PA State Senator Andy Dinniman 19th district, about high school students having to pass a civics test, with Frank Andrews

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Thursday, June 7th
PA State Senator Andy Dinniman 19th district, talks about high school students having to pass a civics test, also who is defined as a family member for FMLA, and domestic abuse and pets, with Frank Andrews

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On the line with us right now from Harrisburg is Pennsylvania say senator indeed gentlemen from Chester county the nineteenth district senator how's things on their in the motherland. A class not yours among the last thing I'm sitting there in normal. Then Harry British. I ended but I'm delighted to discuss this particular bail. Tell tell me about Madison this is an amendment to a Villar what does that. If this doesn't sound they'll let me explain what is the what is encouraging now. We we have this excessive testing and our schools since three subject area without your biology and English. All about others subject areas have been heard especially this priest social studies said that. So my episode several senators as well as some state representatives. Came up with a an idea that's an easy way cried together into the curriculum. And students sometime in their article career we'll have to do so that they can pass that test in this area. There we do both. Believe that every high school student should be able to pass this thing that I government and constitution. And the new citizen of into comes to this country at the bad. Before they gain citizenship. We are astounded by this studies and at that showed a lack of fundamental knowledge. Our government our bar history of our constitution. That's out there. Do you think nor does have a democracy. And a government that works its. You have to have some civic knowledge. When I went to school many years ago I'm sure many of your listeners sound 73. So I know many are listeners I went to school may be in this same Mara. Social studies government civic square part of the curriculum. Because of that testing that took place they got the emphasized. And only certain subjects were focused done. And who eat if we're going to be to continue as a nation we're gonna continue as say bill Mott I divide of democracy. Our young people have to understand that no long would rights come responsibilities. I am one of those responsibilities. Is to nobody governments. Still vote. And to understand. How a bill becomes so ought if heavy new citizen has to pass such a bad. Then we should meg scared assured that our schools are teaching this subject matter and that fellow students that pass the test this well. Senator there there's an editorial in in the New York Times since says the national assessment of education. Says that. Plus 82% of eighth grade students are not proficient in American history and 77%. Are not proficient in civic soul sounds like you Clark you're very accurate in your assessment of what's going on hard. And no and and and think about this first sector and that's how do we keep the nation together. I do Levy how do we move forward if people don't know the fundamentals. Well what did democracy means. And we don't have. A sense of history a sense of community. And I think the fall applies when they when they started to create the keystone of the tenth in the PS that's PA at the same tests and they focus thin nine. English and math sandbags and one of them and then and then he found this biology. That would happen is you're school was to be scored give back and evaluated based on the test scores. The teacher evaluations were based stand the test scores so this school began to teach for the test because that's how this state a bag weighed them. We need to end this excessive testing. And we need to bring back social studies and history and this civics as part of the curriculum. And by requiring. Them to the Fed is skills. We do is one step in doing so you know I'm an historian and professor by occupation and I can tell you that that what we created the public school system in this nation. And when even when we created our high schools you know which came into being at the turn out. The last century you know in the early 19100. We always says. That one of them read as we need the public school system was not only to teach basic reading and writing and that. But there was to teach this citizen. How would make him become full senate they can fully participate. And make this stations in democracy. And participate. In the a poll our election a process. And unfortunately. Who we think not all bad over the last several decades because released stats. And now we need to restores and I think you would probably agree eight. I know that's around my I don't know that and during go to Memorial Day weekend. I went to no end and these this senators would go out and I spoke to a number of I'm proud of sub ceremonies where we thank the veterans. But when I mentioned that that does the veteran safeguard democracy. I think that's but we now need to make sure our citizens and our young people understand what a democracy it. Maybe you think people collided people are tired of people understood. Bad bad is so fun demand so in terms of keeping a sense of unity a sense of purpose and mission. Apple all process America's. Well senator you know I went to your website and I really appreciate I know it you guys are in session on their appreciate it and touch just briefly there are two things on your website the these are these are great bills which I immediately support just by reading them your Pennsylvania Family and Medical Leave Act extension. And then and then the pet protection from domestic abuse that's I never even thought about them but these are two bills can you briefly explain all. Absolutely. And it can only interest under should understand would leave bill what are as a coup bid. I came about because several constituents came to talk to make you know. If I. He's my very gets. Again at. Again pet food terminal disease. Ye who. A EU if can I not fully. Allowed to have that family leave. Because you are not defined as as a relative because they're relativism mother of five there a statute not abroad there are all our sister. And we limited soul into effect a bit this this by saying if there's determine now is on this. Mad for that purpose a brother or sister should be defined as a family member who who. It who they say it would have. Have this leave. In part because all of them. That's the only person left to take care of their mom ordered daddy's barn in this case was the only person who had the ability. It's. And if you can't give her sister who lies dying outside terminal. It sounds like common sense but so does your your bill on the pad protection from domestic abuse once lesser. Oh well. This is astounding when you look at the figures disputed that it in dead in approximately. Ten well. It's over two thirds of the cases there's not a approximate over two thirds of the cases. Involving. Domestic abuse where someone has a protection of abuse order against their partner. When the partner cannot yet then the person physically. What they'd do is they will either kill or maim or try to destroy the family pet or that person's bad. To put our motion all I'm traumatic harm when they can't put harmed physically they try to do is through trauma and emotions. In fact we need it no other family. In where there is abuse. Where the person stated in abusive situation because there to protect the family pet. And dad we are doing the process of actually creating she. At least in our area up identical situation like that exists and they get you wanted that house. We have people who will take care about your pet. Forced several months as huge dead dead if you leave that as soon go into a safe place. Which might not accept the bad and then when your situation you'll get it back. But if but we do if we know every study has shown. That could be carving of a a banner and members of the family is what people will vote two thirds of the people who have been messing abuses orders against them. Blew it makes sense to increase the penalty for doing so. Senator that these are great bills I wish the best of luck and I thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day the call us well it's been a pleasure talking here thank you very much sense senator any damage from the nineteen senatorial district which is Chester county. Bill on civics bill one pat protecting parents bill on helping people to take care of their terminally ill people.