PA State Rep Eddie Day Pashinski (Democrat-121st legislative district) about the tornado damage, with Frank Andrews

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Thursday, June 14th
PA State Representative Eddie Day Pashinski (Democrat-121st legislative district) talks about the tornado damage in Wilkes-Barre Township, with Frank Andrews

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Say representative Eddie day for Sharansky 121 legislative districts. And I know that you're there early when you're got to the scene what was your first impression. Well actually. I couldn't believe it to be underscored here you know in northeastern Pennsylvania we do not are getting ready tornadoes. And urban destruction words. In incredible streaks one of the first things that they're I'm certainly tried everybody's I would that you all truck. On top of another U haul truck. Another U haul truck on its side. And another trip our truck it and it's not a box completely ripped apart. The and the power lines. Were strewn across the you know the road in the properties. Some of the polls were ripped in half. I mean you're talking about incredible force. And velocity. That I've never seen that that close ups now and I would like that you like as they wanted frank. That they're the most remarkable thing that I thought. So after right see all of this incredible devastation. Right in the parking lot there is one of those flower tendency yellow and white car temp I don't know anyone mentioned to steal but. It's up the flowers. Hanging from there so flowers outside are sitting upright and hanging on terror on the other polls. And and the reason I bring this up is because that devastation. At U haul and collections of ripping their stuff apart. It's totally a 10050 yards away from the tenth in the tent was complete standing no no repair damaged. And O Mike I think the point or make Q it's I mean do you party. My warning on my phone last night. And that is that a bit about that kind of cost it's that. This tornado we're gonna hit around 10:30 that evening. And then their lights flickered with TV I want. And I still didn't think too much about it started raining very hard look spare. There was wind you know there was not a lot of cultural found out there but it still wasn't devastating. And it passed in about. Fifteen minutes or so. And I said OK they're TV came back Garnett there are right what if they're taking nothing other. Cheaper caps when I got up this morning as I had some some pictures that came out of some of my. My friend they certainly felt it was an unbelievable so I'm saying if you are in an area where they are now saying that does. There's a tornado coming through take shelter to the fury in the past. A U haul and get nabbed Collette and sixties to Kaplan's furniture. You don't have a chance you know it's any little. This is your your area and the 121 district deal are these are the the business people that you represented these are these are the this is this is again these are your neighbors and and I'm -- -- we've been talking about the hand of god here it happened after the stores were closed miner injured guys I mean that's signed belongs six miles away that could have that could kill somebody just that's the vehicles that were moved around I mean that's as bad as it is it could have been a tremendous tremendous tip fatal tragedy. Do you are 100% right I don't know how. We were able to be that's fortunate up so people could simply have. When we're 64 with some minor injury never went to gospel or anything that you're up here you repeat sheets of metal hanging on wires. I mean everything that most people couldn't pick up. Big pieces of roofs that are strewn all over the place I'm talking about peace and love trust and metal truss would. Wouldn't supporters. I mean that's woven into I've never seen anything like that especially Sean Pennsylvania. I remember Kerry had. I would delay carry several years ago but it did it it wasn't like yes. Stop any I know all the while you're there you know looking at the damage you've also been trying to coordinate a lot of response I know I talk to your Harrisburg office censure and you've talked to senator Casey you've talked to congressman Matt cart ride of course the governor was there are Ari are you right now confident that everything's gonna come together to help put this back together. There's no doubt about it and Saturday UT Jack go also make sure that he was here as well so we have all hands on deck. And I not known placement announced the first responders that came on the scene last night at 11 o'clock 12 o'clock state throughout this. Fantastic. I think you're over seventeen communities. That's provided. Emergency vehicles incredible. Few members of the terminology valley with a heart stops a little buddy this is still have that politics you know just. Wonderful. Outreach outpouring of support. The governor was really really he shot just like I was conceived it's the devastation. And and of course what we're trying to do now is assess everything we have to do with careful assessment because it's gonna take. More than an hour two hours today you know be several days. And then we've got to calculate everything and hopefully we can qualify I believe we will for FEMA does the federal emergency management. Agency force some some dollars to help our businesses there and are the folks stand here. And of course with team as well so yeah we've everybody's on board to. I got called back from the governor from. Can Carson's car writes from. Carson case I'm sorry senator Casey can't judge called me up Chinese eject everybody here we're all trying to help out we are quality people and you know a government here. State police all law enforcement emergency personnel. They're unbelievable. Now I guess I imagine that your office is going to be busy for days here and I guess it if people if you can pour it involved in this stormed need help it would be your office to steer them to FEMA or. I don't know how it's gonna work but I guess surely putting all those logistics together. Yes and we have been and I've actually done the world's spare. Administration. An emergency personnel. To try to give our news broadcasters. Updates every 45 hours you know to help folks out. Right now that is not an area for the public. And they have not even been able to start cleaning up the road you can drive on the road on the intro part. Because I guarantee you're gonna get a flat tires. Debris all over the place. So hopefully you're gonna be able to get those. Coordinated. Up states. And that that should be able to help people wherever they have to go Red Cross is here as well. It's. That's about all I can tell you this morning. Well that's funny and I I really up tree I know your busier then then then can I am grateful that you called and anytime you have any kind of information please feel free calls W while Jane give us an update thank you read. Well thank you very much franc appreciated thank you bye bye that's any day patients can stay representative 121 legislative district.