PA State Senator Mario Scavello (R-40th District) about property tax reform with Frank Andrews

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Wednesday, January 17th

Pennsylvania State Senator Mario Scavello (Republican-40th District)  talks about property tax reform with Frank Andrews.


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I when I was in the House of Representatives back in ninth 2008. I served with Mario's Cavallo who is now a state senator and he's on the line with us from Monroe Connie how are you senator. Under great how we do I'm good I understand you had a meeting would depend on any thing good any juicy news. You know. Eight at this particular art that was a bit you know what I did they thought he got a project approved so it's almost going aren't quite this extent. Should just keep it just. Everything gets cold and it's a minor stuff she struck twice try to get everybody together at this table and go through all the miners that they get it. And and otherwise it's back and forth with paper and two billion in the just a console but make no money nobody gets shovel in the ground. There you go now in the pocono record there was a big article that said and the headline was new property tax legislation expected soon and of course your named prominently what are you doing what are we expecting here. Well you know things haven't changes they would that it shook the task property back all along. On well it did differently we caught it on the ballot trying to decide exceptions. And in Monroe it has overwhelmingly but it also has some return or lack A wanna carry as well. And it cost the state each cup filly and then and Allegheny and the out of that mix. Across the state at a bit over 60%. That's why it was about 55 to 6%. So it was pretty clear it's significant that people wanted to see change. From prop from preschool property taxes. So here's the deal what I'm proposing then and what's holding it up as you know those senator article once served. To hold remembers what you OK I just out of bed I did see where they the end you wanna use. 01 in the quarter percent increase in personal income taxes and a 1% sales tax without expanding the base or you just wanna go one point six. On the personal income tax and all of a dollar elimination on the owner occupied residential property. Welcome got a lot of people hurting. Seeing you when you read our hey you wanna make sure that he can stay near home and not have to worry about. Did you look in your home to attack show you the story every day we're seeing here. You know let's say he should be tied twenty years ago I go with that three Tony is related their taxes went from 400 dollars. The 4000 dollar and a twenty year period didn't get any increase in income. Initially lost a significant now that she takes another hit the 6500 at all. So there's been a lot of folks out there that are really hurting truly struggle. And this is a part equated to make sure that people could stay in there. Now here you are your specific bill it just increases by the the personal income tax rate. So one point six that your bank a 100000 dollars. Our its 61 knows more. So now let's say it if I don't know I don't you make your point and the thing is liquid income tax. It could barely you paid weekly it is that he Asia pill you know and I'm sentenced. Right now now senator you know you have been around the block a few times and you have dealt with all the red tape and Harrisburg more than most of what I. Aren't you know they were talking property tax reform when I was in the house way back when. I mean is it is anything ever gonna happen or resistance is gonna get bogged down I mean you keep pushing for this portion for those pushing for this are we ever gonna see real reform. Well. Oh yeah they don't you you you voted to put it on the ballot. Correct right we voted we all voted to put it on the ballot so it's on the ballot. Now eat it you put it on the ballot now you constituencies. Sane coated sort of this is what they want. And you're not gonna vote for the current you know I'm saying yeah I do stuff is quote if a little different than when we would go is that little public that the market. Well the public wants just. They want another way had been able you know. And especially in some counties more than others but yet I think that the met in the back on the democratic side. The biggest problem was direct Anglican again you're you're you're you're senator up there. And the issue what it is wanna. Take it off or marquis just want to taken on so the owner occupied residential real support. We tried connecting 76 understanding of what went down twenty what 24 foot and a governor broke a tie. But he would have supported it it's it was just an owner occupied residential so we do pickup a lot of people. So now as your bill introduced are going to be introduced a Manuel. And two distance two weeks Margaret Whitfield in his foot hole in the legislature that feat if they wanna go one and a quarter with a one pitch and just taxed. Got a web poll that they. You know being on the senate side weird weird they would you know. I cannot have a problem with the 1% only because you've got. Chilean could argue that we won't get anybody Q could you rate jumped acts could irritate and silly now and seven in Pittsburgh. So you'll lose those votes you might get one or through your mind like you know you and I get you're all correct and we can experiment play as well. It's close and I want I I thank you for letting me in Iraq today and I thank you for calling and are busy schedule my pleasure thank you very much pleasure good. Hey Craig you're commuting here to thank you very much senator senator Mario's develops.