Paul Tucker, Editor and Publisher of the Union News about if employees who work in the public/government sector should have to pay dues to unions they don't agree with but still represent them

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Friday, February 9th

Paul Tucker, Editor and Publisher of the Union News talks to Frank Andrews about a Supreme Court case which will decide if employees who work in the public/government sector should have to pay dues to unions they don't agree with but still represent them.


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I have had a friend who is the editor and publisher of the union news Paul Tucker's been my friend for about 9000 years and he is on the line with us right now what do you think in his case spot. Well I think it's this it's extremely important case to the public sector unions and particularly unions like ask me. National Education Association the FBI you. American Federation of Teachers. Other solid is. That it's going to economically harmed them. We'll see how this comes down because it just several years ago and actually 26 contains some very similar cases. I was called Frederick case. Was heard before the Supreme Court. In before a decision was rendered. Justice Scalia passed away. And it was unexpected error about the ruling would be 54 against the labor unions. And they would abolish its call agencies see in April PC you cannot force. A person who works for public sector you grip to a public sector any government. Doesn't have to Beatles for unions they could be any union that represents government workers. You can't force them to join the union. What you can do adults since the unions are mandatory that you bargain around her behalf whatever it is they negotiate. Whip the employer. They get the same wages as every union member does they get the protected by the union the same as the union members does. They pay approximately 60%. All I want to pay full fledged union member pace. And the argument was. That do you subtract. Any political monies because if someone is most say is a Republican member. And doesn't believe strongly that his union. That's too much spending are too much support. For a democratic candidate or Republican candidate he can check off. And not have to pay that money toward. The union desk when he used that money and support democratic candidate or Republican candidate. You know I think there's a lot of misconception that does the unions only support. Our democratic candidates like here in Pennsylvania there is a good history. Just plain some Republican John Heinz treat this senator Hines slender Republican and you got strong labor support. So written inspector while he was a Republican he got some strong labor support. So let's just it's about really about like getting your brains beat in mr. Republican candidate this campaign down. This side is that he's back on the support labor union I can see why anybody should regard me at the labor union should support him. All that apology and then in the story here that you know it I mean the headline this kind of like a sensational does not overly stated pitcher they have a picture of Neal gore socialite and I called a sudden he's a major factor cheered. Do you have a sense of where this is on the golf. I fire it Tibetan man frank as you probably know we've yardage on her long time but not. I filed Tibetan persons of course didn't get seated there have been his views are from the bench. Have been extremely. Conservative. When it comes to labor issues. So I think I have nothing to labor unions are the ones that again this one affect all unions is that a bow. Unions that represent government workers. Would that include teachers. Oh yeah boy had a teachers. Com service employees to see American federation of state county municipal employees ask me which are present a lot of workers here in Pennsylvania people who work. Forward. Of the state government money of our members are asking members to. Then of course American Federation of Teachers which isn't too big teachers' unions in the United States is DA if the American Federation of Teachers. In the National Education Association anyway. Now told affect them. Currently. I have a right to try and amoeba or it's so dependent which union you're talking about now and ask me in Pennsylvania partially 25%. Are asking members. Haven't joined the union entirely daily Pedro latency C and I says they get 60% the union get 60%. I want a union member pace. So all of it's it's it's gonna affect the economics exam. And and polished and to spell that out how. It it if if the ruling comes out against the rush how how how and why does it have such a big economic impact. Ulterior swept at this distance all basis in the late sixties when the federal government gave the ability see up at that point of being overall. All he'll also those that are few years couple days remember that a lot of times that he used to be commonplace. That if you want to get your son or daughter. TJ whose job opinion Dell streak. Lot of times you had a paperback sometimes you're always just talk about this little back door deal now knows somebody yeah yeah outsold you had to pull somebody so. Will they and then some type especially like if you have a sudden that worked for the local department of public know purchased. And he got his job to a particular error and then air lost next election or do they get actually dismissed that person. And high end and somebody were not a political higher would get hired. There were so what happened ward did labor unions that were granted the rights star representing. Told public sector workers. So I'm not playing well during the late 1960s. And B how she does not and how long term goal that's win and Martin Luther King was murdered. In 68. Well he was supporting. On the principal employees the right to organize they were mostly black people but they were actual week. Refuge collectors and he was actually murdered while he was supporting a strike to try to gain union portables workers. Slow on in 1977. There was a court cases Supreme Court case which is called B a Buddhist purses. The Department of Education Detroit Department of Education. You came out of our case. Is that they felt it was unfair for a union. For most field get a public sector union blue. I have to represented worker to pay nothing toward the only. So they're can be off they go away and then they negotiate a fifty cents an hour wage. Everybody would get their fifty cents an hour wage including those who refused to join the union so they came up with this mechanism where you should try it. The political. He's that would did that in particular you mean we're spending. And didn't add up to be around 60%. Well that's what they paid toward union representation. So. The numbers vary but like I ask me here in Pennsylvania represented thousands I'll stay workers. They have approximately 2.5 percent of their members ain't agencies face the period. That if the Supreme Court ruled against Asian PC. Don't automatically lose. That 25%. Of those people that are paying. That 60%. For the union rank and or anything they want that they won't pay any thing. But the bigger dirt now this could wait in sync they gave good Supreme Court could surprise. People because what and it turned out that they may netted the union doesn't have to represent the old workers said the the only fair do we think the only fairway or to do. Is to make argument that okay fine you're not gonna pay a dime store you'd hear a presentation will be your nation have to represent you so if you heard. But it kind of job ordered these old it's good you feel like there's something going in your workplace that's fair do you effect union's problem. It's a. Right now and I wanna ask you two questions and and the first one is just generally speaking what what is the status of unions in northeastern and central Pennsylvania. This region's still has a lot of strength of the old saw that Pennsylvania is it is in the top five foot tall broad presentation. Salvaged. Wreck and the fact unions like to Teamsters and the machinist. Bomb in the steelworkers. This is going to be more benefactors 22 states in the union. That seed you can. The Kosher you can actually legislatively. Eliminate what's this idea that a portable it's right to work but that's. You like to work for public sector employees there's 28 states in the union that's still have a right to work off and we're not one right for your when he first week of a right to work walk out yes if you're if you're working in Pennsylvania terms of condition of employment. Can be after a probationary period where rep tie me agreement negotiated. That'd be sixty days ninety days 120 days. You have to become a member of the bargaining unit so yes this from Pennsylvania is still a right to work this is a non right to work state right honestly if they don't total. But this is a different issue altogether. Because they're crack in what they go to Wisconsin for instance when I read probably Republican legislature. Couple years go wonders governor Scott Walker they eliminated. Right to work there I'd like to work legislatively. And government workers which you know and time. Bad nobody had to pay any dues at all and any for any circumstances. To any union that did that they've they're they're represented by. It has great impact in Wisconsin that's been around talked went 60% of remembers what's happened without walls and backed it. Just two states in the union. That's still have public sector. Like to work. Right to work in Pennsylvania also being one of them if that's federal regulation comes through the Supreme Court. Told Tony to stage we'll have to withdraw I hate I hate this Supreme Court ruling which means. All public sector. Unions. Will not be able to collect agency peace. From any of. Remember respond and that's a so this is dirt and this is a very big case now it is going to be argued on February 26 edition and and again I you know I I call you I always bug you on questions like this because you're you know you're the mansion if people wanna get a copy of the union knows how do they. Sixty locales in Brazil according to Connie it's it's a freebie. A loose there's about a half a dozen spots including interestingly in downtown looks very just suddenly you'll you'll see our you our white. Union new relaxed. Well guess we know a few different sometimes they may be don't even pay attention to want to walk into doors we try to get them out as many as we can't we pray assembly plant. Physically different 7000 newspapers and distribute them. Q what was and lock on account he's seven years trying to bend publishing a paper. I and that's how long have known you Paul thanks for taking time on your Friday and grateful for your way to guard tank could well I'll tell you to Paul Tucker should the editor and publisher of the union news.