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Tuesday, June 12th

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And it's Kyle Mack welcome to our two of the show. We have the the parent. Travelers on for you this hour are gonna welcome them right now it's it's Bernadette and Mikey are Michael column answers that says my screen hi guys. I don't paper. He thinks they're thanks for coming on now I read through the and the email is sent and I did check out some videos on your on your FaceBook. So lots our listeners who haven't checked them out yet. I go to FaceBook dot com check out paranormal travelers just had in the search engine to pop up and give them light and see these guys are about. The biggest that's my first question now what is this about. It was an about and it com. Alex back story about it landed about I hear that it was announced any side you could eat I'm Browning and let it let it. Pat that and at the back. There should and I'm happy just seven at Eckstein with a car accident three time third round pick that out maybe about fifteen minutes between east. So ever since then haven't brought back to humans get beat Pete against each and it dead in the debt can actually Easter mean. I'm retired now and I start working on my crap and stop and just I need to actually progressed we have got older. To bring a group team members began to decreased seventeen which is now the Paramount. I'm so basically he's about at our own rob like I would be the lead investigator as well as the medium. My other partner Richard nor he would be the lead investigator as well. Demi and Bernadette I would bet that story and looks well all the information about the building that you OK John do about it. Expedition about we don't have Mike around that there would hurt it. And Dickie upload actually attacked two. Britney she's also EDT policy actually got up EDT detection works well we don't ended up on location as well. And we also has been under the hammer at the equipment as well also I mean. We waited we don't under current location to stop. Ali clients figure out the paranormal and comfortable we do would be government owned and everything ordered did that territory establishments and we actually you don't. Don't don't mean it is its Prius cars and find out its charge. But what that donated is that science to educate others that paternal epic bit out there. That's very good and let me ask how did you opt to your father too busy city are kind of like a team how did you get him in on this. I'm up against a short out your father is monies are part of your team on the threat rate. So our partner or my partner. I'm so I read that wrong online to. Your monitor doesn't say it what was it like on your father and saying I see I am. You know I see dead people but even that I mean how do you explain to a partner. That you. Yet you have these experiences and and what was the reaction. Or when I explained attorney and he can't react so anybody would guess at the very first time like skeptical and complex. An insult one day you know. I kind of sat him down and I read through and and I told him about a story about his father who we are we asked the wage. About hidden in his body did ask the age I think you have that he's just seven or eight I want a stretch. It's time out you know me my partner or tenure that part sell that very pregnant mom that she is now I'm having been born at that time. Shelling mean ever since you know that internal. Opinion certain rights found on the one pitch. We know about it that they catch this community out there. And he just stood there and she. I didn't need that you know there is no way to you can tell it especially how big is this what. What does it cap benign everything he can't be continued art you know I wouldn't even born so there's no way to protect even understood or what was going on in the white. Do think that he was experiencing. One agreement aboard air. Then I'm I'm just fascinated by this so my questions might go all over the place but hopefully they to add to something good to hear what gum. And also like to be dead I mean did you have any recollection of that experience. Pretty good question next time. She can you that I'm. Did that way that I can think wide explain you about what it feels like being dead is found your site in this dark alien dream. That's huge you see you can't be speeds now he touched you can't hear. It's been very relaxing. Very relaxing and feeling that you see now. And what I was brought back Correll. It was that feeling I get money to come back to the physical well I want to be right well what I would have kept. Dealing beautiful young and you've been everlasting. How would that darknets you know com. And that darknets sort of very pleasant feeling darkness but well. And hold higher capability DC that you know when he wanders to other person that you can feel light light when you go to what's. You can see the light right most people don't understand this but the fact it right right into that if you achieved when you've tied you don't want to move on to the afterlife. You could always shoot could be reborn again every ball and I seen the light light is actually coming out of your mom for the first time being polite little. Very very curt it's so I mean my experience that when I was out and let that look like Bob. On darkness the dream you're dreaming there is no injury. And you should be at least feel like if you think it starts track or or some silly science fiction. Deeply in you'd be being the starches she bite your really really really really quite. And yeah. Actor that would be very groggy I'd like to beat back seat it was fast and he's right well so not my body would not the result chain. And there is no shot there was notes that mr. Richards ever lasting and how well. That's amazing and I anywhere around brown said he's had three separate times. The three separate times first I was actually into rounding up and I. I'd second try and I thought the kid at it has been cut tire and then the third time what a car. And it went up but only three time. Wow wow and an outlet went on to someone else by life insurance policy and you. It. Expect a little except there but it isn't just a lot and he'd say I present accents I mean Ivan and two house fires. And in my life I wouldn't even I didn't die you know three times its like. And and that that's amazing 18 York experience I'm gains could Jew. If there was a religion that you would say like play is more towards your experience in the afterlife and dying on could could you equated to one of them are maybe more than one. I would probably say it's it's definitely I'll more than one. It definitely is more note on the bottom because on spirit come true Iranians are quite that they're spirit battle come through with religion I. Wait there's religion why we're just did then. Christian and you know there's a lot of spirit in the right back come through in different religions which so when I'm reading their loved ones and I'm delegating and it from Cincinnati. Bottom. So alien from Asia and giving them their loved ones that disparage atrial. Do some of their originality there at there religion right. What Christians and in about an hour away at I understand or Catholic or anything like you know a lot like I've been part that I randomly reach. That don't even know me and you know I can bridge that leads them. What. Owner bought her mother looked like image. I made the way we he did that very person they think it's you know Rabin and what was panicking that he's been able to do that these beware. What's certain song that they use this thing Q when you were a child and stop like bat. So I mean it is just hit me all at once and desperate I can describe that feeling when I'm reading which is. There's a lot of presser. As opposed to meet here come through but when they come through you don't really physically see exactly what they look like it's more wide but what you did she. There outline of their body with extremely blowing right. Being around her body and then if you can actually hear about looking underwater and you seem to rebel attacks. The ripple effect comes off their site when I'm actually reading and strip alligators. To meet its Mike why it's. What they want neither Thomas. How an have you have a lot of guess the other characteristics of the person when they pass on I you don't lose that is what you're saying I found if there person is religious and they believe. You know that on the day where process something like that you might you might notice that on them. Absolutely absolutely obvious sign that hybrids and that was very religious to have a certain Bible and Tom that would specifically given to a loved one that's alive the now aspect handle that went out. That something's something old something new oak. I'm so I see Redick client a couple of weeks of an arm and explain to them. Jerry this Christian book that your great you know you're deceased mother gave you haven't seen that it's the Bible. And I think she has certain Rosemary even I didn't stop my best from all hoping that she likes to adapts. Says lavandera on the heavily give him more. In el Sheikh summit mount and she's there she dropped her last she got did you meet in note about my Emmy you don't even know anything about me about my situation. Options into this thing like that just that. Went beer come through my guess is that others. Understand what people realize that. Well wonders so here just because we seek not just because we get beyond that mean that they're not very sitting right next few. Watching every move you meet and trying to. Let you know that if there with you and what always eager are you insulted that you. So a four person whom they have a paranormal experience. Omelet would you say that. If you're able to have a eternal experience is there is there a gift about you or are there people who can just have this experience and not have any special traits at all. If I had the experience and all but he denied they don't mean that the trade like they can be experienced. Bottom and then there's sometimes burgers cheat on and find back to me that that beating me that they're being English don't understand what's going on at their house on it. Com what can you help them polish and I'll very calmly down the line that you get clients out there that don't realize it but there and happened now. Shell will gently you know I have to get down on bogus but I'm an immediate needs and understand them about what they're dealing action if Eleanor being the spirit about how often do they come to them. I'll let what does it feel that you're feeling in the knowledge that we have a lot of outlined its. Conversation when I'm in actually sit there and explain to them at Intel. You have a guess that in cap and you and it's not going to be great and you just need to work on your happen to enact. It's now loud and you make me think of myself Wheldon. I've got a couple of experiences and I'm hoping today we have some of them some callers was uninteresting story still. Before myself but before leaving it in some more about you know the colonel travelers I wanna know I'm the process of hi guys do everything. Com I went took place side but Gil and I easily with us. We're borrowing and but he'll end its size and Pennsylvanian or. How. Rare that an amateur and what I guess the big deal was on it was on doesn't show MTV had a show called fear. And it was on there. And I guess of people were murdered in the hotel and there's a lot of activity like that Lotta murders on death and die and I went that was my friends. And just being outside the building which is now run down. And he is camping used but I remember just this feeling of dread it was such I felt so I am immediately depressed. And shouldn't it just I didn't wanna bees and it was so it illusionist nice of everybody and like I I just need to get out of here. I'm and I always wondered about that is that is it's this kind of like. You know as a is an all along the way it something you think I'm just. Yes absolutely well I'm what would keep it people already understand about what the channel is that. You have your good spirits up there are you happier weapons spears you had your portrait experience you have you know my spirits up there. And you got year malicious spirits up there that you were yelling I'll. What's probably most likely a darker beard trying to shoot usury and see you could spear can use. Alluding to eat cheese and some salt and stop. I'm so basically what this fear was probably trying to do is be doctored years. Anyone that knew what scared you know you have got that sense that thing you know I'd feel something's not right light body feeling like it's. Com. Right right deal and like. Like first read them like when you at this specific looks like a little bit ever reading coming through now like I see you backing up concept. I'm not about age you might. You have a feeling that you had inside. I can't we feel like would have been getting nervous as sloppy forgo an adult. Yeah yeah I was like that dogs his is hurt so much activity and bush is getting to the building itself I take it was an album. And when and exactly illegal exits posted but we did go there and we did check it out what's the process of let's say I call up and I say I hate guys. I yeah I really think there's something go and I and say in my basement. And would you guys do from their what's the process. Basically what we do is on at least a client back up about a certain situation like that and first all set up the meeting went about logo neat about them are popular and over the RNC would correspondents. Are on the afterward and pocket and sort of on the London the very first. Prospects and that any client now that unless it. I'm again we are nonprofit we do that sort of science and education so we do that are free fire why. As a basically what we would do next stated after we have a model and talk but I'm aren't we don't need a bit down. And we may actually have a while we were born and stuff. Britain now for themselves and that we need to understand you know they're gonna be allied building umpire keep on your I'm doing domain. And we you have this we were and that's based if you would like your machine you know not mentioned. If you don't return home plate mentioned we will not mention if I did respect confidential. Absolutely were confidential and it. But they're about wavered at state that for example like I mean if anything should happen and there are all beach all Barry Bonds ball and it's something just happened this week you know. That's responsible honest I'm. We Alec we we have like you labor or reduction but then what we do it will be up to sit down. And that's going to be the start rolling we actually have all the TV camera about and stop all that goes you're ready to go. And then that you have to read the lawsuit I'll mention. You know what I thought that trance to bring it street outlining the arm and and after that we do the investigation of how people like about what I've Allan good addition. And then after we get our findings and stop them out to be hunkered down and have V and I at all. Consolation let them up and know what exactly government and common how to. The spirit and the idea is where we revealed evidence because we future we did but we try to first thing we try to do it. Any physical evidence that this this book about the nets you know there are skeptics. I don't even goes. Like I need scientific proof of it. And so we used to you know different type besides the camera or record at ease GDP these DK two metre air pocket. Here are the big school that we used tough talk for them. I'm and that we do is that we are revealed to them that evidence that we talent and the most attacked of shadows some despite. I episodes with the help me. Would already be. Yeah that was triggered bringing how do you watch her ball the last that the. Did I saw that he out right now I heard that I helped me and I just thought about how often does that happen that you guys have such a clear voice his eyes and talking to you. What leader not that comes through as what we call on the video audio capture. Where beer can physically can't do that the audio capture that video. Can say something like that like I've led to the point when I heard that it land we bought into producing and studio on topic that. They credit being in the Soviet threat I thought I heard something and look to the left and right did you hear that guys. But then when we want some footage. And everything in NB RE LU clearly here at this disembodied voice say help me. It happens it doesn't happen as much as people think it does. But you do on sometimes you will find evidence may be after the fact when you lump you go over these. He's a quick. Look like like EV PI II know if you take out just a recorder. And you could record the room is there a difference between that and being on video camera that they treated differently or. Yes bigger threat yes they get record what happens is this video camera was some type pick up voices disembodied voices that. That EV PR reaching here. And we are here and so they're doing to producing so. That's our producer out direct. I would just tired of production and she except voices say success out with a double totally different equipment and the different about the. Am very cool and how bombed and burned at the stick around but I'm Mike. If you didn't give up the number and information that you want again as I we have one minute left but gavel will keep our Deborah next hour. Absolutely okay I'm so that viewers and the listeners out there you can watch it I'm FaceBook dot com last. Air travelers you can also view our feet then we have received internally and YouTube dot com. Air traveler. I'm also on Google flat we hope that other important coming soon as well. We also devastate not series coming up pretty soon the chairman Robert medium coming in October. I would that way Albion different clients columns do investigation by reading that spirit of loved ones in its options so people look up and act. And he could well Bob Arnot unflattering integrate. When you go on to argue eight uptick she's got a lot to learn more and do what you put the world aren't met we'll take you directly while web site. Where Australia all are episode biography about that things that we do on wire next goat tied behind Bob. A lot about it ideal to mention that we also an affiliate with the National Journal society. What's and we repeat cases from northeast Pennsylvania all the times option. That's another being that it's you guys are in Britain and turning up get booked jury that he can always. Put your case sit on the national animal society or you can get a hold about action terror travelers.