Nick Delgado, News Director KUAM in Guam, about North Korea, with Frank Andrews

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Friday, December 1st

Nick Delgado, News Director of KUAM  radio in Guam, talks to Frank Andrews about how the situation in North Korea including the latest missile launch is affecting the people in Guam.


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So I bug this guy named nick Delgado. Was a news director of KU I am and he is on the phone does right now good morning again 630 there right. A very good morning incident and just coming up. Thanks for Colin many thanks for letting anyway job so I you know I'm curious I'm most of Guam is military right. About a third of the other news both active duty force the people we also have our National Guard reserves it will. It is the entire island like I'm I'm pins and needles on eggshells I mean we're over here hearing the media talk about you know building bomb shelters and what does lunatic is gonna do what's it like there. We. Lot of those. Frustration stated. A ride there initially went on that whatever quality mention. In the threat that North Korea back on its. And so there that are reserved some uneasy feeling sprout. From people here won't serve god first couple of days Larry that first half unfolded. Since then last week we celebrated Thanksgiving. Mom and I actually think people are you have that holiday shopping as much the same. Does that beat off a look outside right now a couple of getting ready to go work. Complicated article but any way to go to school so. While law there's a lot of concern or worry understandably would beyond what threat the recent missile. Launch out of North Korea. A processor that which a lot of security measures but all Homeland Security our federal partners and the local government continue to reiterate so people on the through the media. That. It than usual. Dump the leg when I was talking to you overnight it was in the afternoon it was the afternoon there but when asked how did you eat you mentioned a missile defense system. Right the ad system let something that is station. In the northern part of the island at Andersen air force base and so they have that system in place. And I'm ready. It goes one on security and the airport sort of told us on the top again they had that this is about there. Ready and to engage (%expletive) a missile launch come out of or create an art direction. About you personally. Are you worried. I have not yet. Cement the killings from the get go initially when I heard of a threat coming up all the way. I had didn't see what they're reaction from the community was myself back and I guess I went straight down to the tourist district the village of two month. Well all the tours are people visiting from. Quick is like Korea Japan and and other parts of the region are sort of bit countries around North Korea and so. I bailout they're going to be stay around there are those stores. Under that kind of reassured me as a as a resident. Of Guam facts. It looks like we're good to go home. Now I think I saw something I don't know whether it was on and I need on your station's website or whether I just saw in the news that there was an accidental emergency siren blared at one time is that right. Well. I know in other third of a lot of I've had in mind thinking that I had to be worked out whenever all of it was threat came my way on the first ballot just. There's an act the most alert system that came out on the birdie jail just so that we don't suppose you indicated that the as. What does that otherwise wouldn't. So there's some clarification there and a white. A lot of the confusion wasn't that had been. Late in the evening hours overnight. Art armor and so. Whenever people that are current event and it went down there at the clarification on gas so called Homeland Security officials and at Arthurs is well. Dot nick is neither here newsman. Is there increased activity or maybe I should say increase alertness increased. Action on the military bases are we on high alert at least militarily. Now we are out. Military wise. The now act out but that pretty much means so that doesn't didn't civilian world that. There that there is no increase security it's that people calling on all the date oh man that let this be any today though that there might have been some. A concern about the Victorino while there have. There hasn't been any increase output control problem from our service members or. I helicopters or any Democrat so Ku certainly in the air even circling the island. I'd run Lola dealership so so that's pretty much just the usual. Military activity and training that we keep currently our greedy and. Let me ask you this you cannot eat it Guam is like living with a neighbor that has a mad dog in the basement you know what but you feel bad they are true not only this guy but his father. I mean I mean do we do we here in the states taken too seriously do people in Guam dollar bags bluster and he's just a lunatic Eudora. It yeah yeah. That's kind of compare the trailer for many that have caused what for a long type but you can ever be too careful one and a and we really appreciate the bank that there is the concern from boat there the state especially a letter. A lot of people a lot of obedient now call. The State's home and so. And that good is it that we do have a concern because it all the more make those double protect it well when it comes to the big key mechanisms that are clips. You said that its businesses usually went down to the the tourist area everybody's on the beaches so you so there wasn't like a bunch of people that want to be airports and so we're did not hear were gone home. No apparently not and has passed and the matter back to idiotic. Local court but it boat governments. Tourism and machine builders broke continues to reiterate that the tourism numbers. So we're seeing but the majority of them compliment our way from South Korea. And though. Every everything pretty much so yeah it's just as the majority of the tourists are coming from south Turkey. Because that's a holiday coming do enjoy are because they're coming says shop and then it's. And experience says the paradise that. It'd. Okay now let me let me ask a let me ask two final questions I ask you the easy ones first what's the weather like there right now. I think it's beautiful I didn't lose it but and is just coming up as. It's going to be lower eighties are now but this column file and when did parents really. All right now look here's my final final question. You're newsman you live there you guys your finger on the pulse. You do seem you know what's happening what do you what do you think is gonna happen ultimately your. Ultimately. So like numbers do what they hope would have been delayed. A bow so. Yeah I hope. That there is some general consensus that there is that both the leaders. Go to Matt currently is here in America that. And don't create Kim Condit could standards where an agreement to Burbank just sat open diplomatically. Vs there aren't going to war. Com and there may ultimately. Think that will happen. I'll. Never won and hope for the worse especially when the police that being black and it is home. Yes for sure that I wanna thank you so it's quarter to 7 in the morning in Guam thank you for getting up thank you for letting me bugged all night you have a Merry Christmas and thanks for talking with us. Thank you thank thank you good bye bye.