay something because we're negotiating on their behalf and I. Regard him in the beginning that's applied this little bit at that time and from above I guess forty years to glove that the Supreme Court. Love that in fact of labor union can. Make there are the people who don't wanna join the union are paid to Florida. Aborted because they're getting basically the provision that. The union members. Can you and I mean I'm I'm asking all these tough questions that I've I think it's like talking to the Dali Lama wanna talk to about unions but can you can you give me a hand of of what the impact on teachers unions will be because you say teacher union in this area and people go bonkers yeah what do you see as the impact what I. Located there will be teachers union leaders are American Federation of Teachers and there's a National Education Association minority and DA. I'm still big districts format this district granted that represented by the JFK has been areas represented by the JFK. The other is why quote spray area and any of the other districts are represented by eight. What's crap Pennsylvania State education association which is affiliated with the any day. Now the I'd rather be back out there are not for a couple of years despite conversations. About this agency okay. And general rounded up more than a year ago this sort of for the sudden death. That these girls because it'll look like pepper and was going to be fighting for against the union. And then he passed away somebody before the ruling was made even though the case had already been hurt at all. Yes I did you get an opportunity to refer to numbers and start talking to people so and let's say that's the good. Continues by the FDA around here to TS PA. Com and the federation of teachers don't they have relatively hello mom 2000 blow people they represented. Has chosen not to be Interpol member that's beyond where their percentages might slow work. Then also a ask me for instance I think we have Steve decide again depending on it every area is different every county could be different. Say approximately maybe 20%. Of the people help would be asked to remember refused to join the yes we union and therefore the only pay agency thing. The teacher unions for the most part. And not have a very big seem to have budget crunch the numbers are very low percentage of their members are not members there refused to join. Who didn't see your full membership so we'll see how this Russian. And it's been incredible being done on the other side there's a couple already groups. That have complicate PGA but it could go to our effective. Public sector workers in 22 states in Pennsylvania happened to be one problem. It's probably about trying your Smart guy had Figueroa 22 states they are I have a list. And saw there. That we are held in the jail Bob no red state blue state the majority of them are Blue States. Flow problem of that group. They were talking about and some anti union groups. Staff has already anticipating. That this decision on their side. And I approve public records they have requested the names of it's addresses. Of these public sector employees. To take it so what should stay home. I requested may drop out of the unit that's you know Serbia and there's going to be a bill probably letters and emails and things to return. Ask me any day federation of teachers. He has done that total secure a year and a half Dave's been kind of get what's called recommitment cards. Com or membership for a bit try to talk to them. And try to get them to sign. A card they indicate. And I think we stepped it did their desire to stay in the union when this case. Fifty case in fact came against them. And maybe even been very successful I think there last number I. Was the education association got something like 800000. Nod their future members. And I find these cards. They're not committed so they can still change their mind because of this session was yet to be rendered so these cards in very. We're meeting restaurant and then you're trying to get a feel over the membership of feeling about their individual you always. Do you kind of anticipated what I was gonna ask you but you know I it seems to me and and please if I'm if I missed characterizing this you know focus may but it seems that one of the issues that brought this to the court was that some people didn't like. How the whole with the unions were supporting politically. And so I mean. Don't don't unions kinda have to in order to true. To keep their roles kinda have to say whoa wait a minute maybe we're gonna diversify a little bit on who we support. Today's drafting thing now and this would argue that the supreme courts are bit in this case in this particular case. That's the reason why they relate and CK. So intent that was kind of created in the first place now they weren't there is personnel I did not working in a union of gloved a ball. Have been pleased. That the they Rhode. This deal we were protecting them even totally different protests members. Up around saying that out of their way to public sector huge huge boost. And if you're gonna have money spent on politics by the individual union you have to get the authorization from that member. Just trying to art are praying that they can use your union dues to support a candidate. That the union supports. The thing that. The people didn't understand that they're they won't do everything in my in my seat instead I would pay and this support a candidate that I didn't write about my sexuality. Actually got to find a clarity. To a body could be inducted. Into their paychecks do you need to continue to support. A political candidate. And the majority government granted I would say do we support. Democratic candidates put. That's not then you know the Republican the next and it's just the borrower well I Republican guard but I guess that's maybe some of the argument has some people would disable your security and we score more Democrats and Republicans. The other Republicans are trying to beat our brains ends up you know. Like what do you think is gonna happen next. I think you're going to see public sector union. They're gonna take a major hit on this world kids love this lashes out but I think you're trying to seek an active campaign. Among the anti union groups that were common to Pennsylvania. In 08 in the so if they attack these are a big factor members to drop out of the union. Now if I'm this is going to be our hard way I'm gonna say this but it almost sounds like that group that you're talking about could be like hired guns to commence a new union busting. They brought. Standard and we were definitely people and they make money on this and that's what you mean there's going to be people that will be. I shared by these groups to come into Pennsylvania and early Pasqua obeyed. It can and try to make they're going to be able to go to the public sect that is a public record. Everybody roared for a government and a name and addresses are available and public records how is gonna do you're kind of trying to peak. Probably postcards and man up and Paul and maybe they are depending on how much information and very able to get their hands on. And they're going as a jab step. I try to find a way. Dad you're so if you wanna be a member. And you can get what they need to members getting EnerNOC I have to pay for us. Okay how do people get your newspaper which is really not something that is keeping track of all the unions and banks and again I'd I'd I'd call you like to you know there you go rule on this but but how people really matters here we had too many too many yeah. Over the did the newspaper isn't actually available by subscription it's awful we had a vote someplace sidewalks outside the papers typically located spin and Scranton wilkes-barre market. It's great to be picked up three and just play good in downtown looks very we have focused on the island downtown Scranton. And you know you can just want to pick up a copy you don't have to speak honestly get on the paper bag did not like an old Playboy magazine for twelve year old. And but you know we cover I'm not trying to do is concentrate on employment issue and labor issues. Paul thanks for taking time talk to me thanks for all right in there when I'm going to let you try to to Imus Paul Tucker should publisher of the union dues so.