PA State Trooper Mark Keyes, public information officer Troop R Dunmore, about random state police safety checks at schools

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Friday, February 23rd

PA State Trooper Mark Keyes, public information officer Troop R Dunmore, talks to Frank Andrews about random state police safety checks at schools


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I got a message that was sent to me just a little bit before 3 o'clock in the message said this good afternoon. State government and Harrisburg has implemented an initiative with the Pennsylvania state police to provide random security checks of all Pennsylvania's schools it sounds like an absolutely great idea so I called the done more barracks and trooper Mark Kaiser is on the line with this right now trooper can you tell us a little bit more about this program. I think these guys be happy to. Me after the recent tragedy in Florida last week law enforcement nationwide has been seeing an increase in reported threats still local school. And this is something there's the state police wanted to do hum. And that a lot of our children are seeing him there is some things posted on social media. Well we're scared to going to school or at least they have concerns so. Are we wanted to do something proactive to let them know that don't work out there words we're here for them. And I hope we can you do the little frantic east know that we're we're more active we are patrolling. Our school and school grounds and so. The fact over the course of the next several months and I would we don't have an end hatred and yet. Well we're work working actively with sub school districts around this state in different ways. And one of those is to go out and tough physically have them marked patrol car just. Traveling through the parking lot at each school they're gonna be random controlled. Through the schools in our area and and killed content teachers and students might cease and state police cars sitting in a lot since. And we wanna disclose to get that out there too does the parents and students. That is nothing you'd be concerned about how were they around purpose we're not there because of any particular. Complains or incidents were bare just to be more highly visible. To the public can and hopefully knowing that. How were present at the schools have a lot more that would help reduce any kind of. Gripped by I think it's just absolutely great initiative and the message that I got from our school as we wanna make students parents staff and community aware so that you're not alarmed if you see a state police presence on campus so I guess that's what you're also saying you know these are rent and security check so somebody sees a state trooper car there should not to get worried. Exactly you know we want to can they have more sense of security at the school don't panic if you pure clean air. I spent the last two days speaking with very superintendents from around the area here as well as others stationed stationed at doing this around the states. And that we want the public to know that so we're terror. Eric. Actively not that we've been called their free type of incident there's nothing to be concerned about what so we're hoping to try to minimize. I anything that may happen in the future and this is just the very first steps of Oakley a lot more that's coming to change. Nine I guess you guys have move pretty quickly because someone just accidents said that there were there were patrols that mormons I'm not gonna name the school because I want these to be random bunch that they saw the troopers opened doing a random patrol in one part of those are counting already. Yes that's it started this morning and you know like it says it's gonna go over probably for several months and I we don't have any engage on this. I at this point. Well I you know I just absolutely think it's a great idea I'm thank you again will probably get decide on our website so people could see it fit into kind of holds our hand and lets us know that people are watching and that the Pennsylvania state police and they're forced trooper mark 'cause thank you so much for joining us zero record I'm OK in my.