Maximize Your Health

Maximize Your Health
Saturday, June 23rd
Saturday June 23, 2018

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The following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WYOK. Staff management or sponsors this is doctor dollar chassis just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now they maximize your health with doctor Dan Galicia ski. And welcome to another program of maximize your health radio northeastern Pennsylvania I am your health coach doctor Dan bullish SD and Nepa born and raised and hear a coach you. Guide you in inspire you. To reach your full health potential naturally come on this program we talked about how to get your body functioning better how to feel with the right food how to become more fit how to beat stress eliminate toxins and gave good essential sleep right here on maximize your health. It's about setting up a healthy lifestyles. For yourself so that you can win with your health so that you're not behind the eight ball with your health like so many people unfortunately put themselves. Because you're the one who is ultimately responsible it's not eat your spouse it's not your parents since its yield. It's all about you and your health you've come to the right place if you're looking to build and restore your health more so now actually this is the place for you right here on WI OK we're on here every Saturday from 11 AM until 12 PM fear and you can call in here during the next hour 57083. 0098. Or 1804370098. With your health questions. Or are also if you have a testimonial. Baby you've had success for him and he started exercising more your energy levels have gone up or maybe you kicked an addiction like drinking diet soda. Or cereal for breakfast and said maybe you're doing a green smoothie now when you colossal weight and feel more energizes feel better overall maybe your joints aren't taking you as much anymore come on the air sharing your story so that other listeners can be inspired. Again the numbers 570830098. Or 18043720098. Your questions are important here on the show when he calling I'm gonna be offering you some simple and effective action steps you can begin applying today to -- -- victory in your life and in your health by maximizing your health and it's always have a great lineup planned for today show. Our recipe of the week isn't coming up after our first commercial break for spinach go may it's a great side dish. Packed with nutrients vitamins and minerals. Something you wanna make him it's very simple to make and try and put on your dish for dinner tonight. There we're going to be talking all about B vitamins are going to be spending some time there today and all of the different B vitamins all the top food sources where you can get these B vitamins and the important functions of B vitamins and what they're essential fourth in helping you to restore maintained in good health. We're also going to be talking about the importance of completely shutting off an unwinding. And there's a time magazine article recently came out called the importance of doing nothing could be a little bit time we're gonna cover that as well but again if you have questions you can call in 570830098. Or 180437. 009 it also. Feel free to follow us on the web all of our radio podcasts are available at triple W dot Nepa doctorate in dot com as any PA DR DA and dot com and they could find more information about my practice power chiropractic health center there's a welcome video they're seeking get a glimpse of our office and some of what some of our practice members have to say it's about their experience with us. And then you also wanna get connected on social media FaceBook Twitter and sir Graham. And our YouTube channels are all on the top of our home page at need blood doctored and dot com and EPA ADR DAN dot com. You connect it with us today. Why wanted to start by opening up truck on a case study from the journal the pharmaceutical journal which is a British based journal. And in the title this case study is ignorance is not bliss why we need more empowered. Patients. This was from June just a few weeks ago and it's something actually posted on ours Twitter account in our so our FaceBook account if you liked it to read this. But it's about. People all the patient and being the center of health care. You know here in the west in the United States is often it's the doctors incentives. The drug companies incentives and then the patient although we claim we say we verbalize that oh yes and we wanna be patient centered. Actions don't orally with that so when it comes to patient centered care. How does the patient become empowered first of all takes knowledge knowledge is power education is at least two power so that they can make an informed decision regarding their own health. It's a matter of someone else. Controlling your health it's about you being in control of your health where a patient becomes more empowered so there's a concept called shared decision making this should become a mandatory part of train for all healthcare professionals to improve collaboration with their patients. To save the NHS billions. And ultimately improve patient outcomes on the NHS is the system in Great Britain. So they took a 55 year old male patient he was active but overweight had a body mass index a Tony in waist measurement of 38 inches. He was of me you know flight attendant are actually not a Clinton a pilot for fourteen years. And then he suffered a non ST elevation mile Cargill and partial which is a heart attack back in December 2014. So he had all the necessary medical testing coronary and geography and he had a sub totally clued in certain flex Arian. For which he went underwent Kerr coronary stent teen. And any was prescribed this standard cocktail of medications switches aspirin 75 milligrams clocked a dog grow 75 milligrams. And then there is also Staten eighty milligrams and he was discharged and and it was contrary indicator because he was on a cocktail of medications to fly as a commercial pilot and one backed his regular activities but approximately one year later he started to experience a number of disabling and persistent symptoms from being on all of these different medications. Namely extreme fatigue muscle aches memory disturbance and erect tile dysfunction. Attributing this to his Staten medication he was on a fighter who prescribes after a terror most Staten. Which has won intend may suffered these side effects that this patient stopped his stat medication and within weeks he noticed a marked improvement is quality alike in every respect. The patient decided not to take any medications and continue with a lifestyle approach to manage his corn area. Heart disease. Carry out his own research and the evidence to determine the number one risk factor for heart attack is insulin resistance. Also linked to obesity and subsequently decided to dramatically change what had been his standard diet for decades specifically he cut out processed carbohydrates starch and sugar rice potatoes pasta biscuits. Milk chocolate bars cakes sweets in juice. To instituted a high fat or Mediterranean style diet including plenty of non starchy vegetables. Oily fish eggs full fat dairy. Nuts and mixed berries. Maintain the same levels of exercise he lost forty pounds over five months. And his waist circumference decreased from 38 to thirty inches. All because she made an informed choice he educated himself. And he chose to change his lifestyle which was the cause of why he became ill and stress and and and heart heart disease arteries became included over time. He met with a cardiologist who had a special interest in cardiovascular. Prevention. For further discussion about the requirement for medications and secondary prevention and whether his lifestyle changes. Our optimize strategies for the risk. Following a detailed discussion the cardiologists agree that after looking at the evidence that the patient has made a fully informed decision and stopping his medications. And suggested that the patient should consider a low dose Staten that was less likely to get him side effects and to re commence at aspirin. After careful consideration the patient decided not to take any medications. And continue with the lifestyle approach to manage his coronary artery disease especially because it's cardiovascular risk markers were excellent over the past eighteen months is being off all medications and adjusting his diet he completed numerous triathlon. Including half Iron Man a long distance triathlon. And a marathon. He feels like she's in the best health of his life and again just to mention his age she's 55 years old. So he's ever done these up until this point not in his twenties on his thirties mountains forays all the years or he wasn't being proactive with his health he was his health is beginning to. Go away his his level of function was decreasing. Diseases beginning to flourish and then all of a sudden all these different affects pore health began to show up. So instead of just going through the traditional approach let's just manage your symptoms let's just manage your illness and disease and keeping sick but not help you get become well he decided it was time to start educating himself. In getting well a how to stay well how to prevent a future. Health crisis from occurring again. No I let me just say this I am not advising anyone listening right now to discontinue usage of any medication that you been prescribed OK if you continue to take your medications as prescribed by your doctors. What I do what I am telling G and challenging you to do however is too. Educate yourself on the side effects. On the risks of the long term effects of medications that you're taking me and my main question she was what is your health plan if your answer means more my health plan is I go to my doctor once or twice a year. And he he checks me does my blood work I get my colonoscopy. I get my mammogram. That isn't gonna help you become healthy. Okay. It's general lot of crisis again it's great it's great for early detection but it's not going to make sure that you are have a full functioning thriving state of health. It's a huge difference there are current conventional medical system here in the United States is not designed that way so it's up to you want the patient. The person the individual. To educate yourself to take this information. And apply it to your life. Golan who will go to the web go to go to WebMD. Go motorist go to London pub med dot gov and read the research. No the medications you're taking if there's changes happening if there's new symptoms being the show up erectile dysfunction achy joints aching muscles. High blood pressure or moral issues maybe you low energy chronic fatigue disk at all these can all be side effects of medications that you've been prescribed. And it's that's the doctor's job. What symptoms you have this is how much she should take this is what you say on we may adjust your dosage in the future but for many patients this is what you're going to remain on. They're not taught a lot of times OK when do we take someone off when do we discontinue use of medications. So that's something you have to be proactive with and typically they're beaten a lot of doctors and nurses and physicians' assistants are more likely to work with you. If you're educated in your informed and you're aware of your condition and the treatments have been prescribed for you the medications and have been prescribed for you so it's up TO. I'm not advising anyone to discontinue until you have a discussion with your doctor. They are the ones who prescribed they're the ones who under scribe I cannot do that for you. Important neither do I advise any view to and discontinue anything you've been prescribed. We won either becoming powers to the whole purpose of this discussion that I'm having with the U. It is so that you become more empowered. And you can have a shared decision so. You know stock you know I'm I'm reading in the benefits of Quito diet and bring the benefits of the Mediterranean based diet and increasing non starchy vegetables and fruits like berries anti oxidant swish foods good healthy fats and in my diet could clean plant based proteins. I'm sorry an exercise plan working alongside a personal trainer there advising me how to use proper formed from any further injury and and that's the approach I wish to take it. So now the doctor says OK that's OK let's test your let's check do you and they may recommend a medication. But if you're up front with them and honest with Dan and open with them saying the won't you know I I feel like the medication isn't going to help me become healthier. I see it has explained he side effects I'm already having X and Y side effects is there any K can we work a lifestyle plan now if you're such a health crisis where you're you're you're you're the you know this Cold War amenities feature chronically ill medication might be something you have to remain on or if you're missing an organ like a gallbladder thyroid gland. Or party your liver than certain medications you have to be okay certain cases aren't fortunate certain cases you can't. The others there's always exceptions. So. This is for them another no and the majority of people listen to my right now we're not in health crisis OK but may be just got into the traditional system and you just became a number and then OK we go on XYZ medications and now. I'm starting to develop more problems he's cubs weren't there before starting this medication so. The whole point in this conversation is have a conversation with your doctor. With your nurse with your physician's assistant set up an appointment don't wait for your next appointment because tomorrow penal if your appointments 3456. Weeks or three months from now. Might be you know the lead to more problems. Schedule an earlier schedule now so I wanna challenge all of you listening to just take this advice because it's it's for your best interest for those he listening right now. The most important thing for mullis is knowledge. You know many people have a lack of knowledge is a person by analysts as people perished. Due to lack of knowledge so if you go along with the majority with the masses of people at times it takes down the wrong road you end up in a worse place and if you were to choose that path. So most health professionals know that. Again in 80% of cardiovascular disease is caused by lifestyle factors. Including an unhealthy diets smoking sedentary lifestyle but most are not aware of results from high quality observational studies. And a randomized control trials which revealed dietary changes rapidly reduce cardiovascular risk in addition to reducing morbidity. And mortality. And even less understood is that over diagnosis and over treat her present a major threat to sustainability of health care we know it's costing our economy billions of dollars over and over diagnoses and prescriptions and it's just. Our healthcare is out of control here because her uncle back to basics we're not empowering the individual to be in control. Of their health were saying no you have to be dependent on our system on our tests on our drugs are surgeries there's a time and place for it however it's vastly overprescribed. It's not my opinion the research stated clearly. So there's an app could. Gimmick of misinformation out there making it doubly hard for health care professionals and patients and on the actual benefits and risks of the treatment they are taking it. With a biased funding and research biased reporting in medical journals biased reporting in the media commercial conflicts of interest and and and an ability of doctors. To understand and communicate health statistics. And yet it's a system with financial incentives for clinicians. To treat according to threshold as opposed to a system where care is explicitly informed by the best evidence and tailored to a patient's values and priorities. The results an environment that is hostile to giving patients the power to make decisions about their own health care for. So. Again folks. The takeaways here first. It there's their shtick isn't it's essential skills for shared decision making an evidence based practice be incorporated as in mandatory educational talks. An undergrad impose grab medical training for all health care professionals secondly clinical guidelines. By providing shared decision making tools that must emphasize again making the ethical care of the patient is the top priority. And with greater emphasis on community care pharmacists must also overall and having these discussions help patients have a better understanding of the medications are taking. One collecting prescriptions and also reduce the potentially harmful effects of Polly pharmacy and it's gonna lead it's gonna help. People okay MI ABS it's it's gonna keep costs down. But that's what it's about. About us that we the people it's about the people about you listening renounced by your family. Okay your health I'm sure if I were to screen a hundred delisting right now. I'm sure at least since 95 of the view if not 100 and you would say in my health is the most important thing in my life. So my question that he was and what how what is your plan to stay healthy. You know we don't wanna become sick so what do we do we have to live proactively. In alignment with tenets of healthy lifestyle. And pack so it's kind of this patient who. Was involved and shared decision making with his cardiologist is not the exception not the rule. Okay so maybe usually have a question about this you can call and 57 no 830098. Or 1804370098. Also you can submit your questions to me through email. Happy W our Cairo at PW RC HI RO at We're gonna go to commercial break we get back we have a recipe of the week for spinach. You go Bayside mission number and it's yeah you're gonna share. All about B vitamins are gonna go to be one through B twelve with few conditions foods. Once he used functions that they're designed for right here on maximize your health power chiropractic health center is northeastern. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages goalie else's rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement eats we utilized top of the line and non synthetic fulsome. They started out. Life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro by onyx can coach you tap this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. 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Ever imagine in a brand new state of the art facility guys and has more space for open jumpers by slim court I fitness classes. Ultimate downfall and a phone is going to jump into bigger and better and I don't kids can now in their new location on enterprise weighed just telephone street combined 70316050. Zero this is double BYUK. Powered by Sherwood Chevrolet Buick GM CE online venture would Chevrolet dot com. This season maximize your health with your health coach. Doctor Dane ghoulish SD. Call all your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your health fine your health coach doctor. 570830098. Call 180437. This. 0098. And I'm also here to take you to hear your success stories and testimonials but maybe some of the advice you've learned here on the program over time maybe lost some weight you've gotten off certain medications you were able to reverse an illness naturally by changing your lifestyle come on the air to share your stories about other listeners can be inspired by Simoneau 830098. 01800 43700. To 98 also you can submit your request to me through email for a future and that you like Jimmy cover on an upcoming program PWR Cairo and PWR CH IRO at And can also. And why you're there check our web site out to connect with us on social media and our radio podcasts are available on the website this information about our practice about becoming impatient at our clinic in wilkes-barre power chiropractic health center you can find all that information and more. At triple W dot need but doctored and dot com. Any Ph.D. RDE a N dot com and I wanted to thank our sponsors for this week house of nutrition. They're located fifteen means tree in his arm. Currently have a CBD oil. They have in different forms is great for pain anxiety seizures or other health concerns. CBD oil. Might be for you Stockton is a house and nutrition today. Their friendly staff can help you navigate mountain in the wide world of CBD from bestselling extracts. I industry leading brand Charlotte's web and to topical bombs creams animals including loosely for bag tea organic hemp honey stick so. Rossi BD chocolate bars and treats for pets as well. There are open until 6 PM today and 11 AM till 5 PM Sunday at 9 AM until 8 PM Monday through Friday. And be sure to lighthouse in nutrition on FaceBook is well if you've questions you can contact them directly at 570. 714. 0436. And also. They have up products or insect repellents takes in all I'm guard sprayed ET have a and paragon phrase certified organic and going natural ingredients. I know from the enemy getting sun screen here soon I got I got some beach vacations coming up and she wants a natural nontoxic sunscreen ingredients. How so nutrition. Is your place to buy your. And natural sun screen as well. Natural insect repellent you know for outdoors more often this year it's great to use nontoxic products on our skin since her skin is our largest organ. And is absorbing while reporting on it. So again house and nutrition thank you for sponsoring this program of maximize your health so what does share our recipe of the week it's a spinach goma a side dish actually got this from doctor Andrew YOK. Doctor while you're unfamiliar he's pretty popular on the you can WE IL. Google hammer on he lives out there and Arizona any help start a restaurant chain called true food kitchen. True food kitchens one of my favorite restaurants ever we currently here in the last year had one open in the Philadelphia area at the king of Prussia mall. Outside in the mall and in the mall boulevard area and it from the menu if you go online to literature ever making a trip down in the Philadelphia area or that or the king of Prussia mall he definitely wanna stop at a true food kitchen but this is a chain that actually started out and Arizona and California and eventually made its way east. So the closest one to us here and an EPA is in the king of Prussia Philadelphia area but I'm in this this came from doctor while so it's a cold flavorful side dish for espionage and go may. It features a sesame seed dressing. Often down and and toe or lunch boxes it's easy for us be when he needs he is a lot of garden fresh spinach. As a cooks weighed down with a light refreshing addition to any summer may also calls for one pound of organic spinach washed and stems removed. Four tablespoons sesame seeds which are lightly toasted. Four teaspoons of sugar one tablespoon of Saki. Two tablespoons of show you which is soy sauce or you can substitute brags liquid menos. And then one teaspoon of dark sesame oil. You bring the large pot of water full boil plunged the spinach into it pushing leans down and stirring until Spanish is completely wilted. Which should be no more than two minutes Daniel draining Cole quickly by submerging in cold water drain well and squeeze handfuls. And is to extract as much water is possible. Place upon suspenders on a cutting board and sliced into half inch slices. I'm arrange on a plate and then you'll grind sesame seeds to medium fine and in the sugar and grind together makes in the show you Saki and sesame oil and spoon dressing over the Spanish. So just cutting give you a nutrition profile on the side dish for Spanish girl named spends contains nearly twice the iron of other leafy greens. Thank you one of the most available plant these sources of iron is also excellent source of folic acid potassium magnesium as well as vitamin K and carotene and vitamin C and then we have sesame c.'s return abundant source of calcium and protein. And then the sesame oil and great source of healthy fat so this is a powerful side yourself let's see go to a restaurant I know a lot of restaurants 20 so this is if you if you're someone who dines out often do you go to a restaurant and your side dishes you order let's say an. I'm a meat entree let's whether it be chicken steak or seafood. And then you're you're gonna get a side and either pots or. Potatoes you mash potatoes and they're gonna put gravy on the mashed potatoes and you might get a vegetable broccoli or asparagus. Or maybe like a seasonal type of a summary vegetable medley. On. Which is overcome by the way and it's not politely poop lately so I paid or stir fried veggie unless he totally Japanese restaurant and and that's what you're ordering. But that's just a common what most people do on Saturday night dinner out OK so this a lot of restaurants now how. Have sauteed spinach. So they might add they might crush up some garlic cold drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on that that's also a healthy recipe. This recipe. Gives you the sesame seeds it's more of that has said that Asian flair to it. Because you're adding in the sake you're adding in the soy sauce for the brags open amino acids. And plus you're getting the sesame oil sesame sees a given that solved he. You know sodium you know taste to it says it grew very healthy dish he'd like a copy of this recipe you can send me an email PWR Cairo at At two PWR. CH IR oh at Gmail look kind be happy to send you the recipe for the Spanish go man. So I guess. And our gonna shift gears to. All you need to know about B vitamins. A B vitamins are a class above water soluble vitamins play important roles maintaining normal physiological and metabolic functions. And all there are eight individual members of the B family come to refer to as can be complex although each B vitamin is unique. They have closely related functions. By design store B vitamins well and the need for them is increased by stress smoking is an alcohol and drugs unhealthy dietary practices. Shift to work illness and demanding travel schedules. The B vitamins play important roles and energy production synthesis and repair DNA and RNA and and carbohydrate protein and fat metabolism. They may also help calm and maintain healthy nervous system and can be important in the maintenance of healthy skin and muscle tone. So when someone's. B vitamin deficient but what can I might have the symptoms can may experience. Even here in the United States it's possible to become deficient and one or more of the B vitamins. A B six sufficiency for example can lead to depression and swelling in the tongue a B twelve deficiency can produce the type of Anemia fatigue in memory cognitive and parent. And then by entertainment is vitamin B seven deficiency. It's a rare might cause dry skin brittle nails hair loss and take. On the conversely too much and vitamin BB vitamins can meet troubling as well. Most B vitamins are eliminated in the urine but it's taken in excess can present problems. Hi dose of pieces of and niacin can lead to flushing of your skin. Anything more than two to three grams per day. Typically it's designed to help lower cholesterol. But too much can lead to flushing nausea jaundice elevated liver enzymes. Once he discontinue these symptoms either resolved too much vitamin B six can be toxic resulting in numbness tingling and even nerve damage. Funny stories and so he's just that men who take high doses of vitamin B six or B twelve may be an increased risk of lung cancer especially those who smoke. So B vitamins supplements if you choose the route to supplement is no reason not to take the whole B complex. Of the eight different B vitamins. But also reasons taken apart from a multi daily multi vitamin multi mineral supplement multi vitamins commonly contain the full spectrum of B vitamins so if you're currently taking a good hole food based multi vitamin multi mineral supplement it should contain the full profile of all HB vitamins there are also instances for taking additional B vitamins may be appropriate for example vitamin B twelve might be useful for those who we stomach SE controlling drugs. Including H two blockers and proton pump inhibitors. Or if you take Matt Foreman for type two diabetes you wanna consult with your doctor before beginning. Any new settlement so the B vitamins which are gonna get into your gonna actually take a quick break and then we're gonna get right into him from view isn't he one Simon beat two rival Flavin beat three niacin B five Panasonic acid. The nine folic acid and B talk Obama and so we're gonna get into all twelve of those well we get back from break if you have questions keep calling it 570830098. Or 1804370098. I'll be back in just a minute to help you look maximize your health power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctored and I'll just keep host of maximize your health our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages go -- is rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops where fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic fulsome. The base garden of life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro by onyx can coach you tap this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build healthy for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so call 8293580. Or visit need doctor T and dot com and EPA and DR ga N dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 west and wrote wilkes-barre. 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News weekly guidance. Wednesday is Clinton I didn't take out delivery is available always fresh always delicious gourmet pizza deli restaurant birdie haven't. Grinding pizza restaurant bar lake street John more open seven days. Our back to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dana ghoulish SD. Welcome back to maximize your health with doctor and analysts Heskey here on W I'll in his radio if you have questions comments testimonials are featured topics she'd like to hear on the program you could submit your requests and testimonials and questions via email. Happy W our Cairo at That's PWR. CH IRO at Gmail. Dot com who'll get back Q&A timely manner I won this thing once again our sponsors of today's program house of nutrition located at fifteen main street in the Borough of who's earned Lucerne county exit six off on the cross valley expressway and they currently have. I see BD oil in different formats from bestselling extracts topical bomb screams animals. Including loosely for bagged tees organic and honey stakes Rossi BD chocolate bars. And pet treats. For more information you can visit their FaceBook page house of nutrition or you can call 5707140436. They also are organic vegan bakery daily prepped foods drinks cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies in early trading gets. So we steakhouse and nutrition for sponsoring this program of maximize your health open until 6 PM on Saturday at 11 AM until 5 PM Sunday. 9 AM until 8 PM Monday through. Friday in order to continue our discussion of B vitamins we know all the different functions nerve system function metabolism. Cholesterol lowering. A lot of energy. You know good circulation. In case there's a lot of wild things are gonna get into each of the eight B vitamin specifically starting with vitamin B one. Call five women which is necessary for optimal energy. To cull factor he wanted to call factor for the metabolism of carbohydrates. Is helping turn starch and sugar into energy. Which our bodies need and plays an important role in nerve transmission. Simon includes a variety of physiological functions including. Metabolism. And it's just a lion carbohydrate metabolism energy levels. Liver function and a lot more. It. It any deficiency in. So mine and be one carbohydrate metabolism. So how. How much and what kind isn't all need again the USDA and recommend it allows one point four milligrams per day. And fifty milligrams. As part of the complex supplement that contains a whole spectrum of vitamins including INN. From foods are tough foods are going to be beams Allen tolls. Organic beef and pork brewer's yeast a whole grain breads and cereals oatmeal enrich passes of rice Brandon wheat germ. No that's season oranges easier top be one diamond tunes. I diamonds generally considered safe nontoxic even high doses. Doses higher than a hundred milligrams may cause drowsiness or muscle relaxation and some people reported burning sensation and diamonds for CBS injections. On the beach to beach quote too is called a rival claimant. And rival claimant is specifically designed for adrenal health so we know that your adrenal glands to directly in one on each of the top of your kidneys. And those are responsible for fighter flight arrest and I just had a cold means. Adrenaline. OK so I've I'm Sergio Mendes who burned out from too much stress too much caffeine or diet not enough sleep. Plug different factors that lead to adrenal. Dysfunction. Or Israel overload to beat two weeks to water soluble vitamin known helps support adrenal function maintain unhurt healthy nerve system. And facilitate concede metabolic process c.s including helping to turn food into energy. So what can a beat two rival flaming deficiency leads till. Two little can cause weakness throat swelling soreness swollen tongues skin cracking. I think when he cracked corners of the Mal for term Titus and Anemia. I've been to deficiency also affects the vision including blurred vision and itching watering sore publicized as well as eyes becoming light sensitive and easily. Thirteenth. So for beat soon so they know adults who wanna take one point four milligrams so you can if you're doing a B complex fifteen milligrams. Two hole from a B complex. What foods contain the highest levels of rival for Indy to. Dairy products milk yogurt cheese eggs and rich or fortified cereals and grains meats liver dark green such as asparagus broccoli spinach and turnip greens. Fish poultry and buckwheat. Rival claimants easily destroyed by exposure delayed you wanna buy it you know raw milk do you find it in house of nutrition has an available goat's milk that's going to name higher levels of rival Flavin. So. The vitamin. MP3 is called nice and it's water soluble and as are all B vitamins it reduces the risk of heart disease and lowers harmful cholesterol while raising good cholesterol. So according to national institute of health. Sixteen to eighteen milligrams per day of nice and the maximum intake of 35 milligrams. Mean did you fifty milligrams can be complex with these three nice and included two and make sure it's in no flush foremost speak complexes malls multi vitamins and common no question formed for niacin vitamin B three the top foods are going to be salmon and tuna. Exit leafy vegetables broccoli tomatoes carrots sweet potatoes. Avocados nuts whole grains lagoons and mushrooms. And you can certainly overdose and consume too much niacin. Can lead to flushing itching nervousness ahead. Headaches to intestinal cramps nausea and diarrhea and look I dosages long term deletes a liver toxicity. I doses in excess of three grams a day should be used only under careful medical supervision. Next one is vitamin. Pound pet a senate acid is essential for. Brain health. Okay healthy nervous system grist for neuro transmitter connectivity and healthy. Hormones. Panasonic acids a common nutrients found and foods in small amounts. Highest amounts of Panasonic Qassam by enemy fire and a whole grain cereals eggs meat lagoons avocados and yogurt. Studies have shown processing and refining greens result in large doses that classes and thank acid. In some cases up to 75%. But since a nutrient is found in a wide array of foods. There's little risk of deficiency. So you can over think too much. You know intestinal cramping bloating diarrhea can take place to anything more than 1020 grams. So vitamin B five anesthetic gas. So for healthy brain health are unhealthy neuro transmitters. And healthy nurse is a function let me just say this to a pure deficient in B five. Or B one or any of the B vitamins and you're going on anti depressants funny looking your diet first. Because a lot of these Arab press is come with horrible horrible side effects which Alter your whole scene in mind seeing him being. You know let's start with addressing the causes the new entries can entries that maybe your body is now it's been starved for quite some time. Fill those deficiencies. Take care of those value by a return to a natural level of health that's just makes more seconds. Honda vitamin B six paradox and to co enzyme in the break enemy utilization of carbohydrates fats and proteins essential for healthy metabolism. B six efficiency can lead to nerve damage in the hands and feet. Also cervical display she's doing too low intake of several B vitamins including vitamin B six people with alcoholism cirrhosis of the liver up hyper thyroid isn't and congestive heart failure may experience deficiencies. More often. Some symptoms of these six deficiency include German Titus cracked and sore lips inflame tongue and mouth confusion depression and insomnia. Again if you do in the fifty milligram B complex whole food based multi vitamin mineral that you should be getting enough to be six. You're tops for mr. B six are brewers peace bananas cereal grains communes of festivals especially carrots spinach and he's. Potatoes milk cheese eggs fish and sunflower seeds. If he'd you can overdo with B six. Can lead toxicity resulting in nerve damage or numbness and tingling in the extremities. Which can eventually become irreversible. Moscow lead to nausea vomiting abdominal pain in case that's vitamin B six. Our on QB seven what's called bio clean bio teens grief for metabolism all metabolic functions. By a team it's a co factor many enzymes enzymes are approaching energized protein molecules which help to digest food. He's a war properly if you're deficient in bio eighteenth. Long term use of certain anti seizure medications prolonged oral antibiotic use intestinal Mal absorption intravenous feeding an eating rotten egg whites on a regular basis. Kelly do buyouts and efficiency. I symptoms include separate term tightest race gambrel Herron. Erin Cahill lost to T intestinal track issues a muscle pains in her system issues. So the tough foods are organ meats Marlys brewers he's fortified cereals corn and yeah oaks. Royal jelly soy and wheat bran on the Cairo bread broccoli cauliflower cheese chicken fish mushrooms knots so there's a ton of phones out there we can get enough piloting from. If it could be affected if you're if you're taking anti seizure medication. Here bio team piece of levels could affect and that affects your digestion your enzymes. Naturally stomach upset. Irritable bowel like symptoms of cramping bloating diarrhea it's Serra horse drawn broad spectrum moral anime on its long term these are discussions you have with your doctors. Next B nine folic acid we know pregnant ladies who do they need their full gas and neither folate and it's vitamin B nine essential for human growth and development. Kyrgyz normal nerve and proper brain functioning. Deficiency with all the gas has been linked to birth defects low birth weight pregnancy loss depression memory loss. And cervical display Jim alcoholics pregnant women and people living and institutional settings are at a higher risk. Of folic acid deficiency. So your spinach green vegetables and beans are your top sources as our fortified products such as ours she's baked goods and cereals but I would start with the spinach. Green vegetables and beans also asparagus onions melons lemons east and mushrooms. Are there any risks associated with too much yes there's actually scary few side effects even when taken and I announced. Supplemental for gas mask symptoms are pernicious Anemia which is a potentially failed disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin B twelve. The so we money you're falling especially for us pregnant moms out there finally beat while this is the one that's probably the most popular deficiency and a lot of people ask you get questions. Got an anonymous fairly often linked. B twelve is known as Obama and and it's essential for energy levels adrenal function healthy nervous system and she metabolic process seized. A deficiency can lead to pernicious Anemia as I mentioned which can lead to memory loss confusion and even to mention. Since we obtained a B twelve vitamin only from animals foods in our diet. The covered the elderly and those who are unable to absorb B twelve from the intestinal tract are also at great risk. As also were pregnant or who suffer hemorrhage or intestinal disorders. So any type of animal foods if you're doing again be complex of fifteen milligrams. He won two B twelve he should get your daily recommended dosage of vitamin B twelve. Your top foods for B twelve are going to be organ meats freer rein shake and pasture and eggs. Grass fed beef it bison venison. LP. Are all going to be great. You wanna get specifically the red meats from pale little 868 ounce cut a filet mignon our organic filet mignon. Al can venison bison are all going to be packed with this essential. Vitamin bet you that our system Z now there are your Peter vegetarian out there there are vegan vegetarian supplemental through B twelve. And dosage you won on view only down two point eight micrograms. Pay you one exceeds three micrograms per day so we. House and nutrition has is available you can pick up a B twelve supplements if your vegan or vegetarian you don't do animal foods but if you do animal was gonna make that a priority at least two to three days a week six in else kind of red meat. Or off free range chicken to make sure you're getting enough B twelve so if you've questions you can email me your questions at PWR Cairo. At PWR. CH IRL and and will be wrapping up the show with this one of the most. Important things you can do is take time to do nothing to time magazine came out here recently with this article. And we live in a society where we think that we have to always be doing something always be. Engaged in in an activity education a job working in it or not we feel unproductive. And that's just a psychology that most of western society has developed. By and some of the most healthiest along living. Cultures on planet earth. The people who take time. To do nothing to show up their minds often tend to not or to take a break from work but hey it's it's important to work and I think don't work for it's if for some of us out there. We need to war. Okay we don't wanna just give you living off of of those who do work if we want to get our ourselves out there and get ourselves working in for docking in producing but conversely we wanna take time off for the over achiever. If for the type a personality. If you don't before the workaholic. Maybe your hidden you hear air at the point where you're just trying to iron energy drinks you're on on too much caffeine coffee you're skipping meals you're skipping work out you're not getting enough sleep. It's time to do. Nothing. So leave it at that folks take a vacation. Go for a walk to. Take half a day off you know Al work on a Friday and take a long weekend take an extra day. Thankfully most of our jobs to give his vacation days off. Use them to your manage your body needs any need to on why you need to recites a bigger more project pro pro active. And productive when you get back to work I'll be back next Saturday's same time same place right here on WAOK to help you. Maximize your health share this program with a friend telling his tune in next week as always pros and are to be here to share what I'm passionate with all of you to help you build and restore your health naturally. He well these safe and I'll see you soon.