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Saturday, April 21st

Saturday April 21, 2018


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The following is a paid program the views or claims may you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor gosh -- just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health with doctor Dan Galicia ski. You are listening to maximize your health radio northeastern Pennsylvania again and your health coach doctor Dan goalless husky it's always a privilege and an honor to be here to share what I'm passionate about and being able to help you gain victory in your health by helping you build and restore your health naturally that's something that all of us have the potential to do and so rather than just eking out an existence and just getting through another day why don't we aim higher when we strive to become more because all of us more creative with these specific purpose and why can't end in mind buyer creator almost reporter on this planet for a reason to serve and to bring value each -- so few health questions that help answers I'm here to take your calls during the next hour 570830098180437. 0098. Your questions are important here on the show when you calm and give you some simple and effective action steps that you can apply today. To begin building in restoring your health. Naturally. And again if you'd like more information about the program we now have our programs the pod cast it on my website triple W dot Nepa doctored and dot com. Any PA DR DEN dot com click on the radio link and he'll be able to find all of our radio podcasts from pass recorded programs here of maximize your health. On W I LK news radio also you can connect to be on social media FaceBook Twitter insecure and YouTube channel we ever fitness link there. Or you can find are at your ticket are at home fitness videos for you to perform at home different exercises you can do. And as well as a lot of great information on nutrition and on detox on how to keep your buddy functioning in healing naturally by itself. Healthy recipes all that is posted on FaceBook Twitter instant ransom be sure to go to our web site triple W dot need a doctor in dot com all of the links to connect on social media are right at the top of the home page on the left so just click on the icons follow us like us. And send the invite your friends like this as well. We wanted to. Gees you wanna say connective we wanna I wanna build up a healthier community right here in northeastern Pennsylvania. So I got a great lineup playing here today great great show prepare for all be listening today and we're going to be talking about it TMJ. And rather TNT temporal and regular disease so that's where people who suffer from shot pain in trouble chewing or maybe you're getting popping your clicking sounds in your jobs we're going to be giving you some tips here on the program how you can manage that naturally and a little bit later I'm gonna be talking about a condition that is actually worse. Then obesity. And waste overcome this condition this condition is deadly. Ten more so than obesity and servicer reload your thinking and you're probably are saying no it's probably this or that. But I'll be talking about that later in the hour and every some time has already talked about the health benefits and choosing who can benefit. Specifically benefit from juice sing. And vegetables and some fruits but if you have health questions I'm here to take your health questions call in 570830098. Or 180437. Zero Z. 098. And won't get started today talking about. The most recently updated dirty dozen list that was put out by the Environmental Working Group. Just a few weeks ago. The report came out and found almost 70% of non organic samples tested positive for at least one pass and just a rehash what the dirty dozen list refers to. Our. Sources of Prodi's sets fruits and vegetables. Contain the highest concentration. Of pesticides. They can't keep the insects a pass off from the Prodi is. What what are sprayed the most anyway and they did research they studied. And they found that almost 70% of non organic. Organic means that. These proteins has not been sprayed with pesticides. 7% of the non organic samples tested positive for at least one pesticides and in many cases the number was greater than that a single strawberries. Strawberries topped the list just this year. When he two different pesticides and pesticide breakdown residues he just for strawberries. Number two with spinach spinach and we know is is it's a super food is sold with calcium and other vitamins and minerals. And this is when you never wanna consume. Non organic always consume organic strawberries organic spinach because these were the most contaminated. Research Kurt researchers found that DDT. Which is in Euro toxic insecticide. Man in the US. And what's found an open alarming number of samples. Found in spinach that was not organic. In addition to the dirty dozen list are also came out they cleaned fifteen US switch. Identify is not organic produce which is least likely to get beat it to be contaminated with pesticides and I'd. Personally and I recommend always choosing organic I think it's worth the extra money it's worth it for your health. Just so that you minimize your exposure to these harmful toxins. Like op pesticides and insecticides. So the key takeaways from the environmental working group's 12018 dirty dozen report word that the US GA founders 230. Different. Pesticides and pesticide breakdown products on thousands of protein samples. Almost semi persona non organic pretty sample tested positive for pesticide contamination. More than 98% of samples of strawberries. Spinach peaches nectarine cherries and apples tested positive. For residue of at least one pesticides so as I've mentioned that the top one on the list was Strawberry's number two mismanaged. Followed by nectarine Apple's. Pieces. Pears cherries grapes celery tomatoes sweet bell peppers and potatoes these war. The the dirty dozen so. If you want the list you can simply Google type in 2018. Dirty dozen. Environmental Working Group dirty dozen or if you wanna send me an email PWR Cairo at. At I'd be happy to get you a copy. Of this dirty dozen list on the other hand you have to clean fifteen. Less and only 1% about a condos and sweet corn samples tested positive for any detectable pesticides. More than 80% of pineapples Popeye is asparagus onions cabbages had no pesticide residues. And none of the fruit on the clean fifteen list tests positive for more than four pesticides. So at the top of the clean fish. Teen were avocados that means you don't have to buy organic avocados. Followed by sweet corn pineapples cabbage onions frozen sweet piece of the pie is asparagus mangoes. Eggplant honey do Q we cantaloupe cauliflower and broccoli and these may be clean fifteen. So now if you're on a budget in the end those few extra dollars and you keep can't afford to spend a few extra dollars on organic. Clean fifteen list what I would highly recommend that you carry with you haven't bookmarks in your Smartphone should have a poster on your refrigerator. Printed off the computer wherever you can find it and get your dirty dozen list your clean fifteen lists that we you know. What is safe to consume which has a a lower concentration of pesticides vs the dirty dozen list foods that you always wanna go organic with if possible now another caveat here is with this clean fifteen. Some sweet corn Popeye is which may be clean fifteen list contain genetically modified organisms or GM of this. So when you for these I would still recommend going organic even though they still may be clean fifteen list. We've had so now why do you wanna be aware why do you wanna be concerned why do we even care about pesticides being sprayed on our efforts are. Suppose there's a couple of conditions up pesticide over consumption of pesticides pesticide toxicity can lead to number one is infertility. The environmental work working group flag a pair of Harvard studies out women who are produced with high pesticide residue levels. Two more mature more they had 26% lower risk of having a successful pregnancy when compared to women who eight cleaner Prodi's. And also eating more passes at least congress also impacted male infertility as well men who ingested more pesticides on fruits and veggies suffered from poor sperm quality. And with the but the strawberries we know which topped the dirty dozen list and I mean endocrine disrupt there is which can affect male or the reproductive system. Most of the strawberries are growing California where about 300 pounds of pesticides or use our one on and I'm an acre. Of strawberry fields and the time. About nine million pounds of poisonous fumigation gases are injected into strawberry fields as well. Which aren't intended to sterilize and kill off pass but also chills up the good beneficial. Bacteria that are found the soil. Source soils depleted today than it was maybe decades ago up to fifty years ago Kennedy with spans as well we know infertility is an issue. For both males and he knows if you're consuming pesticide. Oh lead introduce. Lots of different pesticides found with Spanish as well. And also your brain health is at stake weird or consuming pesticides. Core of Cairo's is a neuro toxic insecticide. Down and Apple's bell peppers peaches and extremes. All of those made the dirty dozen list but that can also. Lead to brain damage overtime brain deterioration in a much rapid rate. The so my final thought here are the dirty dozen list strawberries in his victory speech is red bell peppers potatoes. Always organic with these never sacrifice don't go non organic even once in awhile I would do your best to get a restaurant in if it doesn't officially saying organic spinach salad or. You know organic strawberries or organic apples I would steer clear by them for yourself at the grocery store and the what the USDA organic seal on it. And this list in no way should deter you from eating fruits and vegetables tradition may key more aware of the purpose of me sharing this with you today. Is to create more awareness for this because this is your health he may not be. Suffering with the help ailment right now or in the next few weeks or this year but worth talking long term big picture here if you're consuming it just. You don't pesticides insecticides herbicides. And you don't produce sprayed with these hazardous. And toxic chemicals. That's affecting you a sailor level of long term. OK so that's where the cancer is the autoimmune diseases the brain disorders the infertility that's for all the problems start to show up down the road later on select sees wisdom now let's apply this information to our lives now. And if you have health questions about organic non organic dirty dozen clean fifteen call me up 570830098. Or 1804370098. And be happy to answer your question here on the program or maybe you have a testimony publisher may be starting going organic. Maybe you've EC develop more energy if and get you haven't been getting sick is frequently. I'll what are you come on the program sharing your stories and another blisters can be inspired by 70830098. Or 180437. 009. Emirates and a quick commercial break when I get back going to be talking about ten pro mended Baylor disease. GM Jay who's at stake and how you can correct that naturally right here on maximize. Your health. Power chiropractic health center is a northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages ago Leo this is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplements means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic fulsome. Based startup. Life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro by onyx can coach you tap this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build health for the future of the power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with. With all major insurance is so call 8293580. Or visit need doctor DN dot com and EP ADR ga N dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 West End road wilkes-barre. 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Now and use the promo code W I okay this is a limited time offer so call 805447893. Or go to my pillow dot com be sure do you the promo code W I LK. This is double BYOK. Powered by Sherwood Chevrolet Buick GM CE online at Sherwood Chevrolet dot com. This season maximize your health with your health coach. Doctor Dane ghoulish SD. Call would your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your health and again I am your health coach doctored English ASCII here to coach you guide you in inspire you. To reach your full health potential. Are you struggling with an ailment or you're looking to build numbers story your health naturally in this program maximize your health is just for you how to thank everyone for tuning in right now. We are here every Saturday from 11 AM to 12 PM on WIL Kane is radio and our podcasts. Are now available at triple W dot Nepa doctored and dot com that's NEP a DR DAN dot com simply click on the radio link and there you'll find all the pass recorded shows. Book market. Our podcasts or you put up pretty frequently column at the link there on triple W don't need the doctor Dan dot com as well also if you have a question or a topic you like me to share in an upcoming program you can send your requests through email to PWR Cairo and PWR CH IR oh at and if you would like to subscribe. For our health updates are newsletters are recipes. Please send us an email as well and just say and just write type and subscribe. PWR Cairo at Gmail dot. Com isn't the address and also feel free to check out the website. I'm not only only the host your maximize your help and also the owner of power chiropractic health center in Wilkes-Barre and there we serve people of all ages through corrective chiropractic care in focus on the spine in the nurses and to ensure that its functioning properly. And your body is structurally imbalance when your body structurally imbalance in functions are a lot better that way than if you have poor posture so with the tech neck. What discussed frequently there'll be a long periods of sitting. For construction workers who had past trauma slips and falls. Chiropractic can be a game changer in a difference maker in your life and your health so if you like to schedule an appointment we are accepting new patients at this time to call us today at 57082935820. That's 570829358. Is. Zero and wanted to thank our sponsors for this program house of nutrition located at fifteen main street. 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If you're dealing with raging hormones stress lack of sleep this can have a negative effect on women's health of your relationships quality of life. Doctor marina shout cues from Canada will be leaving this she's also the author of make some sense of women's health. Shall be sharing her knowledge and everything from balancing hormones to boosting metabolism. Taking the heat out of hot flashes and a lot more you'll also learn how to nationally restore hormone balance of any age fighting fatigue coping with every day stress. Why women get belly fat and how to get rid of it and why hair skin and nails are key indicators of bone health again doctor Maria shouting. Healthy hormones and and and at at any aides couldn't. This will be hosted by everything natural at the Ramada inn at 820 Northern Boulevard clarks summit. I've got to be on Thursday may third from 7:8 PM. But from 545 to 645 there'll be a VIP meet and greet with doctor shout at the tickets for that are twenty dollars is a private reception wine in light fare served plus a free gift bag. With a signed book a preferred seating. And at the event itself is only five dollars tickets are only five dollars this event from seven to 8 PM. By doctor marina shout. The pretty old there's only products for sale there's gonna be a free book with the purchase of any natural factors product so if you like to register for this unhealthy hormones that any agent and you need to call housed not. Pardon me everything natural calling directly. 57058696. Feet four. 57058696. Feet. Four for tickets and for more information healthy hormones at any age Thursday may third at the Ramada inn. Eight when he Northern Boulevard clarks summit. So I doctor shout again just to kind of highlights some of Kirk are areas she's from Canada she's a doctor and natural path that medicine she's authored many books she's co authored some other books. She's a co investigator to clinical trials the University of British Columbia she sits on the editorial board for integrated. Health care practitioners magazine a peer reviewed publication that strives to connect practitioners are publishing clinically relevant integrative medical reviews she's also board certified installation IV therapies acupuncture. And has licensed prescriptive authority in British Columbia so she's pretty wild well perspectives. In Canada and in British Columbia and she's going to be hosting this event should be traveling all the way to northeastern Pennsylvania to teach you had a balanced hormones at any age you don't wanna miss this event so be sure to you contact everything natural clarks summit for more information for ticket purchasing so we're talking now about six. TMJ. Commonly referred to as T and so a lot of times we we. Mr. reference TMJ NJ is actual a part of normal human anatomy. Well what what most people referenced Jim. Disorder or temporal and tubular diseases. So it's a car. So that affects their job. I can be extremely painful many people are turning to methods other than medication or surgery to relieve John Payne. While all lifestyle changes such as diet might help. Chiropractic care has been cited as a viable treatment for GMJ pain as well and in at our clinic we've had tremendous success. With people of all different ages suffering from job payment and GMT ET NJ related disorders. At first in my studies seem counter intuitive simply because this is. It's believed that chiropractors only focus on the spine in the knack. It's that's not true Kyra archers of Kim follow up work on all joints including this might enact chiropractor or what I worked on is I worked on ankles and work on race sneezing yes even the job. Sometimes a neck and spine can be contributing to the jaw pain. Thank you can be adjusted incorrect as needed. Along with the job so what does that Kim Jae did that TMJ temporal and tubular joint connects your job to your skull. And allows you open and close your mouth. When you have problems with the muscles are joined in that area that's called him endgame or TMD more accurately. The disorder is characterized by pain and stiffness on one or both sides of the job the job may also log creates stock in either closed or open position for patients may also notice the popping collecting or greeting senator Joseph when they're chewing yawning or when closing or opening their mouth. They may also have trouble chewing and eating experience. Swelling is well. A lot of doctors a lot of people in the medical community who don't are fully aware of what causes he and Jay are two unique. Seems to be willing to try mom. Two neck area. With such as a whiplash injury but it can also be caused by arthritis in the job grinding and she stressed that causes clinching in the job and movement or slippage of the disk or the soft cushioning that lies between the socket ball of the job. So when there's a lot of different conditions can mimic GM knee hurts him. And and they will assess the patient's pain or tenderness levels checked for any stiffness. And also during these and that we had the doctor will assess the job and the ability of function. Of the TMJ. And then X rays may be part of the examination if necessary. Getting to the root causes the main issue with Tim. A lot of times people will be prescribed stress or anti anxiety medications to help. Relax a patient. Sometimes tonight Carter split given you by your Dennis is another option which can help put the patient's teeth in the bright position. A splint is more all the time and I guard is only worn the night dental work is another option you know in some serious cases as well but I wanna I wanna focus on chiropractic care since that's slam on the chiropractor and a doctor of chiropractic. And we get success through chiropractic care which is safe gentle and natural Sri in available for people suffering with. Jaw pain jaw clicking it job popping. Sounds okay and see if misinformation by adjusting. The areas that are misalignment or under stress to by helping to reduce the stress and restore better alignment that's what a chiropractor does. So and my focus is a temperatures on the outburst part of the neck area and typically a top. Two or three bones in the neck and then the job itself to see if it is an isolated event or is it something it's being referred from the upper. Part of the neck area. So we do a do full detailed assessment we'll do we'll do thermal imaging to see if the nerves are under any stress in the upper part of the next couple news or take patients are different ranges of motion and then I'll Powell pay pal I'll observe a look apostles it's just any type of tilt rotation taking place. What the score with the Apple's taxes since he wanted to see two of the top area could knock. And then I'll go and I'll how people actually feel the muscles I'll feel the spine the bones itself to see if there's any structural shift. Or if it's just tightness within the sub box a little muscles or the Paris spinal muscles in the top area of the neck and then from there we don't we assess the TMG directly so we have the patient open and close your mouth several times. I'll check for any restriction any good any eye popping any clicking any grating sounds. And then once announces open we'll have the patient translate their job from side to side a few times again checking for any restrictions. Any tightness stiffness swelling. Pain tenderness that had a thing and then alum to help I'll base my chair around those findings so there's no one size fits all approach it's very specific in my. And I like I said a few moments ago. You know a lot of times you find it is a it's it's a condition that chiropractic. Is a solution for such. May be tried medication and you weren night guard maybe you have to be just live with that. Don't give up give chiropractic contrived so again we're accepting new patients to power chiropractic and wilkes-barre. If you'd like to set an appointment you can call today we convince Europe for an evaluation 570829. 35805708293580. And again. Tremendous success in helping people overcome temporal mended Baylor disorder is and restoring function to the TMJ. It's area so we're gonna go ahead we're taking another quick commercial break when we get back going to be talking about the condition that is actually worse than obesity here in America. And and every has some time that they weren't talk about the health benefits and you seeing who can benefit from just think if you have health questions you can call in at this time at 5708300981804370098. Only back in just a minute to help you maximize. Your health power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your health our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages Scalia misses rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops were fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and not synthetic cold flu. They started life. Nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx can co Q ten it. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and ill health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit the need. Doctor BM dot com and EP ADR ga N dot com powered chiropractic is located at 113 West End road looks. Larry it recovery starts with a call. Pennsylvania's prescription drugs and heroin addiction hotline is staffed by real people click trained to help. They're there 24 hours a day seven days a week. They'll get you or your loved one into treatment regardless of your access to insurance. You or someone you know was suffering from addiction can call 180662. I'll we're gonna get you now. The Pennsylvania taxpayer. Your dollars isn't WM OK really count them. Members of the Monroe County women's commission that meets the first Thursday and every month. At least in Monroe public library. Every 611 and Strasburg at 4:30 PM the women's commission exists as an advisory committee identified concerns and needs of women and Monroe county and spin it in those days. Our county commissioners representatives Obama and got in women's advocate groups and partners in ten innings to share their concerns. And to help have their voices heard about working together that women can achieve their dreams. 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Now back to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dana ghoulish SD yeah. You're listening to maximize your health and I'm your health coach doctor Dan Galicia scheme the voice of maximize your health and also the owner of power chiropractic health center how 113 Wes and wrote in Wilkes-Barre here to help you gain victory in your health by building and restoring your health naturally so on the program we talk about how your body functioning better food. Fitness. Getting the right sleeve minimizing toxins and developing the mindset necessary. To create a structure a healthier lifestyle. And we have medication we have surgery when necessary which could certainly be Lifesavers at times but that doesn't make us healthier okay on this program we discuss how does actually live well. Stay well. Prevent a health crisis from happening in the first place and most of the health crises that are out there are a lot of them could have been prevented them some of them can't. But a lot of them could be prevented us so what are you doing now to ensure that you're going to avoid that. Health crisis that may be just around the corner waiting for you. You might need to change a few things to give up that's smoking habit start going to the gym stop making excuses saying I don't have time. I'm getting on a right food plan. Okay quit listening to those limiting beliefs in your head those voices are saying you can't change you can't do that year to this you're not enough of that and so on and so forth the baggage so a lot of mystery just carry with us. And doesn't make us more fruitful in life and again as they opened up the program here today saying. You listening to all of you listening recruit to create a with a purpose in mind to bring value to serve other people. And that starts with you you discovering that purpose. You heat understanding you know what your limitations are what goes voices are just so you know I'm with you I I battle I go to the same bells and many of you go through. On a daily basis. So it's something that I have to be conscious and ask to be aware of and I have to acknowledge is real. And adjust and change where and if necessary. So if you look question a comment a topic you like to and fear discuss the future programming consider your request to meet through email at PWR Cairo. At PWR CH IRO at Also if you the testimony here and you know advice that you applied and you know DO different breakthroughs that you may be had from being a regular listener hears the program furious and that you're out of this story to me through email PWR Cairo at If you're tuning in for the first time all of our programs are podcasted. Triple W dot need doctor Dan. Dot com that's any PA. DR DAN dot com click on the radio link in there you'll find all of our podcast. Available there also on the website you can see video of me is a welcome video you get a little glimpse of our practice of power chiropractic. There's some video testimonials there as well there's also they are YouTube channel to be sure to subscribe to a YouTube channel where you can do at home births or high intensity interval training workouts in. The convenience in the privacy of your own home okay a lot of people make the excuse that they don't wanna join a gym they don't have time. There's no excuse when it comes to these type work out so work ethic can help be shed fat show no one of pounds start seeing. They don't gain more energy become fitter have the you know breathe easier sleep better at night. Develop stronger healthier muscles and bones who doesn't want that we all want them but we don't wanna do what it takes to achieve that. McHale sounds good until when the rubber meets the road and it's now time to all we have. No oral we should know we should do into action. So wanna challenge you go there check it out and start doing is forecast to three days a week they only take you a maximum of twenty minutes to complete beginning to end. Someone thinking in our sponsors for today's program house of nutrition located at fifteen mainstream Lucerne house and nutrition is an alternative grocery store organic meat and they create. Daily prep foods green cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies and fairly trading guest house of nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices. There are currently Mother's Day items available shopping unique selection of gifts with mom and mind to ornate aromatherapy Lockett Solana Beach jury essential oils and fi users harmonic singing balls are rough or polish salt lamps. Glazed pottery winter proof ceramic bird feeders. Fairly trade wind chimes natural makeup and begin trees and a lot more house and attrition inspires healthier living with healthy choices. For questions you can contact them directly by phone at 5707140436. Or be sure to like them on FaceBook. You can send them a message on FaceBook house of nutrition we think housing nutrition for sponsoring this program. Of maximize. Your health quote what I wanna do now is a wanna talk about the condition that is actually. Worse. Then obesity. So we know obesity epidemic in America and not only is it affecting adults also affecting children at epidemic levels more so than it ever has. What I'm talking about here is loneliness. KL feeling alone from time to time is an abnormal or necessarily cause for alarm. But when feelings of isolation loneliness persists it can really take a serious tall on all aspects. Of your health and the title this program is maximize your health so I feel obligated to share this information with ilk so for someone or maybe if you if you listening right now maybe this is that these next few minutes here and get her really. Connect with you my. I hope they deal. And I hope what I sickening courage you are may be leads you down the right path. Oh lead gentlemen major crisis and the only joy away from a potential crisis. You don't wanna ignore. The fact that. Loneliness loneliness is real and Kayla tense people down play and just to say you know it's not yet internally it's affecting you. So interacting with someone via the computer by other virtual means it's not the same as seeing. Another person face to face or hearing a voice on the other end of the phone. So with the advances in technology with SARS Smartphones and computers and all these different sources of technology and face to face contact in even voice calling somebody has been should be put away almost done away with with many people out there. Not only are many of us now feeling more alone with all the technology but we're also losing our interpersonal skills. We don't know what it's like to make eye contact to you to suit BL. Express feelings and emotion towards somebody because were were like robots brutally because as you know wherever glued to our phones are glued to social media. Are glued to our computers our email and nothing outside of that exists for for many of us. It loneliness can affect anybody in any age. OK but this emotion can be especially deadly among the elderly. There's a 2012 report by the National Academy of Sciences found that loneliness and social isolation and older men and women is linked to increased mortality. Regardless of your AG will likely experience moments of loneliness in your life but the good news is that natural remedies for loneliness are mainly habits and choices in your control. And you can help yourself to feel better soon he can so loneliness what is lonely is defined loneliness. According to Webster's dictionary and it's the state of feeling lonely in cash and there's a couple of other definitions including being without company. Cut off from others sat from being alone or producing a feeling of bleakness. Or desolation. Now it's really important to note that being physically alone doesn't just automatically equate to loneliness. That's all I'm saying here to psychology today points out that loneliness is a negative state marked by a sense of isolation. One feels that something's missing. It is possible Libya's people and still feel lonely if you're in the wrong relationship for you the wrong group a friend is something deep within his creating that sense of loneliness freeze still okay and that's possibly the most their formal loneliness. Now on the other hand some kind of action on the other hand but similarly to loneliness is such as a state called a solitude. Solitude to see it being alone without feeling lonely. It's a positive and constructive seen an engagement with oneself. Solitude is a desirable. See him being alone win it where you provide yourself wonderful insufficient company. So how do you know if you're experiencing loneliness or solitude. Is there a test than there actually is a test it's called the loneliness quiz. If you Google the loneliness squares. Type in your search engine UCLA loneliness scale okay UCLA. Loneliness scale and you can go ahead new test for yourself online. That's the worst natural remedies for loneliness and again the it's not like I take a pill unlike yours my loneliness. Well this medication or national remedy there's there's a lot of deeper rooted issues when in this is a very serious condition now we're talking about here so according to psychologist and John. Cup poncho and from the university Chicago he said quote loneliness is actually in the evolutionary adaptation. Attention spurs to get back to socializing a state which we are happier and safer. So. The number one remedy for loneliness is less social media and less technology. And tagged. It's good to enjoy social media times but it's another thing to be consumed by it all the time. Okay again I am with many of you listening where this is an issue for you it's it's it's been creating a division in your marriage in your other relationships with your family. With your coworkers. Because you're so locked in. To social media you're locked into email you're locked into your computer to different web sites you have to be connected 24/7 of that but that is actually. Setting you up for more isolation and for more loneliness. If you continue that cycle and that pattern there's a study published in 2017 in the American journal of preventive medicine which found that heavy use of social media platforms. Including FaceBook and sir Graham snapped chat. With correlated with feeling a social isolation they still looked at almost 2000 adults in the United States. Aged 1932. That's found that people who spent more than two hours each day on social media had double the likelihood of feeling socially isolated. And lonely. Also really important considering the effects of social media and technology with children so parents. Monitor your child in your teens time. On the phone on the iPad on the computer. Because this could be setting them up with their two consumed in their spending too much time there. It's not going to. Get their creative side of their brain working which could sound their purpose which could stunt or creativity which could lead to isolation depression. Our whole bunch of of hazardous conditions. Can manifest from being locked in the social media and technology too much so parents monitor your children's time there. It's totally up to you what's social media choose to take part in. But reducing your time using technology in general can make a huge positive impact on your life and actually help with feelings of loneliness. And idea to really take heart is disconnect to connect. Which means being intentional. About being present in the moment especially when you are spending time. Let's loved ones are doing something you enjoy turn off your phone if necessary put it lock it away in another rumor another area of your home. Or put it on silent. Okay there's always going to be time to check your tax to check social media to check email. You can not beat get cherished. Either cherished moments back with your loved ones with your spouse with here. I think in other if you're not fully present without. This package that's something my wife and I are kind of we're battling this challenge for both of us right now. Anxious to put our phones don't spend more time with each other talking with each other having sharing a meal together with each other one for her her love languages is spending quality time so she enjoys horseback riding. I need I'm not so much of horseback rider but I know it's something that she enjoys an end values so I wanna spend time with her there since she. Since her love language quality time. And one of her passions is horseback riding. So I may need to make a sacrifice or to be there for her because I love her and I care about her. So I can't be locked into my phone to make nice my texting and all that if you know my relationships really matter so I guess I can just say well now I don't like horseback riding and like Ella her going to worst thing that's going to have a negative impact our relationship it's. So maybe you could kind of insert your own personal situation. And where you get and it's going to be challenging you know this is going to be challenging for me I'm being an open book for you here today. And just sharing this with you listening to butt out and you need you need to acknowledge first what the issue is. Put the phone down put it away put in another room put in another part of the house shut it off with necessary whatever it's going to take for you to develop and spend good quality time with the people that you love and you cherished. Second remedies though to combat loneliness is more outdoor time. So when you're looking to overcome loneliness can get out of the house okay get out of the four walls of what you call home. Get into the structurally be outdoors. Two is an outdoor space or interaction with other people will be possible so if you look pet go to a dog park circle on a hiking trail. Getting the nature it's also it's a help palatable option if you don't currently have the option to see you loved ones died in person. But if you're looking to relieve loneliness or depression feelings two crates is get outside. Get in the sunshine get fresh air I know here in northeastern Pennsylvania were a bit behind is still kind of we're on the we're still on the back into winter here. We hope we hope that kind of shifts over we get the need to get some spring weather here in the near future but get. Outside in the sun breathing fresh air. It's all backed by science help boost serotonin levels and again serotonin is a hormone called happy hormone. And people with low serotonin levels are often more likely develop symptoms of loneliness. Of anxiety you know depression so you wanna get the serotonin levels Goosen by getting outside getting in the sun fresh air exercise all those things are necessary to boost serotonin. To get outdoors and people who live in mountainous areas with lower oxygen levels again you know that's not always a good thing is well you when you wanna make sure you're breathing in fresh oxygen. I'm so and frank and frank is a well known author. She as one of the best quotes. When referring to loneliness she said quote the best remedy for those who are afraid lonely weren't happy is to go outside. Somewhere where they can be quiet along with the heavens nature and god and I know for me personally. Getting outside. High eighteen has PO climbing to Ohio and they show with a great view. And go once it's a quiet area helps me just open up my heart to god connect with god more so than if I'm locked in my house all the time. Okay I had you know what there's there's times to be at home and there's times to get away from the home so we have if this is for people who are you're just you're not outside isn't enough. You're gonna feel better by simply going outside in the fresh air. We know the weather be you know here in our region handle it isn't the greatest isn't the most ideal at the moment but we hope you'll hear this weekend moving into the next few days and weeks to come. The weather begins to improve so this is opportune time for you put this remedy into action and get outdoors more. Number three remedy contact a friend or family member in a non digital way not through taxing. OK not to emailing. Phone call. Okay yeah sheet voice a voice to voice contact via phone. Which has been forgotten. Or face to face getting together for lunch for coffee. I'm going for a walk in on the honest trail all walk around your neighborhood may be re connecting with the neighbor someone in your neighborhood or maybe you haven't connect with in awhile. So contact them face to face voice to voice. Rather than just isolating yourself cassettes go that's going to hurt you it's going to hurt only your emotional in your mental health but also your physical health is allowed. Solitude vs loneliness again remember solitude the positive state loneliness is negative state. With per you know. We don't want elite we don't want only to burn out exhaustion so reach out to somebody hadn't seen in awhile. It's always important to talk to people he's trusting your feelings out it's also a great idea to here. Voices on the other end of the phone. And then the fourth Germany here is shared you're living space there's a there's. So he's done here at Dior coat over and other parts the world Europe specifically living alone he especially for those who are elderly but shown to increase the risk of suicide and increased risk mortality. You're struggling with loneliness live alone you may be wanna consider having a roommate so many years your younger person your college. You have your you by yourself. Get connector with a group of people friends and meet your roommate back in the game changer for you. So the next remedy here. Is don't work too hard to make your life all about your job. Okay between seventeen article published in the Harvard Business Review. Strong correlation between Morgan Sasha burn out refusal only is number six avoid billions watching TV. At times it's okay but you don't want to begin repeating this pattern every single day or night. Where your pins are watching a TV program at number seven get a pet I know for arson for me in my life we have two small dogs we have a horse. Those are our children we have for children so four legged furry friends they. Do wonders for you. To help overcome feelings or feelings of loneliness to help reduce stress and tension while boosting your mood. I animals provide unconditional love. You know whereas at times humans are loves conditional. Plus the dog is a good reasons to go to a dog park interact with other people. Other dog owners pets can be also great conversation starters and give yourself a pat if you're feeling lonely. So my final thoughts here are. Put these remedies action if you have a question about the subject this condition blowing this if you don't addresses actually worsened obesity. If you have questions for me you can submit them semi through email at PWR Cairo at PWR. CH IRO NG mullah comedy happy to help in any way possible. And and I will be back here next Saturday's same time same place lie from 11 AM to 12 PM on W I LK news radio. Have a great weekend everyone be well be safe and I'll see you soon.