PA Sate Senator Mario Scavello (40th district) about school property tax elimination with Frank Andrews

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Wednesday, April 25th

PA Sate Senator Mario Scavello (40th district) talks about legislation to eliminate residential school property taxes with Frank Andrews.


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On the line with us right now from Harrisburg is Pennsylvania senator Mario cabello now I wish I know senators cabello for a long time he has a history of introducing legislation held senior citizens senator thanks for joining us today. Well are by all rights why did note that you are really appreciated it in the house you get a good job his constituents. Well I appreciate that so tell me about this device into a cent to someone on your staff you know back at least you're trying to do some direct property taxes finally. Well they know that this bill is eight in the house if you recall we used to move the constitutional. Amendment sister and it never should get out. So my and I got elected to the that it. And I said win the constitutional amendment to think had been ordered it can't sit you have to move it into a separate session. I doubt it had a beyond that we had a vote for it to separate sessions in the house and senate and then from that point it goes on that ballot. And so we were able to do that that three year period and and and putter out and about and it adds. Until the I had intent the Lucerne that path and Michael wanted to test the Monroe as the many of the county. The only caddie didn't Heston flinty. County that are outside of Philly Philly and Pittsburgh and that was one rather in this state and I don't think I'll pay down the that a lot of people against that even the 76 people. Stay told people not to vote often vote for it. And and it's so darn it disrespectful I think look at this as an opportunity. I've tried both of them fixed mom point the votes aren't there. The votes aren't there. Could I've waited 56 months to put this bailout could get 76 who is saying or and they can't bogus. So you know it's not like I didn't care you know these folks are out there they're so serious 76 and they don't understand. You need 26 low. In the senate and you need a 102 and now for the government signature so we couldn't we came close but what happened. Yes they're that boat that twenty or 24 voted and left section. What this lieutenant governor vote no. Many of the people that would be taxed. Came out from behind nutrient and started to go where did the members. That voted for it so you lost about twelve people. They voted for it because of the people don't being taxed. To what I can introduce Lou result of what the people voted for. Which all eliminated on the all know occupied home by the way that the citizens in Lucerne citizens black wanna vote they want to see. Another way of funding education courses doing it for us through the yeah. Through the property tax. How why you just what you just said is absolutely key to our understanding because you know the big question that people are saying is why is 76 stalled so you if you just explain that so don't tell us about your bill. Okay what did bill does. It raises the personal income tax to 11. Point 98%. So can make a 100000 dollar question and actually 19180. Dollars. That's sort of question. Think I that resulted. You know it goes back to the school districts. This money comes to Harrisburg. It's over nine billion dollars from Harrisburg. Did you not think in Harrisburg captain frank this is gonna go into a separate accounting department of treasury the treasury with an education. Account. Cannot be used for anything out okay. And against. We know what every homestead in the commonwealth is right now and every accountant gets funded at that level. When and of course the Libby increased. Every year it would pop of course the living increase on the owner occupied residential. So that means property property the untapped property owners are exempt from this. But if you live in the home. You'll have no taxes for. OK now you are the property tax goes from one point 982 what. They don't bid they bid did not visited I mean the personal income tax. A college from it goes from 307. Yeah one point 98 it's 505 talked to this site asks I'll tell you look at the states around the track was so low lows many of the states have. I've that till later in and Pennsylvania can't live or make an on the 325 of the 32 fire doesn't pay any personal income tax. Dominated event and has another thing that in this is that we'll bomb under the amendment will be put into this felt can't help. Seniors even prevented seniors that don't own homes but they qualify that who that rent rebate that they have out there right now are often. What today we have a red. Property rent rebate that it 1000 years that used to sell out okay. That Beckett back in just go just forget what happened about that they quite competitive scene is able to qualify although they qualify. They can't apply for it because I haven't paid your taxes in the prior year. Or they're they're playing their pain payment plan. So they can use that money desperately but they can't cut it. So just sit there. It pull address. On that program but the way it is going to be held taxed on the senior on the scene is in India home. We'll be able to expand. It for this senior and the folks that are handicapped in some way disabled. Will be able expand there's a little bit more and get a few more out today there and that program now but we could just. Look good in give them some more help. Now explain something to me yesterday we had this question because in your news releases says taxpayers would apply to their county for a home set exclusion but in some counties eliminate the homestead exclusion of. No that's that's that's why not if it if that they're here and I think I don't have it in front of me but what it is that the county. The school district has that they bury it and everything because here's what happened the fact that got to get elected regard. But annoyed and the way the war is written. They have to say they're and so that's cool what type of vote on it but everybody did their money going to be in Harrisburg except they want it that app that has had the vote yes. It applauded the formality that Deloitte is nothing Harrisburg to write the legislation. Say the statute that has to be they case you can't take it away so. And I don't see any issue there because first of all we're giving them of course so which by the way 76 there's not. When did this give them of course reliving every year. And not and I'm not talking about what we normally get schooled every year you know on this in our budget that we always. Plus Frankfurt idiot they get more dollars. That will still continue to flow into the schools but that'll slow just for the that ran the renal unit and the commercial. That's still vote than did a budget that still could use that money. That is above and beyond what we do normally every year but I've wanted to make sure that the schools don't get hurt. You know to me education is very important so you in this particular scenario the schools will be getting. And those dollars. And so they're and so that you know and and then 76. I'm sorry but there's no quote eliminates trees and. And he didn't and your bill there's nothing that says that the schools keep a little bit a property tax to pay their data or any of that stuff. Not all of it no debt into it where threat in at all. But the way that quick step in it all from the owner occupied yet filed a bill will be bureau frank it will not be pain and apple. Okay now what's the status of your bill what happens next. Okay the gold and produce. No it's so if they get them they get then that the education committee. Aren't any air can house members to introduce an over there and I've my goal is to get it out and get it done before the end people of beat people we break sometime. Between now and probably the beginning of October. To get it over until they get first book to get an entity. And to be. Into the house. By you know elated that we can't get up ice cube by the BP began in September the house's ready and melded those companies that vote for houses voted for this. Started it might that you're you're an elected official and Europe community voted for this I do you vote no. That they didn't like everything else they've you know in Monroe County passed by 83%. Prank. How can you be a legislator named in Monroe County enough support on it's it's an exemption. Yeah no longer pursue their possessions sounds because yeah. She but you know it's not a bloated different scenario. Look at it would denied it yet we get that animate play the other get a lot of push back well from teaches a lot of push back from the education people. And there will be a lot of push back you know party you know it's a you know it's the party they choke but I have. In your area I have firm I have commitment from John Blake got a commitment from UD checked. They're supporting this. So I gotta tell you that it didn't lose our life form there are on board. All right senator I'm I'm going to be bug in years from now until October to find out all they see. Doses I think that lower you know for me anyway I'm tried to do what happened here Monroe if you go Franco about and just about a month and a half ago that guy and his absolute or 250000 dollar dude that's pretty okay. He couldn't put up you couldn't get attacked the outbreak so what happens is his house sold edit the act itself. A guy so that you Arabs go to remove him from the house. You know he does he showed sympathy peninsula and in the end that is another story in this half nobody here and a half ago and near Harrisburg area same scenario. The guide that you'll never get my house and the next thing he doesn't it burned their house down with ten minutes. Good for the kind of stuff that outfit we got in his armory given what historian and the Guinea pig out trying to fight that I get his story for Malays. Arnold had been retired in 1985. Event. In 28102011. You writes it is just lost her husband six he has earlier and took it 6500. Dollar hit on a rate cut affect. I'd taxes than 85500. Out. Our taxes. Today a six almost 6000 how else. I live undergrowth so she said that age 88 I made the decision between food. Drugs for paying my taxes. Since I'm guilty of living true law. That would be almost far cry. Yeah I'm tie in just not fair senator thanks for thanks for your bill thanks for talking to us follow buggy again I thought I thought OK got quite old and I don't how you're myself. I'd done and don't worry you thanks a lot under Mario's develop fortieth senatorial district.