Pastor Rich Clark.

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Wednesday, August 15th
Pastor Rich Clark of Bridgewater Church Tunkhannock with WILK's Nikki Stone

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Our pastor it's clerk from a neighbor to let her church and turned him into joining us to first I wanna start on a good note that. How is the here in Titanic how is the atmosphere there right now. I mean it's got to be great and the other than the flooding but you have girls. In the softball team and telling him thank. I amaze are. Yeah the it's been amazing to watch these little champion like all the other young ladies haven't experienced a lifetime. And to watch our community rally around them and support that you know the teacher Peter you know opening up and think hey come murder projected on the big screen. We know I'll watch article over it is isn't a great time right now Titanic in just. Watching a softball game for a second dutrow community is it's pretty cool. Have a good feeling about tonight's game so. I don't if you like I was up late last night watching into an intolerant and it was great the people analogy let's talk first and. Unbelievable. Well again thank you for calling it now when we have this report that came out come from our attorney general Josh Shapiro. Us stating that only 1000. Children in Pennsylvania have been affected by abuse in the Catholic Church. They have some identifying 301 predator priests in the state of PA including fifteen. That from a. B I dice clay season Scranton. Some in the C you know this is affected people in all of our counties here in northeast PAU they have a story. From freely and about. Bishop timlin paying somebody off. To not talk about a rape and abortion. Where does the church who we're we're Catholic Church go when they're hit with such a scandal like this pastor Clark. Well and I think. First of all it's a sad day but instead they went. When when things like this are taking place not just in the church but in the world. You know this is something the world is facing. Not just the church has. Apparently schools that happens and our military it happens in all aspects of life. Yes so it's not just the church. The Reid and go to your birdies because the church's. As replays of hope I'll place to change a place so. You are confined. Or so ago whom also follow and this is just a bit harsh on what god desired the church could be. But it's an example. You know that the people ability to human hearts. All the world where we sit today and how the world now I've got a regular department. Me now it's not. So what do you do think that Catholic should restructure themselves the way they're set I mean I know it's hard to speak you wanna speak for them. Being that your church is of the Baptist background. Yes we have Luke Baptist artistic nature. And to what we believe. Yeah. What is I don't know I think you're either for sure rupturing would fix. What is taking place I think. You about it this morning and look into the news in the end. You know. Greatly disheartened by what I heard any and when I read on the incident that Germany has also general nuisance and looking about it. Yes it is and transparency. You know the what needs to what needs to take place is that the Catholic churches be open. What what's taking place and and then make adjustments get the main aisle of ministry stopped covering at all. They're here is I believe that fear is that there if this comes out it's going in that harnisch church moratorium Irwin got what to do and and that's a problem man we bring announcing that we are responsible for. Protecting god. In some of the cases though they weren't even asked to leave the church they were just moved. To another. Group of district. Correct in itself it's part of the cover of dictated it it's gonna aren't what god wants to do is gonna return certainly you have the urge to the community. And and again they try to protect what god created which is the church and we got a great god god is bigger than you can thank god because you can cover all of this thing we just in view of how got called the deal work and the word. Has confessed that can I do it and move on and deal with the power consequence of villages are some of the choices. As I went and says in the Bible and Jesus had said many times about re seeing turning away from marsh and com. Did you think that maybe when they did move on to another district they did expect them Terry repent. And turn from the sand and maybe Indian you can't control man. Yourself. And and in what he's gonna do next. Well it kind of big and instead that is what you need to do a marcher they did. Each individual can't speak into that situation. And how many are areas does that take very good he. Right you can't begin Patricia what has happened though it. If we fail to recognize there's consequences for a choice as a consequence the source said. You know our actions and what we do what we do outside of a gut calls to do. So consequently have been taking care of and that of the greatest. Heartbreak in the entire say here have been victims yeah you have to do with the young boys and young girls that have been dealing with the pain for years. And what that has done and to their life. I don't know what that is done into the future and you can afford it they will only articles postmortem there started accumulating debt. And that the consequences and it played out in these export children have not received the hope that they need to walk through. Produce a good place. So what does a church as a whole do now to help people heal. It is and that's what the situation where where people are like why don't want to hear that because I'm gonna say. You're at this time and time of crisis you do turn defense. And people are like what they did try to turn guidance. And and they got it abuse and I was usually do Entergy that I've watched. God you walk people through our views. A game because not just the church situation it's a world situation. And so they're going to god in communities and you and walking through deduce which had that you're facing. I'm watching you people wouldn't trade that that would provide. I don't think he's the only one that brings perfect peace accord was ordered. And he's elected carry you through there and at the plate the feeling and I hope that's sort of designed for you know I think I was just reading in that first appeared to try this morning about. Serbian over Serbian shepherd of God's people clock under care watching over them out because you must because you're willing. For about well why should be not pursuing desire dating. But neither Serb not hoarding all the those entrusted you submit them. The leadership that god has put in place this is so personal the live impact not what these men and other men. Deviated from the stepped into the world early. So as a member of the church who might be her right now I'm not not that they were physically. Heard that there are hurting right now. And you've seen a lot of talk to a few people from the phase two who are just devastated. By this news I mean though we've heard you know rumors. Of things happening before Indiana where some arrests may here and there. But the magnitude of that is so heavy. What would you say and an outside pastor. To the members of the church. Basically. Said that particular to what about also picture on your faith and trust in god laden. And us. Never in and we put it in man full rating and Indian idol and that's not how god designed. We live in a world and the society. That we do what we wanted to do and when we always do what we wanted to do someone always European. And got it calls that would differ a bit differently in this world and the place sirte entrusted him in Jesus Christ. Not in man around. Very terrible. Mary to do anything else who would like to add this morning. Saying you know in this situation. The church will be poked. What church will be prodded and correctly so lectured the truth is revealed and consequently you're taking care I want or just pray we present these these families whose children music and not just the ones that are in the church again. This is it seems are catching the Catholic Church. The numbers of exposing. That. The depth of the human heart of saying. A prayed for those core fitness all around us. In our own communities that there'd be without outside the church. I'll abuse is a powerful thing and it destroys children streams and that there were erect their person their personalities it it just kind of the ships that are sold and leave them step forward couldn't get the help they need. They become poor girl watching the day. Very good thank you so much for being part of the show this morning pastor agent did you detect a timeout in an earlier today amazing man and I can't exploding all over the place to an area. You got here Lebanon. I appreciated so tell us what time your services are and how people can numb find your church. You can are seriously your every Sunday morning at nine and 1045. Are you can always find there'd be watered up or they're trying to location near you we're seeing more precise church. Five campuses and do we can always find a church here you are daughter we're here to serve god and serve the community. Thank you again for taking the time I appreciate it and get flooded did you. No we do not. That good but don't you we want to creek right but it never spilled over and you might like to be able to get here to there today because of some of the roads that are closed. Still he. But it can thank you so much for chicken and have a great day. You do take and take care our pastors Clark from a neighbor to a church in time and him and joining institute to else's stuff.