Michael Voris of the Church Militant talks about the sexual abuse by priests, with Frank Andrews

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Friday, August 17th
Michael Voris of the Church Militant talks about the sexual abuse by priests and other problems in the church, with Frank Andrews

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Michael is on the line from Detroit right now how are you Michael. Eric break our goods are good they are owed almost nurse yeah I'm I'm. I you know I'm kind of I don't know what to say I'm a broken heart and I'm sad I'm offended I'm angry over this whole grand jury thinks and I wanted to know what your take design it and what your reaction but first I have to ask you this how would you define church militant I want time came on the air and called it a radical group and people like rip my head off saying you're not a radical what what are you what would you say you are. We're orthodox Catholics or shut up with the garbage in the church it's it's so Shwe. Speak about it exactly as it is which is garbage. And interestingly enough this special report live special report we just heard a little over an hour ago. All this before we run our beer and we were able to get it on the air. Cardinal O'Malley from Boston said that he. In your statement. Same Catholic how walker to complete faith in the arms the bishops. And the civil society had qualms all confidence in us but clock is ticking on our. Now this is what we have been saying here for ten years. That's a melt she sent a lot of the two of supernatural faith on the part of many members of hierarchy should take evil but garbage books still. That they have allowed into the church with regard to what they're teaching with regard to their pet of homosexual predator priests. I mean just you just go to album list there are in deeper and have to pay for that they need to be held accountable. Am I don't know part normality is now just stepping forward saying something to kind of don't look like he's appearing on the side and everybody thought you know words are true what the intent behind the ms. I don't know but those words our troops to -- Michael but simply lost confidence in them and that's a look that's what we do here we we started off just trying to teach the faith and immediately ran into a buzz saw that the hierarchy in many priest didn't wanna talk about to pay they wanna advanced liberal political called loose and we said no stems. It's a it's a tough story for me personally Michael because I'm one of the victims -- the ninth I never talked about but I did win this grand jury report came out and so it just becomes like sold sold if you know so so hard for me to take kind of on talk about because I think it brings up a lot of memories but yesterday when we talked about I made the statement and I say you know here's what I think your reaction should be if you're Roman Catholic I think you should flood the churches you should be in church and mail I got criticized for that all known nobody should go to church everybody should stay away and she and then I got people saying yeah I go to church but don't give them any money and I notice on your website you have an editorial. Called a call to arms only donate with restricted purpose or not at all. What's that code that is absolutely correct what. Much much but tax all of this Melky since that have been going ought. You know where's the money coming from to pay out all of troll a bit that this sexual abuse it's coming from a collection plate. Port street term insurance companies in the premiums are paid for by the from the collection plate. Many many many of these predator man many of them gave you should never have been ordained. Live a life of one Sri they do nothing based sponge off the church. Now you know very because of the way or Baltimore Sun up to church but lady cap know what's already so to speak in the church bishops to a lady to have money. And none of that happened without money so absolutely they need to get the message loud and clear. And frankly until there is broad mass wave of resignations. Are the bishops. This sane over. They need to be held accountable they can't and don't get to sit there and cried and follower so far removed to a lawful abortion aimed more angry about but lay it he's reaction. You're responses. I am perhaps some part in this and I resigned I go spend the rest of my life compared patents as the only acceptable. And sir Freddie map not always share your anger and your shame you've all been part of this cover up by then not every single one of them. But the vast majority there is no way a monster. Like Theodore McCarrick wife who took the position we have. There is no way that somebody like moral rises to the power he's out in the church. Without many many many clerics complicit complicit in all about. Not puppets whose secrets still I know some little lame and you came back to the church with twelve foot 1213 years ago are right return to the fate. I've sir you're almost stopped her for a period why why would I hear all the stuff I'm just let nobody out little short. And I know all about the all of that all of the stuff about Richar who bottom line 1015 years ago. Deposition posted online these cardinals sit there lie through their teeth if I had no idea. Down they down myself Michael Michael you make me crazy because we're out of time but I think I'm gonna call you tomorrow and see if we can extend this conversation that they are right. Sure there will be fine OK thank you very much for calling Michael thanks for calling back. Jack thanks very much thank you for having me back on. Now we have but I don't short change don't climb yesterday well I but but we don't I was talking to your Ross's statement you know they were trying to explain to me how busy you guys were based on this scandal yesterday you were a staff meeting and they said today you were doing special reports. But before we get into that can huge hit just for the benefit of people who have turned and tell us who you Warren what church militant us. Michael Portillo mr. founder of a Catholic upon told Catholic media ought to let. Which features about the debate on one side of the platform than teachers would help. It's bad people in the church not teaching the faith. I think I think most people probably can order some of those. Awful to have blind Burma street smaller force than your guys home state fair Pennsylvania so. Did you know 1002. When it when the the father Martin thing yet they're what was the situation and introduced me to church militants you were portrayed as they radical fringe group and I was told be careful be careful when something like this happens I'm almost grateful the church militant is there tempo kind of demilitarized. Well ultra secure and I I I think there are a an awful lot of people that are. You know coming around you know to this I have to say that you know when we got our work here read. Don't just work on the shoulders of giants really. A couple of giants to beat forty Internet. Before you know before that technology. Or to order reduced to being very marginalized. All they can do is write the amplitude published books them. All of that's what they were extremely. Dedicated Catholic. Well understood that this people penetrated deeply into the church. And they didn't really out a way to sort of get the word out. I think that's probably he's part of how so many bishops over the decades Needham and large number of occur mourns its. I just sort of felt like they've got to count license to get away with everything because in the Catholic world. The best option control do organs of communication from like the Communist Party in Russia are not controlling propped up. You know dumping gets repeated that they don't approve parts. And that's really how watcher decade to decade to decade there really wasn't until. In the last ten years. That. They know 88 Catholic lay equity independent. Media. Who do not rely on you know the bishops to. You know give the money you were you don't have access to them or whatever they're barely put it in the country who even talked to a much once you get as you know. Grandpa on camera interview and make it look legitimate ball that's sort of sanction. But if the troops but no but put off the person that church is like walker always find the way so yeah this is what the Internet technology. Which changed many of these crooked bid to be to people of lying to homosexuals rate being suspects abuse covering up bishops. Never tell it's fun. The Internet. You know you know Michael I looked them when I'm doing my show profit I know you're a former broadcaster sorted you know that Intel televisions and you understand is why do my show prep I read all these you know the New York Times in the Washington Post and all that and a read your website every day and and one of the things that I'm finding now is that it's a great source of information on how how what happened here in Pennsylvania she is now sparking other places to do investigations like you're talking your website is talking about new York and Nebraska. Yup yup we had but special report we just wrapped up about an hour ago. Otherwise but proportions I have to join you a little later. Actually we published report that kind of raced in to do chapel briefing prayer we say you can prairie both appear chapel in our studio on the site they can actually look at it. They go about a report written into chapel. And then but you're backing up a little little political post mortem on some technical problems we shall insure your very familiar. In essence you took a little poster child yeah. This FF. I yell art party but the focus of our special report was. Beat New York attorney general Barbara Underwood. We spoke of her her office. Yesterday afternoon we actually tried to hunt them down omits. Oh my goodness I think is most of the day we had a trip. A very reliable probable source tell us that. Aid. That they were actually hot on the trail of this they wanted to see what the status for the status was vote. Although sex abuse and cover up by you know gay priests do you know and PP overload official to covering up short on the wall that. In the New York attorney general's office we were ever able quite find out what sparked their interest besides jobs. They've Pennsylvania just concluded there but anyway whatever sparked their interest searchers that sparked. And we spent most of the day yesterday without can't take them down and we finally got. Barbara Underwood she's good attorney general. For New York we finally got spokesman on the road following the end. And a map person gave us the a little I don't have urged that yeah matter of fact. The way it works in New York State attorney general's office. And I do speak grand jury but the individual. County. Or municipal district attorney's on the state level. Are the ones who. Are the ones who would actually sort of deep in the pocket so to look at scatter gun thing if rusty York. So I think if I understand correctly Pennsylvania. They really. The state attorney general Bob but you know sort of dug a hole. Saying yes it was a staying there was a statewide grand jury convened by our attorney general now my calling and asking to hold on vote but your pet Pennsylvania papers are loaded today. With information about about calls that are coming in for a cardinal who was a former bishop put it in Pennsylvania. To resign and I wanna ask you about that when we come back Michael Boris church militant threat to our conversation with Michael forests of church militant Michael can you explain what's gone on with this request for a cardinal to resign. Yep he is well as they beloved. But he is the former bishop of Pittsburgh. And had. He had been there from 1988. Until. 2006. And he replaced. Who in 2006 he moved to Washington DC. Every play but now betrayed homosexual predator. Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick the bodies with McCarrick sure you know this decades. They go through rose up the episcopal Laver career ladder. Slight lead. In parallel tracks roughly minimum. They care about ten years older than world. But nonetheless it's all the same career path out they were. You know they both it's you know McCarrick was an actual view certain sultry ninety their battle came out June 20 and the Pope trance themselves to. Extra amount repeat. College of cardinals. You know few few weekends later. I think the same given the momentum now against. Cardinal world or when he went to DC from at three as bishop of Pittsburgh he went to DC at arch bishop who that the archdiocese the minutes of the typical. A diet he's become a cardinal and that was cardinal world. And he built quite be. Sort of followed with an empire. Around that is also being sort of the reasonable for Asia and India. You know the kind of leader of the American hierarchy he's very very well connected in Rome he has been jury gets kind of tipped urged. He was the right camera am really sort of a protege of of people that many of your. Literally readers may remember from days ago cardinal right I was Fisher great job right. And the war was really his protege and so he came back to pits urge you to expert priest or he came back to Pittsburgh as the the bishop of Pittsburgh he was very well ensconced in beat. It's sort of do both through. Through the machine they re. A boat bureaucracy. Of the church. And the had lots of connections in Rome. Many of those connections imparted to gay mafia. Over lavender mafia that they talk about. And he's really been it been kind of the king maker mean if you're to look at McCarrick Richar it was sort of off. She maker of the church Catholic Church in America for decades. And when he moved doctor scene and then. Wolf stepped in big issues. He sort of just you know that good at all on Palestinians he became. The king maker and lots of the other bishops the United States and its number cowardly. It took their lead from L. Are so many of them many of the appearances there's liturgy of the fact the loans and everything. Word. They weren't injured despite purple globe that they were circling propagated by him and it stands by him and promoted by him. And many of the bishops in the country to their took third not a gambler quotes mr. powerful part of the world. Well one of the things they need unfairly also took relief from from Jim was how are coverup. You know young men being just sexually assaulted by gave credence. And you know the earlier case so you know the chickens have come home to roost I do not see foul by this time next week. I just don't see him to kill. Happy any position and there's an awful lot of pressure now Pope transfer. Now let ya ya ya you go to the original statement yesterday. Was from the Vatican no comment then later in the day we got this statement in and said you know we are on your side which I you know I I just kind of wonder what that means and then today. Are are you familiar with the whole controversy about bishop James timlin in the diocese of Scranton. Yes well you know okay well we got a statement from the diocese saying that they if they are conducting a formal assessment. And I'm trying to think what does it they're doing there there during a formal assessment to find out. Don't know what his future role should be and and when they say that they're doing this and then they're gonna ask the Holy See to determine. I just economical status this feels a little bit like the fox watching the hen house here I don't know what we really can expect here. Well there is that sort of dementia but again the problem but if you look a lot of these guys especially older ones I've grown up in an institution and are completely unaccountable. That there are accountable to no one's father didn't commit a crime that became known publicly. That's pretty much more belong to vote you know you'd have a good number of special surround the country kind of went to bishop school sort of trained to become my marks. In their own diocese and you know they are there unaccountable day they don't you know if you felt something they don't wanna hear they destroy you. It's just how they operate it sort of that they get so old guard mentality. That they just really. Have not understood. That there are so wealthy need them shipped this. Am people now want accountability. And people have acceptable knowledge they have access to information that becomes. The big bugaboo here because I can tell you these guys out who lots. Of hit me in termination. All. All over the country and diocese after diocese there are files jam packed. With abusive priests and complaints from people and I also you know we keep people's mount shots. Every single by duke in the country out your battery operated so all sort of homosexual mafia invaded the church whose stay in the date it began sort of removed late thirties to the early fifties that cold. Sarah ban but by the time the 1960s came and it kind of spawned. And per you know sort of both fell burn you reproduce to their own so to speak by. Blocking good guys from becoming priests and actively going out and recruiting other homosexuals. Now might go to the priest Michael this is gone this is going to be you know and we only have about four minutes left but this is going to be a tough thing here here are some of the text that are coming in frank I'm having a hard time designating this as a gay issue. An affiliate is evil incarnate. Please ask you this is another one please ask your guess why he's talking about gay priests and are safe when actually we know a number of us priests who also got women pregnant. And so you know it that some people are suggesting that you are over gay bashing. Now archer I'm warm I'm glad I'm I'm glad the opportunity to be able to address that. The first go around a bit since 2002. Following the Boston Globe report. Other bishops setup the commission and so what studied it got to the bottom of the wall plausible movable life and those statistics made four days just before out. Was approximately. 85%. All the chase group of sex abuse four against teenage. Boy is. That's my status Celia first of all. It at that term is actually a single veolia and the difference is. It's somebody. A tractor reduced sex with somebody before or after puberty. And that's sort of a market that's before puberty at a little boy it's. Had a feeling if it is close to Q bass and so in order 1213. That no one told virtually whatever depending on the board which. That it becomes a dream book veolia. And it becomes a specific subset of a a look feeble Celia when it's male on male fat cat or rhapsody. 85%. Of the cases. In 2002 searching all the way back in the 194085%. But the sexual abuse cases or homosexual. They were men preying on teenage boy now and you start to go through the report here. But yet of course there're some women that were used them to notre horrible things happen. But again start to go through the report you go through these Al Golden Tate is the actual thousand victims. Having gone through numbered all of them but in our initial research here under its. I beat our meals now you look at Albert I'll be incident would occur incidence of this occur out in the general population. Where roughly 8590%. Of the abuse. Of sexual abuse is mayhem on or men out in the general population you'll walk around the street. But inside the church shared these clergy it's completely the opposite way around. Are now Michael Leo but my I got I got an eruption Joey we have one minute left and and I'm sure I'm going to be bug you again in that they you know in the future about this but in one minute can you or can you tell people what they should do this weekend regarding church. Absolutely although I got a third ever time I have to attend church and go to church that was it. I mean. You know what the Catholic church and that's been around for 2000 years it's been through many crises all sorts of different places all over the world come watch out. Always resurrected the church is full holiness of the laity. They have not pulled down and they said yep you know that's look missiles are we believe they're challenging times and there's all sorts of errors in the church's rights. We history of fighting terror seafood things take you over. And if there's one thing that I think it's sort of goods coming out small boats not that the sub happened at seaports horrible wished this never happened but. In response to it happening but also look this is now coming out believe you know an awful lot more is gonna come out left a. All right Michael we are out of time I am grateful if you wanna read more folks go to church militant dot com.