Michael Voris of St. Michael's Media & Church Militant -about LGBT & the Catholic Church with Frank Andrews

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Tuesday, December 5th

Michael Voris, president & founder of St. Michael's Media & Church Militant, talks to Frank Andrews about the LGBT and the Catholic Church and about Rev. James Martin.


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Michael Boris is on the line with us right now he is a founder and president of saint Michael's media and the senior executive producer of church militant Michael thank you for taken time out of your busy day. I appreciate good chapters speak frank thank you and I understand that a one time you're TV reporter so that was your penance for a time crunch. According your very important producer and anchor good you know literal I made two. Now not against these fully before we get into any countries to tell us what what is church militants and why. Also that is hey do you black expo web presence and our presence of the apocalyptic. Saying Michael's media. Oh so so Michael's media does a number of different things to advance the Catholics saying church militant movement is about presence on the web. And what we specifically do at church and its own. It is or on Churchill and it is sort of talked about various issues the recent Catholics need to know about current supreme. Broad spectrum growth from going on in the culture in general the run on the world politics all of this obviously urban you know some. From touching on matters cap what we know just couple politics for the sake of politics. From going on within the church good and bad. AM and the many things very devotional. Spirituality. I don't directly feel logical things like that's what sort of thought spectrum of things up for Catholics. Now correct me if if any of what I say is wrong but I understand your graduate of Notre Dame and then studied in Roman you have a bachelor's degree in sacred theology as well. Have yet but more are not currently a graduate of Notre Dame it's like it's it's and ecclesiastical we're Greece so. To take a bachelor's degree. It's it's called baccalaureate spoke on neat it's got an academic to Greek. Like from the secular institution on the increase yeah circle side it's essentially vehicle for the top masters. Now here hearing Michael here and on northeastern Pennsylvania I believe there was of a pull one time it was done and I believe in in several of the counties here the Roman Catholic and orthodox population is about 78%. Number of the people here so that's why you know anything that happens here we get so many calls would you give us. We have your your opinion of what the status of the Catholic churches right now because our listeners said the church militant. Is trying to protect the church from its attacks. Okur doesn't reward these. It's for the Al roughly the past sixty years most of the month this is not even be true across the board obviously even distributed it depends. You know and not know where you might be at a specific time and all of that but in an overall trend for the past sixty years. The armed with a commitment of the church church leaders. And then consequently. Many of the laity. To the fundamental teachings of the church have changed they either didn't sacrifice to abandon it ordered. I don't play eight substituted. Pork. You know so particular tech and again that depends on but where you all are whom of course now these aren't all for example you have some bishops and they just coming out. In favor you know finger quite frankly political. Other bishops just stopping anything one way or the other fellow bishops shall offer very weak passing and it doesn't really getting publicity defense of something. But the church so. And the certainty evenly distributed upbeat netbooks fact. Over the course of the past sixty years there's a greater good munition on the face him. I can't eat. Major indicator that the revenge sort of trumpeting notes that church bulletins and saint Michael's media for. Approximately ten years. And we've been saying there's going to come sort of the court asked. Lou more number of Catholics which has been increasing. It's steadily for decades and decades and decades but don't wait oh about increased. Post Ben so getting. Well smaller and smaller. And just looking out in the course of you know when you're on Bruno the same sort of background those same. Profession by never giving her own reporting on what you just pure numbers guy at all about the trend graphs and charts. All the surveys and everything I was looking into such a few years ago and so they're gonna come a watershed moment somewhere around. To tell them total 2013. Somewhere in that neighborhood. Where the raw number of Catholics United States. Is actually going to begin to decline. And we just hit that. In my believe it was 2016. In 2014. A by the dot com and you're by one merchants and to ensure memory by. We had 7472. Point four million Catholics depending on how you count. Armed. Earned in the United States adjusting to baptize them neither that we even saying it doesn't mean you're raised output to diminish in the operate just were baptized. So four point sudden 2.4 million end in 2016. The number was 72 million. So for the first time since these numbers have been being trapped in any significant way. Do you more. Number ten anybody knows what statistics. Has familiarity statistics knows what goes all number reached which are Paramount number. And that has now increased in the US the number of Catholics I have to know she. No of course of course Michael got a sound and they thought one of the order one of the main reasons that I wanted to talk to was about the father Martin issue father Martin is a source speaking of misery according university sure we're gonna take a break okay and when we come back we're gonna focus on SO you can hang on the talk to us I hope. Chara who OK hang up when John Holt we're gonna take a break sixteen minutes after four we are talking to Michael for a saint Michael's media which is a website do you wanna check out call church militant and a clear talking to Michael Boris and Michael is CEO and founder of saint Michael's media and a website called church militant. And Michael I wanna just ask you what what is. Your problem with father Martin's speaking at his record university. Where it is enough to early and has a record here it's sort of follow mark will be given any public platform anywhere that's what happens to be. It happens to be determined or Cordelia. This can where he gets to distort. Catholic teaching now that he wants to know most eaten some what grounds somewhere. And so whatever you want to say which is not true this is the point. What he presents in these talks about cook also them these are really found a hole homosexuals and such traction thanks. Is not true it's incomplete. And it's written now. And as a result she should not be allowed to be speaking. Foreign troops property now and that's that's a problem. Okay now did you read his book building a bridge. No I don't talk about the book. Because it 300. It's not a book I argue look I've never said anything about his book. The issue and and that's the purpose that's another thing with them whenever I capture space something its sponsors. And his supporters are responsible fuel promoted or try to I'm talking about his books that well but it is just a Trojan horse to get up and talk about these other thing. But night and it got the concept there is the LG BT community. He wants open up conversation with them I mean now I realize that soups very simplistic but what's wrong with that. Well there's nothing wrong with it except that's not true there are already into conversation. Mostly done I mean for example. LG BT. Is a political sorry it's. It's it's a cultural political phrase people in the church don't step that would be like Catholic Catholic bishop going up and talking to somebody. And he's referring to their more current pro choice. But the warning which itself before you ever get to a discussion. But definitions or Buddhist. LG BT may be a very content you know you folks armed armored acceptable terms to talk about well not quite sure. But within the church which is what he does you decreased. Talking in the context of the church or intrude properties he should be using church vocabulary. That's a very first problem. Second of all they're already used there are already has the dialogue. Here the church out for example a marvelous group. Willis Group that was sort of our Catholic priest in New York I think. When the sap didn't. Maybe in the eighties. The name of the border cued up now the Prius restless soul will remember beat. And he started a group called courage. Which was news. And many chapters around the country. They grow the world's Welker. 02. Engaged. We are Catholics. Who are same sex attracted took who were trying to live according to the church's teachings faithfully. There are already use they bring it to use other Martin's title that book so forced him to. Around him pretend as though like the church since the eighties to the message you take away. The short straight days and you know it has been you know prosecuting towards gays. I think when most of us know I have to appreciative of working the last sixty years or it's mark or are you wonder what church and state is. So I'm that's the issue here at great speed meet your rotation on this is that proper Martin simply why it's. He lied about church teaching. In these presentation on the program just means sort of wasn't sure you know foot center in doing interpretation. Problem hardened in all on the record. Source saying that the church's teachings regarding Chesapeake meaning only having sex with a in the confines Luke. Marriage. That those teachings doesn't apply. To same sex attracted people sexual people. Might Michael took the people who are the people who are who responded when he was on. You know they they so there's 20000. Signatures on the petition. And then I'd I contacted the bishop and it appears that the bishop and father Marc Lynch and need the hierarchy of the Catholic Church I don't want to hear what you have to say they think that your did that the crazy radicals. Buffalo corporate group. Efficient and fast fact just in fact I I asked a theologian I set I'm I'm gonna have. At the church militant on and he said well in theological terms they are what we call crazy. Feckless so. Earth that would let her get very Catholic doesn't dispute that the fellow south with the most terms. You know you want to take number action you know the first all the traffic they are you know I'm Catholic village by the Nazi BM ecclesiastical degree in theology. So you know there are there are theologians took various stripes you know dirt so you know he's a liberal theologian who goes on like. The message of orthodox traditional cook also I guess if I mean we've been talking about the church and years that there's been striking and explicit. In the church because there but you're looking to come sort of a political notre porn shoot something in the country. There are just two versions of America. That are being. And out went out side by side every day in a country that's something that's happened truck right now. It's just come to a head now. Or number of issues and one of them leaving Juan is this particular normal crush on homosexuality. I don't think it's surprising that one of the reasons it's coming to read it because there are so many. Homosexual clergy are funded through. He'd be on the table that's why they're important. We all not answer the question. Because it's so open question because she's who walked out there he will not answer the question whether he himself the detractors. Sexually. So we haven't. Now he won't answer our question he's certainly superior social Brittany from hamstring. That's what he told the Washington Post I think that was then this summer bird late summer early fall. And that's why we superiors were digits from saying that you know put. He's at this particular strain and I'm sure I interceptors. Are merger complained. Have you content and diocese here at all I mean have you had any conversation with the with the diocese of Scranton. Come. Number and are essentially in the week mutton curry why you invited him. Well yeah I or or at least let them know you know Europe your objection to this I mean I mean you got one of the things that that then the door. Yeah yeah we we have we have publicly backed are numerous occasions about current repetition that's going to wrap. Don't sort of second additional stuff thank wasn't so everybody be on the same Patricia. And other that we publicly supported amending our position on posts are not our position on the. I Michael we gonna take another break and are you understand that but I do wanna talk to you about about your comments about the bishop met Ana I don't wanna get the information on the rosary relic of people are calling about that so if you would hold on a second we're gonna take a break clock frank Andrews should WLK Michael Boris saint Michael's media church militant on the line with us Michael bishop Joseph Graham Berry diocese of Scranton issued a statement we asked him to come on the air but he would only give us a statement said that father Martin Lue went through all the just the screening father Martin's book was approved by his superiors. And as far as he's concerned it's okay for father Martin to speak now when I watched your video which I believe is called vortex. I was very uncomfortable. With its. I I don't wanna say the attack on the bishop for you were really really strong in your comments about him. We get older state bishop and Berry is a tower Europe and for whatever reason he's going along whipped. I don't know cute green hooked it a matter why. So why he's doing and I don't know whose intentions are I don't pretend to read his mind but I don't need to know if that's not what he's doing well. Fisher and Erik is responsible for the spiritual welfare of the old and his charged at bishop the map diocese. And you are wrong so what this priest who speaks heresy. Loose on his people. And that's the problem why I don't care what you went through some screening they sent up the screen. See he passed the screening all that means is you approach them. Learn from my objective like committee of top on Olympus but you know I am down before Singapore that's Fisher and there are people. Who get paid by Needham so yeah we want him to speak in bishop goes OK but perhaps screening this disingenuous to present at bats. I deny it must come what may come from just you just my upbringing but when you cost father Martin a liar and when you call but the bishop a car I get very uncomfortable like you're not supposed to challenged if the the the hierarchy of the church. Not a child hierarchy of the church when they are in communion of the magistrate and the church when they are not. In communion with them I mean I don't mean jurisdictional communion I mean harmony. Of the church's teaching. When may just find that ignored don't enforce it won't appreciate you absolutely challenge that they are vault. That doesn't mean that they don't have can be afforded the office from our challenging the fact that he's bishop mom about. I'm talking about in this case he is wrong. Followed Martin creature is heresy that's what I cited reports except that sort of says bishop are you going to stand up at the Savannah. And say that what problem Martin's set about. Men and women verse same sex attracted that the church's teaching on chastity doesn't apply to them. That is heresy. Frank Lindh entered your listeners like you I hope we understand that that now somebody want to agree or disagree that the church should do this summer that it different discussion. You know whether the church's teaching is right but that's up the discussion the discussion as we all agree and we all at least pretend in the sound so talk Martin. That the church's teaching is right but then he he preaches or ditch talks. And has supported by various members of the hierarchy. Hussein bad. Give them is we get him there approval. By the way there are many other members of both hierarchy who do not give father Martin's I do not give him any kind of approval. He got into a Twitter war with bishop pro hockey in Springfield Illinois over this very issue about homosexuality. Cardinals a goal I mean he may have a couple cardinal moved back pocket we also ocean park multiple wounds to chew him publicly. Cardinal Roberts the Vatican. Well wrote an article which appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Saying that what he was doing it wrong so again were you know where why what this points up pension great split in the church. All right now I wrote Michael I have I've to a 52 final points and I don't wanna keep into too much longer but you apparently had a big following in this area because one of our our listeners said please make sure that you have him comment on the fact that there's church triumphant church militant church suffering so people don't have the wrong impression. And then everybody wants to know if you're going to the rosary rally which is 1 o'clock on the day of a father Martin's speech. I'm OK firstly for all of theological one yet. Welcome when the church speaks of church and ultimately countries countries Centrino old term that neither what are your first two. The baptized who are still here on earth. Fighting evil there before taking against evil doesn't mean anything about Iowa and serve you know thinking of guns and weapons and nothing to do that. Sham it's part of the communion of saints the church or go to church and purgatory and the church and go to church and have them call the church triumphant. It is the souls who were in heaven are now saying from the battle will remain a triumph we eat here are. Because we can salute our salvation. Are still fighting port but that's what it means still logically. I want to try to come to that pro Israel rally how much of it depends right now might might I must first help is not doing very well and bumper people probably don't bet. Should have married actually in a hospital well right now since the surgery is over there to get back to a hospital or those. Who you can sort of declining since August so it's kind of a mess things I'm able to a ten points or not I don't mind making a commitment felt something room. Backing out of it if I can make it I will I thought you might. Presence that it is not but it would no longer the other what's important to have her via outlook with not so witness. To all centered. All authentic Catholic teaching that what remark that saying is wrong. And frankly we sold so. Okay Michael I messages safer FR a capture much longer I'm grateful thank you so much and not I hope I wish well for your father's thank you and Merry Christmas to you. All right well OK I've got what voter all your listeners thank you Michael.