PA Senator Scott Wagner.

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Wednesday, March 7th
Republican Candidate for Governor PA Senator Scott Wagner with WILK's Sue Henry on last night's debate and other topics coming up during this election season.

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Here is a state senator Scott Wagner who's also running for governor in our beautiful com analyst Scott. Shoot the morning how are you doing I am living the journey and period you know that makes two other yep we absolutely so a lot of stuff to talk about backed. Since my name that turnaround in your debate obviously I can't resist this all transpired Scott in the Republican debate with you I'm bombing out. Well if you remember last year you had Paula show and do you asking a question about property taxes. And then you know he can back it said the Ian thanks so article 76 was which really the answer. That you can't beat down. And but now it's flip flopped and he now also at least six is okay now focus he's talked to senator article he thinks it's gonna work and I mean. That's it's I don't know whether it's. Paul leper blip and Paul Ryan Paul I don't know what it is but you know he he's taken direction from his political consultants. They they they say let's appall you gotta say that if you wanna get elected and you know look in the bottom blindness. Property taxes are huge in Pennsylvania you know you you know a lot of people would your show that talk about it. On the god can get it done. You Hugh cabins got offers low I can remember and it's been years. This issue has been friends manner with him. Well so loud in the senate since 2014 after winning a write in campaign and you know why don't we view the region for the Willie Nelson song is you know I've been on the road really since 2014. Not at. Probably between 141516. And seventeen lash strata or 650. Events that I attended. Dropped at two million different meetings and I hear that. Everywhere and the reality is that. We have to do something about it and there is there are solutions but nobody has the backbone. Or the motivation to do it but I'm gonna get it done it can be done there's no doubt about. I think we may have talked about the 24 of its seems redundant to stop me be here in the state senate right now why can't we get it done. Sue because he needed governor who is leading the charge. Yesterday there were. Department of Education. Had eight had hearings appropriation hearings. And you know here's the headline that came true Department of Education fails to make its school property tax elimination. A priority. And it says took it on the state during today's senate Appropriations Committee budget here with the Pennsylvania Department of Energy education secretary. Rivera stated that the school property tax elimination. Is that not a mic is not a main priority for the department according to senator Dave Markel. The bottom line it is you know you'd have a bunch of people just running around in circles. In eagle have a clear leader you're not gonna get NN dot. And and governor wolf is not a leader. He's failed governor army hectic I couldn't sign a budget three years so you need you need champions for the people and I'm gonna be that champion what I'm governor. Column let me talk to you in in very stark terms here because I believe that there is an organization in Pennsylvania. That does not want school property tax reform to happen they're extremely powerful. Although Bob mellow once told me they weren't they are called the PS EA com do you not concludes with those guys are you please say now. Well sir you're talking about the Pennsylvania State education association that the PF DA which at the teachers here absolutely not mean I'm actually they're number one. I'm they're number one target. Throughout Pennsylvania. But you'll also have unity of the pfc day you have this get this yet the pats are English school board association and there are many many people that are opposing this because she. You know what you do its usual moving their cheetah ran out they don't have controller for the money but you know we also don't have control over how they spent the money. And you know they've built these great big pot holes schools in certain areas. The teachers. Salary increases are generous every year or so or benefit so are no. You know obviously the tensions are growing. But yet they know I have trust me I'm not part of PSE data area there the article went back I have to keep moving every day. Aaron now let me ask you this because I know it's been done in other states much to the delight of the people who live there. In other states they had the fortitude. To actually banned teachers' strikes and I know here. That some lawmakers go weak in the knees to think we're gonna see the day when there is enough. Clout. In the legislature to make this the thing because where we live these school strikes are just in disruptive. There are rancorous. And more we believe they they should be allowed because of the the essential need for these teachers to be in the classroom. Well July I agree that teacher should not strike. I mean I I hate it's. Eat you know I've. I've watched I've watched but three straight Serb side it and vote in the senate. And I think the result out of out of not a western part of the state and around the to Pittsburgh or think it was Peters township. There was a district. That the teacher went on strike I mean the average salaries or 92101000. Dollars a year. And now that the thing that we have an obligation to have schools that are open every day a 188 year to teach young teacher should be on board wants site and you know the children should have. You know what you're going to come in and spent the whole day air and without without strike it disruption. So it matches up against the striking Castro passed a compliment and I think we're I think we're getting closer to that. But I think people would be appalled if they knew what some of their teachers made in certain areas but it now you go to sort of committee parts of its central PA Mehdi door north central PA salaries are quite as generous. Because they're different areas but when you go to Pittsburgh you could avenue the southeast. Or even my school final home school district of York Pennsylvania. He I think in 2000. Thirteen or fourteen year average showering with 88000. Today it's sort like more like 9293. Plus health care benefits pension the whole nine yards it's pretty generous. If their truck that do a lot better in many ways and a lot of the you know the average people there. Yeah people scatter or just trying to hang on by the skin of their teeth and of course this property tax thing where we live. The sheriff's sale insert. Is lengthy and ridiculous so I and I don't wanna lose sight of that and I hope that that does happen to talk to because I know. That you were vehemently opposed to. The position. A steep meteorologist. Being added under the wolf administration we know this is it that lizard counties now. Of course we have to recognize that this is a somebody from our area who has stayed job but the salaries says at least sixty and the Danny's go for about 44 grand. And now I don't even now have you every heard from the sky we tried to get him on the Aron and we couldn't but the what are you doing and last week we had a terrible situation here and 380 where people spent the night on the roadway because there were problems so. I guess my question is about to meteorologist in what you heard. About ten that snowstorm last week from from people. Q I all I know it I guess opens up at me northeast you know senators' develop helps me. The other there're just kept thousands of homes you know without power and I think you should get you more work. You open server makers carriers search issues. No I I haven't heard from the meteorologist ever heard of Spain. Sent to iron to I think he's probably. Your closer harder Sowells. And they salary understands it's. A yeah but but with their you know we have we the state had not had a contract directly with AccuWeather out state college of me not I don't. Let's not get a lot of the things discover has done he does whatever he wants to do. He's not he's not he's not in it for the people. You assume you wanna hear the outrage of the week from last week. In his preparations are. We had that we have with the territory higher education. A system man and they on the fourteenth statement we have a country that's fourteen state or university. You Mansfield west Chester village they'll ship and spurred chatter. So there's a swim coach this is the purpose of this is really the sort of hole. You know the leader of the propped so it just went and coached down at Westchester that in 2000. Fifteen his base salary was around 70000. Dollars but in 2050 the W two earnings were 320000. Dollars. Sent in 2017. Hit her 2016. Is that if you earnings were. 420. Files and he got another putter out because he filed a grievance against the collar. Now Rita gets paid more than the base salary he run summer programs and you know other you know other you know programs outside it's you know it's sort of stroke the the responsibilities. So they have in. 2070. Blanchard he'd retire this is not salary your W two has soured sanity is W two earnings were 360. Soon dipped to Westchester or swim coach with higher last year with a pension payment but fully. 151182. Dollars per month that. That's a 182000. Dollars a year you know that's it let's you know that there's there's examples of missile over Pennsylvania. Go to this guy only he just participated in the system that allows him to do this. Mean knew what he was doing but debate it's based on your your final three years learning when I retire. But it you know defect that somebody's gonna get a 182000. A year possibly has looked at the ability to live another thirty years. He's got to make it almost six billion dollars in the thirty year period and he made no where near that when he was. You know teacher or you know peaches are obstructing at its base salary of 78. So that is just another. This is just another shocker job or want the hard working people of Pennsylvania so. That's that's sort of the outrageous last week yeah. So it's terrible and it looks like it there was paint it Q some moment it looks like there was an active. Patting here. Of the final three years of the on the ball. Of the work I mean it what can anybody say there wasn't. So you let them that's a system that is that is just it is right for abuse and and it was a beer stand. Again it's it's this is what this is what we're up against and what happened. Down at look at these state owned universities to unions really have control other universities. I mean the tension. The pension liabilities three years ago was 800 billion dollars. And what a lot of the professor retire from the fourteenth state owned universities they get health care for the rest of their life. Paid for by Pennsylvania taxpayers. So wall over an 800 million dollar liability three years ago. The health care post retirement health care of our ability was one point two billion dollar pursue war harder million more. And that pension liability so. People's people talk about potential liability we need to be talking about the health care liabilities to. So. Yeah I angle but it yes some of this as a result so let me ask you because this topic obviously has been nine just passed so widely in the possibility. Of legalizing and taxing recreational marijuana in the state of Pennsylvania as a source of revenue Scott how do you feel. I'll sue I am. Oppose strongly against the recreational pot legalization of recreational marijuana I have 250 trucks on the right every day throughout south central Pennsylvania. You know it's. The so we we agreed to up pets medical marijuana. We we believe there are people that that that medic medic with medical conditions will. Will benefit from new medical marijuana but when you get to the recreational it's it's so you're you're moving at a whole different arena at. Do we have a error oh Bjorn Erik crates or PA II just think that's gonna be just more. More more problems or top of the current problems we absorb on a dirt much strictly. Legalization. Aren't enough finally before I let ego we had the chairman of the GOP on our show last year Val di Giorgio. Got into with him about property tax reform. And he and seem very happy that my ideas either and he seemed to things that saying that that it it was gonna be a control issue of that Harrisburg was Trent. To take too much control. Has had a change of Carter come to Jesus on this because I disappoint it without. Well sue you know that is a big this that is a big discussion about you know all the sudden Harrisburg pest control over the dollar you know that takes away local control. Well I can tell you there a lot of situations that we have local control now and we get local control you have local corruption. So I think if you know he may be softening. Or that little bit but you know a comic god it's gotta figure that sound as governor of that in with a figure out how. Number want to eliminate each pool accident pin. The number to get the get the money to the school that that is needed there that that's that's what you higher that's what you higher CEOs slash Garber for stroke. Diesel. Is important I don't want I think it did the party has to come together on this issue and if you do look at the state chairman whose lukewarm on this idea somebody needs to say let's send. Here artifacts. Cracked well that's what you have to have. You know it's it's you know I. I hate to say that you know Turkey flock to the Eagles soar. Soup but it the other day I gotta be out front leading. I've got to be up front working on the issues and and and I have to come back. We're in where mice. Scott Wagner. Sale pat that governor and I have to go back and tell everybody hey guys let's look at the numbers that's how this is how this works. And but. That's that's what a leader dots and a leader leader test people with with accomplishing a project and and that's what we we don't have that with governor war and docked. And and the market how would anybody else and are that are the person could do this. I IE it's if there's a sales job needed in many aspects of Harrisburg on like. We need to look at it cure the numbers and let's figure it out but that's that's where we are. I'll pat and I think that that it is why I suspect Jenna has said it and talking about variety of wonderful issues once a with the next to date you're going to have. Well. I don't know I think the local my schedule you know I'd it'll aside the debate sore debates debate chips fought. But I think to what the issue icon to the private sector. And then what happens with the debates is you know what we the participants don't know what the questions or that we get asked a question and we have a minute 32 step. If so that questions I don't know their look at you how much public benefit there is. Because I would never call. You wanna might see your managers and have my waist company are and we have a problem and are psyched to destroy our civil. Or you know Jim you have human minutes thirty seconds to tell me what's going on over there why we lost money last month you know. Don't do that and so I don't know I take your there's an opportunity the more opportunity for people to see us win as candidates when we get out speaks. And we speak you know more in depth of the you know of the issues out there facing everybody. But we've got I don't know that next upcoming what we have Bob I think two or three more all the books. I'll cut its credit for you to call us and spend fifteen minutes talking to us too we appreciate.