PA State Representative Frank Burns (72nd Legislative District) about an anti-bullying bill

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Tuesday, March 13th

PA State Representative Frank Burns (Dmocrat-72nd Legislative District) talks to Frank Andrews about anti-bullying legislation he is introducing which would hold parents accountable for their children's behavior


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On the line with us right now is Pennsylvania State representative frank burns from the 7772. Legislative district in Cambridge accounted. And he has introduced to build that in many ways ties in to our. Our efforts to protect our schools represented a thank you for taking time out of very very busy day UB US. Well thank you crowd and they're important to talk about these issues now mock my understanding is that you have introduced legislation that deals with school bullies put involves the parents can you tell us about it. For discipline starts at home we all know that and it's time we start holding parents accountable to their children actions. I'm you know it says it's a three strike system basically the first time. The parents. Paris victim and the polling advance will be notified of the situation and the schools attempt to remedy it and it's happened again. The bullied I am token men for a teacher parent conference. And tie and an action plan on how to handle the problem. And then the parents what actually being mandated to attend parenting classes to discuss bowling with their child and how to handle the situation. It's happened for the third time. Were issued a citation and then the parent could possibly be fine to end the working community service. Now how how looked in your bill do you like an asylum bully is or do you leave that up to the school. Well and this happened verifiable wing incidents but there's a definition and bullying. Into statute. And basically it's something that happened happened in the school setting it have to be severe persistent and pervasive. And it has to interfere with the student education. Or create a threatening environments and the school I have to do determined that. So whether it is or not. Now we also was part of this though because I hear from a lot of victim's parents that schools not doing anything. They report it and nothing happens so now we also know of creating a system where they've taken. Contact the Department of Education directly and report bullying the department of education and more follow up with the school. And it fiscal failed to do anything after that and and the school administrator will be held responsible. And it's not do could be including disciplinary action that removes their teaching license revoked the license. Wow that's not what what was your motivation for this wasn't what happened in Florida was there something else was a combination of things. If I'm in a combination of things of course I mean we have suicides in the in our school happening off center. And you know last year I would every school in my district and we had a anti bullying pledge Allison getting kids to sign and talk to them about bullying. Almost look at me they look at me as if I was the one that would be an end bullying in their schools and make their life that are. And I realized pledged just wasn't enough to do that and we needed to take real action and look on these kids' faces when they were telling me their stories of bullying. They were desperate for help and were willing to tell anyone who would then send and I just happened to be there. So I'm glad we did the anti bullying pledge but that's ultimately what led to this as saying OK okay isn't fear but columnist. Oh well one or your interaction is getting a lot of national attention I have seen this pop up on a lot of national website she must be getting inundated with requests for information. It's been quite busy today and angry I think it's a good first step like this on state wide level that somebody is trying to. Com and you know bit the penalties are severe and their Rio. And if word we afford to tackle this bullying problem and then can deal with it and get all people involved to get can still involved. The parents involved and the school involved and consequences for failure to do so. I believe that's what needs to happen due to create a different diamond holes and the goal here is not to punish parents not the I look at to take an active role in the child's education and then disciplinary. Restraints so my goal here is actually change behaviors. And if this is what we have to do so to save someone's life and yelled we have to do it. And I hope you have a lot of co sponsors and what happens next to bill. I'm right now we're pretty now for co sponsorship and we have broadened bipartisan support this is an issue. That goes beyond party line this is an issue that affects every district in every school in this commonwealth. So I hope to get a large support. Sponsorships and when we're done without about a week or do we we introduced the bill formally act. And then we'll go to and educating committee where others members so I'm 26 members on the books on the education committee that pulled aside. On the merits of the bill Owen and if they believed that where they build low blow out the committee you know go to my house floor for full votes. Good enough O will keep track event and I'm very grateful you took time out of a busy day and earlier in session thanks for calling us sir Fred thank you when you go on or got into that sub Pennsylvania say representative frank burns from the 72. Legislative districts that's tambourine county. Anti bullying bill.