PA Senator Don White (41st District), allowing teachers to carry guns

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Friday, February 23rd

PA Senator Don White (41st District) talks to Frank Andrews about allowing teachers to carry guns in schools.


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And senator white is on the line with us right now from Indiana county senator thanks for joining us. Sure frank good to be which you. Well tell me you tell me why I mean you've been pushing this for a long time now all of a sudden it's it's fashionable is something that's that's hot in the knows what why servers has been such a big issue for you. Until that the total fine can I had governor Corbett. Call me were down meters for birdie sit there and she. It gardeners situation Beckett triangle regional high school pitchers and aboriginal community. And it's in my district. Any game media. That deadline isn't so. We had blew out there. And they preserve these. Crimes importers. Smith and I spent so perhaps they're dangerous and Newt. To move. People from the staple these yet DIA. And the preserve crimes seem so that the would assume just sort of overwhelming to me. And I don't know about. 45 miles away from. That facility and a draw Obama thought to myself oh my goodness he told also timeline is this all happened. In Russia and that's final minutes. And police were literally turn out that way. So and they have a resource officer on duty unharmed. Two eventually that what they're courageous student a complete and going through. Polls with 2.2 nights. Stabbed 21 people. Like hell let's let. So here earlier in the Indian academy. I've got through force schools that are 25 to 35 but it's but it broke local police are dependent upon state police protection. And what happens there's something that's the world loose bunch. And and that's what girls started to deny us. Actually in understanding both parents and teachers to me and then. Pops that a group of six commune. Meditate in the presentation to me. And gave me. You know what I'm. I have a community cup was actually. Took a gridlocked and the postponement. Up. I'm back to discuss the. Now you do so well and so when did you introduced this bill Lowe wasn't timing that the first time you really introduce a bill. I believe to listen 2000. Chain 2015. OK I was reading a story from 2017. You've been pushing this for a long long time so now it it when it when you originally presented it and between 2015. And let's say. Two weeks ago did some of the lawmakers look at Ewan think that this was an extremely wacky idea. Yeah and then. They saw a bald mere rubber room and means C news. Really thought it was so he stopped. But in and I worked it worked it hard. I had to us some Democrat votes and some Republicans poured my carcass we got to ask such a certain hours. This missed. Now for the road. So well and I think about a year. Now now so so it's already passed in the senate and now it's in the house so it still is still alive right now. Yes sir Lucas didn't. You know we you to open up you filmed for what president trump sent questions and home I've been. Concerned about this for ever we cheap Boehner you're around we have a roar rhetoric but nothing's getting done. I don't know talk about mental health issues and listen better up there are off a let my opinion. And cheaters that group's decision but there's too much they want to protect them so I went to have to consider local ministers two strokes. Yeah you're you're out. There's phone is breaking up slightly. I wanna I wanna make sure that I get the key points on C can you give us a summary of what you are bill would actually allow in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It would allow intimate they owe us our mandate. It allows school districts anywhere until banging. To decide to fire. People within the school district might be approachable it might be I. Eight teacher's assistant to compete teacher could be a gender. To go to true very intentioned programs training programs such. Under my pillow I would have to do the defense and state police were of course it's. And it better than the solution private programs or interpret it just some training. And they believe. There and it's. You don't have to look at Ohio distributable I don't it's 200 plus school district she 250. Abu. After bill that was passed in 2010. Now and armed people. On and there are just so at least now. How many incidents hadn't had since I was still was initially introduced in 2012. And and then really took off center sandy cork. They have not a one incident. And why because it's a great great to earth these cowards. Don't want to pull into a school. We're didn't get her fifteen minutes of same. And I have the knowledge that somebody might it might these aren't back. And that's just a senator I want you I want shoot to keep pushing for this and we're gonna keep bugging you to get the updates on this set in 2015. You said they thought you should be put in a rubber room right now looks like you were way ahead your time. Well I don't know parts and I noted church this needs to be one of the tools in toolbox we. Or report senator Don Weiss from love 41 district Indiana county thank you so much for joining us sir. Yes sir thank.