Mike Folmer Interview

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Thursday, January 4th

Pennsylvania Senator Mike Folmer speaks to WILK's Frank Andrews about proposed legislation called "Informed Consent" where people are warned about what is inside vaccinations. 


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Well good afternoon everybody 8 minutes after 3 o'clock and we're gonna begin today with some pending legislation in Harrisburg and I think many if you are going to be interested in on the line with us right now is restarted frank Andrew show his Pennsylvania senator Mike former senator thank you very much for joining us. Well thank you Bradley owns. Well the first thing I have to do before we get to the legislation is that to say thank you because I have a little girl with high toxic ischemic encephalopathy. And she takes. And approved medical marijuana CB do you well every day thanks for thanks for being behind that senator. Well I would I was honored to do that in and it was a great team effort by eight. A lot of grassroots folks send there was a martyr thank you. Well you know I mean I I know your background and I know you're you have a lot of your legislation is very very big and helping families saw and I want I want our audience and know that and again I wanna say thank you for that firth for what you do for Foster families and everything else but now let's get into this legislation your proposed it's called informed consent what are what is it. Well informed consent basically. There would be a criteria before person or parents as their children actually made and and then let them know what's inside those vaccinations. What's ingredients then and Amro would be the possible side effects and and things of that nature. We're not standing. Vaccinations were not saying that I'm just saying. That do we have a right to know because there's nothing more intrusive vessel instead gonna need going to need. And and understanding of the history of vaccinations I mean. But back in 1953. Of the CDC recommended four vaccines sixteen doses of four vaccines. From ages between two months and aides say explain 1983 it was seven vexing the 23 doses each. Between two months and aides say it's a bike when he thirteen. We were up to fourteen vaccines are 49 doses these turf and they give birth to 86 and then since and I doses of sixteen vaccines between date of birth and age eighteen. So not now senator you know we have a we have on this program every once in awhile got into a big debate about the flu vaccine so this this would not say if you you have to have it doesn't say they have to tell you what the risks are right. I know hours and often in my case they got the flu I think they'll work. Until I got a good that I thought I got that was three years ago I took the flu vaccine got the worst flu ever so I don't take it anymore. I'm not do it anymore. And I might dot cancer doctor won because they always say they can they are immune system's sound I drink raw milk and eat eat better. Now does send you also are and so introducing the resolution calling on congress to repeal the national childhood vaccine injury act can you explain essar. Well guess what happens. Back in 1986. They were so many lawsuits being filed against big pharma. Although on the accent a vaccination damages. From tournament of this information from at least here. Don't have that they're home in second. Anyway yes but so. And 1986 taxing less factors became not liable for harm caused by their products in the last. And since that time the US taxpayers have paid. Over 3.2 billion dollars an award to victims of vaccine injury and the actual vaccine injury come compensation program. Okay now a senator and then the question that I have at you know reading your news release and talking to you as soon as you used the phrase big pharma are you gonna run into a lot of opposition to this you think there's going to be a tough uphill battle. Yeah I was at medical marijuana want to. I'm. Direct. I have an and I can't be careful. An and I meant that. The modern medicine has this many great things. And not denying that. My question is assess and some just come on this search of truth here. And one trying to find how does that type net literally hundreds of global children parents and general children that's. Told me his and virtually all their stories are the same over the last year and head off before he even wrote legislation. And there are still we draw all the same before of this cutbacks saying my my child was it was all on schedule was doing well and then afterwards. Damn. And now they're they're they're they're put the child that is suffering from. I'm the major world portions of altered him and that's the other question we have debt to ourselves we have been rising. Rising and rising prison population. As more than just because we're diagnosing it thin and and we're calling for a single alt says so I'm talking about as good disappears into the office. Does senator what happens next to this legislation is introduced its physical. And the prize and I desperately been pretty cold front sponsorship some look deferred sponsors they help me and that began navy education certainly. And and there's a grassroots group that that's helping me with that. And then and then people begin miseducation turning. I think we wrote a pretty strong bill that it and knowing that maybe we need to. So I don't sit down and talk to folks. Mike Weir assess. It could make sure of that and number one and people's liberty of conscience for instance Serb thirst segment saw out there that that. Of folks who believe religiously that the base did not have that same. And I don't want anything happened to bat at number two I wanna make sure that parents know. And and they have a right to know because as star chart that the that was being put in their bodies. Or order go to choose their own schedule one of the words instead heavenly and then mark why that's a lover had the measles. Vaccine and go to the mom and then go to the rebel ones. Not a senator before I let you go and I appreciate you taking time and your busy day today do you do you see any effect on Pennsylvania. With the attorney general you know ending this legal pot policy from the Obama administration. Basically open opening the door you know for prosecution. Tip cup cup. I'm hoping not been as good as well I I just didn't and I and my my language is very strong number I would tell you the same things Franken and we don't. Quite frankly be frank with Ukraine. And look at depths. This is stupid. This is just and on top of it all it's just cold and I mean by that is special wide and I think that that's cool I read. And that too inept your journey on on on getting the medical candidate told Don and acted in the law. Thousands of patients and all they were looking for work was based safe access. To this special without fear of a prosecution. Without fear of of all of a break in the law. And then you have been ahead law enforcement guy in the country. You know rattling swords. At which it will just cause I don't I just talked to a couple of arms we cannot. More than two hours ago. In the end we're almost in tears I think there's so I think I don't think it is gonna happen I'm hoping not happen but I think we're even doing it's just it's just cool I'm totally serious about this. That's really cold but it would be even worse if you are serious about because what would be. It was certainly a little bit. Most of the medication. That folks are going to be taken for medical candidate purposes is going to be not psychotropic. Like 70%. So this is just don't. Well you know now I understand when I first saw this come across the wires my first reaction was there are so many more important things for the attorney general to be focusing. And why this. Still don't I can't hell an epidemic. I hope you know. Human trafficking coming into this is pumped. You know is like one they would have been dug down and Harrisburg everybody was debating something and I said well guess what they're now having a big debate about what the officials salamander is for the state I don't like come on get up with something else should have the same thing here was senator got people are texting saying thank you you're a true American patriot thank you for this information. And so I think you're informed consent bill is got a lot of support thank you for taking time to talk to a certain. Well frank thank you Bradley are into people the good work and keep people informed. All right god bless you thank you senator Mike Fuller from Lebanon Dawson county.