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Monday, August 28th

US Senator Pat Toomey (R) with WILK's Sue Henry


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Senator pat to eat joins us to talk about issues from Washington which where I was appreciate. Pat the morning. Good morning to banks banks are having me but I thought I'd go out into the wrong show and I heard the bullet now well on the bumper music does scientists are. I know you've grown accustomed to the almonds but. That today we're getting back to school songs because at that timing here and I'm so stuck up first of all about this. Hurricane that is devastating. Texas and that federal response. It's well I'm not very close to that it might imagine and of course it's still unfolding at the bed early indication that's seen its seems that team has some at least initially been doing a pretty good job. She they had. You know pre deployed a lot of resources. And that's so it's really important thing because you know people are going to be out of food and water and shelter and mum so. So hopefully. They're getting to people it's just it's incredible what's gonna happen. The greater Houston. And that I'm afraid I've been surprised that we haven't heard about higher numbers of totality just given the incredible similarity of of this storm. You know so far. It's been devastating but. Lots of life has been and has been. Relatively minimize and so that's that's the goodness. It looks like the aftermath disaster today there may be as many as 450000. FEMA claims and that is there is something Warren there's always this discussion about how much involvement says should there be how much can the United States. I'm beer to commit to something like this so I'm sure this will fall into accord at some. Plan. Yeah I think this is gonna be very hotly debated issue because the federal flood insurance program in and so. Essentially insolvent and then there's about to get hit with what might be the biggest wave of coins ever so. Yeah quarter and have a lot of work to their. And and that's not all the work the have to do by the way I mean there aren't tall loose issues that to the country is looking at so Washington. To take app and then the one that we talk about to periodically and you give us an update. Is any kind of legislation. Regarding tax reform known that that is an issue that you holds. Very very near and dear to your hard because that that's an issue really interested and well before you bill the senate. Yeah that's that's exactly right too and I am cautiously optimistic the reason I think tax reform that's so important is because I think that the single most important thing we can do. To generate much stronger economic growth you know this has been a very weak recovery. And a weak recovery means wages are stagnant. People don't have a lot of good. Options than in the workforce and they don't see that standard of living rise time that we can reverse that by having a booming economy. The response to the incentives. A much better tax code. Why then wages will start rising and people will see then they'll be able to afford a better standard of living for themselves and only so so it is a buried a priority for me. And I I'm I'm I'm look oh you're among Republican candidate for number one. Agenda item. For the remainder of the year there are other things we need to do as well but there's nothing more important and that's. And I'm I'm I'm cautiously optimistic that we'll get something done. Are asking any glimmers pat that the economy. Is improving a little bit. Yeah I think you could make that case. You know the American economy. Does better when the entire world economy is growing and on Europe has had an uptick. That is conferred the American economy. Most of the big Asian economies are. Sending along a reasonably well and that means those are those who you know where big exporters a big market trust. Our our own economy has been kind of holding its ground and growing at just less than 2% that week. But it is growth. So but I think if we get tax reform done right I can we could really have a pro. Why they're so many people who remained pessimistic on this issue in your opinion. Well I'm I'm not sure you know part of it probably it might be related to the extraordinary. Monetary policy that the central banks around the world who pursued including our own. I've I've been a critic of the idea and you know intra trade environment which we have for years we we still are very close to zero. And that's. I think that's an artificial environment that creates risks to the economy if people can't get a return. On savings in the bank or buying the bonds. They tend to shift them money to other assets and bid up the price of those other assets to sometimes to levels that really. I'm an economically sustainable and then there's a danger that that's what has been going on that that's part of why the stock market as a crime incidents. An and so this yes this is all a little bit distorted by the monetary policy. Then. Going back to a normal monetary policy which the Fed says swear sort of beginning the process of doing. Why some are concerned that bad that could unwind this. Abnormal. Inflation and asset prices and them only two problems. I think there is something to that theory but it as a kid it's just a theory at this point. And I I am sure of one thing about it if we get into senate trying to. In a good tax reform bill. We're gonna or were mitigate any any harm and most likely have. I think really good time for awhile. You've heard there the rhetoric down of the people say oh Lou if if there is taxi farm obviously it's the upper Echelon will benefit a ten day. The middle class once again sadly be left behind in any kind of or reform. What can you say Apache assure people in the middle class who have been. Hit really really hard these last couple years we're looking is saying and assure them that they aren't included I think. Value but I I have not met a senator yet but I think that we ought to raise taxes on the middle class urban want so that's not gonna happen. I think they'll be actually for the middle class. I think there will be there needs to be actually for business suite was quite a bit about a competitive disadvantage with the entire rest of the world. And if it's easier and better to do business in America that means more investment more jobs higher wages that's good for middle class as well. So I'm I. I understand people there's always a certain amount of skepticism but I think people will be really pleased with the tax reform package. It and we can get it done not planned and you know that's the big cast. Every channel and we talk there's something different and brewing in controversy L going nine and then it seems that that kind of goes on the back burner. Recently you probably have been very aware. Of side detention in in Charlottesville and the response. The president and I know that believe you also put out a very short response to this how how do you see this issue pat. Well look I I think the president made a big mistakes in his initial response. The president. Suggested that I think you get pumped into the effect that there're a lot of really good people. Marching alongside. Web. The bad guys like the neo Nazis in the kkk and the like to Imus. I think that's a big mistake because good people don't do not join forces with those people credit. Then that is an outrageously. Awful. Percent of idea of the state they beat the best to trying I can say about it. These these crazy people that there's so few of them. You know when they try to have a rally they have been evident a phone book because there's just there's just nobody agrees Swiss. These cues or at least it's a very very small percentage of people. And I don't think the president was nearly as clear she should have them. About announcing. Those ideas. So he's tried to do that it's been spam. Ironing out. You know I. Hope we're able to move on from us. I think that sometimes there is another problem in the country that comes along and put something really in the rearview mirror I hope so too but he has been honest discussion about. These statues that there aren't many people find to be offensive what in your opinion what should happen to them should they be laughed should they be moved should it be Attila the individuals don't live in those communities to decide. Ultimately I think the last thing you just to. Yes it should be them the determining factor I think people in the communities in which these statutes exist. I did decide we want to keep the statue or not. At this statues to some people -- percent. Any essential part of our history and that the civil war was the defining event of American history. It was the civil war. That really was revolutionary in terms of that our society our economy. He's beginning. Of a process so expanding freedom. Two African American people here of African descent. And it took a hundred years before. We had a voting rights act and a Civil Rights Act that that really. With what's necessary even even a hundred years later so it's been a very painful process. I am it's an essential need to understand that history and to the extent that these statutes are about. Reminding us and informing us of our history I think he. Mayor of Richmond I think an African American suggested that rather than tear down. Our competitors statutes he's in favor of putting up a plaque but explain them and put some context. And he. That makes a lot of sense but I don't live enrichment and yes in Richmond is really seems to rappers cents. An icon to the white supremacy movement that I would understand people's Angola quotes but irrelevant. I would I would leave that up to the people who are. Who drive by the everything on the way to work. And has finally because we're almost out of time pat what about the president's remarks last week. On Afghanistan. Well I hate here. I think the president. Made it very very important and constructive departure from where we have. You remember when President Obama. Actually. Ordered a surge in American troops in Afghanistan. He never. Indicated that the goal was to to achieve a victory. And he did indicate the precise date on which they would be removed which of course created every reason in the world for the Taliban and every other terrorist organization. The decline in the way. Now why have a fight now when the president amount of American troops go pick on them. You can take over the country after the collapse and that's exactly what has happened so present trump. Insisted that it will be our strategy to have a victory over these terrorists who still wish to attack United States. And he's not going to specify the exact number of troops there's no need to tell the enemy. Exactly what you are doing and he's not gonna specify. But date on which shall we were strong but rather that being withdrawn depending and based on facts on the ground I think those principles are collapse. And I do think it's necessary to. Stabilize the ability of the Afghan people to defend themselves against the Taliban they don't want to be ruled by the Taliban. I'll bet that the Taliban come back then we have to war once again about them pop on al-Qaeda and crisis and planning and executing attacks are out again. So I think this is. Any. A move in the right direction. US senator Pat Toomey on his great to talk to the next month only top ear amen Brothers will be back. I put it it seem like very much.