Mohegan Sun Summer Fun.

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Wednesday, June 27th
Alex Senchak and Mike Diaco with Mohegan Sun Pocono give WILK's Webster and Nancy details on upcoming summer fun.

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We're gonna 95 and sunshine. And I coming up on starting on Sunday going also rely on the tenth annual tenth annual hot summer fun. At Mohegan Sun pocono kicks off on Sunday and joining us in the studio this morning Alex and Jack and Mike Bianco gentlemen thanks for stopping by the grounds that you're around somebody brought us some cool sunglasses on that and excellent already some agreement that we also have some VIP party in the patio tickets are gonna give Whelan that. But how hot weather I'd kick off hero of your pics kinda in the way I. I know it's great timing is perfect so we have our hot summer finally set as a team and the tenth annual hot summer fun we have something every weekday for someone to come out and enjoy themselves on Mondays are to our mystery game if you can now complainer and a mystery game. TC is you can earn double entries into learn summer along giveaway for a meaner green car of a truck. Wednesday's we have our version of bean bag toss 32 of 2000 dollars in free play on Thursday we have everybody's favorite would everybody's been asking for all summer long. And that is party on the patio. So idea we have everybody patty yeah. You go to party I've had you know so many people that don't have a great time everything is fantastic it's the biggest event of the summer for a lesson we have you know thousands of people out there on the track I we've everything from Bruce Springsteen cover bands Ozzy Osborne it's wrapping everything up with Fleetwood Mac. We talked to Senator Clinton sees it as. Gonzales hi Carol all from Carroll on the streets you're always out there I mean people just love it's it's it's. It's summer for people. Did get together and hang out on the patio it's great stuff so you get from this I mean obviously it's also rely on here and you're just touching on a couple of things here that are happening because I have an I have the actual schedule from me in the list is like a monologue things that are going on every day there's fifteen or twenty different items every day of the week. Yeah yeah so special and so forth the restaurants. Yeah we have a lot especially on on. We do are two for Tuesday is so we just opened up recently our new pizza restaurant called sliced. That's in these guys food court where you can get two whole pies. Forward 22 dollars and 22 cents from noon to 2 PM it was two for two that you got that audience's eyes yet there's deals pretty much at every establishment inside the casino. That's excellent so. Did you guys have a favorite like wait what's that it will be when. You know Sunday rolls around legally can't wait until like Sundays here do you wait in the skies Thursday party and patio or what's your feeling there is winning Wednesday's and the our minds probably party on the audio and violence you know people come out and enjoy themselves and district to have free event for everybody. Free is good and for Israelis are good and and look at the schedule here in the Gannett free short Friday's. Fresher for a New Jersey are free pants that I wonder. Yeah. To run that past are Macias that CS is field test of this as well and you know here she details. Does it become going to be in our keys to longer and ball room. And that's going to be on Friday July 27. All of the details and dates and times it's on our web sites that you guys and wanna check that out. Were also gonna have to Daytona 500 champion Austin Dillon you're Reagan Jake's Belgian. Producers and he's mr. NASCAR half unbelievable. But we're gonna do a NASCAR simulator to is OJ wants to stop by in and drive a sign of class cards and cards out there is no and have that going to appeal and he doesn't NASCAR simulator attendee gets in his car. But I think it's we also have Hermann permits that are common in August body yet that's going to be awesome concert yeah. I. Not everybody I can probably get a guarantee that not anywhere in America today did anybody to a really even if it was terrible. Impersonation you hit the Internet from. Herman term it's on the radio. So looks like a lot of great stuff coming up and and as I'm scrolling down here you mentioned Herman Herman as unseemly and Womack yeah. We have heard comments there. Here here's something used to it looks like the food programme coming up that's of course a little ways down that we're talking about September here now but that like this is going out and yeah. Some alarm call the normal July and August in the first speak in the September we'll have a food truck fassel to wrap everything up. That's outstanding is the tenth annual hot summer fun and millions and pocono it kicks off this Sunday the hottest day so far about a safe to say the year. And I thanked Butler with a capital to counter it's going to be beautiful. All four man. Not to be and exactly what I mention meaner green promotions. Oh yeah only a dream unleashing talk about that aren't as that's where you can now when some really cool stuff. Yeah absolutely so author of the entire summer you earn entries just by playing on. And on September 1 we drop one winner and that winner has the difficult choice to choose between either a mean truck which will be a Toyota Tundra four by four. Or green eco friendly Toyota round four hybrid both cars are currently displayed in the casino floor right now. And I also and so just by going carrier entering to my plan yep you just do what you normally do you come in the casino. You get there and address those cars and onto the floor like we have to do set ups. It's basically it workers yeah I'd be afraid everybody I talked to back up truck. Outstanding Alex and check my Fiat the general thank you for being here they that you guys summer fun the tenth annual hot summer fun and Mohegan Sun Poconos he kicks off this Sunday when it's getting 95.