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Maximize Your Health
Saturday, July 21st
Saturday July 21, 2018

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The following is a paid program that abuse or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor dollar show schemes just is a reminder the advice turn on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only if it is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment. Also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish ST. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health was doctor Dan Galicia ski. Welcome to maximize your health northeastern Pennsylvania I am your health coach doctor Dan and polish ski here to coach you. Guide you and inspire you. To reach your full health potential so whether you're struggling with fake a health problem at the moment but you were given recent diagnosis and your suffering from chronic pain I. Allergies they just have trouble high blood pressure. You can begin to heal and function better now actually today from the advice shared on this program so we talk about how to get your body function better. How to fuel at the right food how to minimize toxins. Get more fit overcome stress and how to begin sleeping more regularly. How arrest fully and health only right here on maximize your health this is I was a values for you it's about your health in your life it's about being proactive rather than reactive. Waiting for symptoms to show up or waiting for the doctor to give you a diagnosis. Or living your life today as if you are already given it terminal diagnosis. That's how violin that I wanna challenge you to begin thinking and living is a being a pro active an ounce of prevention of causes worth a pound of cure disease that was said by hippocrates the father of modern medicine will be thousands of years ago. And it's never too late. Can begin the quest towards better health. OK it's never too late there's no hopeless case it all starts with developing the right mindset. It becoming empowered becoming informed to know wage. Health options are available to you but in America. We believe that it's our doctor's responsibility it's the nurses responsibilities. Are spouse's responsibility we delegate responsibility for our health on to others. When he should've never been that way so however that mindset came from throw that out we wanna start fresh start new here today with a new mindset that healthy is it you or individual responsibility. My health is my individual responsibility ends up to me to decide which is the best thing that the best course of action to take towards building and restoring my health. Naturally and so phone lines are open here during the next hour here to take your health questions or I'm here to us. I celebrate with you and hear your health success stories at 57083. 0098. Or 180437. Is. 0098. And also if this is your first time tuning in I wanna welcome you to today's program where here every Saturday and WI OK from 11 AM until 12 PM to help you gain victory in your health. By offering simple and effective action steps are going to empower you and guide you towards better health. If you have questions up pop up Dino in it you know in your brain during the week you can always submit your questions. Your requests. Topics do you like to hear on a future program to be through email. PWR Cairo and This PWR CH IRO. At And looks forward to hearing from human be sharing your story of a listener hears from Joseph here in a minute. But I wanna hear from you need some feedback from you because this is your show on doing this show not to hear my own voice but to help empower you and guy you know lead you down a path towards that. Her health by building in restoring your health. Nationally well as always there's an exciting lineup plan for today's program. I have a recipe of the week which isn't something that my wife and I made last weekend. Blueberry cheesecake bars and these were phenomenal these cannot really well so be giving you the ingredients and the nutritional benefits behind the ingredients a little bit later after the first commercial break it then later we're gonna talk about three waste has to appear mitochondria. And how to gain more energetic and hands and are here you that's going to be coming up later and then I'm going to be referencing a CNBC article that recently came out that highlighted in new food program developed by guys singer. All right here in northeastern Pennsylvania and for folks particularly with type two diabetes and heart disease rather than prescribing drugs which we know common side effects. So I'm all that and more coming up today but I think free coffee and health question her success story like to share in the show you can call 570. 830098. Or 180437. 0098. So I wanted to start up the show by sharing a success story in the email letter received here this past week from Joseph Joseph seven years old he's a regular listener here to maximize your health and he's called into the program asks him questions in the past. And has email from time to time. But Joe's story and what she sure it was going back to 2000 may worry he had cardiac bypass surgery and the that was a turning point in his life where he decided to make a proactive change with his health he's thorough washing 48. Moderated to see his food portions starting including more clean organic poultry Turkey fish fruits and veggies. It doesn't get as hungry for the red meats or for the sweet she's very kind act dramatically there. He has a lot of goals a seventy again and you know it's never too late for some you listen you may think long 75 I'm sixty I'm fifty. I'm too far gone I'm Marita walls or. It's never too late and then also Joseph followed our advice yes back a while ago. About Omega three official what a ministry official on the Wii recommends we recommend garden of life oceans three brands she went back to have a slip a blood test his numbers change overall cholesterol reduce from 17 in a one point two HDL which is a good cholesterol. From 43 to 48. And the bad cholesterol went from LB LDL from 91 to 58. Couldn't believe the difference just simply due to lifestyle change so. Dietary changes that I mentioned and doing regular exercise mostly swimming. And Joseph is a regular listener Joker listing I wanted to just congratulate you. I know I would we are gone back and forth there and deal through email but thank you for sharing your story. And think you firfer making your health a priority year one of them the reasons why come on here every week into this program because they know there's folks out there like yourself and others who are. You know boy your health is important to you and you know you just go through this system you go to your doctor is a couple times a year they rule out any life you know life threatening significant pathology or does. Disease or illness and that's important. But you need to go the extra mile towards keeping yourself wow. He'll medications are going to keep you well they're gonna help keep you out of health crisis. So Joseph thanks for listening thanks for sharing your story here on maximize your health and we're gonna go to the phone lines we have Rebecca with us today and Rebecca how are you how can I help. I am sorry you know to pray. I don't fine thank you can't and if you thought our gimmick and it went. In outweigh the pride and that the organic food that you know and started that the leg when there actually being on these things actually are again thank and you know pennant he did not like up iMac and Mac and you know relatives coming common everything right and I'm negate your opinion on not. Right you're a great great question Rebecca so basically as far as organic I'm a big believer in organic and in first of all its government regulated so there's the USDA organic logo symbol which appears on all organic colors so the produce passing go through a strict process of being deemed organic it's not just saying all. Or gonna randomly just take this and this'll be on the non organic section missile being organic section know what what is actually labeled as organic is it goes through a rigorous process to be labeled organic. So personally for myself I love organic I do mostly organic. So out there there is something that I talked about on a pass program called the dirty dozen so basically is solicits twelve Prodi's items fruits and veggies. That you should always should never sacrifice not going organic waste and there's a list called the clean fifteen from K so if you Gould's thirty Google's dirty dozen clean fifteen you should be able to get the complete list these get updated every year. So basically produce that comes with the Shelby you have to peel off such as an avocado or a plan to work I think cauliflower. Organic basically means again going back your please take your original question Rebecca and and organic means that. It has not been sprayed with pesticides. Herbicides. Fungicides or insecticides to basically keep the bugs off your produce. It hasn't been sprayed him we know and there's it's been researched. That these op pesticides contain harmful carcinogen thinking greedy it's an SP you know they don't produce any immediate effects on one's health. But long term on the road I don't think it's been conclusively proven that can cause things like cancer autoimmune diseases but. It more research needs to be done there are so I typically am the person who airs on the side of caution. I'm gonna do organic as much as possible. So when I go to wegmans and I do my shopping I typically spend the most time. In the organics action put Powell a lot of times you know would be followed the dirty dozen list followed the clean fifteen list. And you should be if you if you're following that you should be okay at minimizing your exposure to hazardous pesticides and other toxins. Associated non organic producer Rebecca thanks for calling in thanks so much for your question thank you for maximizing your health. So wanna talk now about ten at the research benefits of chiropractic adjustments so. As a doctor I am a doctor of chiropractic for those of you who are not familiar. Chiropractic is. What I love most. I love working hands on with people working with them to help improve their posture to reduce spinal misalignment is. Help their bodies function and perform at a higher level that's why I am a chiropractor I've seen all sorts of conditions he'll throw correct to chiropractic care. Even conditions that are non musculoskeletal so a lot of times people come in with headaches I'm gonna be. Highlighting things like sciatica headaches back pain neck pain typical conditions at people who visit a chiropractor for for treatment but. Where we've also seen success in any case study this case studies and our practice our folks and even children with allergies as non college kids. Our children with ear infections for people with suggests solar folks who think justice troubled. Com so there's EM is a lot of. Other conditions communes immune to any help people won't report back it is not as not sick is often. Since ending any regular adjustments help minimize interference that at their nervous system so let's get industry and research benefits is this is going to be a little bit of a lesson between now and going after the first commercial break we're gonna really going death cared so doctor Josh access those who have not visited doctor Josh axis web site it's doctor accept com. In DR eight XE dot com great natural holistic web site with a lot of great material to help empower you toward better health. Doesn't this is an amazing amazing section there on fitness. Healthy recipes if you're looking from for some more ideas so be sure to visit doctor acts dot com and he's also all over social media as well to. DE RA XE dot com cell. If you're if you frequently deal with symptoms like joint pain back aches headaches but are yet to ever visit a chiropractor. And you may be missing out on an affected in natural treatment option to millions of people around the world and experienced incredible benefits of chiropractic care which is a holistic noninvasive treatment approach that has been shown to help treat dozens of conditions. So everything from back pain headaches bowel regularity. Ear infections we mentioned Scully doses of blood pressure. Pregnancy you know women who are pregnant. And we see quite a bit pregnant women and our practice organ function and even preventing surgery down the road by being proactive and visiting a chiropractor now before your ear to ear. Years structure becomes too far being generated period broken down. And may require surgery for you to have better quality a life which comes with way more risk. By visiting a chiropractor now and investing in your health now back NC viewed not only thousands of dollars. Surge drew knows way more expensive in chiropractic care but also. There's a lot of side effects that come with surgery is a lot of unsuccessful hopeful surgeries and a lot of those can be undone once they're already done so chiropractic care can help save you a lot of time and a lot of aggravation. So again chiropractic adjustments that we offer at power chiropractic. Are a complete drug free path to healing the body and nationally in those conditions I mentioned are just a few of the root theories is that people war originally go visit the chiropractor. And despite the popularity of chiropractic there're still a lot of misconceptions about the field including how to practice courts and how chiropractors are trained. For example did you know that many chiropractic programs incorporate an entire year of Ph.D. level advanced nutrition training. So I've done additional nutrition training that I provides you here on maximize your health. Along with corrective chiropractic care and I do have a bachelor of science and dream genealogy from Penn State in the areas of of exercise science as well. So it they all go together. So basically what is a chiropractic adjustments. What is the meaning of chiropractor is a few meanings from so many organizations out there so the first is the world federation of chiropractic which defines chiropractic as. A health profession concerned. With the diagnosis treatment or prevention mechanical disorders musculoskeletal system and the effects of these disorders on the function of the nervous system in general health. There's an emphasis on manual treatments including spinal adjustment and other joint and soft tissue manipulation. The other definition comes from the association of chiropractic colleges chiropractic is health care discipline that emphasizes the inherent Cooper of power of the body to heal itself. Without the use of drugs or surgery but the practice of chiropractic focuses on the relationship between structure. Primarily in the spine and pelvis and function as coordinated by the nervous system. And how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of health in addition doctors of chiropractic recognize the value in responsibility. A working in cooperation with other health care practitioners. When in the best interest of the patient indeed chiropractic can be complementary medicine since since most. Chiropractors are used to working with medical doctors to get people pain free and prevent future injuries. So we're gonna pick this up after the first commercial break if you have a question about chiropractic or may be years you're already a chiropractic patient and you are sharing your success story you're welcome to call in at 57 no 830098. Or 1804370098. And will pick up this discussion when we get back. On how chiropractic treatment that works and tender research conditions. That chiropractic health help with that a lot more right here. On maximize your health power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes they corrected chiropractic care for all ages Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching. And one of our monthly health workshops or fitness class. Based startup life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx can co Q ten this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build healthy for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 82935. Eighths. Zero we were with all major insurance is. Call 8293580. Or visit need doctor DN dot com and EP ADR ga N dot com powered chiropractic is located at 113 Weston road wilkes-barre Greece's geez. But the airfare costs a fortune Paris not much closer and again air fare went up plaque LA after let's face at find anywhere is just too expensive waste contest. Low cost airline with a one goal to low cost airlines and you'll drastically slash your travel costs we're talking insanely low airline prices do any of your favorite destinations. Where would you like to go London Rome Costa Rica Australia on how that's cheap so why wait call now to learn how crazy GB it is to fly anywhere in the US or international power prices are so low we can publish them. The only way to get the mystery call to instantly hear the most amazing miss deals on airline travel. It's that easy. So call now and start backing. 8080685. Through 78080685270. Yeah. 108068527. That's 808068527. 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And you deserve one of these cars I find Amber's we are at Bennett infinity of won't hurt a bit so. Do you owe the iris more than 101000 dollars in taxes the government now has tax debt relief programs in place and you have rice called tax representation today as the IRS Brenda freezer bank accounts take your home your cars and garnish your wage we are the industry experts would negotiating with the IRS and one of the very few that has an eight rating with the Better Business Bureau will contact the I arrest the same day putting a stop debate levees in wage garnish Mets call 802951046. That's 802951046. This is double BYOK. Powered by Sherwood Chevrolet Buick GM CE online it sure would Chevrolet dot com. This season maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dane Galicia ski. Call would your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. This is maximize your help for transition diseases and where you can begin to be set free. From your health issues I'm becoming more proactive rather than reactive. By maximizing your health we talked about how to get your body's functioning better how to fuel with the right foods become a become more fit beat stress minimize toxins and get optimal sleep. That and more here on maximize your health and if you have health questions our success story would like to share. Can call in right now 570830098. Or 180437. 0098. And we will pick up our discussion where we left off before the break on chiropractic adjustments just to keep you fully informed on what chiropractic is and is not. For more information you can visit our website at triple W dot Nepa doctored and dot com. Any PA DR DEA and dot com there you can connect on social media. Your welcome video are patient testimonials. And you can even scheduled appointment if your interest said that and more at triple W dot need. Doctor Dan dot com and EPA. DE RDN dot com and wanted to think today's sponsors house of nutrition for sponsoring this program and maximize your health. OK it is fifty mainstream the girl whose aren't they can be found on FaceBook and house of nutrition. They are open until 6 PM Saturday at 11 AM until 5 PM Sunday at 9 AM until 8 PM Monday through Friday daily prep foods green cleaning supplies begin organic. Fairly trading gets an a lot more at house of nutrition inspiring healthy living. With healthy choices and for that. In their future there is a sun screen sale Alba botanical broad spectrum all natural sun screens become an SPF 3045 and fifty stop in and start up also applies. The last thank you house nutrition for sponsoring this program. Maximize your health so we're talking about chiropractic adjustments chiropractic is drug free surgery freak a great place to start. Being proactive with your health to help prevent future injury to rehab from a current injury and and even prevent things like surgery down the row and we talked about various conditions that are very bad had to chiropractic is help with including headaches back pain in neck pain but also non musculoskeletal conditions allergies asthma colic ear infections high even even. Most Serbia a musculoskeletal conditions goalie Elsa swisher and elaborate on here. In a little bit but how to chiropractic treatments work most of the benefits associate with chiropractic are due to patients receiving specific chiropractic adjustments. The adjustments work by helping to place your body in its proper position. Which allows the body to heal itself more effectively it's. Safety is Paramount indeed is a holistic and alternative treatment approach chiropractic adjustments to reduce stress placed on someone's nervous system a new insist on. Which frees up energy to be used towards disease prevention and maintaining balance. Chiropractic care and to address the whole body enhancing patients' ability to think move the performed. And again not chiropractor as we pride ourselves on taking a natural drug us approach to helping people reach their health goals essentially the basic principle upon which the entire profession is built that the body has an amazing in eight. Which is inborn ability to heal itself under the right conditions. It's the chiropractors job to help create an environment which facilitates this inner healing process for safety is a short. And because the nervous system controls every cell and organ in your body chiropractors focus their attention on the health of the spine. Being properly aligned if despite shifts out of its proper place and adjustments are used to help bring the spine back into alignment. At the core of numerous chiropractic miracle stories is a concept known as for Tebow rolls public station which is another term for spinal. Misalignment. When chiropractor uses Fraser fir mechanical compression and irritation to spinal joints and nursed. So the first chiropractic patient wasn't gentleman by the name of William Harvey Miller back in the 1895. His condition. Impartial hearing loss in case went to visit Daniel David Palmer who is a magnetic Keeler at the time gave little or spinal adjustments in order to reduce corporate destructive nerve impressions. Help aid in his hearing being restored. After doing extensive research about physiology Palmer believe that little hearing loss is due to a misalignment a blocked the spinal nerves that control cleaner air Palmer went on to successfully treat other patients and eventually train other practitioners how to do the same. Which led to the first college of chiropractic can which was found in 1997. And named after Palmer called the Palmer chiropractic school. And a cure. Lou urge. The first patient is one example who was able to overcome a series of combat receiving targeted chiropractic adjustments. For someone else can be so Attica another person could be headaches and other person could be allergies. But these complementary. Couple and commentary treatments and chiropractic out there are also include spinal decompression therapy which involves stretching the spine using attraction cable or simmer a similar motorized device in our practice we use jobs and Arthurs and a manipulator. Vibrant 'cause sir -- is vibration traction manual cervical repetitive traction. We use the whole body vibration platforms head waiting shoulder waiting in hit waiting when necessary as well. All to just be specific in helping the spine to correct and maintain itself over time other great techniques which help compliment chiropractic deep tissue massage. Acupuncture and physical therapy and so why he chiropractic adjustments. And many things can lead this Imus aligning it you know we know deaf folks a desk job sitting for too long. I mean you can develop trigger points. From not being on your feet not tune with pretty exercise osteoporosis can develop that can also be due to a port diet as well. When this finds he's in the Salina leads to an inflammatory response which eventually leads to pain. Can also be triggered by a poured diet lack of proper hydration as well psychological stress. Or posturing that primarily comes from people who sit at desks for long periods of times people who are glued to their Smartphones and their ipads they get what's called tech next so or anterior hedge translation. That typically worsens the more that we're on our phones our heads are not forward to our position. So yes all of these. Folks and all of these situations these folks can benefit from chiropractic care. So unfortunately this is not a lot of society is weighing their being reactive with their health. And the waiting for the crisis awaiting further ten out of ten headache. Or maybe the headaches is a two or four out of ten that's already warnings and it's not normal. Okay that's of these should probably take action or sooner than later. And so where ten benefits acquire frontier justice funny in a chiropractor is isn't only key to correction to damage caused by years of poor posture trauma it's also important for everyone willing to take a proactive approach to protecting. There health it's hard to find any other professional on the planet that can prevent. Neural muscular based disease like chiropractic and which is why I am personally getting adjusted for over ten years and recommend that my patients friends and family members do the same. I don't have headaches back pain neck pain shoulder pain sciatica or anything else I know one any of those conditions so. My mindset and thought process towards health is I'm gonna prevent that so idol every single Thursday 11 AM. To my chiropractor hinted check my spine. And to adjust anywhere I need to be adjusted. I feel so much better it's amazing we get on the table. I mean I'm not in pain I'm not even stiffer tight sometimes you know I have a hard work out or have a tough you want is your day at the office where I'm leaned over working on a lot of people might present with a little bit of a more soreness or sisters or tightness and all of my chiropractor know that but a lot of hands on going without any since the this officer tightness but after he had just speak my lower back. In my middle back my neck taught check my Erisa my elbows as well because he's my arms a lot of the jam and then adjusting patients. I feel like a million boxes. I wanna thrive not just survive it's amazing notes like basically the lights just got brighter. You know the elegant dimmer on your light switch in your house senior are like a certain room in your house and maybe you're libel the starting to go Dan maybe the wiring circuit fray or go bad decision process happens torn nerves when her spine is and so on and so things. Subtly and very politely shift out of their own position just because Europe were all active were all under the force of gravity we all sleep on mattresses and awkward positions. You know we we we do repetitive activities to work out we run and we do we walk our dogs some of us have bigger dogs are dogs yank this and pull us. We lift heavy objects we twists from our ways we use bad techniques that bad in biomechanics. And that's fully support biomechanics import posture over time so. Anybody can benefit from chiropractic if you have pain or if you don't have pain is not necessarily a pain treatment it's another compliment eerie. Health care tool in your tool belt to help you maximize your help to live and to thrive in the functioning your health potential. But Morgan highlights some areas where chiropractic is greatly resource the first condition sciatica. So Attica is pain radiates from the lower back or. On the post here inside post here your need post your leg was all the way into the foot. Cat doesn't always have to go to the focus and a cleaner forms from the levels final levels and L four L five and then refused to say crew levels of us. One and SP two actually L-3 to eschews for the sciatica nerve. Begins and goes down the back of the legs so they're getting front if you any pain in the on the side your hip the front of your side topping your side that is not sciatica. Okay that doesn't mean the sciatica nerve isn't involved. But typically sciatica is pose serious sciatica nerve. Is it nerves under irritation typically do this Imus aligning or maybe as a disk having more stress on it or starting to. Balls terror -- worse affecting him putting pressure on the sciatica nerve from the Bruce L-3 as to. Can be developing there or can be a peripheral conditioning can be a tight pure form this muscle which is a muscle which goes from here greater tu brute. I've greater sure can't turn your femur or all the way to your seeing troll it packs so. And that can become tight. If there's any kind of held a torsion or tell the hill happening. And there are some exercises that we teach our patients how to do that but again if you just exercising you're doing PT for a year I actually structurally adjusting. -- throwing better alignment to the palace and the conditions ever really going to get well but it's the pelvis is this line there can be things above the pelvis senator miss a line even though there's no. Symptoms are so sciatica and study in the year parent's spine journal. 72% success rate with chiropractic. I compared to a 20% success rate from treatment from physical therapy in 50% success rate for a quarter for steroid injections. Hello back and neck pain the two most common conditions. 2003 study in British Medical Journal 182 patients who neck pain. Being a group underwent spinal adjustments another group does your therapy a third group counseling education drugs. As expected over a year period 52 week period clinical outcome measures show that chiropractic adjustments resulting in faster recovery than video therapy in general practitioner care also total cost of chiropractic treatment. Treated patients for about 13 of the cost of does your therapy or general practitioner care. Headaches both attention and migraine headaches which are second only back pain. These are one of the most common conditions that we see in our office there's over 230. Peer reviewed articles referenced in our practice ability to help cure prevent and ease the burden of headaches. And migraines and people all across the globe. The group trial for 122% of people who had chiropractic treatments on the number of attacks headaches dropped by 90%. In the same study 49% said they had a significant reduction in pain intensity compared to most medical treatments. Few interventions can initiate headache relief nationally without the risks of taking drugs long term like chiropractic adjustments camps nexus for kids' college acid reflux ear infections. There's a 2011 sustained systematic review in the journal explorer which included a review of 26 articles in total including three clinical trials before a large studies. Found that chiropractic adjustments helped greatly reduce colleagues and those. And as well there's many chaser he's. I documenting that. Describe how children suffering from illness such as ear infections or acid reflux have experienced. Completes a near complete resolution after just a few visits with a chiropractor. Next we have neurological conditions like MS okay. Upright MRI scans showed how upper cervical adjustments where the bones of the top of the neck missile lion can effect in various brain these conditions. Earlier MRI scans from doing that cerebral spinal fluid and blood floor markedly increase after a chiropractic adjustment. Researchers are observing that Serb Eller and imagination where the SARS cerebellum drops down below this goal line is being reverse and brain lacking which is very common in MS patients. Multiple sclerosis is starting to reduce. One example was Montel Williams and remember what Montel Williams was a famous TV host. It was very about his experiences the MS patient under chiropractic care ID check that out on YouTube if you YouTube Montel Williams chiropractic care be sure to check all that out there. The next his blood pressure 2007 Saint George backers son in the journal of human hypertension showing that one upper cervical. Chiropractic adjustment had the same effect of lowering blood pressure as to the blood pressure lowering drugs this is in my opinion folks this is a research. Then I'm referencing here defects in just one adjustment less of more than six months keeping blood pressure levels down. Conversely other studies have shown similar findings with hypertensive patients folks with a low blood pressure. It was raised up to normal levels after chiropractic care which is exciting because it highlights the body's ability to create a home meal static balance environments. One spinal misalignment are correct it that's what we do in chiropractic the next surgery prevention. Should always be in this order folks chiropractic first. When chiropractic doesn't work it doesn't always work for people medications second. Surgery third or Alaska. Okay that should be our friend who might chiropractic first drug second surgery last according to the journal the American Medical Association they just recently published. It's a low back pain islands and suggested that people suffering from back pain first strike chiropractic. This is for folks with advancing Jennifer conditions like spinal still no cyst which basically means. A narrowing of the spinal could now. Or avoid the nerve root switch brands top branch off the spinal cord and sit in between each of the individual vertebrae in your spinal column thanks conditions are we get great results is frozen shoulder. There was a study done here clinical trial. A fifty people sixteen resolve completely 25 showed 75% to 90% improvement age showed fifty to 75% improvement and one showed zero to 50% improvement. Without drugs. And without surgery is okay and noninvasive. Very low risk of any side effects chiropractic other than maybe a little bit of soreness initially. But amazing how poems it's all about the results all about the outcomes in nexus goalie Llosa Scully justices where. The spying concur that this can happen with children adolescents teenagers and even adults later in life who aren't proactively taking care of the health -- spines only when it confirms a school Leo's side knows this is by having an ex trade on school nurse might have you do tests for you than foreign name Isaiah you have Scully doses but that doesn't conclusively confirmed. In factually show that there's Scully a suspect there's a great group out there so if anyone with school Leo this is listening I wanna encourage you to visit this website and I do have training. Under this goalie a cyst grew chiropractic hissing as doctor Dennis slogan and he developed a program called the clear institute a nonprofit program. Which is set out to empower health care professionals with an effective chiropractic system. In order to help treat people Scully oh assists. Doctors and who do clear institute techniques worked very hard to protect the model for treating Scully Osasuna discovered that it is possible to effectively manage the condition. Without the use of restrictive braces or dangerous surgeries. In many cases participants have seen a ten to 30% decrease in the Scully assists curbs. Through the chiropractic techniques taught to these practitioners. And if you're looking for a doctor or looking to gather more information and when encouraged to visit it clear institute dot org CL ER. INS TI TU TE dot org. Finally athletic performance. So there's a good reason mylar pro athletes like Michael Phelps. Tom Brady and Jerry writes Joseph Montana Michael Jordan. I'm in a point to regularly be treated by chiropractors in fact over 50% of NFL teams have a chiropractor on staff. It's affected a pain basin pathological conditions of one of the most overlooked aspects of chiropractic care is that it enhances. Functionality in everyday life. As as well as athletic performance. And studies have shown that when it comes to supporting recovery improving physical performance chiropractic. It is helpful because it reduces inflammation boosting immune system include enhanced is breathing. Decreases mental oxidant stress and a lot more so if you are looking to start your journey into chiropractic. Look no further we can help you can visit our website at triple W dot need a doctor and dot com that's www. NE PA DR DAN dot com and you can click the best schedule an appointment to -- cat and request your appointment time if that doesn't work you can call our clinic today and we can get back to viewing. Our numbers 570829. 35802570829. 3580. It's time for another break to it we really when they have their own chiropractor today don't we give back we're going to be sharing a recipe of the week. And that we're gonna talk about three ways to boost your energy levels by stimulating your mitochondria I'll be explaining exactly what mitochondria are shortly after the break right here on maximize. Your health. Power chiropractic health center is. Northeaster Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in the corrective chiropractic care for all ages Scalia is rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching at. And one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not sabbatical from. The base garden of life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro by onyx can co Q ten this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to do. Invest and ill health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so. Call 8293580. Or visit need us. Doctor T and dot com and EPA URG a NN dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 Weston road wilkes-barre. And get close to noon here on a beautiful beautiful Saturday I'm Mike Everett W out and news radio and we hear advantage infinity of world very. Not just you know where we are. We're on route 315 directly across from the woodlands here here until known it would stop by have already seen a bunch of people think it has strived she didn't think I have a new intensity look at Detroit there about Varitek insert Campbell beat her parents think it's the real writers and or Varitek to second noble so it's really nice way to do enjoy your Saturday and beautiful cars here aggressively programs. 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Welcome back to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Angela should ask you want to thank everyone for tuning in the making your health a priority stay by helping to build and restore your health naturally from the advice shared on this program. And again I wanted to think today's sponsors house of nutrition their located at fifty main street in the Borough Lucerne eggs is 60 for the cross valley expressway in Lucerne county fair alternative grocery organic meat and bakery daily Kraft Foods green cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies. There are trying to guess a lot more packed house in nutrition which inspires healthy living with healthy choices be sure to follow them on FaceBook. Like come on FaceBook. At house of nutrition. They currently have a special going on sun screens. Natural organic sun screens proud broad spectrum can SPF 3045 and fifty stopped and then stock up while supplies. Last and we think house and nutrition. For sponsoring today's program of maximize your health. So this week's trust me the week is something my wife and I recently may last weekend. And it's found on the web site food big dot com so her name is many Hari. And she is an advocate for our. People side need to consumers of of foods and food products to be informed of what ingredients and the potential hazards that unhealthy. Box food products and and buzz words that you hear and foods in food ingredients. Artificial ingredients. Are bad fats hydrogenated oils artificial sweeteners. It's her mission to inform the public. And I she's gone the extra mile grassroots effort to really just. Educate and empower people to make better off food choices so be sure to check out as I mentioned earlier in the hour doctor Axel has a great site but food big dot com these are my wife and I get a lot of our recipes so FO ODBAB. Eat food they dot com you can find this recipe for blueberry cheesecake bars. So there's two parts so there's the main ingredients about two cups of rock cash used as you wanna soak them overnight in water. A third of a cup of either raw honey or organic maple syrup a quarter cup of coconut oil melted quarter teaspoon of ground cinnamon two tablespoons lemon juice and one cup of organic blueberries. And for the cross for these blueberry cheesecake bars are gonna do two cups so walnuts. Ten to twelve pitted dates two tablespoons of coconut oil in a pinch a seesaw. So to make the filling Kleiza cash use honey yergin to Europe. Coconut oil cinnamon or lemon juice and seesaw. And blue areas and so in a blender until smooth things across to place the Marlins in a food processor and pulse until finally chopped. And in the dates insult them pulse until well combined and the coconut oil on Paul's once more to assemble you're aligning it by a baking pan with parchment paper firmly pressed the crust and in the pan to create an even layer. Then add the filling in spread evenly over the cross place in the freezer for at least three hours or overnight and then you'll cut these into squares. And you can serve them with fresh pears if you like so you're getting blueberries high in antioxidants fiber. Vitamin C. And a lot more of the cash is in wants are healthy fats and there's also a decent amount of protein there are Ross unease and also abundant source of antioxidants coconut oils and very stable fat and these are no bank by the way to see there's no heating there's no I've been involved here I you're basically getting yourself with food processor like a minor nicks. My wife and I we haven't nymex. There are few hundred dollars up Bed, Bath & Beyond even on Amazon probably order one for a couple hundred dollars but to me it's worth a Kazaa users for my eyes movies they need you to some of these a day. We do a lot of our desserts and our our recipes like soups and condiments like harnessing guacamole we do that right in the dynamics as well so really it's a cunning use so it's worth the money for us. But these blueberry cheesecake bars are no baked and contain a ton of healthy properties you're getting Omega threes healthy fats from the wallets. I dates are good source of natural show international energy. And the Coca well as the well is you know at some. As a medium change triglycerides great for energy. You by knows what to do with that there's no hydrogenated shins and all its not going to cut lead to heart disease says the myth the popular myths out there say about coconut oil it's a healthy stable fat so if you wanna copy this recipe you can do we can email it to you think it sends an email PWR Cairo and or just simply misses the food babe. Food they dot com website and typed in the search box blueberry cheesecake bars. We're gonna talk now about three ways to tune up or mitochondria and boost energy levels. Lots of energy we know the common sign anything in disease muscles weaken and accuracy part loses its ability to efficiently pump blood memories falters organ systems are go on the blink. You feel tired and sluggish more often than not both physically and mentally as if you were get up and go hasn't got up and gone. What's happening is that your mitochondria. The power house is located in each of your seventy trillion cells are on able to keep up with your body's energy demands. Fortunately you don't have to take the slowing down if you're feeling fatigued and worn out before your time there are steps you can take to enhance energy. You may need to correct thyroid and other hormone amounts is first. And you might have an underlying medical condition or nutritional deficiency which can also be taking care of the most importantly and regardless of whatever else you do you can tune up your mitochondria. So what are the three steps number one seeds or less. There were studies done on animals. Which proved that caloric restriction extends lifespan and populations they suggest that this holds true for humans as well we've cut back on food consumption and fewer demands remain on your mind a Condrey and production of damaging free radicals to clients this not only enhances my O'Connor real efficiency that also turns on SI RT one genes. Which encode proteins a boost cellular function the result leads to a better health and a longer life. Number two tip is exercise more the stress and physical exercise tons of existing mitochondria in activates biochemical pathways and stimulate the production of new ones. A phenomenon called mitochondria all bio Genesis. Of this has been best observed and muscle cells. So he's an endurance athletes reveal that the muscles have exceptionally high concentrations of mitochondria but you have to be a marathon runner. Or are cyclists to grow new mitochondria simply engaging inconsistent moderate early activity. Stimulates your muscle cells to make this adaptation to increase energy demands. The final tip is take nutritional supplements that mimics the positive effects of exercise and caloric restriction. One of them number one is present error trawler Jackson made CSI RT one gene same ones that are turn on my caloric restriction. Reserve Charles been shown to protect against cardiovascular neuro degenerative diseases. Enhances. Antioxidant status reduces inflammation and an even extends life Samantha. You wanna look for a standardized extract of the transit resumed air troughs. It's an ingredient in a number of products and double health food stores and online like house and nutrition the suggests a dose of his very tall as 100 to 250 milligrams per day at the next supplement is LR gene which is an amino acid that is the primary precursor of nitrous oxide. One of several biochemical pathways that are powered up I exercised. In addition to its protective effects. Nitrous oxide is a very powerful these so and I later which relaxes arteries enhances vascular health improves blood flow and even boost sexual function. Suggests a dose no larger need is a thousand just 2000 milligrams per day. Powerful Apollo Kasten. Is important for promoting mitochondria a bio Genesys helps his blood sugar and weight control because it simulates glucose uptake in increases the burning fat asses. Recommended 600 to 12100 milligrams of how awful poet acid LA LA per day finally co enzyme Q ten or co Q ten and anti oxidant present all cells particularly concentrated in the mitochondria. Cokie ten participates in the production of the ATP the high energy packets of fuel our minds MIAs. As part of the electron transport chain also protecting the mitochondria against free radical managed one of the reasons. I eat you know people who are taking Staten cholesterol lowering medications I highly advise them to supplement with co Q ten because. Stat and medications deplete your body's production of co Q ten which is has of a primary very very important function to your health. And now all that's a main side affect your health your computer prescribed Staten cholesterol lowering medication. I'm so again caloric restriction eat less. Exercise more and become more physically active and take the right supplements is pure energy's Lackey if you're looking to boost. Mitochondria. All function more I think we have a few seconds left here but CNBC came out here is an article highlighting guy easier health system so. They developed a new program here. Odd issue to get families at a schmoke and consider relying solely on drugs managed type two diabetes doctors are writing prescriptions for certain patients entered its fresh food pharmacy program. Which is fifteen hours and education about diabetes and help your living followed by ten free nutritious meals a week for participants and their. Am is how amazing is that. Guys using your wish we know is probably the most popular. Health care system here in our region. Is now adapting in embracing the concept that food. Can heal. So can help reverse type two diabetes who can help prevent perverse cardiovascular disease such as the number one killer in the United States today. According to doctor Andrew Feinberg I think here's medical director of health and wellness she says quote health care we spent an awful lot on drugs and devices because business. And she also but we spent a very small amount of preventative medicine. Sort of like for upside down backwards which you know. People in mainstream medicine are beginning to realize because they see people we're taking these drugs one drug is some more drugs. Until the surgery and then so do watch and wait and then some more drugs but these people aren't driving either not healing. And eventually coming off their drugs are staying sick it's keeping the sick and making the six sicker than the eventually pass away so there's no. We wanna get people healing and thriving in function better and in this program by got put on my guys years amazing and it's actually cut national interest from here on CNBC but that's all all the time we have today folks so we'll be back here next Saturday from 11 AM to 12 PM a to help you gain victory in your health by maximizing your health insurance program with friends family your loved ones and also check out our podcast at any PA. ER GA end up coming to listen to then there. We will be safe and I'll see you soon.