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Friday, October 13th

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Joining us in studio. I wouldn't change gears a lot because so we've been talking about the northeastern Pennsylvania film festival coming up this weekend. And I told you would have couple people on with us Alex MacNamara is joining us thanks for being here. It's awesome to be here thank you so much for having welcome and of course our own monopoly into the that we know Bryant saw that. How all the exits so much fun it's weird to be here on this side without my news well that's right you want to Wimbledon isn't it I'm an. Good people all the food I'm into film. So this is good I have to its first tell everybody that shows brought you by Iran's restaurant main street jury gave us separation from the rest. You can check out their unique menu on FaceBook give them call 45115100. Some of the specials this week you guys ready for this democratic. Kangaroo loin. Delicious free range chicken. Might might favored bison rabbi who loved by some. Haven't tried it is not a guy I started writing it when I lived in Denver yeah I have to tell you who's easy out there but he at a rides home man. It is delicious those are just a couple of the things okay. That that you should try and he expects a different you know different menu they're different from the rest Boise right. And are right let's talk about this film festival coming up and Alex first of all. For those who who don't know with this C is. Tell us about how important this is to a local filmmakers. Sure are while we are around this is our second year we were formally that beyond film festival now in the northeast Pennsylvania film festival we change the name because we really want to reflect. You know Muslim people who wore. You know providing programming lives film festival and there's such an immense amount of talent here I can't even begin to describe it and as such like a subculture of filmmakers here so. It really made sense to have something like this I am and where are the only ones in how we're the only film festival in the area. I am but were also an international film festivals so we have you know we have films from Don Moore and also Australia and Iran. And yes we have comes from all over where it's it's great to be in our second year we've really streamlined this year but it's a three day festival all we Strief fact those locations this year and it's going to be a really great weekend. And you got involved in this beat because you and your husband have that and you're suddenly. Have been correct doing some of these local films we part of that first wave of indeed probably around 2003. And we shot a feature film in Scranton was an office comedy and then all of a sudden there was an office but I myself. But yeah how we end the week just watched this this whole underground film making it grow over these last couple decades. So much so that my son who is thirteen and his. Buddy who's also thirteen there they are making films as well. You know when when I was at that age. There was something called super eight. Ferry can't that is such a novelty now. And my my friends tonight one of them is probably listening. Out Harvey's lake. But we've made our own movies we thorough it's our own movies fantastic the first film is called the thing of unspeakable horror. A little bit and I know just how Barry scare the most part it was supposed to be the most terrifying thing about it was the film itself. Yeah it's fun doing it. You know and a I appreciate that absolutely beaten and you know I I I think I told you long time ago my friend and I we wrote a script a long time ago for removing. Gave this to me Allen sic the analyst. But they want to wait too much money up front and since I was working in radio I didn't have the money to. You could see it now all you need is better than iPhone red zone they script that I found that stripped a couple months ago it was not a typewriter. How the original yes it's sitting in it's sitting in my idea. In my cellar. And and I promise I talk to my friend who co wrote with me he's in San Diego that I am going to redo it. We're gutter under rework discretion without the him. An excellent dusted off to do that next year may be you know come to the phone vessel to read for that would be real well I don't write read through would be found its that. It's a comedy excellent even better yet so well we think it was funny. But having said that what kind of films. You get injured and yes. Yeah we have all different kinds of films that get entered we have to action we have I'm horror we have this year it's really doc caveats we don't wanna documentaries but they're really they're they're fantastic and really excited about it. But you know we saw her short films are we also have animation the moon is essentially gray restricted by Hannah Roman. And it's is an award winning animation and it's absolutely stunning. And then you know we have got comedies. You know in honor of Jack started by Johnny condi which is a really heart felt fabulous. You know very character profile had the film and it's it's really fantastic. But you know. It's it's really a mixed bag their stuff play something for everyone. And you know that's why I love doing something like having our shorts blocked you can go and see. You know an hours worth the films and really get a taste so home even things. And it's it's great to see different people styles and it's nice to look at filmmakers as really artist. Comes really with the you know with the big Hollywood you don't usually see that you know we see you know there's that the budgets are so outrageous that we don't have a budget or you know your. Your nation is independent films he really has to your your artistry really shines through and that's what I really love doing about this film festivals Philly giving these people platform to show. They're artistry and tell their story. Some some people realize that. In the silent era. A movie some in the in the you know beginning of time for movies right. That 44 was was a huge place to make movies in Reno. This area and this is where a lot of the silent movies were made a pen and Hollywood the actors and directors and everything said you know it's too cold and 44 northeastern Pennsylvania. Let's move to someplace we heard of called Hollywood. And and they moved out there but this was. This was a big big area for for making movies and I get I have. About the there there there are quite a crew that are making films around this is an area right now and and back in June. Alex invited us up to the weekly house. And we. Took part in what is now being called the mystery box challenge to think it says there were a number of teams there are denying. Teams and basically what you did was he picked a cardboard box he opens it up. An inside where it. Items like two from props. And names that you would use in your film that lines of dialogue. Did you Google fortune tellers when you're in school you did it was a little fortune teller inside. And said the crew your team would it play through that and find. Three different genres he could pack. And so it was anything from new law are two buddy flick. And so these groups all decided what genres they were gonna Macon and they spent the summer making these shorts and that roughly under ten minutes I mean yeah I guess some are a little over Ireland on there it's it's amazing that we have that many people. And it's not I was not teams of two. These teams you know either eighteen to twenty people making these films and you know it's a great wave for you know people in Salomon people who. Who write screenplays to really. You know collaborate to get to know each other and you know hopefully in its building upon this community that Ari existent. Common that was so rich and I just it's like what I watched his people's jobs here time and I wanna give them a as an occasion to create and Austin film and I think as an artist myself I know that having something like challenges it was a really great way to exercise your craft. Am really keeps you intact and sort of keeps things freshen its just so much fun it's amazing to see what let people come up with them. And every time you know people show up to these meetings I'm just amazed at how. And you didn't do. Hard I wouldn't be surprised if at some point in time you ended up with some of my students because soccer furlough. Yeah I talked cinematographer oh did you really yeah where did you teach senate talk about Barre area career intact -- off that that really amazing and so yeah we're retired from Andy and I can tell you firsthand. The type of talent that we have here in our young people. Now it's for show. They had to write the script they had to produce it direct that we've got all the kids to be actors animation they actually had put something together. And and I saw firsthand. Some of the some of the talent just. Just from them so I know that there's so much of that around here gas and it and it's we don't height like that. No we really don't hear enough about our the football stars and and we talk about the wrestling star is but we don't talk about the stars in our hearts that we have here. Well I'm going to be a bragging momma my ninth time here and he's thirteen. And his body will do is go also thirteen got a group of their house and their one of these teens speed and they put together a really funny piece it's called pick again. And if you come to the festival. Next week and you'll be able to see some of these local shorts. Jack and you know that's we we don't have enough and I just feel like you know with all that talent and united and this actually comes out of LaMont beyond arts foundation you which is based out of Waverly community house in Pennsylvania. And when I was working there I was asked to come on as the foundation director Courtney Ford. To its foundation and has given a task of well you know let's just something really big that's something hasn't international impact what's going to be. And it was sounding natural like knowing people like Alan and Jason knowing people accounts on you know is unnatural to say it will let's too down because sometimes you know people are hesitant to walk into a gallery. Or sometimes Hitler hesitant you know or or a public Carter you know performance art can be. Intimidating meeting a success a dollar meaning out of interest but everybody lots to go to the movies I don't know one person who'd like to watch a movie have a favorite films out. I think that it's so. You know it's just so engaging across the board and I just hope everybody comes out and lots and find the films you talk about and that makes them think and makes them you see something different perspective I think you well. We're gonna take a break when we come back we we need to tell people where they can come. What what's a little while Japan. Yeah. Animal go from there sounds great all right in the meantime we're gonna check out traffic and weather together. Did your pick your microphone there Dick stone I still went off LNR. I don't wanna be roots the girl who isn't around heralding. Finding root school in the lurch here that exit the backhand and yeah. 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Commonwealth film you'll find my eyes waiting for you need it most in our emergency room. In fact who worked diligently to have you initially seen by an medical professional in thirty minutes more or less. And because we're friends and his hospitals to provide more care. Lady faster care the thirty minutes or less ER service pledge only at commonwealth help him. Or make that 520. 524 in the afternoon. We're joined by Alex Mack and Aaron and of course Helen O'Brien. Talking about the northeast. Pennsylvania film festival so while we have about three minutes yes. Tell us where it's going to take place again each day. How much the tickets are and anything else you need to. You've got people know about. Are so on the twentieth of this month Friday the opening night will be at the Waverly community house lately Pennsylvania it'll start at 6 PM and that are part. Kickoff is at the drive and register to by Alexander Minnelli to pack a documentary about a drive and and Mahoney in Pennsylvania okay beautifully shot. Then on Saturday we will be the iron worst movie be struck from one to eight at 8 PM. We are going to have a mystery box downtown so be sure to get to that to see all those local films that really fantastic and we're so thrilled to have farmers movie beast or was our. Premier sponsor and the feeders our core is if you haven't happened yet and there's there's zero nice and then on Sunday we're going to be at the exquisite Kirby senator for creative arts that slamming seminary and damn that's going to begin at one. And then hi wrap up around seven the film. We're going to have a document on some try yet at 6 PM. And that should be really interesting. So. Tickets you can buy tickets at any PA film festival dot com and we have. Tickets will also be available at the door today. But I'm our opening night and weekend pass to 65 dollars for a fact is cocktail party live entertainment the opening night film and that also it's. All access to everything else that we can that deals then we have our great deal yeah yeah the right guy now and then are we can pass his fifteen dollars at Saturday and Sunday. Our Saturday passes ten dollars an hour summit pass is only five dollars. Are you can't beat that now do capital a lot of entertainment and really yeah it is it's great entertainment as anytime of the year but especially now. You know a lot of the outdoor activities we don't do now right and this is perfect timing for insane zero. Think I wish is a fast thank you sank to exactly and such a pleasure thank you bet. Any time RA.